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  1. with ToS coming soon are any of you pod casters going to do some factions reviews or batreps?
  2. would be kinda neat if kirai and sonnia stayed earth side but that boat has sailed. cant wait to see some rules or units for guild tho.
  3. So We should be getting our orders any day/week now right? well that means I need to get ready to remove 30+ blunderbuss style barrel ends, anyone have any tips for not butchering it entirely? I'm thinking either clipping the end and drilling a tiny hole or sanding/dremaling the barrel down. any ideas? or helpful suggestions?
  4. There is a ToS discord? gotta link for the statement mate?
  5. not sure but it seems like wages are pretty high, while a single script can feed you for a week it seems like early a 1/2 to a script a day is pretty badass.
  6. So ive been playing TTB for about 1-2 years on and off and I can point out some issues and gripes. Firstly it's fairly easy to break characters and become over powered if you focus on a single aspect. doom laser spell casters and super punch bro's as well as snipers who are flipping 3-4 cards milling the deck real hard. Even focusing on a single skill and getting it up to 5 (the max) adding positives or if you have a good associated aspect can cause issues. however I find this can easily be combated by making a wide and varied set of encounters. Reminding your players other skills are i
  7. Sigh...I guess there is a crowd for this...not sure who, when you have creepy ass pygmy horses. It will be interesting to see if it makes much in the way of sales, seems like a very niche corner. would have rather seen something for Mama Z or Brewie, to drum up some cross faction sales, Like the wild ones. Gotta wonder tho with cat-hamlin and wild ones being cannon, is this a thing too? With the last few months I think I'm going to take a break from this game/company.
  8. >dog sitting in a burning room drinking coffee. "this is fine"
  9. Any news on Undying? seeing as it was advertised and pushed back?
  10. steam fitters seem pretty steampunk to me...
  11. what about prospectors and "talking about shafts" ?
  12. In a world where undying isn't coming next month, my only wares are my tears.
  13. I Havent played mcmourning yet, and looking at nurses, they are good but I dont feel like they needed to be 6ss. can anyone help point out what was so game breaking about them? I'm the only resser in my club, have mercy.
  14. Parker has a built in plus flip to SH
  15. With it not being in the upcoming section, I wonder if they mean march next year.
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