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  1. As an abyssina player doom seekers tend to mess up our elite electrocutioners as does keeping this unit out of glory. In general into abyssina you want to have something that can drop the opponent from glory be concious of the electrocutioners 12 gun range and be mindful to keep fireteams over 3inches from each other. This limits the effects of area.
  2. Hazardous is a damage nob in the game that is critical to the gibbering hordes. I'm not saying it can't be adjusted but one faction has a commander centered around it's interaction. The punishing part of that interaction is it activating upon entering and upon activating in hazardous terrain. That is indeed in many games too much dmg. TOS is a game where you can shape outcomes, that's why you buy your hand and aren't given it. That said I can see this interaction needing some further examination. Area I'm afraid I don't quite by as it's mitigatable through positioning and only does a maxi
  3. Yes its a glorious interaction point with hordes.
  4. https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-ep-38-cha-cha-changes-errata-overview-and-in-depth-thoughts/ We look at the August Errata in depth. and crumpets
  5. Endless number now gives the unit your summoning back a reinforcement token
  6. My fan made campaign model for ToS enjoy with your friends family or in your slow grow Dead simple and unofficial campaign rules for the other side perfect for a slow grow leagues, buddies in basements or for a campaign in a day style "organized play" event. Dah intent: this is to allow a small group of players to play a campaign in the other side over a series of weeks days or hours depending on what type of event your running. This is to provide you with a simple, relatively balanced easy approach to a campaign variant for The Other Side these are unofficial, and purely for
  7. Miss Aligned: TOS- Alt Engineer for Abyssinia that is female Miss Sighted: TOS- Female Variant of Charles Edmonton. Miss Fortune- Alt Female Doomseeker
  8. Captaincon 2020 events going in July Going bigger longer and uncut in 2020. 2 commander tournament (2) random doubles, a first of its kind narrative event. And some 1 commander quick draw events. And the Freaking Catalan Wine Mixer... our opening night event with a just a splash of sophistication. Check this space for more details
  9. During a duels modify step the opponent may use a shaken token to reduce the total by -2. Wording is very explicitly all duels. As it does not call out whose modification step just during the modify step. So simple included
  10. Okay this is a an easy one pg 9 small rule book explains abilities are always in effect but some only come into play when certain conditions are met. In this case an asset on a titan within 12" flipping. Pg 22 breaks down an action and says each action is resolved prior to going to the next of their are multiple. As is the case with artillery strike. Pg 24-25 go over duel resolution and most importantly when that asset flips. As soon as that asset flips you draw as your ability is always active and the condition has been meet. The player would then flip their next duel and the
  11. The kings hand is a closely guarded secret no one is certain if it is manned or if it is the largest automation yet constructed it is the result of unprecedented cooperation between kings empire, Abyssinia and the guild. The kings hand represents a radical leap forward in titan design.
  12. What I used at captaincon Abyssinia Garrison 1 commander LORD OF STEEL AND PRINCE UNATHI MEDAL OF HONOR 2. SOULSTONE NECKLACE 1 TOUGHNESS 1 TOUGHNESS 0 MECHANIZED INFANTRY 8 ELECTROCUTIONERS-10 MEHAL SAFARI-9 Crow runners-6 2X ABYSSINIA ENGINEERS-2 1X rail gunner -2 1x basotho cav-4 Stratagems Medic Activate defensive coils Overclock Soulstone detonation Behind enemy lines Expert training
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