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  1. https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-18-allegiance-breakdown-2-abyssinia/
  2. rancor709

    The Other Side Podcasts

    https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-18-allegiance-breakdown-2-abyssinia/ New Episode Abyssinia Breakdown
  3. https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-17-allegiance-breakdown-gibbering-hordes/ GHHRHAHAHLKAHLA, and Welcome to Coordinated Strike. Today we commune with the denizens of the dark Oceans of Malifaux and get the Skinny on the beauty and Majesty of nature unleashed in the Gibbering Horde. We talk extensively about the contents of the Alliegence Box, how is plays, key units and understandings withing the box and talk a bit about tactical keys to getting the most out of training with the box. We then discuss ways to expand the Company to the two commander level from a high level and give a few buying guides for it. Finally We go through every unit we didn't hit on and talk about them why you want them and the role they play within the Company from a High Level. Its our First Allegiance Breakdown I hope you enjoyed it we will do a similar product for Each of the Remaining Allegiances.
  4. I am a huge fan of carrot and stick design for incentivizing more thematic crew selection. Mostly because a game like malifaux is outstanding at visual theme to have mechanics that now help get that visual on the table more in a meaningful way I greatly appreciate.
  5. rancor709

    how about 2/3 motor scouts in a roster?

    in several of the operations having cheap mobile elements gives you a strong advantage on the scoring of objectives. Additionally their ability to procreate means you can have quite a few of those units running around acting as free passes and driving deep into the opponents backfield. Additionally they can draw fire away from your damage dealing troops because they are able to be in the action so rapidly. Don't underestimate in an operation like Set traps how having these little bee units can be.
  6. Where: 28990 Wixom Rd, Wixom, MI 48393 When Sunday October 28th, 2018 What a 1 Commander fields of Glory format The Other Side Learning Tournament. 3 Rounds Raffle Prize structure. No Painting required.
  7. rancor709

    Game Time

    mehal safari are a power house infantry unit. high base armor, very solid ranged attack and one of the best melee attack strengths in the game. the mehals also can move your commanders and net you tactics tokens. their armor keeps them around when lesser units would fade. the dreadnough is a beast of a death machine particularly when its running triple mounted gunners. the volume of attacks at str 3 plus pin tokens means you can lock doen and destroy and enemy unit fairly consistently. not to mention the free dmg it can do just by walking over non titan fireteams. th3 steel legion, this unit is death incarnate. when the cutter gets going it is buzzsaws for days as it easily can smash through fireteams. combine that with the shooting ability of the regular steel legion troops and this unit can break open a line. basotho cavalry- best screening unit in the game. reliable source of pin tokens can harass very easily and can threaten objectives with their high speed.
  8. rancor709

    What do you like about Abyssinia?

    double dread is a ton of fun, but I've declined to double dread. IF I do double dread, I'll get my second from my lgs. you want at least access to 2. I find 2 to be the sweet spot to keep the hand full and occasionally do some work well above points cost
  9. rancor709

    Abyssinian Engineering - Building an empire

    Now as for the other factions, their adjuncts are equally useful to the engineer within their faction. The card draw is very strong but remember were paying a lot for the privilege of abyssinian technology in the squad itself and abyssinia needs the cards to fuel prototypes and to have the tactics tokens available to utilize our strategem deck. Which for abyssinia can often be the difference between winning and losing. I completely agree the engineer is phenominal but remember every 2 you take are removing an activation from your list in the form of the rail gunner. If you include 3 you are denying yourself Samantha Thrace or a Maurder. They are definelty strong and I use them a lot but remember you are giving up options by selecting them. If its a kill strategy where more units won't help and having a weak activation is giving my opponent points then yes the engineer spam is great. However if the operation is about body count in a location, then I may be better off taking the additional unit or units I could get from the engineer investment.
  10. rancor709

    Abyssinian Engineering - Building an empire

    Engineers are phenomenal and you should be using them if your taking abyssinian squads. Another super fun piece is the rail gunner, who can potentially draw you 2 cards a turn because there card draw is an action with a target number. Meaning if you flip or if you have cheap tomes, you get a 2 for 1 cause of the radio in enemy movement triggers the faction has. Also don't underestimate the fact the adjunct extra attack ignores cover.
  11. I think the biggest issue with chronicles right now is that its not a direct file you can get on the wyrd site. You are routed to drivethroughrpg, you then have several clicks to get the ezine downloaded on your preferred device. Where in theory a blog would be click and content is right there for the scrolling. Additionally removing the amount of steps needed to get to the content means your keeping people closer to where they can post about said content. If you want more discussion on the items you need to the items where the discussion is occuring and limit the separation between the content and the discussion engines.
  12. rancor709

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Sad to see you go. But happy for you as well.
  13. rancor709

    Proxy Games

    the lids for McDonald's medium drink is an 80mm and the lid for their large is 100mm. Compact disks, Cds kids ask your parents are 120mm. we use 40k and warmachine minis for proxy. we have also just used dice or tokens in the lids.
  14. rancor709

    Allies Gaining Glory

    the way allying in works is called envoying. when u have a duel commander or you decide to take syndicate models in your force you tak3 the envoy card. th3 envoy card is simialr to your allegiance card. it provides rules to those units for glory and helps them act more like they do in there home faction.
  15. welcome to the tyrant level my friend. Enjoy the benefits of being full overlord of the game.