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  1. Merchant

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Sigh...I guess there is a crowd for this...not sure who, when you have creepy ass pygmy horses. It will be interesting to see if it makes much in the way of sales, seems like a very niche corner. would have rather seen something for Mama Z or Brewie, to drum up some cross faction sales, Like the wild ones. Gotta wonder tho with cat-hamlin and wild ones being cannon, is this a thing too? With the last few months I think I'm going to take a break from this game/company.
  2. Merchant

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    >dog sitting in a burning room drinking coffee. "this is fine"
  3. Dont like it.
  4. Merchant

    Updated Release Schedule

    Any news on Undying? seeing as it was advertised and pushed back?
  5. Merchant

    Is Steam Punk in Malifaux dying/dead?

    steam fitters seem pretty steampunk to me...
  6. Merchant

    Lazarus Build

    Just get alt Lazarus.
  7. Merchant

    Protec ya Neck

    what about prospectors and "talking about shafts" ?
  8. Merchant

    March 2018 FAQ

  9. Merchant

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    In a world where undying isn't coming next month, my only wares are my tears.
  10. Merchant

    What's this!?!?

    I'll be throwing some flock on mine I think.
  11. Merchant

    What's this!?!?

    it looks like the box art so one assumes...
  12. Merchant

    Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    i meant next preview
  13. Merchant

    Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    i hope grave golem is next month!