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  1. >ancient aliens guys "machine spirit"
  2. I love taking sharpshooters tho i find it weird the engineer is a better sniper. there than than i generally take a grenadier and royal rifles.... upgrades tho as KE I always take my commander specific one and millitary assistant
  3. i mean if you want a KE specific answer....
  4. I almost always bring overwatch and sometimes accurate shot. otherwise not sure what to bring
  5. i guess a play could be to bring edward or belle and 2 intel corps then try to snipe out a commander turn 1
  6. Really hope we see some TOS stuff at Adepticon.
  7. Hoffman~ hero of malifaux, best boi, total husbando, the only "good guy" in the game.
  8. Mr. Fixer~ alt kassa Miss. conceptions~ alt adeodatos
  9. hoping we get to see some rules before preoders go out, I know undying and backdraft wasn't very endearing to the company.
  10. these are from 2 years ago
  11. alternate models in TOS would be nice, maybe female versions of royal rifles or grenadiers, maybe even intel corps
  12. True but it could be a fan creation as kill teams was before the last year
  13. mostly love the game, there are some problem units that i hope get tuned. feel like engineers are too strong and artillery are too week, to name a few things. Also questioning the strength of rail gunners. Haven't played any Burning man yet and gibbering hordes seems perfectly fine if a bit harder to learn than any other faction. all in all most likely my favorite game atm, just want to see it get more spot light time.
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