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  1. WOOOOH! MORE tOS! LETS SEE THOSE NEW SYNDICATE UNITS, GET THAT STARTERS OUT HERE WOOOOO WOOOOOOOO! oh jeez fall... so like winter then. hoping the starter comes sooner like gencon or...sooner plz. got 3-4 people waiting to get into this game on that.
  2. >ancient aliens guys "machine spirit"
  3. I love taking sharpshooters tho i find it weird the engineer is a better sniper. there than than i generally take a grenadier and royal rifles.... upgrades tho as KE I always take my commander specific one and millitary assistant
  4. i mean if you want a KE specific answer....
  5. I almost always bring overwatch and sometimes accurate shot. otherwise not sure what to bring
  6. i guess a play could be to bring edward or belle and 2 intel corps then try to snipe out a commander turn 1
  7. Really hope we see some TOS stuff at Adepticon.
  8. Hoffman~ hero of malifaux, best boi, total husbando, the only "good guy" in the game.
  9. Mr. Fixer~ alt kassa Miss. conceptions~ alt adeodatos
  10. hoping we get to see some rules before preoders go out, I know undying and backdraft wasn't very endearing to the company.
  11. these are from 2 years ago
  12. alternate models in TOS would be nice, maybe female versions of royal rifles or grenadiers, maybe even intel corps
  13. True but it could be a fan creation as kill teams was before the last year
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