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  1. meanwhile the new starter is basically a year late
  2. there is every reason they will be legal, however they must be on the correct base. last i checked wyrd is pretty chill about kitbashing etc. feels silly to not allow it... THESE MF RULES THO HOTDAWG! now if only i had people to play with...
  3. that's a radical difference from what I was looking at...
  4. @Kyle heads up "charge order" should be changed to "rush order", so that it functions.... tho end a move would be better like the unit, feels like the range should come up to 14 or 16 so that it actually causes people to need to charge them sometimes. errata looks great big thumbs up! I hope we get more reveals soon, this game needs the hype.
  5. any news on when we are getting the KE adjunct from the obsidian gate contest?
  6. New releases, alt models, reworks/errata's for problem units like artillery, people playing the game. other than that... idk Spain or Russia as a necromancer theme'd earth army, when your units die summon zombies in etc. so they would be ranged early and melee tar pits later. As for a malifaux faction... hmmm maybe like elemental gods faction so golems and gamins rising up or maybe a phantasmal faction about illusions and misdirection
  7. Merchant


    Judging by how much they show up the hexbow archers are likely to be a guild unit in the future.
  8. These have been issues i have noticed and fully agree with. I am glad to see any kind of response, thanks@Kyle @KuVenet my FLGS community has dropped all wyrd products for the most part, I'm the only guy semi-actively looking for TOS or malifaux games and generally have to travel to find them. Anyone who used to play plays warhammer or infinity now, a big part due to them being supported better. Lack of player base and releases that i'm interested in has made me start considering selling my stuff off with the bulk of my malifaux that doesn't see use anymore.
  9. WOOOOH! MORE tOS! LETS SEE THOSE NEW SYNDICATE UNITS, GET THAT STARTERS OUT HERE WOOOOO WOOOOOOOO! oh jeez fall... so like winter then. hoping the starter comes sooner like gencon or...sooner plz. got 3-4 people waiting to get into this game on that.
  10. >ancient aliens guys "machine spirit"
  11. I love taking sharpshooters tho i find it weird the engineer is a better sniper. there than than i generally take a grenadier and royal rifles.... upgrades tho as KE I always take my commander specific one and millitary assistant
  12. i mean if you want a KE specific answer....
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