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  1. Merchant

    TOS in stores when?

    This is their biggest kickstarter i suppose, but it's also their 4th one and it's in their wheel house as miniatures / analogue game company.
  2. Merchant

    TOS in stores when?

    i mean here in america we can't buy the product yet and i have people from 2 diff game stores looking to get in on this but cant yet...
  3. Merchant

    TOS in stores when?

    playing demos and games, got some locals looking to buy in but there is no product to buy? anyone's FLGS getting TOS in stock yet?
  4. Merchant


    gibbers have all the tools to succeed they might have the biggest learning curve tho. being at a perma -2 stat as a ranged faction is brutal, and the frenzy with healing magic makes for the best healers in game.
  5. Merchant

    The Other Side App - An Update

    What functionality should we expect from the app? ex: view cards, list building, auto generate operations, searchable or hyper linked rules, condition tracking, VP tracking.
  6. Merchant

    ToS and Heat

    I’m dealing with this at the moment.
  7. Merchant

    More than just heroes?

    hunters and guardians would also be pretty dope!
  8. Merchant

    ToS Henchman program?

    no worries my store doesn't have a henchman so I suppose that's where my questions will stem from, complete ignorance.
  9. Merchant

    ToS Henchman program?

    Fo'sho! tho I'm think I might be the only ToS guy in the area so I'll be building from the ground up if you got any tips
  10. Merchant

    ToS Henchman program?

    I guess I was assuming you'd have to do both? you have a good point, it makes sense to use the same system but allow for an "either or both" approach to running event. I personally am less interested in running malifaux events I suppose.
  11. Merchant

    ToS Henchman program?

    gotta say it would be nice if it's separate tho I'd rather focus on ToS than split it between malifaux and ToS
  12. Merchant

    ToS and Heat

    inb4 using ice chests to store your mini's bags
  13. Merchant


    Kind of elite but has a high tactics output with kassa making 4, thrace for 1-2 based on glory and charles making 3 with metal of honor 2 kassa + mind of a giant +power read out 4 thrace+ toughness 8 mechanized infantry 12 steel legion 2 charles +metal of honor 10 kings hand+ ap machine gun, soulstone matrix, symbol of the realm 2 motor scout + free toughness 10 royal rifle corp + sharp shooter guess lists should include stratagem decks too...
  14. Merchant


    most likely Ill be running charles and M.B. unless i wanna field 2 or 3 titans. charles 2>stoic demeaner +military assistant Marge 2>rapier wit + sturdy binoculars 10>royal rifles w/sniper 9>royal rifles 9>grenadiers w/sniper 6>sw borderers 7>intel corp 5>infiltrators feels like a shame not to have a Kings hand but here's one list
  15. Merchant

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    meanwhile in cali still waiting for any info