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  1. Merchant

    ToS Henchman program?

    I was wondering will ToS have it's own demo/referee program/guy or will it piggy back onto the Henchman program?
  2. Merchant

    Unclear on Book Importance

    lot's a of little stuff. tweaks to the combat rules. updated base classes, added/removed some skills. skill trigger tweaked and added as a core rule. soul stone use changed. Added a really really good NPC/monster section and a huge section on setting lore. Just to name a few things.
  3. Merchant

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    oh... man... thats... im so sorry that's probs never happening... that dood got looted over a barrel
  4. Merchant


    like any OP, all comers list?
  5. Merchant

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    you need to try Kicking battle systems, they've been on time the two times i backed, i didnt get their last one but they nailed it too! I cant wait for mine, no word on fedex, a tracking number would be nice but I'm hoping it will show up within a week. would be interesting to see how many they are sending out each day, active tracker just to get every last bit of hype out of us
  6. Merchant


    how many commanders?
  7. Merchant

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    God I hope not. Just send em all.
  8. This had a fun spooky/grim dark vibe to it. Looking forward to reading more Earth-side stories! Thanks!
  9. Merchant

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    people really getting shipping notices or is this an elaborate ruse?
  10. Merchant

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    huh... what about just writing an email to their customer support? honestly kind of surprised it closed.
  11. Merchant

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Don't speculate, participate! join the m3e beta today!
  12. Merchant

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    yeah but i mean she's mostly pouting on the mountain right? not really attacking anyone. just sorta moping and eating dudes.
  13. Merchant

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    Isn't karis a prime example of someone who is just trying to watch the world burn and using anyone who doesnt help as logs especially if they are guild? Marcus himself has attacked the guilds outposts and forts in the norther barrens using snakes like IED's, night raids, psycological warfare, no to mention creating a cult around himself as he mutilates and mind controls his followers. Raspy is a recluse and maybe the least offensive. Colette runs the smuggling operations, weather human trafficking, weapons, soul stones, doesnt matter. Ironsides was running like a mob silencer and information network before taking over the legitimate half of the arcanists' the M&SU. Sandeep is an idealog and doesnt mind trading in necmonacy or any other illigal magics as long as he feels like freedom fighter for magic against the guild. I'd argue that even though mei feng is a double agent, she and Colette are the only two who arent working there by choice.
  14. Merchant

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Wut? an LGS has mark up. Sometimes like my LGS over MSRP, and only preordering gets you down to msrp. This doesnt bother me as much as I tend to buy med/smaller sets from them but I honestly thought everything on the KS was supposed to be a good deal with Wyrd like most KS projects getting a minimum take home so they could fund a huge product line they would capitalize on after launch. I get the the pledges are a great deal, however I thought the add-on where supposed to be saving you a decent percentage, I didn't buy whole line but I could have gotten a couple extra squads for the difference. As for the loosing players thing, I know 2 maybe 3 of my friends are looking to get bought out of their pledges, though not due to the business practices, just the delays. interest wains. While I think I would be nice if they address the MSRP Issue, or did something as a gesture of good faith for the backers, I'm honestly more interested in getting product in my hands so I can start painting /demo-ing, and for wyrd to push some heavy promotions. I for one really want to see this game flourish, It seems to do for me what I've wanted or been unsatisfied with malifaux. It's a lighter and quicker system, while being just as robust in play space. It allows for small, med, or silly large play with out the game warping drastically like malifaux. Finally it can easily scratch small tactics or army strategy itch, and it all brings back the "my dudes" aspect I have been missing from malifaux's character centric style.
  15. Merchant

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    I feel like it's just going to get worse / crazier without papa ramos keeping everyone in line