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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've played a couple of games with Parker and... won them all with the same crew. Now, I know that Tara, Levi, Viks or Hamelin might have done the same with more confidence, but. It's bloody Parker! The Clint Eastwood of Malifaux! So here's the crew I've been playing: Leader: Parker Barrows - Cache:(4) Stick Up 1ss Black Market 1ss Oath Keeper 1ss Doc Mitchell 3ss Mad Dog Brackett 9ss Lucky Poncho 1ss Oath Keeper 1ss Benny Wolcomb 8ss The Bigger They Are 1ss Hodgepodge Emissary 10ss Conflux of Stolen Goods 0ss Marlena Webster 8ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss A small comment on the list: First, Parker upgrades. Oath is there for an unhealthy turn after you've failed your engine and not attached Stick Up, it's basically an extra SS and an extra Walk. Black Market you won't be swapping out, Stick Up is a must. Doc & Mad Dog are your health insurance and alpha strike potential. Push, walk, blow it to hell, rapid fire to your heart's content, especially in clustered deployment like Corner (that's about 30" threat range) Benny is a flexible slot if you need a tank: he prevents, he heals, he obliterates henchmen with min 4, but in most cases you're better off taking Sue with Scramble or Return Fire. For Symbols you take Stalker with Scout and drink your opponent's tears (unless it's Lucius or TT, then they get to drink). HPE makes this mess of a crew work: you draw cards, you place an enemy marker turn 1, he's no slouch at bashing heads in, he's the ultimate scheme runner and another target for Parker's free (0) Interacts, as well as the Doctor's push. Just a great model that gets to draw 3 cards Turn 1. Memento on Mad Dog, Vitality on Sue or Marlena, and he can swap those around with the new (0). Marlena is another cornerstone: SS prevention or not, Parker used to die like a fly to a random RJ on damage, and without him the crew falls apart. Now he can stay alive and farm SS for as long as Marlena is around, and she's very sturdy. Mercs. Now we can fit 8 activations in the list, screen against Nekima and Viks and Take this to my son a random SS or two. A friend was telling me "take the same models with a different master, and you'll get better results", but the prospect of chewing through Parker's 14+ wounds and SS prevention makes him live to burgle another day, and his ability to generate 2SS per turn is what really makes me wonder: is he playable in the new scheme pool? Previously, he would run out of cards before the action even began, with his 7+ on trinkets and 8+ on pushes, but now you get to draw a lot with HPE. As for his toolbox, I'm mostly using Stick Up for movement, Hidden Steel Plate for protection and denying condition-based Strats (Unflinching Stare is a hidden gem), Black Market's (0) Interact is golden for Ply. Coordinated and Shield look like garbage in most situations, but Crate can be amazing against marker-heavy opponents (cough, Titania) and Hail is a nice piece of board control. A smart opponent wouldn't let you abuse Hands in the Air, but if you get to tag an enemy summoner with it, holly molly (pun intended). So. Thoughts? Who would wreck this crew's day? Which strats would it be unplayable in?
  2. Hi! This ability has the following wording: when in a duel with an enemy Leader, this model may add one suit of its choice to its final duel total when declaring triggers... If you have a Target number with a suit requirement, can you use this ability to obtain the suit you need? Or you fail before declaring triggers?
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to start a thread to steal share proxy ideas for the unavailable wave 5 models. There's no release schedule for any of these yet and with the UK Nationals at the end of November, the time to get painting is now... Appreciate most people at the moment probably just use one model as another (Wardens subbing for Riot Breakers etc) but as someone who plays at events, I can't really do that! Guild Investigators The one I'm most happy with as an Investigator is this chap, Dodge from the Infamy Miniatures range; http://elementgames.co.uk/cult-steampunk-other-miniatures-games/infamy-miniatures/the-little-parliament/dodge Looks suitably like a policeman investigating crimes. Monster Hunters I freely admit, I'm having a little fun with this one and using models based on Lara Croft and Alice. They may get more Malifaux weapons later. They're Survivors from Studio Miniatures; http://www.studiominiatures.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=3&Itemid=383 Riot Breakers These are causing problems. Getting hold of Hoffbots to convert is expensive and feels like a waste. The best things I've seen so far are Warmachine Cygnar Warjacks with shields, and I could mess around with a new head and some detailing, but I'd feel dirty buying those... Domador des Cadaveres These, I've drawn a blank on. There are voodoo models but they don't look very Spanish, and your generic necromancers don't cut it for me, and the only Spanish models I can find look like Zorro. Help definitely needed here! Any other cool ideas?
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