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  1. i guess a play could be to bring edward or belle and 2 intel corps then try to snipe out a commander turn 1
  2. Hoffman~ hero of malifaux, best boi, total husbando, the only "good guy" in the game.
  3. Mr. Fixer~ alt kassa Miss. conceptions~ alt adeodatos
  4. hoping we get to see some rules before preoders go out, I know undying and backdraft wasn't very endearing to the company.
  5. alternate models in TOS would be nice, maybe female versions of royal rifles or grenadiers, maybe even intel corps
  6. True but it could be a fan creation as kill teams was before the last year
  7. mostly love the game, there are some problem units that i hope get tuned. feel like engineers are too strong and artillery are too week, to name a few things. Also questioning the strength of rail gunners. Haven't played any Burning man yet and gibbering hordes seems perfectly fine if a bit harder to learn than any other faction. all in all most likely my favorite game atm, just want to see it get more spot light time.
  8. looking for help with running these bois. how do you do it? is there a reason o run 2 at any given time? would you take them in one commander?
  9. i mean they vaguely said new stuff might be releasing around "early summer"... seeing as there isnt a recording of the seminar it's hard to say when, here's homing it's sooner than later.
  10. I think the broken are designed for a self mill build was talking about them with a friend. It's more of a niche specialist but it has a place... a design space for itself. while artillery doesn't. I almost feel like the Heavy shelling should be on the front side or at least give the unit area on all it's attacks.
  11. I dont think any unit should be a dud, especially when it accounts for 10% (+) of our(or any) faction. Even if it's niche it should be playable in some way...
  12. In the end it really needs a buff when you compare it to the 30% cheaper rail gunner.
  13. Gotta say tho, i'm curious whats happened with home front and obsidian gate. AKA when is the sandmen and KE: Dr. Watson adjunct being released. I think Obsidian gate concluded a year ago. Anyways would be nice to see some new stuff instead of a drip feed of releases to catch up
  14. more than likely this should have either removed LoS or had been a titan. thought he latter has weird upgrade issues. without either best solution is to get it elevated if it sees over most problems it starts acting as a 5 av instead of a 3 (with inspired) and then this bad boy can do some work. also would have been fun if it could create hazardous 6 zone (continuous shelling) until it's next activation or end of turn.
  15. Any news on this subject? Feels like we had models tease last gencon or 2 ago and we never heard or saw anything about this again.
  16. I like this idea, small lets say 10-15 script games on a 2x2 or 18" x2f" board. No commanders or titans (combined arms might be an exception) Divide the cost of a squad by the number of fire teams and hire them individually. Other option would be to try to hire by model basis. this should create a game that you can complete in about an an hour, something malifaux doesn't really do.
  17. A. Kings empire, with splashes of Abyssinia B. common opponents gibbering hordes, sometimes Abby, rarely to never cult or other kingsmen C. one or double, but single most often D overall: love the game cant get enough, wish more people where willing to get in. F. Havent played with everything but so far I have no real complaints about kings, except that healing is not native to them. love how tricky they feel and they are great fighters to boot. G. concerns: Feels like the game could die at any moment. barely anyone plays here, people have been selling off pledges and LVO didnt even run any events for ToS. just... there's a lot of issues..I just hope this game keeps going... - looking forward to... THE GUILD and Co2, more lore and eventually the next two factions, really just the game expanding and hopefully the player base. Also prize/guilder support, would love to be able to spend guilders on alternate soldiers or commanders. maybe lady infiltrators or grenadier with rocket launcher etc.
  18. This is their biggest kickstarter i suppose, but it's also their 4th one and it's in their wheel house as miniatures / analogue game company.
  19. i mean here in america we can't buy the product yet and i have people from 2 diff game stores looking to get in on this but cant yet...
  20. playing demos and games, got some locals looking to buy in but there is no product to buy? anyone's FLGS getting TOS in stock yet?
  21. gibbers have all the tools to succeed they might have the biggest learning curve tho. being at a perma -2 stat as a ranged faction is brutal, and the frenzy with healing magic makes for the best healers in game.
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