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  1. So. I'm sure it's been said but Lazarus is the most frustrating model I've yet to deal with. I've put together the Insidious Madness, Goryo, even Yan Lo's beard but this model is extremely frustrating. No wonder people were so pumped for the alt sculpt. Anyway. I'll be using him in my Von Schill lists. When would you take him over the Strong Arm? At 10ss I assume you take one of either Lazarus, SS, or the Emissary.
  2. I've been a Neverborn player for the past year and recently decided to dump my tax return into Outcasts. I have been using Hannah in my Lillith crew (to fantastic effect) and thought I would just double down on the Freikorps and buy in to Von Schill. I know the Trapper is widely regarded as one of the best snipers in the game even after his recent nerf but I also just really like his crew. The specialist ignores cover and dishes out burning, the librarian can heal and throw out some damage if she pleases, the steam trunk, well, that's just great flavor. I also picked up the strong arm which...
  3. I picked up Hannah recently. She's such a good model. Super fun to build and paint but also just a solid model. As a merc she's 11 SS, solid stats + defenses, decent attack at 50mm w rg 3 with solid dmg track and blast markers. arcane reservoir in a lillith crew with pukey worm and probably wings of darkness? thats a 7 card hand w double rush of magic and a 3 card ss card shuffle. thats a lot of cards. her damage track isn't as solid as Nekima but the blast markers can make up for that in the right circumstances. Freikorps suit lets her ignore black blood. Make a New Entry lets her copy... Bla
  4. there's a lot of good advice in this thread. thank you everyone. this is my first war/skirmish/minis game and its been a hell of a learning experience. theres a ton i will take away from this thread and hopefully improve my game. i think, at its core, my approach has just been too single minded. have a crew that can go toe to toe over objectives while you have a scheme runner running down the board to drop markers. it seems to me, after reading a lot of the responses here, that neverborn need to be more selective in their engagements or just very picky about how they spend ap. i will take this
  5. I've been playing Malifaux for over a year or so. I play Neverborn. Right from the beginning they were the faction for me. The models are the most interesting and monsters are always more fun. I play every master and I've used almost every model. I read the forums, I build my lists appropriately, I feel like I understand the game pretty well. But. I lose. Constantly. To everyone and in almost every situation. I'm in a slow grow tournament right now and I've just had my butt handed to me again and again. It's like I have this insane ability to pick the worst match ups every game. Is it just me?
  6. Titania... and the Fae.... it all comes from Shakespeare. She's from A Midsummer Nights' Dream. Titania and Oberon are the Queen/King of all of Fae and of all the Fae Folk. Fae refers to both the land and the various peoples who live there. But of course it's Malifaux so it's all dark and twisted. Huzzah!
  7. I've used Tuco a lot. Mostly because he's a running gag in my local group. He's never been a game changer but, as most folks have already said, he's can be a situational focal point. I've typically used him as a distraction play. He doesn't really fit in any crew really well. He's a solo kinda dude. I like to run him up the board or attempt to flank with him and take some shots a few squishies. Let Tuco take the focus while I maneuver more important models where they need to go. He's too strong to ignore most times so my opponents have had to spend some important resources to neutralize him. H
  8. So. I'm typically a Neverborn player but I dip into TT from time to time. I really enjoy Yan Lo aesthetically and thematically. I've almost always played him TT. I think TT are just a really strong, tight knit faction. I've been picking up a few extra non-TT models (goryo, hanged, belles, datsue ba) to boost my crew and widen the scope of my play. Running Datsue Ba to drop those early Seishin for the early Yan Lo chi is pretty obvious but I've seen some folks talk about dropping mindless zombies in a similar way. Obviously this would be great because I could boost chi and turn their corpses in
  9. This is the funniest thread. I just finished my Goryo the other day. Hardest models I've put together since the Insidious Madness. Only two models I've had to look up instructions for. Glad we can all rally around this as a community.
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