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  1. Thank you again to all participants at the Worcester Shenanigans event for making it a success. Final results as shown below have been submitted to the UK Malifaux Rankings website: Final Standing Name Faction Total TP Total Diff Total VP UK Rankings Points 1 Richard Matthews Arcanists 9 15 27 88.00 2 Karl McConnell Neverborn 9 11 30 82.47 3 Oz Goff Arcanists 6 7 22 76.93 4 Craig Woods Guild 6 5 23 71.40 5 Luke Whitrow Resurrectionists 6 4 22 65.87 6 Declan Larcombe Arcanists 6 2 15 60.33 7 David Brown Ten Thunders 6 -2 14 54.80 8 Johnathon Clarke Guild 6 -6 13 49.27 9 Kian Humpage Neverborn 4 2 17 43.73 10 Daniel Humpage Arcanists 3 3 21 38.20 11 Michael Elvins Arcanists 3 0 21 32.67 12 Darren Pebody Outcasts 3 -4 15 27.13 13 Bert Diamond Resurrectionists 3 -6 17 21.60 14 Tristan Malone Neverborn 1 -2 19 16.07 15 Steve Cockill Neverborn 0 -14 9 10.53 16 Max Pebody Arcanists 0 -15 8 5.00
  2. Entries for this weekend's tournament are now closed. We have sixteen signed up so it should be a good event. If anybody is still interested please contact me first before sending money. Prize packs and trophies are ready so we just need you to bring your crews down on Sunday for some shenanigans. Please note that Sunday will be the last day of the Worcester Christmas Fayre so please leave extra time for travel etc.
  3. The numbers are coming in now.... let me know if you're interested!
  4. Hi folks, It's now less than three weeks to go until our "Worcester Shenanigans" Malifaux tournament at Worcester War Games on Sunday 2nd December. Several people have expressed an interest but I could do with knowing how many will definitely be coming. Even if you're still unsure, or have any questions, then it would be good to know that too. Could you let me know, either in this thread or via the “Worcester War Games Malifaux Players” facebook group, whether or not you will be coming please? Then I can plan the tables, prizes, food, etc. Thank you, Mat Richardson-Jack (aka “Brass Monkey”) brass.monkey.malifaux@gmail.com Henchman ~ Worcester War Games
  5. Here is the list of who has signed-up so far: 01 - David Brown 02 - Steve (Oso Oco) 03 - Bert Diamond 04 - Declan Larcombe 05 - Pinky 06 - Tris Malone 07 - Oz Goff 08 - Karl McConnell 09 - Luke Michael Whitrow 10 - Jonathan Clarke 11 - Richard Matthews 12 - Daniel Humpage 13 - Kian Humpage 14 - Craig woods 15 - Darren Pebody 16 - Max Pebody Closed to new entries. All entrants fully paid-up. Thank you.
  6. Hi folks, For info this event is now being held on Sunday 2nd December instead. See new thread here: Mat
  7. Worcester War Game’s second Malifaux tournament has been rearranged (from 4th November) and will now take place on 2nd December 2018. We aim to appeal to players of all capabilities and experience. Each round will last 2 hours, and both strategies and scheme pools are available beforehand (see rulespack via link below). We’re planning initially for a maximum of 16 participants but will review this as necessary and endeavour to accommodate as many as possible. The Rulespack can be downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/s/dprci3nwfuhg1q0/Rules Pack - Worcester Shenanigans 2018.pdf?dl=0 To enter, send £15 by paypal to brass.monkey.malifaux@gmail.com as a personal payment (include your name, forum name and proposed faction) or pay me in cash beforehand. Results are expected to be submitted to Malifaux Rankings (please advise if you wish to be anonymous). You might also want to visit (or even join) the facebook group of the “Worcester War Games Malifaux Players” at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1871473253165616. Have fun. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Mat Richardson-Jack (aka “Brass Monkey”) brass.monkey.malifaux@gmail.com Henchman ~ Worcester War Games
  8. Announcing our upcoming tournament - Worcester Shenanigans! Building on the success of our recent 'Worcester Shindig' event earlier this month, Worcester War Game’s next tournament will take place on Sunday 4th November 2018. Further details and rulespack will be posted here once finalised, but at this stage we anticipate a three-round fixed-faction 50ss tournament with pre-announced GG18 strategies and schemes. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime. Thank you, Mat Richardson-Jack (aka “Brass Monkey”) brass.monkey.malifaux@gmail.com Henchman ~ Worcester War Games
  9. Choosing Kickstarter was more than just a financial decision for me anyway - I'm happy to have backed something I want to see succeed and contribute in a tiny way towards its awesomeness.
  10. Crickey you're right. The prices here are less than KS was charging us: https://www.gamenerdz.com/the-other-side Fortunately I'm too old to believe everything on the internet, or care about things I can't influence, otherwise that would indeed be a bit of a slap in the face.
  11. Oh brill - hope that is the case. Makes more sense logically and mathematically. 'Armour' is the Target Number that you need to reach to inflict damage (then multiples of five above). That would make sense. Thank you.
  12. Hey, I missed the beta testing but have been trying to learn the rules from Wyrd's YouTube video and latest Wyrd chronicles. I understand that the result of the penetration flip (strength + cheatable flip) is compared to target's armour stat. Does the result need to equal or exceed the target's armour, for a single quantum of damage? If it exceeds by 5, 10, 15 (etc) then another 1, 2, 3 (etc) quanta of damage is inflicted, right? Thanks.
  13. "On the boat" sounds promising. Hope that's the case. Hopefully when I get back from hols in September they'll be waiting for me.
  14. Sorry if I sound impatient (I am impatient - especially since last Wyrd Chronicles landed) but do we know if our shiny new TOS toys have left China yet? Have they landed in US? Is someone in Marietta filling boxes at this very minute? How long before onwards shipment to the UK? So many questions and I don't expect much of a response at this time - but any news would be good!
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