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    Tell me about it . Everyday I check for updates, even though realistically it's Friday and Mondays. But this game looks amazing!
  2. Fexxo

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    The problem with Sandmen is that they mentioned they wouldn't be released anytime soon. Where as these guys are already far into being brought to life along side The Guild. Also due to what they said in the update The Guild is next to be shown, next week. So that is more likely the second part of the 2 player set. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1334239018/the-other-side-9/posts/2068796
  3. Fexxo

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    You aren't wrong, the update is in the below link. Can't wait for GUILD! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1334239018/the-other-side-9/posts/1877839
  4. Also what do you think the direction of their style will go. Do you think it will keep with how it was in Malifaux or change, due to The Kings Empire being so similar visual wise.
  5. Awesome. thanks guys for the feedback. Appreciate it. Maybe I will leave him for last and decide when it comes closer to the time.
  6. So why I ask, is I really love the aesthetics of Arcanists besides Marcus. Will I be seriously hindering myself if I don't go for him and his beasts. Are beasts important in crews other than his? Thank you
  7. I really love The King's Empire, was leaning towards Abyssinia. But I really like the whole British Empire vibe. In my opinion I find they have the most character.
  8. Thank you very much Fetid will take a read. Well I think I started this thread badly. I am actually bit conflicted on them, as you said Ressers aren't winning every tournament. So for me that makes me think that they not as strong as what people suggest. Though yeah next time I will think a little more before posting I know threads like this can be irritating if someone doesn't think it through which I didn't :).
  9. Sorry about this thread. I see I need to do research before I post. I will refrain from posting on forums from now on.
  10. Sorry, I did look back but couldn't see anything for a few pages but will look more in depth next time.
  11. Ok well I am not professional but I think their Ca is a tad too high, I never have to worry about whether I am going to succeed or not, I know it's going to be quite hectic for even a master to beat. Which is a bit crazy. Though I haven't played them out of Seamus and I should of said I am new to this game, I find them super good with him even more so with Sinister Reputation.
  12. OK the title kind of speaks for itself though I will also accept the answer that they should be toned down due to the fact that I find them very very strong. I would just like a professional opinion.
  13. Hey Fetid Thanks again for the advice though I still made mistakes I played vs a Marcus and it was a tight game. 7vp to 6vp to my opponent. The nurse didn't do much towards the fight but she covered Seamus and dropped scheme markers for Protect Territory. Also kept Seamus on the edges sniping off the stragglers. Had him come in on the 5th turn to shank a Dawn Serpent with the Bag o Tools and drop markers for Plant Explosives getting 3vp off that. The reason I lost was due to me not lining up my kills for Reckoning. Thanks again. Also your podcast interview helped tons.
  14. Wow thanks you so much! I read through it but will probably have to read through again :P, what you have explained to me has changed the way I think of each model and will put it to use in my next battle. Yeah with this game, my opponent was much better than me so it was definitely a loss because of skill. But just that I felt like I could do nothing is what bothered me not the defeat. Though I do plan on winning someday :). Thank you very much, will definitely change things around and update on how my next game went.
  15. Hi Ok so the game was: Flank Deployment Stake a Claim A line in the Sand Assassinate Breakthrough - I choose - not revealed Power Ritual Frame for Murder - I choose - it was the Flesh Construct (I realize now this was a mistake) I played 35ss Seamus into it against Lilith the lists were: Seamus - Red Chapel Killer and Mad Haberdasher Copycat Killer Madame Sybelle - Bleeding Tongue Flesh Construct Rotten Belle x 2 Lilith - not sure on upgrades Mr Graves Hooded Rider Terror Tots x 2 Primordial ooze This was my first game with Seamus and I realize I need more games. I lost this one badly
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