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  1. Jeez...I love making characters; I have a stack of about 25.
  2. Why did they include 3 Hunters? That kills the box for me.
  3. The number of upgrades is tied to the book a player uses to create their character, which is by intentional design. There are various buffs avaialble in each book, and the "bonus" is one of them. Simply, using the main rulebook is slightly incentivised because their are no options for playing Invested/Stitched/Guild-Aligned characters.
  4. The best master for Asura is Nicodem, in my experienece; not super competetive, but there were some fun tricks to pull, and you actually got enough Mindless Zombies to get utility out of a few. I agree that Asura is kind of left out at this point, and needs a slight boost to survivability.
  5. I agree with Ebb, as written, the rules do not allow you to boost the Terrorize Talent in such a way, but it is your game, and you can allow whatever you please. Understand, allowing your player to tweek the rules and enhance their Terrorize ability is going to be very strong. Personally, I would encourage your player to find a more creative way to enhance Terrorize; maybe a Manifest Power that attacks opponents WP, etc.
  6. Boosts to Physical Stats should boost Derived Stats, just remember any extra wounds can turn into a deficit when the bonus wears off. You only need meet a Talent Requirement when you gain the talent; once gained, the Talent is permanent, even if the requirements no longer are being met.
  7. 1. Penny Dreadfuls are mostly one-shot advemtures, though they (often) stretch over several sessions. The only linked adventures are Northern Aggression/Northern Sedition. 2. Picking Pursuits is normally done at the beginning of each Session of play, BUT in practice it may take more than a single session to play out a scene. FM's determine when players can choose new Pursuits for their characters. For the most part, players tend to stick to each Pursuit for at least a few steps. Once my group had to perform in a theater as a distraction, so some of us took the Performer Pursuit just
  8. Is there a way to make larger maps in Vassal? The map size seems pretty small by default. If not, is that something a 3rd party could mod? Is there a living character sheet somewhere?
  9. Queeg is not the most obviously useful Henchman, yet I take him in every Dashel list. Prison Suprtintendent is a great bubble to provide extra movement to your Guard minions. 2" reach is powerful for engaging enemies with a shorter reach. Sabatoge Their Plans is one of the most powerful free actions in faction for Guild. The potential downside to Queeg is that he needs to run with the pack for his Prison Superintendent, but is also useful for potential summoned models to be a move boost when they are slow their first turn. 3" push can get most models unengaged if you need
  10. It seems the Henchman Program is in flux; I hope Wyrd is making adjustments, and not simply ending the entire program. I would expect an announcement in time.
  11. Two Mounted Guard can slingshot two Executioners up field, who can then benefit from Trail of Gore if the Dispatcher is nearby to get into the mix. Your Executioners will die, but like you say.....summon more! A late-game Executioner can really clean up a damaged crew.
  12. How long, on average does a game on Vassal take, if you don't mind sharing?
  13. Nice move taking Joss and Ryle! Tough matchup.
  14. One of Dashel's strengths right now is that he can play to most Strats and Schemes, which also means there are fewer standard set-ups. I play Dashel a lot! Sometimes I start with two executioners, sometimes I start with two mounted guard, and once before GG1 I took all four. Queeg is in all my lists, because of his utility. I favor two riflemen in many games, but not all. Wardens are a bargain. I never start with dogs or guild patrol. The steward is nice, but I stopped taking him and really don't miss it. Sergeants usually outperform their cost, actually. My new pets are Mount
  15. I have scored a VP's using an Executioner's Scatter ability once or twice. I have gotten some denial value out of Investigator's, but they are hit and miss for me.
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