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  1. Two Mounted Guard can slingshot two Executioners up field, who can then benefit from Trail of Gore if the Dispatcher is nearby to get into the mix. Your Executioners will die, but like you say.....summon more! A late-game Executioner can really clean up a damaged crew.
  2. How long, on average does a game on Vassal take, if you don't mind sharing?
  3. explorator

    Hoffman GG1

    Nice move taking Joss and Ryle! Tough matchup.
  4. One of Dashel's strengths right now is that he can play to most Strats and Schemes, which also means there are fewer standard set-ups. I play Dashel a lot! Sometimes I start with two executioners, sometimes I start with two mounted guard, and once before GG1 I took all four. Queeg is in all my lists, because of his utility. I favor two riflemen in many games, but not all. Wardens are a bargain. I never start with dogs or guild patrol. The steward is nice, but I stopped taking him and really don't miss it. Sergeants usually outperform their cost, actually. My new pets are Mounted Guard; they can move other models with their free action, have high move, can shoot, and don't sleep on thier close-combat attack. Having a 0" melee range is not so bad with move 7 and a chance to get other models in base-to-base. Plus, their demise ability is money. I used to semi-plan summoning, but those type of plans are very easily ruined, so now I am very much an opportunistic summoner who also considers situational circumstances. GG1 makes Strats and Schemes such a focus, you just never know at the start of game what kind of summon might get you VP's end game. Sometimes, mutiple guard patrol are better than a single higher-cost summon, and I don't really find starting Slow to be that much of a burden. Summoning is only possible while Dashel lives, obviously, so if you absolutely NEED that summon to win or tie, be careful with him. Dashel is a pocket beater, who CAN lay down decent damage, but he is also pretty soft and can go down quickly if over-extended. Saying that, don't be afaid to sacrifice Dashel late game if it gains you those VP. Often, opponents do not expect you to Charge Dashel into the center of their crews, and you can leverage that into a major disruption. The Dispatcher is the key to easy summons, so don't let him die too easy; his utilty overall is pretty high. Loot Corpse will help with soulstones, but be aware when your opponent plays a crew that drops no corpses. Don't foget to use Pursue! Dashel is a fun master to play and has a ton of low-key synergy, and the changes to the Dispatcher make his crew more playable.
  5. I have scored a VP's using an Executioner's Scatter ability once or twice. I have gotten some denial value out of Investigator's, but they are hit and miss for me.
  6. Adran is right. "When a Fatemaster character is involved with a duel with a Fated character, the Fatemaster character can use any suits associated with its Acting Value as well as any suits in the Fated's final duel total to declare its Triggers." Page 286- call out box Fated characters can gain the Specialized Skill Talent, which allows them to add a suit to a skill. Page 221
  7. I like to add one or two Changelings with Lucius; they can pull a bunch of tricks through their copying ability. Investigators are a must, I always take two.
  8. Hard to Kill on Ronin is pure money when you stay alive with 1 wound before committing Seppuku and getting a 2 SS REFUND! It is situational, yes, but on certain models HtK is valuable. SS user can really frustrate opponents with HtK.
  9. +1 on the Riotbreaker! Blow it the hell is just money vs. certain match-ups, and the bonus is he keeps enemies from taking actions outside activation.
  10. I was HIGHLY critical of the M3E launch and initial product rollout, and posted my frustrations at the time. Now, I will say Wyrd is stepping up and giving players everything they can, as close to schedule as possible. Some regional distributors have taken responsibility for failing to get the product to retailers on time, but I think Wyrd is more on their radar than was previously the case. The APP is really the best sign of which direction Wyrd is headed in, as a company. That may seem super weird to say about a miniature gaming company, but NEW gamers in 2019 just intuitively interact with the "Cards" in the app in a way they do not with physical copies. FFG is a much 'bigger' company than Wyrd, and their X-wing app is universally derided and subpar, but Wyrd gotb it right. Malifaux is the best skirmish game there is. The rollout of M3E was bumpy, but I look forward to 2020, and really just playing a bunch of games!
  11. Following with great interest. Thanks!
  12. I like the Riotbreaker over Papa when facing a crew with destructable terrain...very under-rated. Plus it has a 6" aura that prevents enemy models from taking actions outside their activation! Very nice counter.
  13. If Ronin were Minion (4) I would NEVER take any Despised Mercs, but they are not, and in some (obviously situational) Scheme pools, a cheap minion or two exactly fits the bill. Just another part of the toolbox. Vannesa is a needed part of this crew. Into the Fray is just bonus heals, her main support is to spam her heal action. Being centerline is another bonus, but thanks to being able to stack three cards off the deck at the start of her turn, means those heals are likely going off, even if she never gets close to the centerline. Being a Merc is just another nice bonus. I love Librarians, but Vannesa is my choice in a Vik's crew.
  14. Jack Daw and Hamelin would be the one's I would add, both are killable, but demand too many resources to do so.
  15. I am just now painting two Desperste Mercs for the exact reasons you say; their 14" range attack. For the same cost as Hans, you get a solid number of weak shots, which is nice in some situations.
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