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  1. +1 on the Riotbreaker! Blow it the hell is just money vs. certain match-ups, and the bonus is he keeps enemies from taking actions outside activation.
  2. I was HIGHLY critical of the M3E launch and initial product rollout, and posted my frustrations at the time. Now, I will say Wyrd is stepping up and giving players everything they can, as close to schedule as possible. Some regional distributors have taken responsibility for failing to get the product to retailers on time, but I think Wyrd is more on their radar than was previously the case. The APP is really the best sign of which direction Wyrd is headed in, as a company. That may seem super weird to say about a miniature gaming company, but NEW gamers in 2019 just intuitively interact with the "Cards" in the app in a way they do not with physical copies. FFG is a much 'bigger' company than Wyrd, and their X-wing app is universally derided and subpar, but Wyrd gotb it right. Malifaux is the best skirmish game there is. The rollout of M3E was bumpy, but I look forward to 2020, and really just playing a bunch of games!
  3. Following with great interest. Thanks!
  4. I like the Riotbreaker over Papa when facing a crew with destructable terrain...very under-rated. Plus it has a 6" aura that prevents enemy models from taking actions outside their activation! Very nice counter.
  5. If Ronin were Minion (4) I would NEVER take any Despised Mercs, but they are not, and in some (obviously situational) Scheme pools, a cheap minion or two exactly fits the bill. Just another part of the toolbox. Vannesa is a needed part of this crew. Into the Fray is just bonus heals, her main support is to spam her heal action. Being centerline is another bonus, but thanks to being able to stack three cards off the deck at the start of her turn, means those heals are likely going off, even if she never gets close to the centerline. Being a Merc is just another nice bonus. I love Librarians, but Vannesa is my choice in a Vik's crew.
  6. Jack Daw and Hamelin would be the one's I would add, both are killable, but demand too many resources to do so.
  7. I am just now painting two Desperste Mercs for the exact reasons you say; their 14" range attack. For the same cost as Hans, you get a solid number of weak shots, which is nice in some situations.
  8. Dashel with Queeg, Sergeant, two Mounted Guard and two Executioners. Can move all over, effectively being Reckless for one turn, shoot some stuff, and kill stuff in melee. Dashel's heal will be vital. But, Hoffman is probably best. Decent movement with very strong heals and armor +2 means markers are going down and will score points.
  9. Introducing Strats and Keywords is vital, but needs to be limited in demo games to avoid overwhelming new players. Maybe the strategy and one scheme in a 25-30 SS game? I like the idea of using two crews with strong themes, something Malifaux has plenty of. The crews should have straight-forward Keywords with limited complexity; that way players get a sense of how significant they are in-game, without being overwhelmed.
  10. Epic write-up, very comprehensive, and since I am just putting together a translucent Daw crew I won in 2nd ed, very timely. I was planning on running Daw as Resser, with Hanged and you sealed it. Many thanks.
  11. Discard to focus is nice, but with Queeg you can take one damage (if near the Dispatcher, two otherwise) to gain Fast instead, which is very nice! I would suggest you need some Fast minions first turn if you intend to summon early in the game. A Fast Mounted Guard can cover a ton of space first turn, and bring another model upfield as well. Fast Executioners are a major threat. Before the Dispatcher can turn your Scheme Marker from friendly to enemy, you need another model to spend the AP to drop it. I have played Dashel quite a bit, and while his summon looks good on paper, in practice it is AP intensity, and NOT high cards that limits his summoning as a practical matter. Dashels summoning is not bad by any means, it is just takes more complex set up than others. Yeah....Dashel is likely to die before he can summon off an enemy scheme marker, but when it happens it is magnificent!
  12. I know how his totem works, it is just pretty AP intensive and you need to be mindful of positioning; both of which are higher barriers in practice to needing a "high card". In later turns, you can get the double benefit of summoning off of an enemy scheme marker (i.e. placed BY the opposing crew) to remove it and get a model, which is much more satisfying. I like Dashel, and I like Lucius, I am just not sold on both in a duel-master list.
  13. The main barrier to Dashel having an efficient summoning game is Scheme Markers, not cards; Dashel can summon useful models with 10+. I am not sold on Lucius in a two-master Guild list, but Dashel is probably his best partner.
  14. I think Hoffman is top-tier for all the reasons mentioned, plus he has a great heal; 3 wounds with no TN. Sonnia, Lady J, Dashel, and Lucius round out my list because I have not played or faced any others in M3E. Sonnia can erase models, as can Lady J. Dashel's summoning is not as powerful as I would like, but there is a ton of synergy, and his crew can really move around. Lucius is probably my favorite, and his mechanics are quite powerful situationaly.
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