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  1. What about Reva? She strikes me as another outlier
  2. Basically all Ressers gain their powers from this thing called “the Whisper” (it’s the Grave Spirit whispering in their ears), arguably even Tara because she was raised by Necromancer Karina. Leveticus is an Entropomancer, he manipulates chaos and Aether, so an entirely different class of mage.
  3. Cache 1 for Hamelin and 2 henchmen is ridiculously low. Things will die horribly!
  4. Levi creates plenty of corpses himself, you just need to pick your targets. Rail is too low Ml to be effective, and other Golems already want Tomes for burning triggers There might be some value in Vanessa with her obey
  5. on Parker it's always Black Market and Stick Up. There's some argument for starting with Highwayman if you're using the Obedient Wretch summon, but it's very susceptible to a BJ on Five Finger Discount (happens to me at least once every tournament). The third upgrade depends on your preference, I like Oath Keeper for some insurance against a Turn 1 BJ on Five Finger (keeps your engine going Turn 2), some like Survivalist, some like Traveler's Stone to make Parker tankier. Mad Dog is always Poncho and Oath Keeper Emissary is Stolen Goods, no real competition there
  6. He's easily one of the top-3 emissaries The Pretty Floral Bonnet alone is a great thing to have in interact-heavy pools But if you can flip masks, his damage is very decent
  7. I have a counter-offer! Drop Greed, drop Nix in favour of Benny, get your crooligans and Iggy Incite is too good to pass up
  8. Just make one out of a Guild sniper or a Freikorpsmann But in all seriousness, Trappers are a liability in most games
  9. Kill a model, make a corpse marker Bury the golem, unbury EoT at the corpse marker PROFIT!
  10. that's my experience at least VS doesn't generate resources, only spends them to be marginally effective, it's much harder to build an optimized crew because of low cache sure, his AoE Terrify is nice, his places are a great mobility tool, but his Oath upgrade is limited to Freikorps which are pretty meh unless you can keep them alive with stones in contrast, Parker has a lot of varying utility (including condition removal which is a premium in any faction), can afford to play with naked cache, generates resources (both SS and cards); sure, his push is extremely expensive, but his damage output and tankiness are easily on par with VS
  11. Use Oath and Emissary instead of Soaring, Brewie will die Turn 1 or 2 to a Vik bomb
  12. Min 4, doesn't really die, can actually be bombed up the board with Levi
  13. Probably Ill Omens means that Void critters get to be hit in the face with low Df
  14. For me the most frustrating thing about Parker is his go through their pockets aura. I think out of my 50+ games I’ve remembered about it only a couple of times.
  15. Burning Levi! Good staying power, bunch of crazy mobility, lots of burning, decent killiness Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Fire Levi 50ss Leader: Leveticus - Cache:(7)_Pariah of Iron 1ss _Oath Keeper 1ss Hollow Waif 0ss Hollow Waif 0ss Fire Golem 9ss _Scramble 1ss Wanyudo 8ss _Scramble 1ss Grave Golem 9ss _The Bigger They Are 1ss Arcane Effigy 4ss Terracotta Warrior 6ss Mobile Toolkit 3ss thoughts?
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