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  1. I do hope Wyrd don't behave like Steamforged did (they just announced that Guild Ball is discontinued after saying there will be more new content in store 3 months prior). I'll agree on that, the sculpts themselves are just fine. However, both the bent bayonets and the gaps kind of defeat the initial idea of a play-ready game (actually, the model count is also a consideration, you can't just buy a box and slam it on the table because you need to affix the models onto the bases somehow, and it takes quite some time that would be better spent cleaning and assembling simple multi-part kits).
  2. I believe the game needs a hardware update. The system itself is one of the best rulesets out there, but the quality/price ratio of the miniatures is just abysmal. I was lucky to get a second-hand Kickstarter pack for cheap, but the minis themselves are so unbelievably low quality that I wouldn't be able to justify paying MSRP for them, especially considering the amount you need for bigger games and any kind of variety on the table. I'm personally not comfortable recommending the game to new players until the miniature problem is fixed and there is a clear indication that the game isn't abandoned (the latter is problematic since the original designers of the game have left Wyrd as far as I understand). An app and proper releases would also help, obviously.
  3. @Kyle Any news on the TOS application that was promised years ago? Also, what about upcoming release schedule? When is the closed beta due to end?
  4. Give these guys a like and a sub (and maybe Wyrd would reach out to them seeing as how nobody really promotes this game): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvetiSKIXRkyJ8Fx00DkihA
  5. The game could really use an army builder app, and one was definitely promised during the kickstarter campaign. Any news or information on that at all? Could they just repurpose the M3E app?
  6. I’d just love to see some news on the app. Wouldn’t mind them adapting the m3e app to TOS.
  7. What about Reva? She strikes me as another outlier
  8. Basically all Ressers gain their powers from this thing called “the Whisper” (it’s the Grave Spirit whispering in their ears), arguably even Tara because she was raised by Necromancer Karina. Leveticus is an Entropomancer, he manipulates chaos and Aether, so an entirely different class of mage.
  9. Cache 1 for Hamelin and 2 henchmen is ridiculously low. Things will die horribly!
  10. Levi creates plenty of corpses himself, you just need to pick your targets. Rail is too low Ml to be effective, and other Golems already want Tomes for burning triggers There might be some value in Vanessa with her obey
  11. on Parker it's always Black Market and Stick Up. There's some argument for starting with Highwayman if you're using the Obedient Wretch summon, but it's very susceptible to a BJ on Five Finger Discount (happens to me at least once every tournament). The third upgrade depends on your preference, I like Oath Keeper for some insurance against a Turn 1 BJ on Five Finger (keeps your engine going Turn 2), some like Survivalist, some like Traveler's Stone to make Parker tankier. Mad Dog is always Poncho and Oath Keeper Emissary is Stolen Goods, no real competition there
  12. He's easily one of the top-3 emissaries The Pretty Floral Bonnet alone is a great thing to have in interact-heavy pools But if you can flip masks, his damage is very decent
  13. I have a counter-offer! Drop Greed, drop Nix in favour of Benny, get your crooligans and Iggy Incite is too good to pass up
  14. Just make one out of a Guild sniper or a Freikorpsmann But in all seriousness, Trappers are a liability in most games
  15. Kill a model, make a corpse marker Bury the golem, unbury EoT at the corpse marker PROFIT!
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