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  1. Apparently the message is.... ..... Yo Wyrd. The check is in the mail. I'll have 1 Pony pls.
  2. I almost pity my lovely little bits of tender, that will go up in the purifying flame.
  3. When some wyrd-eyed, eight-foot-tall henchman grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the game store wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya gonna pay for this new pile of Wyrd plastic. You just stare that big henchman right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Strype McClaine always says at a time like that: "You gonna buy this terrain?" "Yessir, the check is in the mail."
  5. This is one of the....I'm glad I didn't spend the hours codeing it my self things. Thank you, and here's my entry fee for cards
  6. I feel like this is the one time I am qualified to answer a question or at least have some thoughts on it....I have spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON SLEEVES..... Malifaux cards are whats called "standard size" in regards to card sleeves. There are "Japanese Size", "Small Size", or sometimes "Anime size" sleeves. This is yugioh card sleeve cardfight, etc etc size cards. Any Clear sleeve will work, but I would recommend the Clear Dragon Sheilds at 120 mm thickness for your Malifaux needs. Ultra pro clears also will do a great job if you put the dot over the backside attacks (it'll mostly cover the name section on the back). Normally I would recommend KMC sleeves, except here I will not. The clear KMC's you'll find are perfect fits. These are super thin sleeves designed to be on the inside of an outer sleeve, for card protection. Since our Faux cards are print on demand, they aint really super valuable, so just a protecting in game play sleeve is what your goal should be. Now if you are wanting to sleeve your fate deck, or if you have a special fate deck you wish to protect, KMC's all the way. (Hyper mats or the Super Slicks are both grand choices. I have a soft spot for the super slicks, all my magic decks when i was a younger kid were in super slicks, so the shuffle feel is super nostalgic.)
  7. I'm really bad at posting in a timely manner, and this is probably incoherent. (Freaking Spring and Pollen everywhere) If your playing once a month, its pretty close to a double session in time? likely? So you'd probably resolve two player's destiny steps in that adventure. The Destiny mechanic re-enforces the idea that you focus on one-to-two players in an adventure, giving them the spotlight before shifting to someone else for their time in the sun. Sure a "Good DM would do that anyways" but when the mechanics follow with what a good DM wants to do, things just work happily. You also "level" at least once per session, and the system is very encouraging for multi classing, it just requires you to declare what class your leveling per session. So theirs Job advancement, XP spends, and Destiny spends, giving players tons of little nobs to twist on how their characters play out. So if I was doing a monthly game, I'd do a two act game, and do an intermission between acts, let players switch class during intermission so they could more cleanly be job A & job b , give healthy xp, and resolve two player destiny steps per session. For each player that'd be at least 5 Sessions per 2 players. 5 Player party, Aprox 15 sessions with wiggle room? Then again, there's nothing to say that the players don't keep going on adventures, try to rival the masters or maybe even tyrants....but the game is designed to cleanly close about that time. (No one ever REALLY said that the epic level hand book is a GOOD idea in D&D...but its fun every now and then...) In all seriousness check out some of the Penny Dreadfulls (The published modals, they are super fun) or the adventures in the wyrd Chronicles for some examples on how they document and structure it. Its taken just over a session to finish each act of the current global campaign and that's just out of how things tend to play out. Best way to dodge wife aggro (I say as an unmarried man, who has gamed many many time with married friends) find games that you can bring the spouses into.... Also, Savage worlds IS INFACT DOPE. I would also half recomend a SUPER unknown game by the Name of StarChildren: The velvet revolution. It ALSO uses a deck of cards mechanic simmilar to malifaux/through the breach, but is about alien rockstars from space (think, ziggy stardust.) That being said. Play through the breach. Its a fucking great game.
  8. I'll just stick my head in here really quick. Through the breach is a great great game and plays like a freaking dream. Character creation is a breeze, and once people get past the learning curve combat just hums. With the mod'ed malifaux rules it plays like a players-roll-all-the-dice variant of 3.5/pathfinder, but everyone gets a control hand which gives SOME agency over every flip, even damage. The Skill challenge system is one of my flat out favorites of any game I've ever played and I've actuary ape'd it into most of the other games I DM (includeing 5e). Basically it sets incremental thresholds for sucesses, failures, and total sucess/failures. By law of averages it makes sure that a stray black joker(or nat 1) doesn't ruin the event, rather it just adds some spice. The downside is it REALLY IS NOT built for a long term campaign, and characters will get to the point where you will need to retire them, and the game has systems in place for that event (The destiny mechanic). Its one of my favorite games to DM, if not my favorite... (Fragged Empire and Urban Jungle are REALLY CLOSE TIED......Same with Cypher Core /Numeneria...but that's just when you want to game but don't need to mess with mechanics). As your friendly neighborhood M&SU Union man arcanist/.... Good luck picking and sticking with a faction. There is something for everyone in every faction, nearly every playstyle core is represented as well (with factional flavor). IF you got faction ADD, look to some of the psudo-all-commer's masters for a tournament list, and then just build and play the rest for fun with friends. Or just do what most of us do. Succumb to the desire of our needs outside of our main faction, slipping ever closer to owning way way too many crews... Internal thoughts --- (BUT HOFFMAN IS UNION....i gotta's have the hoff....but then Tara is so bad ass.... Whats a arcanist loyalist to do? Oh wait. Buy more....right)
  9. I apologize for how scatterbrained the following ideas are, but ideas have been rattling around in my head from some of the feedback that I've gotten from friends I've gamed with for a few years. Basically, it boils down to Building their own master or henchman to play in the skirmish game. Clearly this isn't for something tournament worthy, but rather the idea has some legs. How much XP/sessions would you give to build X SoulStones of models in going from fated to Skirmish model? In terms of going back-and-forth between ttb and malifaux, what are upgrades in cost? I know the game isn't balanced around this as a concept, but the idea of building a few key models and setting them as henchmen sound like a fun concept for a story mission, or as a grand finale to a campaign. (Glad you had fun, here's your custom model of your character, they are an X cost minion...etc etc)
  10. I find it difficult to quantify the amount of want i have for Sandeep. Soon. SOOON.... SOOOOOON.... Gamin of all the elements. Academics. SPELLS SCHEMES STONES I'm actually less stoked about the SkyPirates now that I see them on fiddly iron skeeters..... I am MORE stoked about Parker barrows, just yes.
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