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  1. I really dig this idea. Or something to do with the Hangin' tree. Like asking for forgiveness...or vengence. Like sticking Joe's name up there. Because screw that guy
  2. You know, I would almost say anything that would help...protect one's self against a changeling Neverborn would be a good supersittion. Something like words only said in a whisper, or secret signs shared between people. Sure a good Doppleganger would pick up on them...but its agood initial protection. How about some of the superstitions from the native folk that could be inversions. Maybe a mirror is a good luck charm for a nephilim, to show how the black blood has taken you in. Or the last drink out of a barrel of gremlin shine is bad luck, so everyone wants to drink as much as
  3. Since I was called out, I feel the need to answer that. When I stumbled into TTB I was super disillusioned with Pathfinder, and not finding 5e to honestly have enough teeth, so when I found that it was....kinda...sorta somewhere between that in complexity, it felt right. Advancement by Skill Ranks, Characters being more wide than tall, a spellcasting system that just suits me personally..... And then there was the moment I saw how ongoing skill challenges worked, and I was hooked. I've taken a lot of the ideas to other games I've played and run. Before running the Global Campaign I'd t
  4. Apparently the message is.... ..... Yo Wyrd. The check is in the mail. I'll have 1 Pony pls.
  5. I almost pity my lovely little bits of tender, that will go up in the purifying flame.
  6. When some wyrd-eyed, eight-foot-tall henchman grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the game store wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya gonna pay for this new pile of Wyrd plastic. You just stare that big henchman right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Strype McClaine always says at a time like that: "You gonna buy this terrain?" "Yessir, the check is in the mail."
  8. This is one of the....I'm glad I didn't spend the hours codeing it my self things. Thank you, and here's my entry fee for cards
  9. I feel like this is the one time I am qualified to answer a question or at least have some thoughts on it....I have spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON SLEEVES..... Malifaux cards are whats called "standard size" in regards to card sleeves. There are "Japanese Size", "Small Size", or sometimes "Anime size" sleeves. This is yugioh card sleeve cardfight, etc etc size cards. Any Clear sleeve will work, but I would recommend the Clear Dragon Sheilds at 120 mm thickness for your Malifaux needs. Ultra pro clears also will do a great job if you put the dot over the backside attacks (it'll mostly cover
  10. I'm really bad at posting in a timely manner, and this is probably incoherent. (Freaking Spring and Pollen everywhere) If your playing once a month, its pretty close to a double session in time? likely? So you'd probably resolve two player's destiny steps in that adventure. The Destiny mechanic re-enforces the idea that you focus on one-to-two players in an adventure, giving them the spotlight before shifting to someone else for their time in the sun. Sure a "Good DM would do that anyways" but when the mechanics follow with what a good DM wants to do, things just work happily. You also "
  11. I'll just stick my head in here really quick. Through the breach is a great great game and plays like a freaking dream. Character creation is a breeze, and once people get past the learning curve combat just hums. With the mod'ed malifaux rules it plays like a players-roll-all-the-dice variant of 3.5/pathfinder, but everyone gets a control hand which gives SOME agency over every flip, even damage. The Skill challenge system is one of my flat out favorites of any game I've ever played and I've actuary ape'd it into most of the other games I DM (includeing 5e). Basically it sets increment
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