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Found 21 results

  1. So I've been reading Through the breach expansion books cause the fluff is really fun for me, and I am hyped for the Ten Thunders one, but was wondering if you good people think that perhaps Outcasts and Explorers Society should get their own book, or perhaps a book that combines fluff for both factions. I would love to see them since more content is great and I think Explorers Society would be great for more lore on Malifaux itself since their job is kind of exploring the parts of the world and Outcasts could tell us even more about the people who don't fit with any faction or mini factions around the big eight.
  2. So as the title asks, can i ask if there are groups of TTB looking for players or a Fatemaster looking for Fated Thank you
  3. Can someone explain spell casting to me? It appears that all spellcasting requires a suit in the TN, does this "spend" the suit so that you cannot use it also on a trigger? Also, how would it be possible to ever get a trigger for an enchanting spell other than the ram, considering I did not see a pursuit that grants a free suit to enchanting, so in order to succeed at the spell you'd need a ram for the TN, where would the other suit come from? I've been trying to figure this out all morning and I feel I must be missing something.
  4. Hello, recently I have watched some vassal battle reports where the players could call up an indicator, that would show the models line of sight as an orange bar in the direction the model is facing (similar to the aura indicators), but I don’t how to do it, can anyone help? I know Vassal has a line of sight button, but this doesn’t seem to do anything for me (maybe I’m missing something). The players in question seem to use a keyboard shortcut to create/remove it, so I think it is part of vassal. And does not appear to be an option if you right click the model like auras are.
  5. Hello all, Currently my only experience with 3E has been small henchman led games, looking to scale up to full 50ss games using Jack Daw. I understand that a key point to the crew’s synergy is handing out curse upgrades and staggered so I have included Montresor, guilty and hanged into my crew, I have enough soul stones for 2 more modes and I’m struggling to choose between undead outlaws or the drowned, and hoped for some advice. Here are my views at the moment: Outlaws: -have some experience from the smaller games. -have better threat range with revolvers+run and gun -in my current experience the are good for outflanking and increases the crews damage output with early game shots. -I know their abilities can help with scheme markers but I so far have rarely used them. But they can also help the crews low mobility by giving out fast and pushing models The drowned: -currently no experience using them -can see from rules they are a good source of ‘staggered’ from both terrain and startle -have similar range & movement to the rest of the crew, but can ignore some terrain, and can use the terrain they generate to block enemies path (and can generate more with Montresor’s ‘cursed to watch’) -and make up for their shorter range by being more potent melee fighters with vengeance acting as a deterrent to enemies trying to attack them. So I am unsure on wether to have the longer reach of the outlaws or the more damage focused drown. (Will also add that I’m not sure on the crooked men, before someone brings them up) I realise there is nothing stopping me experimenting as I only play friendly games, but they seem to be few and far between, so I thought I’d see what more experienced players had to say on the matter.
  6. Guys, I have a question about rule Demise (hungry rats) in Hamelin's crew, basically, I may summon 2 rats if model was killed by enemy? There are 2 conditions in ability 1. Model was killed? 2. Model was killed by enemy? There are no "instead", or something like that, I just have to use it step by step?
  7. Returning to Malifaux from a long hiatus and playing Seamus to pick it up again. Dead Dandies showed up on this fancy crew builder contraption: https://m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com/ ...and holy balls that is excellent, don't forget the Tip Jar link in the bottom right, I'll be throwing them $10, it makes schemes so much easier. Dandies don't appear in the card PDFs. Do they exist in M3E? Are they just male Doxies for all intents and purposes? I can't find official models but there should be a cane in the RPG plastic sprue to make one. I currently have no Doxie models, just Belles, so if they aren't a thing I might just have male Doxies to make it super easy for my opponent to differentiate.
  8. Hi there, I'm currently a newcomer to the game and as I was learning how the game works I saw that you needed these decks called fate decks. I later learned that instead of the usual types (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades); they use rams, tomes, crows and masks. So I've been looking for good custom decks with those specific types and I stumbled upon this deck: https://www.amazon.com/WYRD-Classic-Fate-Deck-SW/dp/B01LZEXXDL Sadly these no longer appear to be available in amazon, and all the other places I've looked for at least, so my question is: Does anyone know of where I can get this deck? (P.S. I know that you can use a normal poker deck but I rather use one with the actual symbols, that way I won't be confused and know the type it is at a glance, besides it can also be used as a poker deck without too much confusion.)
  9. Hello fellow fishmen, Can anyone tell me is there a cardboard tokens in egg box? i mean the legal proxy like in an eel box
  10. So I was playing a game yesterday (Gremlins Sommer Vs Archanists Kaeris) and my opponent had picked entourage as one of their schemes. They had flown Kaeris into the very corner of my deployment zone and then placed two pyre markers so that I couldn't get to her. Now being a long time fan of the pigapult I had also taken entourage with the intention of out activating my enemy and then catapulting Sami Lacroix into the deployment zone on turn 5. What I realized though is I could also deny my opponent all of there entourage points! By activating my gremlin crier I could use 'Gremlin Bureaucracy is the Worst Bureaucracy' cheating the 10 from my hand. This gives the 'This Makes no Sense' condition causing enemy models within 3' to not be counted for Schemes and Stratagy purposes. After which i activated the Pigapult. Sent Sami Deep into the enemy field and then catapulted the crier next to Kaeris preventing her from scoring! This turned what was a close game into a much larger VP gap!! Once I realized this potential combo I was keen to look into other potential applications of this pinpoint anti VP delivery system!! A few that come to mind are: The ability to suddenly change Reconoiter counts in any square of the board. (As the Gremlin Crier is unaffected by this makes no sense. So you can use it to deny a 3' bubble of enemy units while adding 1 of your own when determining table quarter) Denying Turf war points suddenly from the back field. Turning a Sceme Markers babysitter into a non scoring model deep in the enemy table half on the last turn (Protect Territory) Counteracting Breakthrough (As above) I would love to hear any other uses or story's of this strategy that people have come up with! Also I am curious how 'This makes no sense' interacts with Bodyguard as a sceme. Does the opponent fail bodyguard if the body guarded enemy is affected by 'This makes no sense'
  11. I've got a Gautraeux Bokor playing in my current adventure that is more interested in finding and trading relics than traditional mumbo jumbo. This works (relatively) well for the M&SU-centric party. Well trained in Enchanting, Stitching and Appraise, he spent his first Talent to get his hands on an Appraised Grimoire (Forgotten Lore Talent, Into the Bayou pg. 142). Taking a look at Enchanting, he found Animate Construct. Here in lies the question: Can he replace Artefacting with Stitching to make puppets and doll minions a la Zoraida and Collodi?
  12. Okay searched on forum and didn't find an explanation. Am I the first to question this model's base size? He looks to me a mere minion with the retainer tag; he is by no means a bulky monster thus I can hardly believe he ended up with a 50mm base. The reason for asking here is I am proxy my new Goryo models, but without proper base size this can never be fully completed
  13. A couple of questions that I thought of going through Under Quarantine. They might be be in one of the books, but I can't find. So, if someone knows, please point me where. 1. Necromancers get the Raise Dead Magica as an auto include. But what if you start with a Necromancer and don't have a Grimoire (or start as something else without a Grimoire and move into it)? Can you cast it without an Immuto? I think you can, but I wanna confirm. 2. Can you take the alternative Whipser Magical Theory from Into the Steam when becoming a Necromancer or does it need to be the Whipser Theory from the core book? This is assuming the character has no Magical Theory. 3. I have seen references to number of Undead you can control. But I can't find where it is determined. I'm guessing based off of Necromancy Skill. How big can my horde get?
  14. Hey! On two of my local stores I tried to get the University of Transmortis box, and they told me they wouldn't receive that box anymore. They told me this box is gonna get out of production. So...is it true? I think the 4 Iron Zombies are one of the best profiles in the Resurrectionist faction. Will they release a new box with new sculpts or we Ressers have to resign to proxy them with converted models? I honestly think those are one of the worst miniatures in the whole range, too hardcore. Yeah i get it, those 4 guys are the worst among the worst lunatics, but hey, they could be more...appealing? Well, does anybody knows anything?
  15. Alrighty, as soon as I got my hands on the new PDFs I dived right in, as I imagine most of us did. By and large, things make sense to me, but there are a few nigling issues I have. Looking at the old 1.5 Malifaux Rulebook, it claims it has been four years since the Breach opened. This would, in my mind, make the "bayou born" and "neverborn stolen" stations impossible. How can you have been "raised by gremlins" in the space of four years? Has the time since the Breach opened been changed, or am I crazy? Next question, is uh, how as a Fatemaster, do I balance Advanced Pursuits I make? Should I just wing it? Take a wild stab in the dark? or is there a more precise science to it? Last of all, I noticed that some creatures in the bestiary have triggers associated with their attacks, how can non-Fated ever acheive the trigger requirements if they don't flip cards? Also, general Through the Breach discussion I guess.
  16. How does the Mood Swing Condition interact with Chain Activations, specifically via the Companion or Accomplice abilities. Can a Pandora/Candy player force a player to Chain Activate a model with Mood Swing, if it is eligible to do so thanks to Companion or Accomplice? Essentially I am asking if it counts as the model's controller having "an opportunity to Activate a model" for the purposes of using Mood Swing. If this is legal, and you can indeed force a model to Chain Activate if it is eligible to do so, I have another question: Marcus casts Alpha on a model. However, he is within 6" of a different friendly model that is eligible for a Chain Activation (via Accomplice) that has the Mood Swing Condition. What happens if the Pandora/Candy player wants them to activate the Mood Swing model? Or am I just overthinking this, and does Mood Swing not interact with Chain Activations at all?
  17. See title. I am assuming Luna (continuing with the trend of totems in-box with the masters), both McCabes (if not some way to put a dismounted McCabe onto the horse), and at least 2 Wastrels (hopefully 3). I assume Sidir Alchibal will be in his own box, and we know already that we get Guild Riflemen and Pathfinder (with Traps [assumedly 3]) in separate boxes as well. I, for one, kind of really really wish that McCabe would also come with a few Traps (again, hoping for 3), but with the assumed Wastrels, Luna, and both McCabes, that doesn't seem like a valid wish to have granted. If McCabe *does* somehow come with Sidir, this wish is further invalidated (albeit consoled fairly). That said, for $35, McCabe, Mountie McCabe, Luna, 3 Wastrels, AND Sidir would be quite a lot at the price. Of course, I wouldn't be complaining. Note that this is entirely speculatory and I'd love to know the actual answer to my query if anyone has it available to them (and isn't legally bound not to spill if the news isn't open to the public yet - if it's not spillable, I guess I'll have to be spared here...). So yeah, any news on what that box contains yet? ~Lil Kalki (PS -- If not meant for this board, please move. If illegal, please remove. Thanks, mods!)
  18. Hey all, well I'm new both to Malifaux and to this forum but from what I can tell this would make a great "summer fling" game. Something without the huge price point to get into as a new game. That said I've been doing my research, have a basic understanding of how the game plays and something about a number of the gangs. I'll be picking up my rulebook this week and am looking to determine what my gang will be. Right now I am leaning heavily towards Pandora as I love the creepy kids (though am not huge on the woes, etc). I'm thinking I'll pick up the basic set, a doppleganger, teddy and when I can an Insidius Madness and I should be set for 35 point games (even some flexibility as I think thats over). From what I have heard the playstyle is very tricksy which seems to me to be what Malifaux is about! However I am also rather keen on the look of Seamus and the Redchappel Gang. I'm not sure what thier playstyle would be like though and am not really looking to just rush and assault. I do however really like the girls though I'm not certain what expansion options would stay within that theme. Finally again with the whole burlesque women theme Collette looks pretty interesting. However mechanical doves do little for me and from what I've heard she is all about the pair of dancing scissor handed dolls. I actually like both the girls and the mannequines but am not sure about the playstyle and reliance on one model. Anyway, as an albeit educated but none the less uniformed newbie please set me straight on all my misconceptions and I'd appreciate any feedback on if Pandora is the best choice and if not, why not. Please opinionate away Edit: Oh and as an aside... one of the very new gangs is the kids and the ratcatcher. Something about spreading disease. This appeals, but how does it play? A handful of lost kids... plus what would you possibly expand to 35 points with without breaking away from the theme?
  19. So hello! New here obviously, otherwise I would not be writing this post. Ehehe. Anyway the name is Clay, you can call me that or Stomp or Stompie or Stomphoof. I recognize all of the above names. I got ahold of the Malifaux rulebook last night, and have been reading it and I have to say I am very interested in the world and the game! I did however have one basic question: Which of the following crews would you suggest for a new player? Sonia Crid and her Witchlings? Pandora and her Woes? Lilith and her Nephilim? The reasons behind each of em is basically this: I like the individual fluff, and the concept behind each group. So now that I asked YOU all a question I will talk a bit about myself. I just turned 28 (yesterday, May 13th!) and the book was a gift from my wife to me. I game, heavily: PC, Console, Tapletop, Boardgame, Magic the Gathering, and I have played for a while Warmachine/Hordes (but the point escalation drove me away). I live in Orlando Florida as well (And would not mind a demo of the game sometime *hint hint*) If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  20. Was flipping (well, scrolling really) through the Wyrd Chronicles eZine Issue #1 and saw something beautiful. Apparantly, there is a comic "Like I've Never Read Before!" Action, Gunfights, and Horror are advertised, so I was wondering if anyone knew just how long it would be before I could give someone lots of money for this comic. Thanks in Advance!
  21. I was writing a... well, a fan-fiction for Malifaux, and I realized I wasn't quite sure where exactly the Breach was. I looked through the rulebook, but I couldn't find any definite answer. Did I miss it or is it still shrouded in speculation and secrecy?
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