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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there guys! I recently have made the move from TT to Outcasts and my first crew is Parker Barrows as I love the models and since the new GG18 I'm completely thrown with what models are good for him, I know this depends on the strats and schemes but what are the staple models you'd use or little combos you like to use? Thanks 😊
  2. In Shifting Loyalties, p. 5, third paragraph of "Starting the Campaign," it describes how players hire their beginning Arsenal of 35 SS. Most notably, it talks about how, at this time, each crew can purchase ONE, NON-CAMPAIGN Upgrade. My question is, does this Upgrade clock in at its normal cost (the SS cost printed on its card), or does it have the typical "doubled tax" like all following non-campaign Upgrades have (as described on p. 6, fourth paragraph of "New Hires"). An example would be I'm interested in running a Resser Campaign crew lead by Datsue-ba. I'm interested purchasing Spirit Beacon, which can be attached to either her or my Jaakuna Ubume. Does this Upgrade cost 1 SS from my original 35, or 2? An even more extreme example illustrating a harsher difference between costs is in a Guild crew. During initial hiring, a player wants to purchase Lead Lined Coat, to either be passed between his Henchman/Enforcer, or to stack with a (hopefully, during play) future Campaign Upgrade, Metal Plate. Is this Coat at the cost of 2 SS, or the very prohibitive 4? Finally, a player wants to hire an Emissary with its generic Conflux. Is it effectively free, or 2 SS? I know these examples might be getting redundant, but these are three slightly different problems... This is my group's second Campaign. During the first one, I ruled that this beginning (and only) Upgrade does NOT come in at double cost, because initial hiring is done with 35 Soulstones, NOT Scrip. Page 5 never mentions Scrip (only hiring with Soulstones) until the remainder is converted into max 3 Scrip, while page 6 exclusively talks about the SS-->Scrip conversion rate of Weekly Hires. Is this correct though? How do other groups play? Which was Wyrd's original intention (are these effectively two different currencies, or was the intention always making purchases in terms of one system (i.e. Scrip))? I know this is splitting hairs on an expression of the game that is even less mega-competitive, but I just want to be consistent with popular thought as we start our second campaign.
  3. So I'm wondering how many Scrip most Fatemasters are awarding per session? I've been awarding 3SS base per session, with a max cap of 8 per month (but not charging players for room, board, maintenance, etc). This is based on the idea that 1 Scrip is around $100. Meaning players get around $300-$800 per month as disposable income. However the Showgirl pursuit has the ability to generate 50SS per calendar month, which blows this whole system, and its assumptions, out of the water. So, how much Scrip are other Fatemasters giving out per session?
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