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  1. GamerCr0w

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    I noticed that Cobbled, Amalgam and Totem are missing rank values.(Into the Steam pages 79 and 103) Is this intentional or has there been a mishap since most of the other NPCs have ranks?
  2. GamerCr0w

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    I knew something like this was coming up, now it's only matter of time until my other predictions from Commander reveal are proven to be true. Still, looks like a fun Pursuit if players are given enough space to work with(in dungeons or caves however that may not be the case).
  3. GamerCr0w

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    I just want to play Commander with few lackeys and own small gang with attitude of: Man bumps into one of us. We corner him at alley and extort him. "You're gonna pay for that.... That'll be 2 Pence." "Wow. Two pence. Whacha gonna do with da money boss?" "We are gonna get ourselves our hard earned cups of coffee." then I proceed to go some bar and order a cup of coffee, while my minions pay for they own glasses of water. Then go through oscar worthy display of emotions as they die, but get over it in few minutes and start looking for new goons who'll help me get my espresso money. On the hand. My predictions for few pursuits: -Anti magic pursuit that causes effects on characters that cast near it and removes suits etc. -Some type of order/justice pursuit which punishes "evil" acts and removes conditions. -Academic 2.0 type caster with rules and regulations as power source. -Sniper pursuit, now that the 2E removed the rifle talents from Mercenary or tracker of some sorts. -Treasure hunter, something between new mercenary and Pioneer. -Noble, some type of social pursuit which gains bonuses from looking good and having money. -Executioner
  4. GamerCr0w

    Guild Executioners - lore question

    And for that reason I see it extremely clever if Wyrd splices TT into other books. That would fit perfectly the faction and currently there already is at least 3 basic pursuits that could fit TT: Infiltrator(Into the steam), Ghost eater(Under quarantine) and Boozer(Into the bayou).
  5. GamerCr0w

    July 25th - Trapper (TTB)

    Just imagining the Invested Ht3 construct going Playing possum warms my heart. Now I wonder what the remaining 6 pursuits are going to be.
  6. GamerCr0w

    May 23 - Reva

    Well that is certainly must have model. Also, I wonder what corpse candle looks like..
  7. GamerCr0w

    May 16th - Titania

    And just when I thought I almost had all the masters I wanted.... Well, bye bye money. +The fact she is Undead and stuff I'm hoping for Autumn knight models. Edit: Also Titania will be painted with A.B.A theme
  8. GamerCr0w

    Map of Malifaux City: Points of Interest

    Under quarantine book has information of things in the quarantine zone as well as the segments it is divided in.
  9. GamerCr0w

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata (4/27/16)

    Simple question: Do minions taken with Sycophant talent(ITS) require player to take command action in order to activate like other subordinates? I'm asking this since it says they are controlled by the Fatemaster.
  10. GamerCr0w

    Into the Bayou speculations

    If we are going by the number of pursuits that might come, previous two both expansions had 8 basic pursuits and 5 Advanced pursuits, so there quite likely may be 13 pursuits in total. Also the new Tarot flipping may be from up towards down (since the flow of water and stuff)
  11. GamerCr0w

    April 25 - Rules Manual

    You people have made your point, it didn't change my opinion but I get where you are coming from. But I wonder if the character featured in free manual is a mercenary? For some reason it also rings to me as Blacksheep.
  12. GamerCr0w

    April 25 - Rules Manual

    I mean it only as book with everything about a specific faction instead of going through three(soon four) books to see what they have, single book is easier to carry than three and not everyone has the stat cards in their pocket when you want to look something up. All major things would of course be the same but just something small, like story about how MC Mourning acts as a guild master in the line of duty or how Brewmaster and Som'er compete on moonshine production. Gamewise there would not be anything new or revolutionary, just a book with all of factions characters, stats and upgrades.
  13. GamerCr0w

    April 25 - Rules Manual

    As an idea for players(especially for new ones) that seems great, but as a business practice it would be horrible. Sure many people would use them and proxy models from other games like Warmachine, but most would likely just quit after few tries or keep using proxies which is money off from Wyrd. It gives slight commitment to get that box along with the stat cards and now that the rules are free the leap to make is much shorter. But each faction getting their own "Codex" type book with all models for that faction and some new stories would be nice, something extra to read deeper into your favourite faction.
  14. GamerCr0w

    Raise Undead Magia Questions/Concerns

    I believe sentient means in this context a creature not capable of deeper thought or ability to make clear choices. While uncontrolled they would act as feral animals that hunt for food and attack living (or maybe Construct and even Undead) creatures they can find and catch. Some of them however like Belles retain slight remains of their former life and use it to their advantage, hence they use Lure. So once the 10 minute limit of control time is up, they would most likely turn on their creator unless he re-controls them or has other ways of avoiding their murderous intents. To create a sentient undead you would require some powerful magic and/or soulstones which is why they are rare and unique. (Creating a sentient Undead is also one of the requirements to advancing to the Grave servant advanced pursuit) Also from what I gather, the uncontrolled undead tend swarm (if stronger zombie doesn't eat the rest) which makes moving in the quarantine zone or other places where they might end up a dangerous trip. Scenario: You see a zombie. You shoot a zombie. Other zombies hear the gunshot. Aaand now you are fighting against mindless horde that currently only wants to tear you to pieces.
  15. GamerCr0w

    The Tyrants - Who Where What Etc

    Also one(or three) of the Dragons may have some connections to Wong's magic Three demon bag. Or maybe its just some ancient like Hungering darkness.