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  1. I have the same problem. I know the theory, but I haven't the patient to blend currently. Finally, I stopped painted by frustration... I am coming back lately, careless about results. Better a not-so-good-as-could-be-painted-minuature that an unpainted one.
  2. No no, Purple in the skin is good for me. I usually make a mix with hull red or red violet with my base skintone to make glaze and shades. Maybe, there is some areas that seem strange to my mind because should be more contrasted. It is weird because there is a good gradient of skintone. It is weird too that it seems to be rough and smooth transition in skintone. Don´t know if this is something desired or not. For example, if you see the 10th photo, the 2nd miniature. The leg is pretty well executed with shades and lights, but the torso is a little bit plain. This is go for too much detail, I think the minis are quite well painted and I love your work. Simply, I am used to try to give a tip even thought I think that is good. One of my friends is a well-known professional miniature painter, so, he ask me for it. I am hard trying to show my comment as a friendly and constructive one and I have the feel that I am making it worst ^.^`. English isn´t my mother language and it is a bit difficult to me. I had a clue of how basses were made. Hopefully, I am going to get an airbrush soon and copy your idea 😄
  3. I am gonna try. I am going to suggest an inicial purchase of the Core + The most important box, what you need to start playing 50ss. Then, I am going to add adicional suggested boxes that you can add to increase your miniature pool's picks which you can buy without hurry. Last Blossom: Core + Karmic Debts. Then Thunder Archers and Crime Syndicate. I'd gonna take first Crime if your budget lets you. I'd finish with Samurai+Lone Swordman (I bet that they are going to unify this to boxes in one for M3E). Wastrel: This is quite simple. Core + One born every minute. Then I'd take a Dawn Serpent. Retainer: Core + Eternal Servitude. Then, the other box, Descendants and Guardians. Versatile: Tanuki and Shadow Fate are good picks for almost every master. You can take it when you want after the "Core+Box" step. I haven't got enough experience to advice in others keyword
  4. I was thinking about some brown. Maybe she could be on wood or ground. If the last one, you can add some gray stones. Really like the spider-web colour chosen.
  5. Really like that bases mate. I feel something strange in somes skins, but I think that it is something about the picture than the paint quality itself.
  6. I'd start with Misaki and McCabe. You already have it and both are very all round in GG1. I don't feel experienced enough to give you a deeper tip about it. I saw multiples players using McCabe as 2nd master in the crew, but mainly with Asami. However, every crew who focus in minions could use him.
  7. I thought that in a Kirai's crew is a good idea to add a Toshiro and maybe a Yin if you need her for schemes. Therefore, both of them are oriental theme too. So, It doesn't look strange in my mind.
  8. Well, having the #1 public enemy of Arcanist as a Arcanist's Collector give you the chance of make pretty beautiful nareative plays in your own home. And that's is quite good.
  9. I really like Vickys. I liked them in M2E and I like them now
  10. I am sorry, but I have to agree with you jajaja I haven't played so much this edition, but I really love the Misaki's Rework. So that my vote. Sadly, never tried Shenlong, Youko and Asami because I haven't got them
  11. There is no doubt that Malifaux is a perfect place to use your imagination so hard jajaja. I have got a "Water Chapel of Tadao Ando" model around. It was a class work and I think I can reuse it in a new mat. Maybe nor the best but it is a beginning to try new mat's skills. Later, I was watching Edo's architecture picture and there is so many buildings that I can reproduce easily using laser cut. Thanks for responses!
  12. Hi folks! I am thinking about to start a table design for Malifaux in a very long distance. Unfortunately, I have a very short knowledge about lore because there isn't available in my language (At the moment, read things like novels, etc... is very tired to me), so I wan to ask... Is there oriental architecture inside Malifaux's City? Maybe somes settlements? Is more correct to fusion oriental and victorian architectures? There is no doubt that an Oriental table could be very nice, but I want to know this first. Thanks for yours responses!
  13. Escuché en alguno de vuestros programas una mención sobre el tema. Esperemos que haya suerte 😋. Y nada, muchas gracias por el currele. Las charlas tácticas o hablando de perfiles se me suelen hacer durísimas pero las vuestras las logró seguir con facilidad. A ver cuando puedo ponerme otro ratete a pintar, que aun no escuché el último.
  14. A glossy mat? I just see it. There is a plastic sheet over the mat to give the gloss efect.
  15. How did you make the table? I am talking about the base, the watered one
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