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  1. Core needs per master. Before choices based on s/s pool. Like the part of 50ss you automatically take before you fill in blanks.
  2. Hey Guys! I'm curious for your opinion! Could you make cores for any or all keywords you like? I'm looking for some help on ideas for starting out with some of these keywords.
  3. Hey Guys! I'm curious for your opinion! Could you make cores for any or all keywords you like? I'm looking for some help on ideas for starting out with some of these keywords.
  4. Hey Everybody! My girlfriend has been playing Nekima and Pandora! We do role and lore heavy matches, who would Nekima and Pandora fight more than anyone lore wise? Who would the neverborn fight most lore wise?
  5. Hello Hivemind!! I've seen passes at some masters where their crews are commonly out of keyword like REDCHAPEL. I've found QI AND GONG is consistently 24 stones of QI AND GONG and then OOK for the rest. What other keywords are really just a master and then faction models or OOK models for you?
  6. Hey All! I run a school club and we are looking to expand our materials. We primarily play enf brawl, HH, and mostly puppet wars. That brings me to why I'm on here. LOOKING FOR Puppet Wars Models: As many Teddy as I can find 2x Mature Nephilim 3x Sorrow 2x Guild Hound 2x Guild Autopsy Bad Juju 3x Moleman 3x Piglets
  7. Shoebox is good news. It's what we were thinking. We have 2 copies of the first Ed game and 3 of unstitched and all the spray paint you could ask for. As for fate deck sleeves, I need to get those together. Teachers have more ability for requisition than student leaders We have 5 in the club. 2 boards. I play a weird Pandora shoebox to provide a puzzle for the kids.
  8. The school club I run wants to start puppet wars competition! We don't know what size toy box: Cast your votes with reasons why A. Shoebox B. Chest C. Wardrobe D. Puppapocalypse
  9. Hey Guys, my local group is brainstorming on Masters that could be experimented with to capitalize on Pass tokens. We want to know your thoughts? I have seen talk of VS successfully doing so. My lady J tests do too with small crews.
  10. I guess I was being slightly- by that I mean very much -over dramatic to call it a cannon. Domodor bubbles in enemies with the art of undeath setting up the judge's unmaking for the damage track. Is it worth the set up points wise?
  11. Marlena is not a minion. She'll get the other two abilities though. With the tar pit I am trying to get being in the dead center, she could bubble pretty far for making opponents debate scheme markers. Plus if need be and she converges on a soulstone user she can relatively easily steal those away. This is awesome guys! I LOVE LIST BRAINSTORMING These responses have been great and it helps keep my mind busy waiting for emails with work: NEW EDIT Jacky- Servant Ligeia Monty Servant 11 Marlena Wanted Criminal 11 2 Dead outlaw 12 Hanged 8 Guilty 5 3 Cache
  12. Building all my Marshal and I want to know if Its useful to do 2x domodores to throw 'undead' out and make an unmaking cannon with the judge? Any engines you have for me to look into in or OOK guild for Lady J please let me know below!!
  13. Continuing the convo with a list edit: Jacky- Servant Ligeia Marlena 9 Guilty 5 Guilty 5 Monty 9 Thats at 28 ss For the rest I am thinking either list A Drowned Drowned Drowned 6ss Cache Or list B Drowned Hanged- Servant Marlena gets the Criminal upgrade 6 ss Cache
  14. Throwing Spaghetti at the wall here then, let me know your thoughts: Going outcast Jacky for some possible OOK fun. Jack-- Servant Lady Monty Marlena Guilty Hanged-- Servant (For that delicious Terrifying 13) Prospector 9 Cache
  15. Creep Along is the swing tech for me. Sidearm is usually best because of the triggering of draw their attention. They play as a weird version of Asura roten. Lenny is usually my other Ghillie suit to make sure everything is in the middle of the table enemy wise. Pigapult allows great friendly positioning. I want to get everyone, friendly or not, into a center brawl with So mer just in range with his bubble. G&O and a Crier are good direct bodyguards.
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