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  1. I got to play a demo of this at Gen Con this year. It really was a lot of fun. I am not sure who was running the demo, but they really did a great job showing off the game.
  2. Thanks again! I am looking forward to learning how to play!
  3. So, If I understand what you mean: Game 1: Bernadette Basse or Jonathan Reichart PLUS the Three Frontiersman (All from the Basse Core Box) Game 2: Add Cornelius Basse & Totem (whatever the heck that is! lol!) to the group above. Game 3: Have fun! Welcome to the money-pit (lol!)
  4. Thanks again for the suggestion. I'm just looking for something to learn with for the moment, as if I end up liking Malifaux (which I'm pretty sure I will!), I will add other crews/factions and such as I play. Hopefully, we can get some more people interested in it as well. If we learn it quick enough, we may also try to get something together for our gaming convention in January. The other guy is a really talented painter, so he wants to do some painting demos as well. I have been an RPG person since 1978 so miniatures games are going to be new for me. Based on your suggestion, I have ordered the Trapper box to add to the Basse core box I already ordered. I should receive them both by the weekend!
  5. Thanks! Do you have a suggestion for a "keyword box" to add to the Basse core box?
  6. Thanks for the help, Muraki! I'll be looking over the website and ordering appropriately.
  7. Well.. neither of us have played ANY Malifaux at all! It's one of those games that I only see at Gen Con so it has never been high on my priority list of games to play until recently. I have been a fan of the models for years. This will be my first Miniatures game of any kind.
  8. My FLGS doesn't have any Wyrd representation at all, and I am pretty certain that the nearest store that carries any Wyrd products is 3-4 hours away. There is a pretty active Warhammer/Age of Sigmar/Bloodbowl group here, but a fellow gamer and I are interested in Malifaux. I am deciding on Basse or Wong for my core set, and the other guy is going with Misaki. Can someone point us in the direction of what we could add to the core boxes to make these crews tournament ready? What minis come in the core box, and what additions would you suggest. Both of us are going to learn to play and demo the product at our FLGS and, more than likely, at our gaming convention (SCARAB Gaming Convention) in January 2021. Thanks
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