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  1. Yeah, that's on me, i think i didn't gave clear measurements. The red line represents nothing but sight lines (and i think i've made it too thick, so it's hard to see if the models are in terrain or not). Anyways, yes they are 2" apart at their nearest points. Also, yes, there are no other trees, dark thing is supposed to be burned patches of grass i think, so you are right, and i've interpreted rule wrong.
  2. I've been watching a batrep and certain disagreement came up between players regarding aforementioned terrain trait. Guy said that if both models are in the same piece of terrain (wood grove in this particular case) then those models can ignore concealing trait of that terrain. It struck me as odd, but again, i haven't played malifaux for a while now. So, does it work like that, and if it does, where in the rulebook i can read about it. From my understanding, there is a line of sight that passes through concealing terrain, and the models are at least 2" apart, so 1" rule should not apply here, so both models should have concealment against each other. Sorry if this is an obvious question.
  3. Yeah, that's true. I lost my first Misaki game vs Reva the same way. Overextended turn two, got Misaki in the open and my opponent tabled me. I really like Misaki but i think i really have to learn how she plays.
  4. I wanted to save Torakage because he was important for scheming, and i also thought that Porkchop wouldn't be able to reach me, as he was standing really far, so it was basically a choice between who i will leave to die. I thought of it too, but Sparks was in my opponent deployment (since he was handing out upgrades turn one). I guess you are right, i could've tried to reach him with Misaki, i was too scared of that he would've just scampered away from me.
  5. I feel really stupid now. That's a big mistake from me. I thought for sure 50 mm marker is enough to hit model in 2", but i guess i placed Misaki little bit too close when i was measuring. Well, i had a good cards, on turn i had two 12, two 10 and some low ones. Used one twelve turn one when trying to save Shang but my opponent cheated 13, then used other one when trying to force a hit with crime but, again, my opponent cheated 13. Turn two i, again, had a very good hand (had to use ss to redraw), now even better one, two 12, 11 and two 10 from the previous turn (and a six i think), however, it was not better then my opponent's. He cheated 13 on initiative, then 12 and RJ when attacking Boss, then he flipped 10 when he charged Torakage.
  6. Hi everyone, played a game today Misaki vs Mei Feng (second time playing Misaki, first time playing against Mei Feng). My choice for the crew were Misaki, Shang, Ototo, Crime boss, 2 torakages, tanuki and thunder archer and my opponent had Mei Feng, Forgeling, Kang, 3 rail workers, Sparks, Porkchop. Recover evidence and scheme pool were: assassinate, breakthrough, runic binding, leave your mark and research mission. I chose breakthrough and leave your mark and were planning to scheme with Torakages, but failed heavily. Long story short, i underestimated amount of scrap markers my opponent can place in one turn w/o any killing involved, so on first turn as a last activation Mei Feng, with a lot of focus, yeeted into my table half, killed a Shang in one hit, then i tried to hit her with Crime boss but he wiffed. Also, at some time during his activations, my opponent placed bombs on porkchop and one of the rail workers with Sparks. Second turn, my opponent wins initiative and kills Crime boss with Mei Feng, then charges and severely damages Torakage (i think he had two health with burning, but that's not really important). Then i activated Torakage and moved him out of danger with ninja vanish, while placing a scheme marker at table center. After that my opponent activated Porkchop, which gained fast and charged thunder archer, leaving him with 3 hp and burning. I activated archer, disengaged, missed attack against porkchop, then my opponent moved rail worker. Now, what do i do? I thought that i needed to create some space with Ototo or Misaki by killing some models, namely, Porkchop, since he was really close to my archer and tanuki and would've wrecked them next turn, while Mei Feng could've move around table to hunt remaning models. After that i realised that only models i can possibly reach with either Ototo or Misaki were porkchop and rail worker with upgrade, and to kill them i would have to suffer at least 5 damage for each kill (minimum two hits and then damage from demise, and that would've been even higher if hit severe), then i got too frustrated to play and gave up. Question is, what would more experienced player do in my situation? Were that game even winnable?
  7. That is true, but as you've said Those are the chances of winning duel with full deck, also, not taking into account cards on hand. In actuality, when you target a model with 6 def with warning shot, opponent may completely deny your action, unless you have a red joker. Possibility of that is fine, its a common thing in malifaux, but when it's an action on a 8 ss model, who does only some debuffing and has actual killing capabilities compared to a 6ss gremlin, that just makes me not want to include him in my lists (and i'm a big fan of Hans fluff and models vise).
  8. Well, i didn't mean those snipers. More like rami, scouts, katanakas . I agree, having ruthless is a nice addition.
  9. Just like every other "sniper" in malifaux I believe that number is made up. Calculating actual chance of winning duel is complicated and i also have to say that in my experience, when i target something that i need to hit with a model that has equal or lower attack stat, my opponents just wont let me win that duel most of the time. Also, slow and staggered are different triggers on one attack that has a stat of six, that's ok. However, it also means that you probably will be able to apply only one of those conditions per turn, because you probably don't want to be in 14" of anything, because with that df 4 of his, he is as tough as a wet paper and will die in a few attacks from any hard-hitting shooter like Alice, or, even if you can't kill him in one turn, he could be locked down in engagement by almost anyone and will have a hard time getting out, cause of mv 4, which, in turn, means that you have to stay more then 14" from opposing models most of the time and will have to concentrate every his activation. All of the above means that, when hiring Hans, you're spending 8 stones for a model that will apply one condition and, sometimes, 2 dmg in expense of discarding a card and maybe cheating a high one to actually hit with a stat 5 attack, and all that with a variable degree of success. IMO, adaptive and/or increasing warning shot stat to 6 would be a nice buff. Either that, or just cut him down to 6 health and make him cost 6.
  10. Y'all saying that Hans is really good at handing out debuffs, but what I don't understand, is how you expected to hit "important" targets, that your opponent supposedly wants to protect, with a stat 5 attack.
  11. Nobody saying that app is bad, it's amazing, actually, it's the reason i can play malifaux without printing out a ton of paper now , what i'm trying to bring up here is a more of a QoL department.
  12. What doesn't make sense to me is that they've had put out cards with art for older models, but not for the newer ones.
  13. Nope, its M3E Viks, easter and alt. M1E art, pretty wierd selection, right? I mean, first two are logical, but art for alt m1e models? Come on, how many players even has those, let alone actually using them at tabletop.
  14. Well, that's, again, quite funny. Their 3rd and 4th images are art for the alternative models, i can almost see a pattern in all of this.
  15. Update; You guys convinced me, i went and bought her core box (and managed to get gaki as well), and i'll probably take her on my next game. That raises the next question, is there a place i can read or watch some of her tactics and how models and crew as a whole operates? Afaik, in ressers index there is only one Kirai topic, which is more then year old and, as author says, written without actual playing experience.
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