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  1. No, you don’t need Burning 5 in order to get the summon, the enemy simply needs to die from the damage. So even with 1 wound and Burning 1 you’d get the summon.
  2. When resolving triggers still require you to win the duel. An After Resolving trigger would happen if you lost.
  3. I’m looking forward to visiting GenCon in person this year and maybe even volunteering again with Wyrd! I’m secretly hoping for Wyrd face masks to be available so we can rep Waldo in more ways.
  4. Yep that’s correct. The Operative won’t count as an enemy so does not need to take the Terrifying check.
  5. Was wondering when you'd make it to Guild. I think Internal Investigation is a must buy, I bring Alan, an Investigator, & a FW in nearly every list with Lucius. After that it's tough since I like a single changeling, or Grimwell, or the Rider. For Lady J, I think for a new player, her core box, Six Feet Under (LM & Exorcists), and Stewie are what I'd recommend starting with. While Jury is great, she's more a tech piece and Domadores won't shine unless you're bringing the Rider/Emissary for Undead Obeys. And Recruiters stink, plain & simple. Meanwhile Lone Marshal is a near auto take for J and Stewie can help focus stack early while providing heals & roadblocks late game. Lone Marshal & Stewie are both good picks with other keywords as well.
  6. Spelleater’s bonus action is Friendly Only, and then the two triggers are more specific, with Witch Hunter or Friendly Cadmus Only.
  7. There are the stealth nerfs to Cadmus and DUA. The Focus + Distracted change hurts Ivan. The summon token hits Cadmus. And the GG2 summons not interacting with Strats will knock Cadmus (and Ivan slightly) down.
  8. You should read the Lord Cooper story in the Explorers book, as that answers your question. Short version though - After an 'accident' he is now more machine than man.
  9. If I’m remembering correctly, during the GenCon reveal livestream the devs said it would be all new models for every faction.
  10. There will be faction starter boxes coming out soon ish, and the outcast box will be syndicate models. So Anya will have some new toys at that point.
  11. It can only be used during that second activation since it is a part of connected conscience (and not granted as an action by itself, see NB’s Eldritch Magic upgrade that gives an action).
  12. I’m with you on this. I like taking 1-2 as scheme runners. Yes they’ll die to anything that decides to engage them, but by then they’ll have put down a few markers for scoring because they got out early from Home on the Range.
  13. Yes! For example, the Rex can use Predatory Instinct for a + to Lashing Tendrils though there is no damage flip on it. (The Devs confirmed this in the GenCon Apex game)
  14. The concept of friendly and enemy is not defined by your actions though. An Operative hired by your opponent's crew is an enemy model. Infiltrator doesn't stop them being an enemy model except in the sense that your own model's actions treat them like a buddy (which falls under being both enemy and friendly). Engagement likewise doesn't check if your melee can actually target the enemy model beside you, only that the enemy model is inside the range & LOS. So even if your action will treat the Operative as a friendly model, they are still an enemy model inside your engagement range, and thus engaged.
  15. I disagree with that. Infiltrator doesn’t change enemy/friendly considerations for the models themselves, and engagement doesn’t care if your own actions treat the enemy model as friendly or enemy, it simply looks at the range of the melee action. So you’d still be engaged/engaging an Operative even if your attack action is treating them as a friendly.
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