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  1. Love it!!! I welcome our new spider overlords!
  2. I've also started playing more smaller games as my usual partner and I started playing games during the work week. We've bounced between 35 stone and henchman hardcore games. Some things I've learned while playing the smaller sizes- I'm less likely to score a bunch of points early on, since there's less ap to go around overall. I find I'm working toward the strat points early, while setting up schemes to score one of the initial points across turns 2/3. I don't expect to score the strat & 2 schemes in turn 2 for a 35 stone game, but can probably score first scheme in turn 2, an
  3. But with this logic that means you can effectively trap models through walls. They can’t Disengage since they aren’t engaged, but also can’t leave the engagement range.. which makes no sense. I think the text for the Walk action should have a qualifier about being engaged.
  4. Yeah, they're in the Internal Investigation box, which has Alan, False Witnesses, and Investigators. So Alan + FW would be the special order box on their own.
  5. Yep!! As long as they have his keyword you can hire them at no additional cost (regardless of what faction they’re coming from).
  6. It was confirmed in the GenCon stream that Explorers will have 8 masters.
  7. Found the GenCon kick off here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE6kp5pGeZ8
  8. Could be similar to how Lucius has Elite and Mimic, and most of his models only have one of those keywords.
  9. IMO Nellie should be thought of as an Interact focused disruption master. Her crew wants to control the interacts happening around them (notice I’m not saying scheme markers here, that’s more for Lucius). They also want to gang up on you with overlapping auras that should make your opponent want to get away from them.. almost like paparazzi chasing a celebrity. I think the increase in marker schemes in GG1 helps her actually, since she can now punish you/deny your attempts to interact, more so than GG0.
  10. Lordy I thought you were about to come for my girl J, but instead I’m all like ‘Preach!’. Just to clarify, I think you mean ‘Final Repose’. It’s on Justice, Judge, and DMRs. I’m all for letting J get that as a buff for some new ability that denies dropping markers and demise. ❤️❤️❤️
  11. OOhh.. I like this exercise. Here are my thoughts... That initial list is 45 stone, which doesn't leave much room for upgrades. It's also 6 significant models where you're trying to use most of them to set up some big hits. I'd say you want this in Standard or Wedge to make use of the smaller centerline / larger ability to cluster traps where the opponent wants/needs to walk through. In that sense, Idols would be nice if you can control where the idol drops, but with that many models it'll probably go to the opponent's choice. Reckoning is ok I suppose if you can force the wall
  12. Thanks for the recommendation! I took Phiona and she performed great! So last night's game: The pool was Plant Explosives on Corner with Search the Ruins, Outflank, Power Ritual, Claim Jump, and Breakthrough. Lady J + LLC + 9ssScalesLone MarshalPale RiderPhiona + LLCDomadore Seamus + Whisper + 5ss CCK Archie Emissary Doxy x2 Dandy Nurse This was a great game with a friend who is wonderful to play with. The terrain was a lot of bigger blocking trains & blocks/etc and a large severe/concealing patch. I bluffed Power Ritual & Search while taking Claim Jump
  13. I've got a game tomorrow night and it's the last of our 5 game league. If I win I think I'll get 2nd! The pool is Plant Explosives on Corner with Search the Ruins, Outflank, Power Ritual, Claim Jump, and Breakthrough. My opponent has declared Ressers and will probably stick with Seamus (who he's main'd the whole league). I'm taking Lady J (who I've main'd the whole time as well). Normally I'd go with Outflank & Power Ritual, but I'm sure my opponent will have more movement and scheming than me. I'm also worried about Seamus's gun, as I haven't played against him yet. This is
  14. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2020/01/wyrd-the-explorers-society-creeps-its-way-into-malifaux.html Here is the article where it was stated Daeva are ES models.
  15. Got another game in this week for our league. Was expecting Parker and my opponent put a brand new crew on the table for the first time.. Von Schill! Turf War on Wedge w/ Assassinate, Deliver, Power Ritual, Detonate, Harness. Lady J + LLC + 5ss Scales Lone Marshal Brutal Emissary Peacekeeper Undercover Reporter Stewie Von Schill + 6ss Steam Trunk Lazarus Arik Drachen Trooper Engineer Scout Freikorpsmann J took Deliver & Assassinate, VS took Deliver & Power Ritual. The board was a lot of long galleys/open shooting lanes so I played conserva
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