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  1. For the Lawyer, Draw Out Secrets is on their Obey. Given the idea in a Lucius crew is to tell your own models to do things, I’d say that’s a vote in favor of friendly models. But, the Investigators have it on their Garrote so that’s perhaps a vote the other way. In the realm of silly actions, I did use Jury once to hit my own model with sharp wit (to give slow/cancel out fast, was vs Tara) and drop the marker for a point. It felt like a nice silly holdover from 2E, but totally edge case.
  2. The Printing Press is still a 2/3/4 damage track although the notes indicate it should now be 1/3/4.
  3. What you’re looking for is a better version of Combat Finesse (see Kabuki Warriors). I agree he’s got a big target on him by anyone that’s played against him already. This version keeps him very strong on offense and normal henchman levels on defense. Although with Df 5 my immediate thought was to put Lead Lined Coat on him for better survivability. I’ll have to get him on the table to see how he performs.
  4. Sweet! I’m happy with where the proposed changes landed, but was sad when injured was still an all-the-time effect. Really interested in seeing if Injured can be finagled to work only during enemy activations/not impact your own activation.
  5. From the Waking Dreams summoning upgrade: “When this model is Summoned, it comes into play Buried and gains Stunned.” I’d say Barrier to the Other World doesn’t do damage since the summoned model comes into play buried and not within the 5” aura. If the model was put into play on the table in the aura first and was then buried then the summoned model would take damage.
  6. I like the proposed change for Injured (though wary of the irreducible damage add-on since it adds complexity). The clarification for Distraction sounds good too. The change to Focused has me concerned. I've not seen games of folks stacking the condition, but I can assume that it must be happening based on the comments. I see Focused as the counter to Distracted and as the new Defensive. If it doesn't stack, then I fear that low-stat models simply won't be taken anymore since a focused flip isn't as consistently reliable as higher base stats.
  7. My issue with Jury’s Obey or Domador’s Command Corpse is that it leave those models lagging significantly behind the rest of the crew. What good is the Domador’s undead aura if they’re too far away for it to matter? Not disagreeing about those actions being strong, but it feels like I have to choose one or the other for my models to be relevant on the table.
  8. This is a great idea. Brainstorming here... we could tweak the name of the movement trigger for the Domador to be more in line with their lore, something like The Eternal Dance (Thanks Above the Law book) and make it a move to go along with the idea of their necromancy. 💃
  9. The Lone Marshal is quite speedy on his own, but doesn’t help the rest of his crew out with their movement or positioning. The Mounted Guard would cost 9ss out of keyword for a Marshal crew. It does have Ride With Me, but worse stats than Lone Marshal since he’s a minion. I’m not sure that needing to spend 9+ss out of keyword should be the answer. Course maybe that’s just the design for this Keyword.
  10. Similar to KingJocko, I ran the Asylum team with a Lucius crew. Orderlies & Grimwell performed well (lots of movement from Orderlies & Injured from Grimwell). What I struggled with was getting value from Nurse Heartsbane. The requirement for an Asylum model near the target on Straightjacket had me near hogtied in my attempts to use it.
  11. The key there is the 'during hiring' phrase. The crier in the example is still only a 6ss model for the purposes of abilities and strats/schemes.
  12. I like the Mv aura idea. It would give me a solid reason to bring the recruiter when I go DM heavy (which to be fair is most games with Marshal). Would still be nice to give the Domador a bonus action. That would push them into the 'Just Right' territory for me. Doesn't have to be something you do all the time either. (I like Shrug Off but don't need it very often)
  13. If I had to pick one Marshal model that feels blah, it would be the Recruiter. He's pretty much a beefier Death Marshal but for 3 stones more (comparing back of card stats). Yes he has better front of card stats, has the ability to hit buried models (dependent on you actually Box'ing someone or the opponent buries their own models), and has Grim Recruitment (which has its own limitations as trikk pointed out). The few times I've fielded him has left me feeling like I'd have been better off bringing a second Domador or second Exorcist for the value they bring my crews. I understand he's a nice beefy minion, but at 8ss he's competing with an already Elite crew with Judge, Lone Marshal, & Jury as well as comparing against 2 Death Marshals for only 2 stones more. Maybe I've just had bad luck and someone else has inspiring anecdotes to share about them??
  14. I really enjoy the Marshal Keyword. My one gripe with the crew though is the lack of movement shenanigans. Ideally this shouldn't be a problem, but the Death Marshals have that 0" Pine Box action that I would really like to use. I find that I typically activate them early in turns 1 & 2 (since I'm waiting for my big guns to react to opponent's positioning) which lets my opponent dictate the distance between the models that engage the DMs. At that point, I don't feel walking and pine box'ing is the way to go and would rather swing their sword twice. If I use the Domador to Command the DMs forward then the Domador is stuck in the back field when she wants to be close to the action to support her amigos. Other than Lady J's leap the crew doesn't have any extra movement. There's no Ride with Me on the Lone Marshal, no Creep Along, nor any sort of pushes. Nearly every model in the keyword has a bonus action (Shrug Off, Startle, etc.). Every model except the Domador that is. So here's my suggestion: Give the Domador Frightening Reminder ( Rg 6", St 5, TN 10. Other Friendly Model Only. Push the Target up to 4" away from this model) It gives the Domador a nice bonus action that gives the crew some extra movement (not that Lady J herself needs it, but my sad DMs do) without needing to spend 11ss for the Pale Rider. (I should note I had this idea while looking at the enslaved Nephilim that Perdita takes with her everywhere ) I'm sure this action could be abused to alpha strike with Lady J, but with the closer deployment zones this can already happen super easily. I wouldn't even mind if it needed to say non-master as part of the restriction if the alpha strike was a concern. Is that too much for Marshal? Is it just right to make the Domadors feel even more worthwhile? Thoughts?
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