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  1. Found the GenCon kick off here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE6kp5pGeZ8
  2. Could be similar to how Lucius has Elite and Mimic, and most of his models only have one of those keywords.
  3. IMO Nellie should be thought of as an Interact focused disruption master. Her crew wants to control the interacts happening around them (notice I’m not saying scheme markers here, that’s more for Lucius). They also want to gang up on you with overlapping auras that should make your opponent want to get away from them.. almost like paparazzi chasing a celebrity. I think the increase in marker schemes in GG1 helps her actually, since she can now punish you/deny your attempts to interact, more so than GG0.
  4. Lordy I thought you were about to come for my girl J, but instead I’m all like ‘Preach!’. Just to clarify, I think you mean ‘Final Repose’. It’s on Justice, Judge, and DMRs. I’m all for letting J get that as a buff for some new ability that denies dropping markers and demise. ❤️❤️❤️
  5. OOhh.. I like this exercise. Here are my thoughts... That initial list is 45 stone, which doesn't leave much room for upgrades. It's also 6 significant models where you're trying to use most of them to set up some big hits. I'd say you want this in Standard or Wedge to make use of the smaller centerline / larger ability to cluster traps where the opponent wants/needs to walk through. In that sense, Idols would be nice if you can control where the idol drops, but with that many models it'll probably go to the opponent's choice. Reckoning is ok I suppose if you can force the wall of traps between yours and the opponent's models, but then most of those models aren't very durable, so I'd pass on that strat. Plant & Turf would be ideal I think, since you'll know where the opponent wants to go, so can set up the traps accordingly. For schemes, I'm thinking Claim Jump and Take prisoner on anything you pull into the trap bubble. Detonate charges could work out well with the FW, and in the same vein Dig their Graves would work. Add in Search for the models that aren't going into the trap pile.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation! I took Phiona and she performed great! So last night's game: The pool was Plant Explosives on Corner with Search the Ruins, Outflank, Power Ritual, Claim Jump, and Breakthrough. Lady J + LLC + 9ssScalesLone MarshalPale RiderPhiona + LLCDomadore Seamus + Whisper + 5ss CCK Archie Emissary Doxy x2 Dandy Nurse This was a great game with a friend who is wonderful to play with. The terrain was a lot of bigger blocking trains & blocks/etc and a large severe/concealing patch. I bluffed Power Ritual & Search while taking Claim Jump on Phiona & Breakthrough. Seamus went for Outflank & Power Ritual. Seamus had a great hand at one point to one shot the Lone Marshal A lot of effort was taken to remove the Domadore & Scales too (Seamus took out Scales), which i was fine with. We were sooo spread across the board that we couldn't really deny the other's scheme points. We ended 8-8! So wild! With that I'm probably taking a break from Guild for a bit (mix of exhausted with the faction, playtesting! and life being busy).
  7. I've got a game tomorrow night and it's the last of our 5 game league. If I win I think I'll get 2nd! The pool is Plant Explosives on Corner with Search the Ruins, Outflank, Power Ritual, Claim Jump, and Breakthrough. My opponent has declared Ressers and will probably stick with Seamus (who he's main'd the whole league). I'm taking Lady J (who I've main'd the whole time as well). Normally I'd go with Outflank & Power Ritual, but I'm sure my opponent will have more movement and scheming than me. I'm also worried about Seamus's gun, as I haven't played against him yet. This is leading me to consider the following aggressive list, thinking I can charge down the middle of the board and kill things that come near me, setting up for Claim Jump and Breakthrough/Search. Lady J + LLC + 9ss Scales Lone Marshal Pale Rider Brutal Emissary + LLC Domadore Any thoughts or advice?
  8. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2020/01/wyrd-the-explorers-society-creeps-its-way-into-malifaux.html Here is the article where it was stated Daeva are ES models.
  9. Got another game in this week for our league. Was expecting Parker and my opponent put a brand new crew on the table for the first time.. Von Schill! Turf War on Wedge w/ Assassinate, Deliver, Power Ritual, Detonate, Harness. Lady J + LLC + 5ss Scales Lone Marshal Brutal Emissary Peacekeeper Undercover Reporter Stewie Von Schill + 6ss Steam Trunk Lazarus Arik Drachen Trooper Engineer Scout Freikorpsmann J took Deliver & Assassinate, VS took Deliver & Power Ritual. The board was a lot of long galleys/open shooting lanes so I played conservative for fear of being shot off early and stacked J up to Focus 3 in Turn 1 anticipating poor hands in later turns when I went after Von Schill. Had a ton of lucky flips defending against Lazarus & managed to bury Arik Turn 3. Course that meant I was relying on all that Focus to get me Assassinate. By the end it was 6 - 3 for Guild (3 Turf + 2 Assassinate + 1 Deliver vs 2 Turf + 1 Deliver)
  10. Lady J is my girl! She's my main in 3e and i'm sure i've played more games with her than any other master. The Marshal keyword has some synergies but isn't so dependent on it that they either require all in keyword / struggle if you go OOK. Marshal really wants to play into: - Undead - Summoners - Terrifying - Incorporeal - Buried things - Conditions Preferably some mix of all the above. While they work well against Living crews, you'll find they shine when up against those attributes. Lady J is at face value a big beater. She's scary and comes with a reputation. So first thing you need to do is use that to your advantage. Your opponent will either give her room on the board or decide to dogpile her. Plan around this. Secondly note that her Leap + 2" engagement means she's an excellent schemer or area denial piece. I often find she threatens/kills things early game and is an A+ schemer in the later turns. As others have noted, the Obey game is really strong with Marshal (and this is often overlooked when people think about Marshal). Domadores bring an Undead only Obey that only needs a 7 & on a ram can heal your target. Jury has a suited Obey that only needs an 8. These 2 have great synergy with Death Marshals as well as Pale Rider & the Emissary. If you need speed or an independent piece, the Lone Marshal is the best. He's become a nearly auto take for me. He can hold a flank on his own or keep up with J. Recently I've been running him + Expert Marksman along side J as a big scary combo. He'll get the initial shots in and then J will swoop in and kill something. This should give the LM Focused & heal J. They're also a potent scheming combo. It's good to call out that this keyword has access to the most Ruthless in faction (LM + 2 Exorcists + Pale Rider). Exorcists can also be obnoxious against anyone that uses corpses or scrap markers due to their free action. And remember that Scales is significant, so can claim Turf Markers, carry Explosives, or drop scheme markers.
  11. This has been my beef the whole time. Doesn't seem like there's a tangible reason to have her at 16 ss any longer. With how few metas are allowing dual master, it's not even an issue, and if it is allowed Guild has better masters to take as a secondary master IMO. I'm much more likely to bring J as the primary and tech in Perdita, Sonnia + EM, Dashel, or Nellie.
  12. Got an interesting game in this week. Was part of our weekly league, so was preparing to see either Mei Feng or Jakob Lynch. I was deciding between Lady J or Sonia, and went with J since I hadn’t played my girl in a while. My opponent declared Mei and this is what we brought to the table.. Standard Idols, with Hold up, Vendetta, Dig, Detonate, Take prisoner (I was not a fan of this pool) 1.13 New Faux 4 Mei (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Lady Justice Lead-Lined Coat Scales of Justice The Lone Marshal Expert Marksman Exorcist Melissa K.O.R.E. Expert Marksman Guild Steward Pathfinder New Mei Feng Crew (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 10 Mei Feng Forgeling Asami Tanaka Amanjaku Shadow Emissary Dawn Serpent Masked Agent I took Hold Up and Vendetta (Melissa v Asami) and my opponent took Take Prisoner (on Pathfinder) and Vendetta (Dawn Serpent v Lone Marshal). We played 4 turns before calling it. I controlled 3 of the Idol drops, but lost Lady J turn 2 after some vicious dragon attacks and a summoned Jorogumo to the face (4 Jorogumo were summoned this game!). J took out the Dawn Serpent on her way down and I would go on to lose Melissa, Stewie, Scales, and two summoned traps. Meanwhile I killed two of the Jorogumo (the others flickered out) and severely wounded everything other than the totems. Amidst the killing, I scored 3 points for idols, 1 for hold up, and the first point of vendetta. My opponent scored both points for take prisoner. Final score 5 - 2 for Guild.
  13. Home on the Range does stack. It has a ‘+1’ in the Ability name meaning that you get +1” more deployment area for each additional Frontier model. Also good to call out that the Dust markers are Concealing, which will impact both projectile and magic attacks. Melee is the minions’ big weakness. From my experiences, I would say the keyword really likes to stall the opponent in early turns using traps/birds/snipers while the frontiersmen are off scheming. Yes, all the minions are fragile and will go down quickly to anything that decides to go after them. But by then you should have stalled the opponent long enough to have prevented their scoring while you’re out ahead on points. Guess I’d call that an area control and scheme denial type of play? I personally play pathfinder/Paul and trap lists (minus Reichert) with this crew and bring in one or two versatile/OOK models depending on schemes (from a Guild perspective). The traps usually gum up my opponents enough that I’m the one dictating where the action is happening and am often denying them access to my table half. We should keep in mind we don’t know what goodies Basse may get in his second faction. So while guild brings in more guns and Armor/shooting upgrades, we haven’t seen everything yet (I’m super pumped to see what else he gets.. hopefully a beast or two more in keyword!).
  14. I would add Pale Rider since using the trigger to stagger and Injure a model pretty much marks them for death.
  15. I’m intrigued and kinda really like how mobile this sounds. What was the pool and opponent’s crew?
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