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  1. Sweet Tooth

    22.03 Update

    So this happened in my game vs @muraki actually. Nellie made one of my Marshals interact but there was no one with Exclusive Interview beside them, so I placed a scheme marker out of Nellie’s LOS (knowing she might make me repeatedly interact). But Nellie still drew a card and gained Focus. So that feels like it’s working when you compare to what happens when your model is covered by Exlusive Interview - Nellie makes you interact and then controls that interact, so can place the marker in LOS to use those pushes/moves and draw a card and gain Focused.
  2. Based on my few games against the new Nellie, the strats and schemes here aren’t really a great pool for Journalist since there’s very little incentive for the opponent to take the interact action. Or rather, it’s not a scheme heavy pool. Journalists just aren’t good at Dig or Claim Jump, and can’t do Hold Up at all. So being limited to outflank and deliver isn’t the worst (except this was wedge), but it forces you to spread your journalists out away from the enemies planting the bombs, which denies you the focus + card draw. I am curious why the 2 false witnesses over 2 field reporters. Their Follow a lead and Serene Countenace makes them a solid pick for the Outflank on wedge. Definitley agree that the Undercover Reporter will fold quickly against an enemy that decides to attack him. He seems to perform best for me/my opponent when he pops up and does scheming in the enemy deployment or sides of the board.
  3. I noticed this change in the rule book shortly after it happened. Submitted a few feedback forms on it.. and nothing's changed. At this point I figure it's intentional to let friendlies declare triggers when relenting.
  4. Personally I've been really happy with Scale's contribution when I run Marshals. Yeah he's a 4ss totem, so i don't expect him to live long when I send him into the fighting. However, with the misery (newly named something else) aura & his Df trigger he should be pinging an enemy for 4ish damage before dying and giving me a card. He's also significant, so can be a wasted activation to claim a turf marker and counts for Hold Up Their Forces (which he usually does well at). As for summoning, I really don't think Lady J needs that. It would be one more thing to have to balance her around and it's pretty late in the process to fine tune something like that. I think Lady J & Marshals are in a great spot.
  5. No Worries. Hopefully your day gets better soon! The point about engagement ranges is a good one. There are only two significant Journalists with engagement ranges now (Phiona & Undercover). Forget trying to score Hold Up with them.
  6. I'm a little confused by this and maybe i'm missing something (suuuper long day at work). The strategy marker is 30mm, so a 2" aura will cover that if a journalist is in base contact with it, thus preventing the enemy from interacting with it to move it.
  7. @Flippin' Wyrd Matt what was your crew? Ill be trying a game tomorrow with her.
  8. Sweet Tooth


    That is a great point. If the thought is that an aura that affects the bearer of the aura should happen for each model with that aura (like Scamper) then the wording should reflect that. Scamper says "... this model may Push..." (emphasis mine) and that's clear within the current aura rules that it works for each model with Scamper (at least to me that makes sense because the change is for this model, not the enemy). Would Recharge Soulstone be more clear if it said "After a model is killed within a3 of this model, this model may add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool." (underlined is the suggestion). Again, this assumes that the intent would be that you can get two stones from one death (which i think is contrary to how soulstones actually recharge in the lore). If it's meant to be one soulstone per one death, then it would need to be something like: "Recharge Soulstone: After a model is killed within a3 of one or more models with this ability this model, one model with this ability may add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool." Or something like that. I'm sure there's wording out there that is cleaner.
  9. If Lucius Issues Command to three different models with Following Orders in his activation you still draw 3 cards, since the ability is once per activation per model with the ability.
  10. Since all the cool kids are doing it... On a thread in the Rezzer section, Kyle clarified they're more specifically looking for what individual models currently won't see table time. What models do we think those are, and why?
  11. Didn’t realize that. Course now I need to go find her. Ill stand by the alt lawyer idea though. Need a third lawyer and more diversification in Lucius’ legal team.
  12. Miss Grievance or Ms. Demeanor - an alt female Lucius or lawyer (since I need that third lawyer )
  13. Lynch is currently Mv 4. The +1 Mv would be great for him. As it is now, I feel you have to pay either a 5ss or 9ss tax (Beckoner or Kitty) just to keep Lynch relevant on the board, since he's got such a small range of influence with his actions. Aside from his actions being a bit lackluster, I'm not a fan of the philosophy of needing to staple other models to his card to make up for his own deficient movement. (Yes I know both of those models will likely always be in his crew bc they're good. Kitty is a 9ss schemer and i think the only really good one in the crew - but I really dislike using Henchman for scheming)
  14. Just a question/comment. It sounds like (based on what you've written) your opponent scored both points of Assassinate in one turn, and that's incorrect based on the Reveal/End of Game conditions. If that's the case then you pulled out a tie! Sounds like you had fun playing with Nellie. She's one of my favorites as well. I agree picking the right schemes for her crew can be difficult, especially with the lack of engagement ranges. Didn't help that you lost the False Witness to some bad luck early on and BJ the Press Release on Lazarus. My deck usually dislikes me (I've pulled the RJ & BJ in the same damage flip already) so I always need multiple contingencies for when the bad things happen.
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