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  1. The stat is just the numerical portion, yes, but that thread calls out that any or from the original action would be copied over as well.
  2. Let’s take it a step further... check this discussion out. So 46 can copy The Jury’s suited Obey and not need to stone. Not always the best option (paying 8+1 stones for Jury vs stoning for a mask) but could be really fun. And don’t forget Doppel could do it at a stat 7!
  3. Think of the possibilities.. when 46 Obeys someone they can’t cheat to stop it 😈
  4. Note you'll only get 1 shot per Domador due to targeting restrictions. That's a super strong threat to throw as a wrecking ball turn 1. Just be careful with overextending Lady J that early in the game.
  5. Oh I definitely agree that Stewie is great. I just seem to get more work out of the Domador in the Marshal crew since i'm usually bringing DM/Pale Rider/Emissary to Obey.
  6. Off the top of my head- Don't discredit the Scales. He has Equality of Fate to draw a card and is Expendable to draw a card when he dies (which he probably will around turn 3/4). A trick i just discovered (since i usually have more cards than my opponent later in the turn & can never get equality to work) is to cheat a low card in for initiative (assuming you don't need to win it) and immediately activate scales to draw a card. Is a nice incidental card cycle. The Judge's card draw is great. I always, repeat always, Black Joker the Stagger attack, so the card draw is worthwhile to me. I usually bring a Domador just to heal him back up. I've found Perdita is a nice way to draw cards with Marshals. Since you can spend your high cards early with J or Judge and then cycle with Hero's Gambit + draw a few extra since your opponent likely has more models than you. Alternatively, using Hero's Gamble early on can be strong as well. I did this once for my first activation with a totally crap hand and drew 10 cards. I've been liking Alan Reid more and find he is a different threat vector to add to Marshals. He synergizes well if I do manage to Stagger anyone and draws a card at the end of his activation. Other than that I bring a minimum of 6 stones with Lady J since I'll need to stone for the leap and stone for cards most turns. Hope there are other things I've not thought of yet.
  7. Mel is a Cult of the Burning Man model from the ECB Black Ops group. So many of those models make great Malifaux proxies.
  8. Got in another great game this week, this time with our local Tara player. I've owed him a game since 3rd dropped (Lady J is my main and I relished the chance to instill the fear of Guild in him 😏) Strat, schemes: Idols on Standard, Detonate, Harness, Power Ritual, Search, Dig. We both took Harness & Search. I ran- Lady J + LLC, 8 ss Scales Jury Lone Marshal + expert marksman (Ended up being a wasted upgrade) DM Recruiter Domador Exorcist Opponent ran- Tara Karina Nothing Beast Aionus Rusty Alyce Scion Librarian I had a blast with my opponent. He was such a good sport and appreciated being forced to think about his summoning and positioning vs Jury & DMR. I hit a bit of luck when the Exorcist got Adversary on Tara then I leaped Lady J into the mix, killing Karina & Tara. Lone Marshal was amazing at holding down an area (and killing the Nothing Beast) while Jury and DMR threatened all the summons and buried models. I won 6-3 when we called it after turn 4.
  9. Here's the list I ran against @midwifecrisis in a practice game last week for the tournament she mentioned above. Strats, Schemes, deployment: Reckoning on Corner, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, Deliver, Vendetta. I ran- Sonnia + expert marksman, 8 stones Flame Sam + LLC Agent 46 + LLC Pale Rider Stewie Midwifecrisis ran- Hoffman Attendant Joss Melissa Riotbreaker Peacekeeper Pale Rider Was super fun! I barely eeked out a 6-5 win. Cards were not in my favor early turns (I lost the Flame turn 1 & PR turn 2) and then came back for a really good back n forth game.
  10. Guild isn’t the most scheme marker efficient faction, but here’s who I’ve seen dropping markers (YMMV based on cost and opponent): Marshall: Death Marshals, Lone Marshall, Scales, and Lady J herself Witch Hunter: Sanctioned spellcasters, stalkers, Flame Augmented: Watchers and Hunters, Attendant Elite: Changelings, Doppelgänger, False Witness Frontier: Frontiersmen and Bernadette Family: Pistoleros (limited experience) Journalist: Newsies, False Witness, Field Reporters, and Nellie Guard: Hounds and Mounted Guard Versatile: Pale rider, Stevie, Grimwell, Orderlies, Heartsbane That said, I’m not above using any model to scheme if it will score points.
  11. Ok I’m game. I’ve been praising traps for a few weeks now and just started using Sonnia as a second master to great effect. @4thstringer what schemes do you look for with this list?
  12. In my experience, Jury is your only sure fire way to ping buried models. DMR is good for attacking buried stuff, but as you pointed out, his stat 6 against Misaki’s df 6 isn’t a guarantee. He’s more of a threat in my mind to buried models than an actual damage dealer. As for Death Marshals Pine Box, I find it’s a situational action that doesn’t come up too often. Their lack of extra movement means the enemy is usually defining the engagement range. That said, on the pine box action, the target a buried model is in italics so is a cost that would be declared before the action succeeds. You’ll need to already have a buried model to declare it when attempting to bury another model.
  13. For everyone! It was just announced today. https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-crew-builder-app I still haven’t seen it pop up on the Apple store yet.
  14. Ran this last week into Brewmaster. Was a great game! Pool was Turf War on Flank, Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line, Hold Up Their Forces, Outflank, Claim Jump. We both took Harness & Claim Jump. C. Basse + LLC, 6ss B. Basse Paul Crockett Pathfinder w/Expert Marskman Sonnia Criid w/Expert Markman Stewie Trap x2 I was having fun trying out Sonnia & expected a lot of armor. While there wasn't as much armor as i had planned, Sonnia was a lot of fun & turned Popcorn into a Thrall. I was using Stewie to load her with 2 Focus a turn and blast everything with 🔥! We ended after Turn 3 with scoring at 1 - 1, both of us scoring the Strat T2, but denied for T3 (my pathfinder died after I had claimed a marker). We agreed my crew was set up to win if we had played longer. Most of the Tri-Chi crew was still in their deployment zone from pressure & traps clogging the open paths.
  15. I find the Austringer underwhelming as well. His gun is no better than a frontiersman and the melee is even worse. So for 2 stones I’m getting the raptor attack? Ehh.. I’ll take a few more traps or a frontiersman or pathfinder first. That said, I am on board team traps. They are so good at gumming up the enemy, which gives the rest of the crew the freedom to go after enemies of their choosing and do schemes. I’m slowly trying to mix in Grimwell or Alan for that stagger synergy. As far as the rest of the crew, I’m always bringing a Pathfinder, usually with Expert Marksman, and Paul, for coordinated attack. My meta hasn’t figured out how to counter Basse yet, so I’m deploying crazy forward as a scare tactic (it’s working too). That’ll keep up until I play our local Nekima player. I brought Sonnia in as a second master my last game. The traps kept drunk gremlins from getting too far so she could blast them away. Im considering taking Ms KORE or some other big Augmented model in a trap heavy list as I’m finding my opponents enjoy the scrap they leave behind, so I should punish that behavior with my own scrap eater. 😈
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