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  1. Follow up.. Mason mentioned if you take a henchman as a leader and they happen to have two keywords, then you have both keywords to hire from at no penalty.
  2. This is what Mason said when I spoke with him over the weekend as well. He also said that the first master + totem are free and determine your keyword hiring, the additional master and their totem will cost you stones.
  3. Sweet Tooth

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    I played a game this weekend and proxy'd in these new Arcanist buddies against a Gremlin Brewmaster crew. I rather enjoyed the shenanigans, but do see these models as dependent on crew/strats & schemes. Played Symbols, Punish the weak, Dig their graves, Undercover entourage, search the ruins, recover evidence. Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Kaeris 50ss Leader: Kaeris - Cache:(4) Grab and Drop 1ss Malifaux Child 2ss Fitzsimmons 8ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Stunt Double 1ss Practiced Production 1ss Cassandra 8ss Smoke and Mirrors 1ss Fire Golem 9ss Saboteur 4ss Saboteur 4ss I took Undercover on Cassandra & Search the ruins. The idea was to light everyone on fire turn 1 with the Golem's (0) at the edge of Kaeris's G&D aura so that the crew could fly towards the middle and drop their markers. Cassandra would go up the middle and take a few hits, leaving more markers with her Smoke & Mirrors trigger. Then the saboteur's would have their pick of targets near scheme markers. Carlos would be an extra burning anchor for the Golem to jump to in later turns as needed & could blow up any markers that were poorly placed or if I needed more burning on nearby friends/enemies. Fitz could also use his (0) to drop a marker on the opponent's side of the table once Kaeris lit them up. The saboteurs did well against models of similar beefiness (i.e. a slop hauler and a bayou gremlin) and I'd say I drew a card about half the time they attacked a model near a marker. The anti-cheating aura is cool, but I found the 3" range to be a tad limiting since neither myself nor my opponent was really cheating cards on low cost models that often. I think I only did 1 point of damage with it. The Fire Golem felt pretty tanky and my opponent chose not to go after him due to the damage mitigation, so he ended the game with Burning +7. Fitz was ok. He dropped a marker once with his (0). Cassandra copied his Arson once with Understudy. His 'protected by the union' aura didn't really come up since the Brewmaster crew was leaving more poison than damage with their attacks. But his Picket Line attack is dope. The MI 6 and built in positive flip is sweet and it's not hard at all to keep two other M&SU models nearby for that min 3 damage. I won the game 7-6 (3 from Undercover, 2 from Search, 2 from Symbols). It was a lot of fun playing with these new models and I can't wait to pick up the box at GenCon this week.
  4. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora Tactica

    That's a great setup @Treehouse but I'm not sure it works that way because of the wording on Graves' SYTD. "Push..., then push.... This model may only target a friendly model with this Action once per Turn." Thinking about the setup though, if you switch Lilitu & DG in the pictures, then: 1. Graves pushes Lilitu but won't go BtB because of the DG in the way 2. Lilitu can lure Pandy & DG towards her. With Pandy's 4" walk, she should still have room between her & Lilitu after the lure, leaving room for the next push. 3. DG can then copy SYTD from Graves and push Pandy 6", then walk into cover. It won't push Pandy the full 12", but 10" is still great to get her upfield before activating.
  5. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    Game 2 Pandora vs Sonnia His crew: Sonnia, Francisco, Peacekeeper, effigy, 2 death marshals, witchling stalker, & a watcher The pool: Ply, surround them (me), undercover entourage (me), vendetta (him), show of force (him), & something else Deployment: Standard, I deployed first My plan was to have Kade & Lilitu run down a flank aiming to drop a marker in one corner while Barbaros ran interference and crossed into the enemy deployment zone to score undercover entourage and drop a second marker in enemy territory. Dora was going to go toe-to-toe with Sonnia to keep her engaged. Turn 1: My opponent and I were slowing rolling the crews forward. Barbaros got himself out in front to put up Challenge and Iggy positioned himself so that he could Martyr for Dora as needed. Lilitu pulled the effigy forward so Dora could then swing up the field by mood swinging twice. By this point I think I managed to put mood swing on half of the opponent's crew between Dora, Iggy, & Emissary. (I had fun dictating his activations Turn 2) Dora walked herself into engagement with the Peacekeeper, Sonnia, Frank, and the effigy. That 3" engagement kept the opponent's crew massively tied down. Turn 2: Dora was able to ply, Incite once, then Inflicted twice on the 4 poor guild members draining my opponent's deck of a few 12's, 13's, and the RJ. Dora was eventually Grounded(?) (meaning she would have to discard 2 cards for a cast action or it failed) until the end of her next activation. Barbaros was targeted for Vendetta and some focused attacks from the rest of the enemy crew had me stoning to prevent damage on him. One of the enemy models walked up and ply'd Barbaros as well, making us even that turn. Lil & Kade were walking for the back field with a death marshall heading off to meet them. The Emissary wandered up the field and summoned a changeling off a marker dropped by my effigy. The PK walked around the engagement area into the center of the board for Show of Force. Turn 3: Frank did his Enfrentate a Mi! on Dora, allowing him to place frank on the other side of Dora and push all his buddies away. He then ply'd Dora. The Emissary was able to walk within range and attack Frank to remove the Intel condition. The changeling was able to blink to Dora, ply Frank and then attack him with Dora's Self Loathing. Barbaros was getting smacked around as the target of Vendetta, so I ran him around the outside of the enemy bubble only to be blown up by some ranged Sonnia casting action. This scored 3 points for the enemy's Vendetta and denied my Undercover Entourage points. I don't remember what Lilitu did (probably died from the PK) but Kade kept walking for the backfield and met the Death Marshall. Dora (being the MVP of this game) was able to Ply, Incite twice (killing the brutal effigy and pushing 8" toward the enemy table corner), walked once and dropped a marker for my second point for Surround Them. The PK scored Show of Force again that turn. There was a lot of Plying going on, but the enemy ended the turn with one more model with the Intel condition than me. The game ended here. Results: Neverborn 2 (Surround Them) vs Guild 6 (1 Ply, 3 Vendetta, 2 Show of Force) This felt like a much better game than the prior matchup. I was able to use Dora as an effective tarpit and then she scored a last minute point without removing that Grounded condition. Dora did struggle to attack a single model head-on in that bunched up group since the damage tracks were low/models were difficult to attack (PK is armor +2 and Hard to Wound, Sonnia had a wp of like 9), so Inflict was the way to go. I realized that Barbaros incites a deep-seated loathing from every opponent I play, so planning to use him for an end of game scheme is a bad idea since he'll likely die before then. The Emissary was like a tool bag in this game, removing a condition and summoning a changeling. Even Sonnia wasn't that scary once I had her engaged. All in, I had fun this game. :D I'll post game 3 tomorrow. (Preview: It was my best game of the tourney)
  6. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    @chryspainthemum I agree the lures would have been helpful, but I deployed first and had lilitu & kade off to one side to be their own killy/lurey bubble. Because of the terrain (a building), they were separated from the rest of the group for the first turn. They did lure a gremlin out to be killed by barbaros at least once, possibly twice, but with how quickly my own models were being pinged down by the gremlins we were even on models with the shed blood condition. I was hesitant to drop Pandora into the swarm even with all her protection in Turn 2 after losing my control hand and seeing how often/easily the gremlins were passing duels by bayou two carding. My tactics got better in Game 2 and I did use Inflict to max effect.
  7. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    Apologies for moving at the pace of an Ice Golem with this followup @INXVI. I've been drowning in work and life seems to be filled with everything but Malifaux these days :( I've finally got some time to sit down and put thoughts on the page so bear with me here. I'm not great at battle reports (yet), so this will be more game highlights than anything else. The Crew I ended up taking was: 50 SS Neverborn Crew - Melee 'DoraPandora + 5 Pool - The Box Opens (2) - Fears Given Form (1) - Aether Connection (1) Barbaros (10) Mysterious Emissary (10) - Conflux of Sorrow (0) Lilitu (7)Baby Kade (6)- Thousand Faces (1)Iggy (5) - Malifaux Provides (1) Mysterious Effigy (4) Game 1 Pandora vs Somer His Crew: Somer, Trixie, 2 slop haulers, 2 of Somer's skeeters, and 8 bayou gremlins. Pool: Public Execution, Eliminate the Leadership (both), Vendetta (me), Set Up (him), 2 others that we didn't pick Deployment: Close. I deployed at the close line, the opponent setup his crew along the 6" line. This was not a great start to my day. The opponent fielded 14 models at the start of the game compared to my 7. This was also my first game against gremlins and I'm told it was an odd list for the opponent to bring. Turn 1: The opponent won initiative and immediately dropped a skeeter into the center of my poorly clustered group of Pandora, Iggy, the effigy, and Barbaros. Since Iggy was the closest and immediately engaged, I lost my chance to have him go after Trixie for Vendetta. Pandora and Barbaros moved up the field in an attempt to go after Somer but were taking numerous shots from the bayou gremlins. After a certain point I started pushing Pandora away in an attempt to keep her alive. The rest of my crew was flanking the sides of the board, but not accomplishing much. Turn 2: First activation, Somer targets Pandora and attempts to have us discard our hands. I denied the first attempt but couldn't stop the second. So we played turn 2 with no cards in hand while nearly every gremlin could bayou two card and go reckless. Pandora eventually died that turn, which scored 3 points for the opponent's Eliminate the Leadership. Barbaros was barely hanging on to life, but managed to kill a gremlin, so we stayed neutral for Public Execution. Turn 3: The rest of my crew was massacred against a gremlin gunline (never expected to see that happen) and Trixie got cozy with Barbaros to drop a few scheme markers, letting the opponent score for Set Up. End of the game it was Neverborn 0 - Gremlins 7 (1 for Public, 3 for Set Up, 3 for Eliminate) Overall, not a great match up for me. My biggest takeaway from this game is that a dedicated assault (however obnoxious it was) will bring down anyone. And to be fair, my opponent went on to win third place in the tourney (out of 16 folks). I was clearly up against a skilled player. I'll be back tomorrow to post Game 2 & 3! Would love any feedback or thoughts on how to counter a Gremlin swarm. Thanks!! :D
  8. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    @INXVI How do you play the Emissary? Do you tend to position him more forward as a beater, more mid-field as a support model that can summon and sometimes hit things, or in the rear as full support? Given the triggers on his attack and the ability to copy other abilities (from the Conflux upgrade) it feels like I should be positioning him forward/mid-field to get the most value. Thoughts?
  9. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    Thanks for the feedback!! I'll definitely take Barbaros to be a pain and help with the pushes in/out of the bubble. You've swayed me on the Emissary. I forgot about his trigger to remove markers on top of the built in trigger for condition removal. I'll drop Kade and switch to the effigy as well to make room for the big guy. Quick question - Does the (0) for Rapid Acceleration require LOS to the leader? I see what you're saying about the cyclops vs Graves but I'm leaning towards the usefulness of the ice pillars over the damage spread. This is because the terrain at the place where I'll be playing seems to leave nice open spaces for shooting lines (really messed me up against a Guild player at my first tourney). So I'm hoping I can use the pillars to block or divide the enemy forces as needed. 'Woe is me' is a fun upgrade to play but I was thinking I'd like to try out the melee style this time around. I only recently started playing Pandora and that was with the new upgrade. With the drop in price, is the Rider a solid option now? I don't have the model and I'm wondering if I should add him to my short list to buy. Thanks all!!
  10. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    Hi all, I'm planning to attend a fixed list 50ss tournament this weekend following the GG18 strats & schemes for March. The crew I'm thinking about running is below but there are a few things that I could use some advice on.. 1. I'm thinking Barbaros with Challenge will keep Pandora alive longer and he can run interference for her, but is it possibly overkill? I haven't tried this combo yet. 2. Should I consider bringing the Emissary/Johan for Condition removal? What would I swap for him? 50 SS Neverborn Crew - Melee 'Dora Pandora + 5 Pool - The Box Opens (2) - Fears Given Form (1) - Aether Connection (1) Barbaros (10) Cyclops (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Lilitu (7) Baby Kade (6) - Depression (1) Iggy (5) - Malifaux Provides (1) Bloodwretch (5) <- I don't have insidious madness yet Is there anything else you'd call out that I should consider? Any feedback will be super appreciated. Thanks!