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  1. Anyways, there's no sense to have a defensive trigger that buries you and reduce damage, and make it "when succeeding", if you win the duel Colette doesn't suffer any damage.
  2. Because librarian has armor 1, if she has shielded, she is immune to damage 2, so it's needed at least damage 3 to deal damage to her.
  3. He's saying that if the damage is 2, Librarian don't suffer any damage at all.
  4. I usually don't put the Shield on the Librarian, but on one of the Henchman (or both). Also use to prioritize the Rocket Boots a bit over the Shield. But those are my preferences. Anyway, obviously you think Reinforced Assault Shield is good as it is, and I think it wouldn't be bad to see it get an extra bit for not seeing it going down in a single activation of any model. Not saying the Shield is bad, only that it could be a bit improved and yet wouldn't be too strong.
  5. I'm thinking about her attacking a friendly model with HtW, who relent. That's 4 cards for damage, picking you the card you want to use and drawing the rest. Not sure for how long would last Kitty attacking an enemy Yasunory.
  6. Yes, and if her target has HtW (like Yasunori) she draws 3 cards per action.
  7. In fact, Engineers give shielded to any model, construct or not, what they do to constructs is to heal 1. And shielding 4/5 is already a thing, there's no need to imagine. Any Freikorps with an Assault Shield and the Engineer tactical is on Shielded 4, and 5 if it's the Librarian. I don't see the Shielded +3 from Von Schill as a big thing, it's a Master AP for shielded.
  8. Having never faced a TT crew, but looking all the posts (and having faced the Brewmaster) I think Chi is not such a problem but the Drunken Kung Fu. Shenlong won the National without Monks, he does everything by himself, and really I think is really bad that Drunken Kung Fu affects damage flips. Changing that would make him less oppressive. Also think that Kitty Dumont drawing 4-6 cards per turn is insane, that trigger should be "enemy only"
  9. What do you think about give a look to Von Schill's Equipment Upgrades? I think some of them are in really good place, but costing a Master's action and being of one use, maybe some of them could be a little improved. The Rocket Boots and the Rocket Launcher are really good upgrades. The Reinforced Assault Shield is also good, but being a Master action maybe shielded +2 is a bit short, don't think it would break the game making it Shielded +3 and make it to last more than two hits. The Land Mines are useful, but I keep feeling bad for being worse a Minefield than a Pit Trap, it's a nonsense. It should be Hazardous (damage 2) but I understand it would be completely out of control so much damage per action, but at least they could be also Injured +1 like the Pit traps, or maybe staggered or something. Or maybe make something like Hazardous (damage 1 2) and make it dangerous also for the models near the marker? Don't know just an idea, but really seems bad that a hole with sticks is better than a explosive mine. The Grenade Belt is definitely the upgrade that needs help the most. I think both grenades should have some extra effect for being an option. Make the Clockwork Grenade add Injured +1 to its effect, and make a good offensive option; and make the Flash Grenade add Stunned and make of it a good disruptive option.
  10. You can always attack your models with Aionus and give them Fast. Even better if they are buried, so you don't need to keep them near him.
  11. It's easier to give out fast to opponents, since every Obliteration model has a attack that out Fast on enemies. The trick is to put Fast on activated enemies, or rely in Aionus pass tokens to deny the enemy activations with Fast.
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