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  1. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    In fact, the reallity of the game should be 5 x 10ss models + master (6) versus 2 x 10ss models + 7 x 4ss models plus master (10) In the first turn the 10ss crew does nothing, because of no targets in range, an when they finish then the 10ss models of the big crew can easily make a alpha strike and kill at least 1 enemy model. Second turn starts with a crew with 4 x 10ss models and a master versus a crew with full potential and twice activations. Depending of the situation, the game can be already lost or only quite difficult for the elite crew.
  2. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    No, out-activation has been a big problem for a long time. The small elite crews were unplayable versus big crews. OA has been the way to win for years, and I'm really glad to see this is changing.
  3. Zebo

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    How can Marcus have Df8?
  4. But you're comparing current masters with upgrades versus future masters without knowing anything about future upgrades. What if Marcus keep the actual Trial of Gods upgrade? Looking only the base stats, they're not so different.
  5. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    You may be right, but I'm understanding that each faction could have 3-4 versatile models, and this could lend to many clone lists. For example in Outcast I would like both Hodgepodge, 3-4 actual mercs (Bishop/Taelor/Sue/The Midnight Stalker/Hans/Johan/Big Jake), Killjoy and maybe Convict Gunslingers/Prospectors/Desperate Mercs to be versatile, a list of maybe 8+- profiles that can be added to any Outcast crew without penalty. I mean, a good group of profiles to go out of theme without entering in other's crews stuff.
  6. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm used to play versus a oponent that likes to stone for cards every turn, and use to be more lucky than me. That means usually 3/4 severes on hand. I see this change like I'm not gonna play first never and I don't like. The Peon + Insignifficant... There where actions that could turn minis in Insignificant for a turn, I understand to keep the two separate. Let's see how it goes now.
  7. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I like very much the Idea of non-keyword penalty. I really hate the idea of Allstar crews, with always the better cheap scheme-runners, the most killy-efficient enforcer, the most buffing and versatile henchman... And different Master each time. Now you'll have to play your Master's crew, with maybe a pair of out of crew allies. This could be the form of returning to 2ss Stuffed Piglets.
  8. Zebo

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I would like to know from the people that gone to Gencon and saw the game... Minis keep taking 2 actions and master/leader 3? Only 1 ⚡ action per activation, or each ⚡ action can be done only once per activation, but you can do every ⚡ you have once?
  9. Zebo

    Who are our best masters vs each faction?

    What problem gives the Doppleganger to Tara?
  10. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    And about out of faction minis with the same keyword? I'm worrying for Anna Lovelace in my VS crew
  11. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Just bought and mounted some Seishins, and before painting, I'm asking me if Anna Lovelace is still summoning them in M3E
  12. Zebo

    Who are our best masters vs each faction?

    Why don't you take Stalker vs TT?
  13. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Just noticed that Von Schill's name is Leopold. But... Anyone knows which is his range? Captain? Commander? Captain Commander? Lieutenant?
  14. Zebo

    Banditry and Infamy

    I must say that, beside the teuton strampunk soldiers, the human mercs and the outlaws, the ninja crew was one of my favorites themes. It was gonna be my next purchase when I finish the Viks crew with some mercs, but now I'm moving from it and my next purchas will be Parker Barrows. A little sad. Really not interested in the fling gremlin pirates.