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  1. Zebo


    Yes, concentrate is an action that you can only take once per turn now. But Trance wouldn't be Concentrate.
  2. Zebo


    I think he should/could gain Adaptive, and change "Reference the Field Guide" for some kind of focus. Probably, something that allows him to "focus" twice and delivers a single shot with +10" for sniper and for focus each turn. Trance: Until the end Phase, if this model has the Focused Condition, it is considered to be +1. This way Hans couldn't stack Focus faster than other models, but he can make one "special shot" each turn.
  3. Well, for a long we have complained about VS don't having special sinergies with his crew, and being equally good supporting other crews, because he don't need Freikorps at all. Then, Wyrd understands that, instead improve Freikorps's shenanigans with Von Schill/Equipment Upgrades, the correct way is to nerf Von Schill's out of theme support, not when he's hired as allied, but also any model he decides to hire when leading crews. And frankly, yes. There's little sense now to hire Von Schill as a secondary Master. For me, the funniest part of this is thah his weak damage was nerfed due to hom being too good supporting, but now that his support has been restricted, his damage hasn't come back. Really a good job discouraging Von Schill Players.
  4. May I ask which Captain Planet reference? English is not my idiom, but it will be funny to know (In Spain we also saw Captain Planet, I just didn't realized/understood the reference)
  5. My 2 cents. Add some trigger to Covetous Cravings to A push the target or B make it drop an scheme marker. Then add a that allows to change alignment of scheme markers in a . That way, in Torment they may help with scheming, and in Bandits may provide the crew of valuable enemy markers. I have said a lot, but being so difficult to achieve, I think At Gun Point could add "If the target discards a card, this model draw a card" I forgot, Grit shouldn't discard the marker.
  6. The Immediately sounds to me that it means Inmediately, this action fails AND models within p1 of this model suffer 1 damage"
  7. Yes, but the wording changed, and I think it changed for a reason.
  8. I doubt anyone chooses to drop a marker or a card, so this trigger could be perfectly "draw a card and discard a card".
  9. Mmm and if three summoned gaming are replaced by a golem, does the golem attach al three summon upgrades?
  10. Agree with Sniper now allowed to low focus by 2 to gain both positive and range.
  11. In fact, I've pushed many times for the return of Stolen-summon, specially since they lost Bleeding Disease and were not oppressive, but it really seems that nobody cares.
  12. I suppose you used some action late in the turn, since you can't flip neutral markers to friendly by killing.
  13. Bad excuse to boast your precious minis.
  14. I think it could have been simply a new trigger added to he Six-Shooters. Maybe with a or a and keeping Drop It. That would made Parker quite more interesting.
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