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  1. Never thought about it, but one viktoria with SoDP is enough to make both enjoy the Herald, thanks to Sisters in Spirit.
  2. Well, since auras only are applied when starting activation at 6" and 3", I can bet you don't put any blight with them in the first turn, and only on a couple models in turn 2 unless you're facing a quite inexperienced player. Yes, lure with crows puts blight. Let's count you spend two actions, and two ss to stack blight, and you have the awesome luck of flipping two crows. So Hamelim can spend his third action in Bleeding Disease and do 6 damage. Full activation of a Master for 6 damage doesn't sounds broken. Of course the rest of the crew plays. Nix can put al
  3. I would like to know how to put models up to 7 blight, since it seems to be so easy.
  4. Lately, I've been playing some games with Hamelin, and I think there's some resemblances between Plague and Tormented crews. They're tricky crews to play with and against. If none player know well how to play with/against, the matchup will be a bit chaotic and can be won by any player. If Hamelin knows how to play the crew, and the opponent does not, Hamelin feels oppressive and disgusting to play against. If Hamelin doesn't know how to play and the opponent does, Hamelin feels lackluster, slow and bad. If both players know its strengths and weaknesses, the game c
  5. I may be wrong, but I consider Freikorps easier to understand and enjoy than Bandits. The Barrows gang could be a bit tricky to pay up to its full potential for a newbie.
  6. But what would you do with rats in a Bandits crew?
  7. Wich effect is resolved first? I think that this is a case of two simultaneous effects, so active player goes first, but really not sure.
  8. In Fact, Outcast have an Upgrade with the same ability, so it's perfectly possible to play -1 wp aura with Terrifying 13 Hangeds.
  9. Usually, Appraise. If healing is needed, Plenty of Wares. Pustulent Tumors. Only if needed.
  10. I use to bring one prospector for cards and stones, the Effigy for its healing, and the child to copy what needed, plus it's a child¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I would say, since most of Daw crew is resser, plus the Necropunk from Leveticus, ressers is the answer. EDIT: Although all Zipp crew plus Parker's Smugglers says loudly Bayou. I would go for Arcanists, since they have the most interesting crews for me.
  12. How are you sure? The model being obeyed is moved during an enemy activation and by an enemy effect. Those sounds like the conditions to be protected by Laugh Off.
  13. Yeah, the Sniper ability has become quite weak this edition. In most cases it's the same effect to Focus + Shoot than Walk + Shoot.
  14. Rami keeps being better than Hans by himself without 3 AP
  15. Yes, because Ophelia costs ss and Hans use to play with no master in his crew, you got me.
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