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  1. Dont forgot Hamelin also gives +2 pass tokens to enemies.
  2. There wasn't problems with enforcers using equipment. There wasn't problems with Henchman using equipment. There wasn't problems with the most of masters usfing equipment. Only a complaint about a dual CC master using one concrete equipment to increase their mobility (not sure if really a problem since they were yet quite mobile) So wyrd fix a thing that really wasn't a problem (and, if it's not broken, don't fix it) There was a problem about Von Schill being as good as a secondary master than as leader, since equipment really didn't have any special sinergy with freikorps that hadn't with any other keyword. Instead encourage Freikorps to use equipment by some kind of slight advantage, wyrd chose to nerf the most of non-Freikorps users of equipment. I remember that Von Schill was already nerfed for being SO outstanding supporting everyone by reducing his weak damage to 2. Now Von Schill is hardly a good choice out of keyword, weaker in keyword and, for me, weaker than a lot of really support masters. He was not broken, but they decided to fix him anyway. And I don't want to play with this new toy.
  3. Maybe the upgrades could give some advantage to Freikorps. Always thought Freikorps discard a lot and need drawing. The upgrades could have "After this model discards this upgrade, if this model is a Freikorps, draw a card" or something similar.
  4. That's your personal opinion. I think Von Schill leading a crew and not allowed to buff any model is an awful change.
  5. Well, when people complained about Von Schill's damage track they didn't care to compare him with out of factions models and actions.
  6. But Charged Fists doesn't specify target, only "models damaged" not sure if it's included.
  7. Peacekeeper has better damage track with Critical Strike and easily suit. Witchling Thrall has the same damage track with in-built critical strike. Ice Golem has better damage track and it's not hard for him to do +2 damage. It's not like it's impossible to achieve that damage.
  8. Well, when I play I use to have more or less the same luck than my opponent, so if he discards one card per Desperate Mercenary to use the Rapid Fire, he's playing with three cards in hand,, making 11 shots with stat 5 versus az crew with mostly defense 5, some 6 some 4, plus armor, middle of the storm, healing etc... And if I play with 7 cards due to Arcane Reservoir then all those 11 shots are not gonna hit, are gonna be reduced and you know, I've played with Viks in M3E and they no more obliterate any beater in the game, so it's like anything of December gone ritght and anything of Outcats failed with stat 5. Quite impressive.
  9. Well, Rasputina can shoot from 21", so she's nlt out ranged by any model in the opponent's crew. Se also has Onslaught, so she only need 1 action to place a pair of ice pillars and another one to kill one desperate merc, so she still can keep shooting and kill a second one. Not forgetting than your opponent plays with 3 cards in hand for the outstanding extra shoots from Desperate Mercs... Or maybe just two and keeps another card for the Viks's chain activation? And the rest of Rasputina's crew should be doing something. Sounds like a weird game to me, sorry.
  10. Well, you need to invest for another 10ss model (a good model, indeed, but it's 20ss both models) and keep them near, two actions, an ss and 1 wound. It's not difficult, but also is not cheap.
  11. And you let Rasputina inbLoS of his whole crew? Don't looks like a serious game. So your opponent was "not dumb enough" to place his models together, but find like 7 separate places in range and LoS of Rasputina (who doesn't need LoS). You must admit it sounds weird.
  12. Then may I ask how has played a shotty master who don't need direct LoS to her targets an can one-shot half of the opposite crew to be catched by Mv 4 minions? All this while the rest of her crew waa doing almost nothing but to die.
  13. The boots are for gaining to damage the charge attack, not for leaping.
  14. Zebo

    Desperate Mercenaries

    Well, now they are better balanced, who wouldn't discard a card to take a stat 5 weak 1 ? They're still too good, their attack should be lowered to stat4 and their cost should be increased to 5ss. Anyway no one is gonna hire them 🤷
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