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  1. Zebo

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    I know this is not the place for this question, but it's about Leveticus's fluff and I don't think it worth to open a new thread only for this. There's any reason Fluff-wise about Leveticus not being Resurrectionist?
  2. Zebo

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    Arcanist are not the Syndicate. They are a secret society that uses the MS&U to accomplish their goals (the leader of Arcanists and the MS&U is the same man). The Arcanists are capable of plant bombs on a mine and kill the workers only to blame the Guild and gain support (for the MS&U) of the public. Sorry, for me use tacticts like plant bombs to influence te people are terrorists's tactics.
  3. Zebo

    What I hope 3rd Ed WON'T be.

    I really don't mind at all to have the same ability/action many times with different models. What I would hate is for example having Von Schill with Augmented Jump changed to Small Wings because that was the decided name for the ability.
  4. Zebo

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    All factions in Malifaux are absolutely Ruthless and search their own goals. One way or another, but don't get confused. Arcanists are exactly what Guild sais they are. A group of terrorists that only pursues the power and the control of Soulstones's traffic through the breach. They use the syndicate to accomplish their goals, and sacrifices the workers if it gives them any kind of advantage. Almost exactly the same than Ten Thunders. The Guild can be an oppressive authority, but also represent the order and protects te most of the humanity on Malifaux.
  5. Zebo

    Thoughts about M3E

    What do you feel about what we know about the Outcast in M3E? First, I’m not happy with the lose of Misaki, I really liked her ninja theme, and she was being my next master. I don’t care if she was better in TT, or if we had better options to make her work in Outcast. I play my crews because I like them, regardless of their “overpowerity”. LEVETICUS I like his playstyle in M2E. With good hand and/or resources he can launch a lot of damage, even after the nerf. He’s immortal. He can be anywhere you need. He can summon. And he can hire a large pool of models out of faction. Now, he keeps respawning from Hollow Waifs and can put a lot of irreductible damage, but his mobility has gone. Now he has more health (unuseful in actual gamestyle) and we know nothing about his summoning and the miniature pool. He has new tricks like moving wounds between allies and stack the top of the deck (sorry, english is not my idiom and don’t understand what that stack means). His crew shares abilities to hurt enemies in their activations. It would be great if Unmade didn’t trigger when you win, seeing the low df the crew has. Also Intrigued with his “natural” pool. Rusty Alyce, Marlena Webster, Ashes & Dust, Desolation Engine and Abominations feel a bit limited. Maybe Killjoy? Some out-of-faction like Necropunks and the Students? PARKER BARROWS A pure scheme manipulator, Parker Barrows has himself average damage output and toughness, while can buff his mates or generate cards and soulstones. Tricky to dominate, but funny to play. It seems that all keeps almost the same. If he can steal the enemy’s resources instead of generate his own, it would be better. Probably the solid damage is the same he does now. Not sold on the crew’s ability to shoot when charging, not very sure of gunslingers charging to close combat to shoot their pistols, almost better to keep distances (and the run and gun action from Bandits was great). In his crew are included Mad Dog, Benny Wolcomb, the Wokou Raiders, the Dead Outlaws, Bandidos and Sue (although I would like more to see Sue as Versatile, but easily could have both Mercenary and Bandit traits). I can see also Big Jake, Convict Gunslingers and Desperate Mercs in theme with outlaws and cowboys (and redskins). VON SCHILL Well this is difficult to me. I’ve been playing him for a long time. Always VS with the Freikorps. And have realized his strenghts and weaknesses. First I think the whole Freikorps crew was created to be like a counter. High damage? I have armor. Nukes? Freikorps suit. Dependant of poison? The Steamtrunk take it off. Fire, maybe? The Steamtrunk turns it off. Summoner? Both the steamtrunk and the Specialist can clear corpse and scrap markers. Not great weaknesses to exploit, also not great strenghts. Before the wave 5, the freikorps had a little bit of many things. We had Trappers to shoot from far away, the Specialist for nukes and fire, Lazarus like a tough ranged tank, the Librarian with Ca attacks and healing, the Strongarm for close combat tanking, the Freikorpsmann like a “cheap” jack of all trades and Von Schill going and doing where and what his crew needed him. The Freikorpsmann were not good at anything for 5ss, the Specialist was also disappointing for being slow, weak and short ranged, they were very resource intensive and hadn’t any card draw form, and the game was moving to activation control, movement tricks that they hadn’t and also couldn’t deny. And the summoners now had quite easy ways to get corpse/scrap markers. But with the wave 5 the things had changed a lot. The Engineer gave card drawing, a lot of surveillance an even more damage output. The new upgrades made the whole crew more ap efficient, but he best for me was that suddenly they have a way to face the pushes/places/summons in a bubble of 6” around Von Schill. Now, it’s like this has changed. Von Schill keeps being a good warrior, but now he gives items to his crew. Not sure how it’s gonna work until I see it, but i’d like to keep punching/placing people around him and shooting anyone pushing or placing near him. It seems that not special ability for Freikorps (out of their gear). These crew is easy to imagine. Hannah, Anna Lovelace, Strongarm, Lazarus, Specialist, Librarian, Trapper, Engineer and Freikorpsmann make a enough pool of troops. VIKTORIAS Well, those two where the Alpha Strike Glass Cannon Masters (allright, Master and Henchwoman) almost all their game was focused on Ashes slingshooting Blood like a nuke missile, Blood Killing everything in range and then dying or maybe charging any other place to keep killing. I really liked the new tricks from the wave 5. Specially the turn-minions-into-sister upgrade, that turned Ashes in a little bit more support and less sling master. We know little about the new Viktorias, only that now they share profiles. It’s logical to expect that the style of killy glass cannon keep being the same. The crew’s ability sound like al the crew can push 4” when somebody kills an enemy, so a very mobile crew (will the Viks keep their Whirlwind trigger? Could they trigger it and start a pushing way of destruction?) Their pool… Vanessa, Ronin, probably Taelor… The usual mercs? Johan, Hans, Bishop, Convict Gunslingers, Desperate Mercs, maybe Big Jake and/or Sue HAMELIN Still not played him, but I understand you have basically two strategies, spread and exploit the Blight, and summon an horde of rats. He was THE summoner of the Outcast. Now, that’s gone. Or at least that seems. He’s focused on the Blight mechanic, and nothing said about rat engine. Not sure if this is good, or even if nothing is said about rat engine because it’s not Hamelin’s thing, but rat and king and obedient, and still exists. About crew pool, Nyx, Benny Wolcomb, Obedient Wretch, Rat Catchers, Rat Kings, The Flying Plague and Rats. Maybe other Childs, like Malifaux Child, Baby Kade, Candy, Iggy, and Crooligans. TARA Also don’t played, I know she has her tricks burying models and delivering beast. But not sure about her playstyle. It seems that keeps burying people as primary tactic, but also is now the summoner of the faction (if rat engine is gone)... Fine with that, summoning her little beasts seems logical to me, and the mechanic of Tara giving fast to the enemies to end it and unbury her summons could be interesting. Her crew is the Nothing Beast, Scion of the Void, Talos and Void Wretches… A little bit limited. Maybe Killjoy, Dead Marshalls or Guild Autopsies, but still feels like too few options. JACK DAW Other never played crew here. I know that Jack himself can put curses on his enemies, debuffing them and causing damage, but don’t know what his crew’s playstyle is. The new Jack Daw… well, also an strange mechanic that switches his curses with card manipulation, drawing and discarding cards for different purposes. His model pool seems a little bit short, with Montresor, the Crossroad seven (maybe), Dead Outlaws, and The guilty. ¿Maybe Nurses, Papá Loco, Serena Bowman, Jaakuna Ubume, the Hanged, the Drowned and Crooked man? ZIPP Never played or faced, or interested. I think it’s like a superfast mobile hitter that can debuff enemies, don’t know. What I know is that I liked more the ninja crew. In the other hand, not sure what to expect with some outcast models that doesn't fill in any gap. Where do you think are gonna go Aionus, Ama no Zako, Carver, Killjoy, The Midnight Stalker or Prospectors?
  6. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    In fact, the reallity of the game should be 5 x 10ss models + master (6) versus 2 x 10ss models + 7 x 4ss models plus master (10) In the first turn the 10ss crew does nothing, because of no targets in range, an when they finish then the 10ss models of the big crew can easily make a alpha strike and kill at least 1 enemy model. Second turn starts with a crew with 4 x 10ss models and a master versus a crew with full potential and twice activations. Depending of the situation, the game can be already lost or only quite difficult for the elite crew.
  7. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    No, out-activation has been a big problem for a long time. The small elite crews were unplayable versus big crews. OA has been the way to win for years, and I'm really glad to see this is changing.
  8. Zebo

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    How can Marcus have Df8?
  9. But you're comparing current masters with upgrades versus future masters without knowing anything about future upgrades. What if Marcus keep the actual Trial of Gods upgrade? Looking only the base stats, they're not so different.
  10. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    You may be right, but I'm understanding that each faction could have 3-4 versatile models, and this could lend to many clone lists. For example in Outcast I would like both Hodgepodge, 3-4 actual mercs (Bishop/Taelor/Sue/The Midnight Stalker/Hans/Johan/Big Jake), Killjoy and maybe Convict Gunslingers/Prospectors/Desperate Mercs to be versatile, a list of maybe 8+- profiles that can be added to any Outcast crew without penalty. I mean, a good group of profiles to go out of theme without entering in other's crews stuff.
  11. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm used to play versus a oponent that likes to stone for cards every turn, and use to be more lucky than me. That means usually 3/4 severes on hand. I see this change like I'm not gonna play first never and I don't like. The Peon + Insignifficant... There where actions that could turn minis in Insignificant for a turn, I understand to keep the two separate. Let's see how it goes now.
  12. Zebo

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I like very much the Idea of non-keyword penalty. I really hate the idea of Allstar crews, with always the better cheap scheme-runners, the most killy-efficient enforcer, the most buffing and versatile henchman... And different Master each time. Now you'll have to play your Master's crew, with maybe a pair of out of crew allies. This could be the form of returning to 2ss Stuffed Piglets.
  13. Zebo

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I would like to know from the people that gone to Gencon and saw the game... Minis keep taking 2 actions and master/leader 3? Only 1 ⚡ action per activation, or each ⚡ action can be done only once per activation, but you can do every ⚡ you have once?
  14. Zebo

    Who are our best masters vs each faction?

    What problem gives the Doppleganger to Tara?