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  1. Then Rami would keep being better and cheaper.
  2. He now can "easily" Get a 4/5/7 damage track for 1 card and many considers him sub-par (myself too), not sure if that +1 on moderates makes Seamus jealous. Simply was thinking about Hans being able to take one shoot each turn with the extra range and the positive flip by focus. Is a 8ss model slow, soft with no melee attack nor way to run away from engagement, his only role is to shoot. Maybe for 8ss should be a lot better shooting than a 6ss gremlin who gains shielded, can push out of combat, may ignore armor and repeat shoots.
  3. Yes, Hans feels like he needs somr help. I would change his gun to the same than Von Schills (+1 damage to moderate), would change Reference the Field Guide for Risky Maneuver and would five him Adaptive.
  4. Yes, but Betrayal is really the only thing she has. She's quite fragile, her attacks are weak... I feel like she could have some little boost. I can only compare with the other totem with Betrayal (The Scribe) and is so more tough and useful...
  5. As Outcast player, agree with Mourners becoming Tormented. Really, I've been thinking about why Lady Ligeia doesn't have Weeping Widow, it's like she needs something and that would help the crew a lot.
  6. I've been planning to give a try to one Guilty+Wanted Criminal and one Dead Outlaw+Wanted Criminal in a Parker Crew. It's easy 3-5 cards in a single activation, plus all the SS. Some kind of healing would be needed for the Guilty, although.
  7. For which was this combination done? You drawed cards from the Scout Killing, or was for the This Will Fetch a High Price?
  8. Mm not sure if in that case would be both. I mean, the Guilty could be enemy for the Dead Outlaw, but the Dead Outlaw is, in fact, friendly for the Guilty, who is the one who must relent, and there's no rule for the guilty to treat friendlies as enemies. I understand blasts could be a thing.
  9. Add Wanted Criminal on the Guilty and that would mean 3 cards. And a second Wanted Criminal on the Dead Outlaw ans draw 5 cards.
  10. The sad side of this is that Good for a Laugh is not enemy only, so it would be an awesome source of cards to have the Malisaurus hitting your own models in the first turn. Maybe too good for an action supposed to be just a fun addition.
  11. How draw cards the youngs?
  12. Well, I'm gonna take in consideration only the Stunned condition, since it's the only source of Misery in common. I may be the only in this thought, but I think Stunned by itself it's enough punishment for 1 action.
  13. Sorry, but can't but disagree with the idea of Misery being stackable. 6" Is in fact a very long range for a effect that affects enemies and is passive and damaging. Entropy is half the range and not once per activation, but once per turn (unless some model manages to activate twice in a turn), and nobody is asking to make it stackable. Even more, Misery can be quite annoying denying the enemy to score, pushing the model with lodestone away of strategy markers, the Hidden Martyr away from engagement, etc... Or also pushing enemy models out of their own bubbles. If there's some problem with cheap Woe monions not being worth enough, maybe they should try to improve them, but not to directly change the whole crew special rule and make it so broken. Because yes, I think it would be broken to allow Misery to stack.
  14. Yes, because Woes don't have things like Stat 7 Lures, or 6" Auras.
  15. Mmm When you say that Misery should stack, you mean that you think that a model gaining Stunned near 4 woes should suffer 4 wounds by the face?
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