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  1. Thank you wyrd noob! I was playing it right in my confusion. Now I will be able to obliterate my enemies while they are bury 😄👌
  2. Hi every Wyrdos that gonna help! It should be an easy answer but I'm not sure on who is "in charge" of unburying the target after being bury by the glimpse the void trigger. I'm not sure on "at the start of it's activation, Unbury it within 1" of an enemy model". So If I'm the Tara player and I manage to bury someone at the model's activation I will unbury it within 1" of an ennemy model of that target. For example, Tara is able to bury Lady J (Sry wet dream), At Lady J's activation I will unbury it within 1" of who.....?????? 1- one of my models??? 2- a friendly model of Lady J (The Judge for example) I know it's maybe unclear like I wrote it but I don't know how to explain it in an other way 😕 Someone know where I can get or print the soulstone sword of Tara I broke it and lost it XD
  3. Holly Wyrdos I'm feeling bad now at least now I can adjust for my future games. And maybe see less triggers since you only got one suit. But ty so much for correcting me!
  4. Hi Wyrdos!! 😁 Me and my friends have played like this since M2E, but recently have been asked a question about triggers. So there it is "how can I have +2 dmg on critical strike or +2 poison on infect on minions since they don't always have the built in triggers?" Maybe I'm not understanding it right but there was my answer : with fate modifier (+ or - flip) you will have multiple card in the action's final duel. Wich possibly add a new suit in the duel so it is possible to have a +2 dmg on critical strike or infect that way. For exemple if a flesh construct use a melee action and for X reason he have a - flip on the attack and he's declaring a trigger (infect wich give poison +x where x is the number of crow in the action's final duel total). Now I have 2 card in the final duel (wich are crows for the situation) so I take the lowest cause of the - flip but the other suit is still there in the "action final duel total". So after the other model receive +2 poison cause of that. Or am I obligate to choose the suit of the card final duel and only that one? It is my interpretation of the rule so correct me if we are wrong 🤓
  5. Sorry If I'm not in the good section but does anyone knows when I will be able to purchase the rulebook, faction pack, fate deck... cause I'm searching and I'm not finding it. I know that we can download them for free but I want them physically 😕 I wanna buy some Wyrd stuff for M3E but I can't find them help me pls.
  6. Hello guys just searching for a precision on the "charge" action. So me and my friend were playing and I declared a charge with Tealor to be able to utilise the bonus 2" from her ability "Rush". My friend didn't think I had the right to do this (like in M2E) but nowhere in the new rulebook I'm reading that I need a LOS or declaring a model so: 1-Am I right to do that without declaring any other model (friendly or ennemy)? 2- When declaring the charge action, do I need to push the model in a straight line trought the other models or I can decide wich way I want My charge to go? If not How the ability "run and gun" from the bandit keywords works? With Bandit can I Charge away from a model to be able to shoot and reposition my self in a better place? Thanks in advance From I little bit confuse Wyrdos
  7. Thx I'm gonna try this to do you have any more advice on the way to successfully complete the unbury?
  8. So they can stay Buried many turns without unbury if I can't put a fast condition on ennemy models? Thats interesting and cool at the same time cause a double void wretches summon from Tara can be a "monster reserve" untils fast can be put on the ennemy to unbury them! 😮
  9. Hi Wyrdos! 😃 I wanna try Tara Blake (cause she was my second favorite master in 2nd after Kirai) but I've have some quastions about some rules. 1- The ability "From the void" allow to summon but they are buried and they unbury with ennemy with fast, so if there is no fast condition on the ennemy team does they just stay buried or like in the rulebook mention, "if they cannot be placed the owners put them in the deployment zone"? 2- Does the trigger "Glimpse the Void" (that every Obliteration keywords have) can make multiple models to be bury? By the same model (two different attack on two models) or by multiple bury by multiple models that triggers "Glimpse the Void"? 3- They unbury at the starts of their activation so can they make actions after the model is place on the table? I really like on paper how the Keyword seems to work but I need to test it now so TY all for you're Wyrd answers (sry about that joke)!
  10. Well thank you for the quick answers! I will check this when im gonna be at home tonight. 😃
  11. Hello everyone, I want to know how the bury/unbury mechanics, because I want to start a Tara crew (with a lot of bury).so here fews of my questions: 1- how many friendly and enemy model can I bury? Is it one per crew or 1 for each model who can bury? 2- does multiple death Marshall means multiple bury with their pine box? If the answer is yes is it the same with other models? 3- is waiting for a model to be kill is the only way to bring back buried model? I know Tara can with some ability bury I wanna know if I have other option? 4- Does bury removes conditions such like poison or burning? If you have any other precision on the rule feel free to put it in there! Thanks to all the wyrdo whos gonna answer me. It's very appreciated 😃
  12. He own every master and practicly every mini of the neverborn
  13. Well first of all thanks for all the answer, I was not expecting answer that quickly 😀 But yeah we are playing 50ss each game and he's playing as the neverborn. We are changing master regurally since we have the models, but I love summoners. Thanks for the advice of switching the faction so he can see what it is! And I gonna talk with him about how he play the strategy and decide schemes.
  14. Hi, I just want some information about how to summon with the resurrectionist. I want to know how does summoning works because at this time I'm generally able to summon a Shikome or The hanged once in a turn with Kirai. Foremore with the summoning of Ikyrio and the summon of gaki once in a while with Datsue Bae, my opponent don't even want to play against me because they say it's to easy to summon as a resurrectionist so it make the game unbalanced. So if someone can answer me on these questions it would be great: 1- As Kirai, how to summon and can I summon more then once in a turn since it's a (1) action? 2-Is their any erata or modification on Kirai' s card to balance her (cause my opponents always telling that she is broken)? 3- If I sacrifice Ikyrio and if a friendly living or undead model suffers damage during the same turn can I re-summon Ikyrio with the Malevolence ability? If so, does Ikyrio can activate and use one attack and re-sacrifice her-self with her second (1) action? 4- Does summoning as a resurectionist demand a soulstone cost from the in game-cache to successfuly summon it? 5- How can you manage to win vs a crew that have to potential to summon for around 8 soulstones per turn? (even if the model is half-wounded on summon) Thank you for the answer in advance! ***sorry if I have mistake in my text***
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