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  1. Hey guys a quick one I was wondering about : Can I drop a shockwave marker even if there is no model in the range of that shockwave? Like Misaki shockwave to then be able tu put a shadow marker with the trigger. thank you in advance!
  2. @Jordon if you check the emissary in the app you can have old avatar as the emissary so if you manage to find one you can play it as the emissary!
  3. @KevinGillett sorry for late answer but can you show me 1 or 2 crews for those tournament? I would really appreciate it 🤓
  4. So I've got a problem with the app yesterday while I was trying to check my crew and start a network game. My app in the section crew or games (in progress completed or setup) was on a red background with : bad state : no element written in yellow for each game /crew I have. I don't know why but I can't put my screenshot in the post but I have it if someone need it.
  5. @Adran So if a model have some condition, does it lose its conditions or he keep it?
  6. Hi I was thinking of a Jack Daw crew for reckoning but I've come up with those question: How demise eternal counts forntheburpose of killing? Like in reckoning does it still count as been killed and after he heal so he is giving pts for reckonning? Or heals 4 when he is killed so doesn't count in reckonning? Dry if I miss where it was written in the rulebook
  7. Wow Ty so much! Happy to see that we were doing it the right way
  8. Hi guys once again I have some questions! 1- Can I take a Tactical action while engaged? 2- Can I target myself with a tactical action? If not with which action can I? 3- Can (Wong Fzzzzzzap for instance) two shockwave marker generated by the same action can be overlapped? 4- After using a first action with a model with fast (2actions remaining) this models gains slow (because of the pigapult throw that model throught an obey action) what happen next? No action remaining cause of slow?
  9. Then if an opposing model do and attack to jaakuna does it suffer 2 dmg (1 for vengeance and 1 for hazardous) or those dmg are separated? Asking this cause this can change a lot versus armored model or shielded one. Dry if I didn't start a new post but I was thinking it was a good place.
  10. Hi Wyrdos! I'll go straight to the point: 1- I'm a little confused by when declaring triggers because in the example at the p.11 of the PDF rulebook only declaring triggers after cheating (no trigger was declare in this case). Does that means that when I'm revealing my final duel total and my suit I'm not obligated to declared my onslaught trigger for instance? At the moment, I am declaring triggers when I reveal my final duel total before cheating because I think that it may influence my opponent to cheat or not the actions. Am I doing it right or am I just to "friendly" to my opponents. 2- I'm shooting to a size 2 model (smiley) within 1" of a size 1 of a brick wall with a size 2 model. (Devil) 🥺 🧱. 😈 Does the smiley have cover? (Yes right?) What happen if the the smiley is 6" away from the wall but the wall is still between them? 3- Can a model gain cover from another model friendly or not? A size 3 model behind a size 2. 4- Do I see a size 2 model with a size 2 model if there is a size 2 model perfectly align between them (friendly and ennemy)? Do they have cover? Thank you so much for the answer I know it's a long post set about that.
  11. I know that Malifaux should be adaptive and..... But I wanna know what is your typical turn 1 and 2 because I tend to be playing them like M2E and honestly I don't have great success with them. I like the model and the keyword as a whole but I can't get it on the board I need a little help cause it's been 3 games that I lose with them. My typical crew is Viks x2 w/ servants of dark powers Tealor Vanessa Ronin x2 Student Midnight stalker Ty in advance from a fellow mercenary Wyrdos!
  12. Hi wyrdos! I wanna know how can I advantage of the frenzied charge because we can't charge from an engagement? I wanna know it because I use kentauroi and goryo who both have that ability. In the same way, can the stampede abilities from the kentauroi be use more than once by turn double by frenzied charge. I have some doubt that the answer of the frenzied charge will answer the stampede one but I wanna know if not Ty in advance 😁
  13. Hey Wyrdos! I was wandering how this is working? Am I going to a local store ordering from them to have access to the alt and other things or I need to buy it on the Wyrd website?
  14. Thanks for you all! Sry I was thinking I was in the rule forum 😅 my bad but thanks
  15. Hi guys hope you're doing well! I have some rule questions for you 🤓 1) Does armor reduce the damage from blast marker, blood poisoning, conditions,.... Me and my friend are confuse about that so. 2) when taking the obey actions do the controlled model have to do the terrifying test throught the obey ( Am I clear?). I'm thinking that he is but need some precision. 3) If I summon a mindless zombie on a mindless zombie (due to abilities) the new mindless zombie is able to activate right? 4) how to deal with Hinamastue with butterflie jump? I starting to think that she is op. Thanks in advance! 😃
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