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  1. What do you guys think of Jakuuna? She seems like a good model with stat7 Lure and Hazardous especially with the healing support a Urami Crew can bring. Opinions?
  2. Wow, totally missed that, nice catch. If he can damage himself I'm more than happy with it 😊
  3. I like that Manos got the choose a suit thing to make him more flexible and not that SS intensive to get his Triggers. But.... I don't like the range on the ability. I thought of Manos as an Assassin, who by himself hunts down the enemy Scheme Runners and Support Models. And now I always have to make sure I've got one of my Models near him to fully utilize him, which kind of hurts his mobility because most mosels aren't as fast as he is.... The only Model which kinda keeps up with him is Yin, and while I like the fact these 2 can hurt each other to get benefits/interacts and then siphon the health of their foes I'm really not in favor of having to tag team those 2 together to get most benefits out of them. I don't know... I like the direction they are going, but I still think Tools for the Job would suit him more.
  4. I'd love for Manos to get Tools for the Job like Nurses: Tools for the Job: At the start of this model's Activation, it may draw the top card of its Discard Pile, then discard a card. Until the End Phase, this model may add the suit of the discarded card to its final duel totals. Would make his Triggers/Leap more reliable without making him OP I think. If it's too strong cut his Leap-Trigger. I think Yins Bonus Action doesnt fit the Model. Design and flavor wise. But I don't have a good idea how to change it.
  5. Except I think they can't, since poison damage cannot be reduced if I remember correctly. Don't have the book at hand right now, so not 100% sure.
  6. Hey guys! I have a question regarding the Evasive Skill of the Steam Arachnids in realtion to Mollys "The Ones Left Behind". Am I right in the assumption, that the damage part of "The Ones Left Behind" is not caused by the effect but rather by the TN 15 WP duel, which means the Steam Arachnid can get damaged by "The Ones Left Behind"? Same case with the Punk Zombies "Slice & Dice"? Or is this false and the damage is part of the and the Steam Arachnid is immune to it? Thanks for the help.
  7. Sounds awesome since Worms is just a 1 hour drive I'm assuming it will be GG2017? Really looking forward to it
  8. Those Bases are just.... wow! I'm loving them. Can't wait seeing them painted
  9. Basically what Anaxiamander said. Nico and Molly will be your best bet here. Although I can see the Student of Sinew work decently with McMourning. You'd have to run them both as a "hunting pack". Give McM the Moonlighting Upgrade which turns enemies into Undead and see the Student chopping with :+fate and Terrifying. Not the best synergy, but it is one. Val is a pretty nice mobile Melee Hench which doesnt have too many synergies with the Masters but can instead do stuff on her own. Let some Belles get an enemy out of position and the Val mobs up the isolated target. Hope I could help.
  10. If you want to summon a Rogue Necro I recommend taking the "Spare Parts" Upgrade out of Wave 2. It lets you summon Guild Autopsies or the RN with full health (although you'll need 4 CCs for the RN). You should really try to get a Hanged up for your Games. (1)Whispers from Beyond is so good against Nekima, she wont heal anything back up when hit by it unless your opponent has something to strip Conditions from models. Furthermore their Terror shennanigans should do wonders against the low WP Lilith. Although situational dont forget about Nicos Embrace Death which makes your summoning way easier (although it'll cost you your precious CCs). Can you write up your lists and the list of your opponent for us? Hope I could help a little.
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