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  1. Yeah, O played the game yesterday with the old version of Archie as GG1 dropped like three hours before. As soon as I read the new card on the way home I was very sad. For me at least he'll play as i 've used him for the past two games, but I can see how his mobilty is really going to impact his versatility.
  2. So I thought I'd catalogue my (slow) expansion from Guild to Ressers. Having played Guild in M2E I jumped in for the nightmare Molly crew and have already gotten enough models to put together a Seamus crew also. So I though I'd use this thread to go over my games and collect my thoughts. So, let's start off my with first game, which was actually a while ago, so memory will fail me quite a lot. I was facing a guy playing Misaki. I know him quite well from Malifaux and other games, and know he's a capable player and, worse for me, has only played Misaki in M3E, so he knew his crew inside and out. I can't remember hescheme pool, but it was a standard deployment Turf War. he took Deliver a Message and the one where you have to drop scheme markers in the corners, I took Deliver a Message and something I never acheived and can't remember. My crew was: Molly Mariner Rogue necromancy Archie Carrion Emirssary Forgotten Marshallw/Whisper 2 x Croolings 4 ss He took: Misaki Shang Ototo Dawn Serpent Samurai Tanuki Torokage Some chicken guy. I can't remember how many SS.... could have been none. This was very much a learning game for me, and I lost comprehensively (plus he's a good player). I made a big mistake beforehand misunderstanding Molly's ability to have minions activate twice, which lead to a less than stellar deployment choice, which was made worse by the scenery crowing the centre point, which became more crowded as Archie, the Emissary and Ototo all charged in and th Emissary started dropping 50mm markers everywhere. The lessons I took from this was not to try and be cute and send the Rogue Nec on a wide flanking manouvre against an enemy who can just flit away. Had I swapped Archie for RN I could ahve used his Leap to jump over scenery and actually box his beaters in. Another lesson. Also, this was the firs game I had actual scheme runner (I came from Guild, remember?) and i fumbled them a little bit, not exactly sure how ot use them. Also, I fell in love with the Skellywags when one walked through a Torokage like it wasn't even there. Man of the match went to one my my summoned Mindless Zombies, who managed to kill the Samurai with two red joker damage flips in the same round. He has been named Jeff in honour of his acheivement. Another lesson, learnt after the fact, was the two Mindless Zombies Archie threw should have remianed on their feet and carried on killing after being being thrown. I played it as if they were removed from play, although that wouldn't have made any real difference ot the game. OK, game two: Last night I played against a Outcast player bring the Viks. I played the same list as above, and he brought (from memory): Viks x 2 Big Jake Raelor Ronin Desperate Mercanary ... several others, mostly henchmen. Pics are below so feel free to fill in the blanks. And 6ss It was a wedge deployment Turf War, I took Leylines and Dig their graves, my opponent took Leylines and Deliver a message. This game was much more straight forward for me now I knew what each model coudl do. It descended very quickly to a scrum in the middle of the board. I had a big scare in T2 when both the Emissary was taken down to no loss to the Viks, with Archie going down not long after. The Rogue Nec went also in T3. However, in that scrum I found the useless of a wall of Terrfying. He lost perhaps half of the Terrifying flips, and cheated about of those he lost, putting himona real back foot. It became a real bloodfest in the middle (pick below with all the corpse markers), which I hoped for as he foucsed so much on my big guys the Crooligans ran merrily around, By Your Siding like no business, to drop scheme markers for leylines, adn the Forgotten Marshall Brinnging in a steady supply of Skellywags to replace my steadily dying beaters in the centre, one of which took down a Vik on his own in one turn thanks to Flurry, free focus and Molly making him activate a sceond time. The game ended as a 4-2 victory for me, me scoring twice on leylines, once on Deliver and once on the strat, and my opponant scoring twice on the strat. On turn 3 it could have gone either way. What swung it for me was the Mariner, red Jokering a healing flip on the Rogue Nec, taking him from 1 wound to 7 and forcing another round of beating to take it down, and also having Cealess Advance on T3, allowing him to push, hit someone, and killing them with the Poison Trigger, flipping one Strat Marker before scoring and forcing my opponent to run back and re-flip it. Thinking back, it was the Mariner's RJ healing flip, the massed Terrifying, and the Mrshall's steady summoning which really won it for me. I'm fairy happy with this crew set up and think it's fairly flexible, however I'm keen to give McMourning a go as a second master, dropping the Emissary and.... something else. I'm not sure what I coudldropa croolingn and some SS, or I could drop the Marshall, although his summoning is very useful. I suppose I decide on the day.
  3. *quietly pushes Guard keyword back into paint queue*
  4. Noooo! This thread has single handedly caused me to pull my Guard crew out to paint and I have so much more to learn!
  5. I like these ideas mostly. I'd like to see the Handler do something a bit more to force amplify the witchlings. And agreed that right now the Stalker is basically useless. It used to be useless *but* a reliable source of burning, now it's not even that unless it dies near something.
  6. Interesting. Can you give us a bit more of a breakdown?
  7. I could imagine that. Ah well, in your write ups here are just as informative. Thanks for them
  8. So, listening to the recent 3rd Floor Wars podcast on Guild (which is apparently all we're talking about right now), Dashe; was brought up as an option for a hire intoa Lucius crew. This lead me to wonder about his viability as a hire into Lucius and Nellie crew, given their card draw abilities, but I'm not smart enough to theory craft or crunch the numbers on this. So, have any of you fine people done this? How did it go, and did Dash make up for his 15 SS cost?
  9. Awesome. If you do get dome finished i know I'd be keen on seeing them. I devoured AM batreps when i played Warmachine.
  10. Best thread on this forum, calling it now. As an aside, are you the same @Gaston who used to play Warmahordes on Advanced Manouvres?
  11. Got a game lined up tonight against a new opponent who's brining Tara. So a player and master I've never played against before. Not knowing anything about Tara I opted to take Sonnia, then read Tara's cards and immediately regretted not bringing Lady J. His crew will be: Tara Karina Aionus Talos Nothing Beast 2 x Void Wretch Ahses and Dust 5ss I'll be bringing: Sonnia / LLC Purfying Flame Sam Undercover Reporter Witchling Handler 2 x Thralls Stalker 4ss It's standard deployment, Corrupted Idols with Leylines, Hold up their forces, Take Pirsoners, Outlfank and Assassinate. Outflank seemed obvious given Idols, so I opted for that, and Assassinate, as I want Tara dead. Reading her cards and listening to the 3rd floor warsd podcast on her, it looks as if Karina should be Target #1 and then either Tara or Aionus. I'm opting for Tara as I don't like facing summoners at the best of times, plus the Assassinate scheme makes it a no brainer. Looking at Aionus' ability to just attack and unbury buried models means I probably won't start with the Undercover Reporter buried, which don't mind as it's surprisingly quick anyway. But other than that and getting Sonnia close enough to blast stuff to far enough away not to get buried I have no idea. Any advice is welcome.
  12. Good ideas and you've obviously put a lot of thought into this. If i can add my own 2p: Sonnia - i like the additonal range idea. Imo in this edition she's missing the additional blast move and it shows. I also agree she needs something more on her def ability. Sam - i disagree here. So far in all my 3e games Sam has been absolute monster. I don't think he needs anything buffed. Thralls - same as with Sam, they're just amazing as is. Stalkers - Definitely on yhe auto burn. At the moment they're in no man's land, role wise,and need something to make them relevant. Counterspell - Probably a good move. I've barely ever had it come up in games, which makes me think it's basically irrelevant as is.
  13. I've heard that too, but what drew me to Molly was the undead pirate crew aesthetic and, not to put too fine a point on it, the Emissary is going to be a giant parrot and having everything fluffy is a big point for me.
  14. OK, game was last night. My opponent took a Misaki crew, as below: Misaki Shang Ototo Dawn Serpent Samurai 2x Torakage The little drunk hamster thing The walking chicken thing No SS In short, I lost. I conceded at the beginning of Turn five as it was 4-2 to my opponent and I couldn't see how I could pull ahead. I went into this game with the mindset that this was a learning experience, so I wasn't disappointedwith the result, and to be honest the biggest hurde I faced was msireading how Constructive Criticism worked. The way i went into the game understanding it was I could cast it on my two Crooligans at the start, then let them both go and activate twice later. Which was no one's fault but my own. Anyway, I set up and had a game plan absed on that, and the moment i realised my mistake my whole deployment was shot. Still, live and learn. My star of the show was actually a summoned Mindless Zombie, who managed to get two Red Joker'd damaged on the Samurai in one turn, killing him with the resulting poison. I shall call him Jeff. But not far behind was a summoned Skellywag, who managed to basically breeze through a Torokage like it wasn't there and then seriously scare Misaki into fleeing to the other side of the board. I was very impressed by Rogue Necromancy, and while Archie went down in Turn Three, it took the combined attention of Ototo, the dawn Serpent and Misaki to do it. However, in return he really didn't do much damage. He did combo well with the summoned Zombies from the Emmisary, which is a rick to remember. In all I think it was a solid list, let down by my aforementioned deployment and misreading the rules, but I also think there was a bit too much overlap between the ROgue Necromancy and the Emmisary. For my next game I would consider dropping the Emmisary down to an Effigy with the upgrade and getting another Crooligan or Skellywag, or potentially swapping it for McMourning or Seamus. I think had I had Seamus instead I would have been in a much better position, havinga solid chance to take out the Tanuki, Shang and the chicken walker dude. 
  15. Damn.... I didn't even connect that those abilites would also work on her shadow markers. Thanks!
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