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  1. He pairs up really well with sonnia. He's never fails to make an impact for me and my regular apponants fear his damage output almost as much as sonnias.
  2. How're you deploying the crooligans? Are you From the Shadows-ing them, or using By You Side?
  3. It's easy to forget but crucial to her and sam doing their thing. Not much can stand up to a thrall/sonnia beat down.
  4. I go witchling heavy. The thralls are scary good and i had one two shot Vin Schill in one game, but they also act as overall damage amplifiers for sonnia and Sam, hokding targets in combat while they blast them with No Love for Witchlings avoiding the negative flips.
  5. I've only played Sonnia since the full release so can't really compare keywords, but i can say the people i play against are urging me to paunt something else because she just blasts things off the table consistently.
  6. You could totally use that. It's feet would overhang the base, but it's not like that would be much of an issue, especiaily given there's no facing n Mlaifaux.
  7. Yes! I am! Michael is! I'll be using the old metal crooligans, painting them up as Lost Boys (of the peter pan variety), Captain Rengrave from Warmachine as thw Forgotten Marshall, and the Warmachine Mercenary Freebooter and Mariner as Archie and the Rogue Necromancy. I can't wait.
  8. Anyone still use the DM boxing maneuvre?
  9. In m2 i found the most dangerous time for LJ was the opening round or two when she had to cross open ground to get her murderising done. I would almost always pine box and DM her up, but I'm wondering how you guys do it in m3?
  10. I don't disagree with much above, but i will add a voice of support for Sameal. He has never not performed for me, and almost always manages to wipe a high cost model from the board.
  11. Cool thanks guys. Does the emissary retain any focus the effigy has when it changes?
  12. Left field question - has anyone had any experience with Shadow Emissary with Misaki? I've just seen the model for the first time and need it in my life.
  13. OK, back. I ended up facing a Nellie crew, featuring: The Press Alison Phiona (with llc) Pale Rider (with llc) Two field reporters Took Take Prisoner and Assassinate, my opponent took breakthrough and Power Ritua IIRC. It ended up going to he end of t5 and a 5-4 loss to me. What swung it was me working off the Rider being the old rules, and I didn't realise it could power up so much quicker now, and on T3 it ran right into the middle of my crew and exploded it's trigger, given Sonnia, Samael, the Peacekeepr, the Thrall and a Stalker Slow, burning 1 and taking two irreducible damage. Even so, I could have swung it back by using the Stalker's remove condition on Sonnia to last nellie, but I took a work hone call which gave me some nasty news, so I was distrcted (in RL) and missed my own set up, letting the Stalker die when I could have cheated to save him. Because of that Sonnia took an extra turn to kill Nellie and the printing press, which meant I couldn't score Prisoner off the Rider as the Press was just within 4", and I had to kill the rider before it could do its blast again, which in turn mean Sameal was still in melee with the Press so he couldn't move and flip a start marker. Stupid phone call. Anyway, still a fun game. At the end of t5 my opponent only had two reporters left ont he table, and one of those was going to die from burning. I'm getting good at murdering with sonnia, I just have to get the scheming down. MVP of the game went to the Purifying Flame, which managed to pin Alison down all game and eventually killed her on his own. The Little Burning Skeleton that Could.
  14. I'm taking this crew again tonight. Sonnia Purifying Flame Sameal Hopkins Wichling Handler 1 x Thralls 2 x Stalkers Peacekeeper 6 SS cache Last time i took it i pasted the Vin Schill crew across the board, but i feel i didn't really get to see what else it could do. Strat is Turf War, schemes are Breakthrough, Take Prisoners, Powr Ritual, Assassinate, and Deliver a Message. I reckon Prisoner and Assassinate will be easiest to score, but i dont know who I'm facing yet. My plan is to guard the centre with Sonnia and the PK and guard my two quarters and pick on one of my opponants to mess with. But we'll see how well that goes.
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