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  1. The birth Malifaux's Yo Mama jokes....
  2. I report back victorious. Just. It was wedge deployment, and both my opponent and I took Breakthrough and Claim Jump. It quickly turned into a scrum in the middle of the table with both Viks in melee with Lady J and the Peacekeeper. It was pretty much a tickle fight in turn two with six attacks going off from boths side and just a few pings of damange. Turn three was a different matter. A red joker saw LJ taken down, followed by one of the Viks, and my opponant managed another red joker in the same turn ona surpsie damage flip from one of his 4point models against the Lone Marshall, taking him down to two wounds before he'd managed to get to their deployment zone fro break through. After that the general scrumminess continued. The star of the show for me was the Domadore, who outputted a tonne of healing, including hitting the viks and blasting out to heal LJ and the Peacekeeper more than once, and I also managed to Pine Box two of the enemy's big beaters, holding one for one turn and the other for two, so I totally changed my mind about how effective that is. At the end of the game My opponant had only one model plus a Vik with two wounds left. One of my DM's Hard to Kill stopped him from being able to drop the last scheme marker for breakthrough, but he did end up with a model in range of the centre point for Claim jump. The end score was four each, me with two for the Strat and two for breakthrough, him with two for the strat and two for Claim Jump, however the model he'sd appointed for claim jump had died and been reborn in turn five and he found out afterwards it counts as a new model, not the same, so he couldn't score the final point, so technically a 3-4 win for me. Lessons - The Domadore is fantastic and I shall always find room for it
  3. I'm running a game of Turf war this evening. I'm taking Lady J, slightly altering a list I took for my last game, which was also turf war. I'll be taking: Lady J Scales Judge Peacekeeper Lone Marshall Domadore 2 x Death Marshalls. In my last game I took 3 DMs and a thrall rather than the Domadore and PK, because I hadn't finished painting the Domadore, and I was facing Molly so took the thrall to ognore all the terrifying. At the moment I have four SSs left over, but I'm considering taking LLC for LJ. I'll be facing the Viks, and I haven't before but I understand they hit hard but have problems with Armour, so I'm wondering if taking that will offset their threat a little. I'll probably decide when I get there.
  4. Seems fine to me. Not in a tournament, but people in my meta are fine woth me using a MAS barrel and Wyrd hat and gun for my Undercover Reporter.
  5. On the other hand, in my last game two unhurt DMs were killed by Molly's totem over three turns.
  6. This is how i played in m2e. I love to fiels the scariest models on the table, and would regularly run lady j and two executioners up the board area i wanted to control and watch people scatter. Mind games are a thing, and they often work.
  7. Well, thank you. I'm glad I popped by this thread. had I known this he would have made a much bigger impact on the last game I played with him.
  8. It seems so obvious now I think about it. Do you have to charge directly towards the model you shoot at?
  9. Hold on - you can charge and shoot across the table?!
  10. He pairs up really well with sonnia. He's never fails to make an impact for me and my regular apponants fear his damage output almost as much as sonnias.
  11. How're you deploying the crooligans? Are you From the Shadows-ing them, or using By You Side?
  12. It's easy to forget but crucial to her and sam doing their thing. Not much can stand up to a thrall/sonnia beat down.
  13. I go witchling heavy. The thralls are scary good and i had one two shot Vin Schill in one game, but they also act as overall damage amplifiers for sonnia and Sam, hokding targets in combat while they blast them with No Love for Witchlings avoiding the negative flips.
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