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  1. What was it that didn't work on the Mate for you? I've liked him a lot in every single game I brought him
  2. Tris

    Starting gremlins

    @Clement You make it sound like 12 cups on Mah helps her mobility? How so?
  3. Unfortunately LLC doesn't help against obey which was covered a lot already
  4. I don't even know what he brings to "support" other models? Are we talking about the heal?
  5. Assuming the armor can't be ignored works, it's still not on your whole crew, it' not there if he has initiative if I remember correctly and he still treats every as which means that the Peacekeeper htw is actually really, really bad (as the Peacekeeper was the model we where talking about)
  6. Until your first encounter with Shenlong - then he's dead in one activation ๐Ÿ˜›
  7. 2 times 2inches per turn from a Pathfinder
  8. Against Shen I thought that the Pale was Dead anyway as Fermented Style makes Short wirk of him and his htw, plus I wanted to keep him farther away than John. But yeah, it's always a though call with the Coats^^
  9. Had a game today with Basse + LLC Bernadette Jonathan + LLC Pale Rider Pathfinder Austringer Effigy + Personal Upgrade Turf War with Wedge I took Outflank and Claim Jump on the Austringer Against Shenlong, who had Assassinate and Claim Jump on a Samurai I managed to deny the first point for his Claimby engaging the Samurai with Pale, and killing him next turn Shenlong minced the rider though in 2 attacks, still worth it. The rest of my crew scored Outflank, no points for CJ as the Austringer was afraid of Shen He did not get a single Assassinate Game ended 5:2 for me, scored 3 Turfs to his 2. It`s sure nice to be able to actually deploy at the turf markers first turn with this crew^^
  10. Can always take a Peacekeeper or the Emissary for 10^^
  11. Could you maybe provide some examples of models you're particulary disappointed with, or new/changed rules? I think that would help the discussion.
  12. What has top heavy got to do with being "good"?^^
  13. So try it then and play some games - in my experience most masters got harder to kill There`s way more changes in this edition than just that, damage tracks and threat ranges mostly went down, and imo Soulstones got better - play the game a bit before stating what`s OP and what`s dead in one activation ^^
  14. Not that the judge is bad now or anything.... Like the change to Family Values, other model is fine and Icm glad you don't have to discard something. Some interesting aura for Nino nd his spotter ability would've been cool ๐Ÿ˜›
  15. Tris

    Playing Sonnia

    I think he might have confused the effects and maybe added the charge in his head (correct me if Iยดm wrong) @wizdom what the @theamazingmrg wanted to say is that Samael can shoot with his first ap, then discard a card for rapid fire to shoot again without spending an ap, applying burning in the process. Then he uses another ap to charge and hit the target he shot at with his to damage against models with burning (if the target is in charge range of course)
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