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  1. Tris

    Playing Sonnia

    I think he might have confused the effects and maybe added the charge in his head (correct me if I´m wrong) @wizdom what the @theamazingmrg wanted to say is that Samael can shoot with his first ap, then discard a card for rapid fire to shoot again without spending an ap, applying burning in the process. Then he uses another ap to charge and hit the target he shot at with his to damage against models with burning (if the target is in charge range of course)
  2. The 4 and 5 rams ability is just soo good, I`ll try everything to be able to use it more often^^
  3. Yeah, it's actually quite exciting again^^
  4. It makes him quite expensive at 13 but I think the ability to save his Fate Tokens is pure gold
  5. They are still on the good side with one prototype per unit ^^
  6. That is very true, some people assume it`s a given to kill several fireteams a turn against an opponent with a far superior hand... But that ties into my advise from the other thread, think we have to play an aggressive game, bad flips/cards won`t save you if you`re holding back because threat ranges are too high, so you might as well charge forwards and bring the fight to them (and please understand, of course I´m not talking about headlong charging without a plan, pick your fights ) This`ll also make it easier to draw cards with the RRC later in the game if you need it then.
  7. Yeah, I think passive play is a big mistake against abby, you have to force decisions off of them, especially considering that those stupid flare guns outrange our stuff and don`t care for LoS or cover.... (also quite good on the Electrocutioners as they don`t need to discard a card, Unathi obeying them even nets them another one...) Like in many games it`s a very thin line for ranged combat here, it`s hard to get the right spot where it`s neither OP nor too weak, think "normal" ranged is quite weak atm in ToS, big reason for that is -2 for cover and common melee threat ranges being 20" or even more.
  8. Shoot them? It´s hard to give good advice on how to deal with them, once they are in Glory you`ll have pressure their game as hard as you can to make teleporting a taxing thing even for abys cards or simply the wrong choice to win the game. I´m still thinking that we need a second book fast and some more errata/faq as two factions seem clearly stronger than their respective counterparts, and some stuff is utterly broken, but until then.... you can also always play the strat to de-glory them or use your Kings Hand, forcing them to put a high card in there to flip the again.
  9. I´ve found that I have noct much script left after 2 Titans, and to be honest, I don`t think that Mehal Safari are really better than our units in that price range. If I´m looking for close combat support I´m okay with Dragoons, Borderers or a Steel Legion (against everyone except Cult that is ). Adding ever more close combat hampers our ability to shoot at important stuff, although I agree that it seems really important to have some melee buffer in any list as shooting get`s quite bad quite fast on a board with normal terrain density. Other unit I´ve used besides the Mechanized Infantry and Steel Legion are the Basothos, just as a filler. They are quite fast but otherwise rather unimpressive, and suffer from the same "no adjuncts for big models" problem our Dragoons do, but they are fast and can tie things up for a turn or two.
  10. Meaning a single list or including a "sideboard" for tournaments? Anyway, for a single list I want to try double Borderers and a Kings Hand with Kassa, maybe it'll be possible to try some more stratagems than in a "normal" one commander game then, as I should have sufficient card draw to not need my tactic tokens for that^^
  11. Thank you, some nice ideas here^^ Think I´ll try a game where I´m going to concentrate on Stratagem use first and foremost, just to get a feeling for them. Kassa should help with my card draw as I won`t use my tactics to draw them.
  12. We are not 100% sure ourselves, but it's an "action generated by an action", so...
  13. I would say no, as it stands "obeys" are an action generating an action, so no "do this again" triggers - same with Kassa and the Kings Hands versatile attacks - pick one and no "do it again"
  14. Thanks for the first answer here, was about to ask if nobody's here anymore^^ (Maybe I shouldn't have hid it here in the KE section though :p) And asset/upgrade wise? Any all takers, secret weapons?
  15. Tris

    Titan Mania

    I get where you are coming from, game needs one or two FAQ more, and an errata to boot to finally run smoothly^^ I would still say she can't command him as the walker is not a Squad, just to be sure though.
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