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  1. Meaning a single list or including a "sideboard" for tournaments? Anyway, for a single list I want to try double Borderers and a Kings Hand with Kassa, maybe it'll be possible to try some more stratagems than in a "normal" one commander game then, as I should have sufficient card draw to not need my tactic tokens for that^^
  2. Thank you, some nice ideas here^^ Think I´ll try a game where I´m going to concentrate on Stratagem use first and foremost, just to get a feeling for them. Kassa should help with my card draw as I won`t use my tactics to draw them.
  3. We are not 100% sure ourselves, but it's an "action generated by an action", so...
  4. I would say no, as it stands "obeys" are an action generating an action, so no "do this again" triggers - same with Kassa and the Kings Hands versatile attacks - pick one and no "do it again"
  5. Thanks for the first answer here, was about to ask if nobody's here anymore^^ (Maybe I shouldn't have hid it here in the KE section though :p) And asset/upgrade wise? Any all takers, secret weapons?
  6. Tris

    Titan Mania

    I get where you are coming from, game needs one or two FAQ more, and an errata to boot to finally run smoothly^^ I would still say she can't command him as the walker is not a Squad, just to be sure though.
  7. Tris

    Titan Mania

    Ok, no toughness is a no go on them 😛 Thrace can't command the Walker robot to fire though.
  8. Tris

    Titan Mania

    @Fenriel How did the Cutter fare against the Rhinos? He has str 5 but grants them a shaken token every time he hits, so they are always able to lower the damage by one... Was Aby able to draw the tomes? Where they equipped with toughness?
  9. Yes, trigger is another Upgrade. But you can flip between back and front as you like if you're declaring the action multiple times
  10. I want to try the Radio Transmitter and Binoculars more, former seems useful for getting some of our juicy triggers off (mostly stuff like plus str, card draw or pinned) the other looks like it could be hard to get off reliably but could help with one of the biggest problems I´ve encountered - closing the gap to the opponent to bring our shooters into the action without exposing them. Any experiences with either one of them? I guess we all have used the Medal of Honour to up our tactics points, I also like it`s trigger, nearly always useful - great upgrade and well worth the price. Never tried the Battlefield Map or the Megaphone, did anyone get to try them and would like to share the experience? Monocle seems pretty meh, but it`s the only upgarde so far for Thrace (besides Toughness of course) - did it ever do anything in your games so far? Stratagems I´ve got less experience so far, still getting used to the balance between drawing cards, scoring and buying them^^ Just think that the Artillery strike looks like something I would never use, just like the unit - I feel like I can sense a theme here....
  11. So, pretty much what the title says - I´m curious about what stratagems you like to play as well as which upgrades you like to take on your commander. Would be awesome if you could also provide some sort of tactica like when and against whom you like to take what and why - think this could be a pretty ineteresting thread ^^
  12. Questionable to get all 3 in range and a good hand to have enough impact - field intel have sh 5 and accurate is not built in.
  13. Ok, we got our stuff here in Austria, usually it`s the month after it`s out in the US but that was always the case, as I suppose they start shipping on the official release date, not before.
  14. What's the models you're talking about? Don't have the connection between month/model in my head
  15. But it nowhere does it say it may use the allegiance ability without the penalty
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