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  1. How did it go? What about the Diesel-Hunters you were sceptical about?
  2. And a hell lot easier than what you thought it seems?
  3. I think because the marker just has to be in 3" to the models who have to be in 3" to the centerline edge/corner - it actually could even be more than 7" if you use every millimeter, depending on base sizes.
  4. Thanks for the insight, it was definitely an interesting game^^ Do you like Bete mainly for her corpse denial or would you consider her in other match ups as well? I guess she'll also shine in scheme marker heavy pools?
  5. That game was a blast to watch, wish that I would have seen it a few days ago, it reminded me a lot of my recent Seamus vs Marcus game^^ Would you be so kind and be able to talk a little bit more about your thoughts going in the game against Nekima? Why did you you pick the models you had in there, especially Bete?
  6. She can now start and try to tarpit a lot of different models which she wasn't able to do before - even with less actual health. I liked her very much in the game I had her so far after the errrata and will run her more often in the future.
  7. Ah I see, very interesting, and now I get why you guys expected an errata on that. Thank you for the fast reply. I had a vague thought about that you have to be able to resolve the whole action though?
  8. Sorry to have to ask, but what is this Bete thing you guys are referring to?
  9. Ooooooh, I forgot about him, so a Slop Hauler, got it^^
  10. @ShinChan For your CAB Who's Ross Jebsen?
  11. I really like her for Reckoning and Turf, she's super versatile with her upgrades and has some super solid models in her keyword, as well as a tool for everything (maybe except healing). Love to play her ^^
  12. Tris


    How did it get to 22 def if it loses injured at the end of the round? What happened there? Oo
  13. I'll come back to Guild when the feeling that I know what a model did in 2e doesn't hamper my m3e games anymore 😛 Third edition seemed like the perfect excuse to go back to Gremlins and try something new, but threads like this urge me to come back to hopefully "prove" that you can do well with the faction. Also want to thank you guys for keeping the forum section alive with discussion Unreleased models are a big problem (Dashels and Lucius Box /Keyword Models mainly) but other than that it sounds a lot like the threads back in second about the lacking competetiveness of Guild. Looking forward to playing them again soon ^^ (it's a shame that I despise so many of Hofmanns current models, fingers crossed for a new box set soon )
  14. Emphasis is on "model" - markers are only treated as "models" when drawing LoS, and for nothing else. You couldn't normally stand on top of a model, that's why the problem doesn't occur in any of the examples in the LoS section. And yes, that's how it's currently written, I honestly think it should be changed though.
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