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  1. Tris

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    @Fazza92do you have more success using other factions? If so, what would you say are the differences for you?
  2. Tris

    Our worst models

    I just mentioned the station as in the current discussion we're talking about outcast 9-10stone models, srongarm, lazarus and bishop where disregarded, stating that they are the worst at least in that price range - everyone else except the emissary is a henchman, so I guess station must be a part of it in this faction, considering that models like Montresor, Rusty Alyce and Ama no Zaku are seen as better models for their cost. Question is - does he not like enforcers in that price range in general, or just the outcast specific ones?
  3. Tris

    Our worst models

    So, what's a good Enforcer in that price range for you, taking other factions into account too? Just curious because the only other (9-)10stone enforcer in Outcasts is the Emissary which I think you rate quite high, everyone else is a Henchman. Also, whats the reason behind you saying these are even worse than, let's say, the Freikorpsman or Gunslingers?
  4. Tris

    Our worst models

    That`s an interesting list - so there are no worse models than these in your faction at all? Oo
  5. Tris

    Is McTavish still good with Nellie?

    Use Debt on him in a turn where he has aquired a good position and watch him kill stuff with 4 min3 attacks on 14" range, ignoring LoS, cover and randomization. His strength is that if he`s in range it`s 99% sure that he get`s to shoot, also, what`s the problem with 2 focused shots a turn - a moderate is 4 damage, so 8 on 2 attacks seems ok? Probably wouldn`t take him just for his shooting anymore, so what was the scheme pool? Use all his abilities to your advantage and eat the enemy markers^^ EDIT: and try him with a Queller, enchant his rifle and watch armour, incorp., arcane shield and whatever melt before you^^
  6. Tris

    Bounty: Assassinating Sandeep

    I know an impostor if I see one
  7. Tris

    Bounty: Assassinating Sandeep

    Already killed him with itw, once at ccm and once at itc, should be easier now shouldn`t it? ^^
  8. Tris

    Is McTavish still good with Nellie?

    If you want a versatile model which is a threat at range, but is not easily locked up in combat and can eat a variaton of markers to deny schemes or summoning, with pseudo 3 ap and access to some upgrades and model synergies which boost him even further (debt, LLC and Quellers) I think he`s still worth it^^ -> it`s a little bit harder to fit him nowadays and it also depends on you playstyle of course, if you want to get up close and personal you`re probably better off with one of our killy henches and 2 upgrades which actually saves you a stone, but he`s perfect if you want to keep the distance at least a little bit or have the ability to reach enemies normally hiding from you or trying to outshoot you He forces a certain playstyle on your opponent which is in itself a huge benefit I would say.
  9. Tris

    Guild Investigator's ability

    It´s a grey area as the question is if it`s just meant to say, "everytime a marker is dropped, but never more than once per activation" or "just during any activation, and only once". I always played it that it`s just during activations, they are stupidly good already, no need to try and argue they might be even better 😛 But warrants a clarification in a FAQ if you ask me.
  10. Tris

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    wave 5 helped elevate Guild on another level imo and made the gap between top and not-so-top masters considerably closer, plus it gave us 2 models which helped with some of the greatest problems (Investigators and Quellers). Latest erratas helped too, LLC for 1 is a big one there, maybe also Guild Guard for 3. I played Guild exclusively for the last 2 years and imo we where never stronger
  11. Tris

    July 2018 Errata

    Yes, they don't.
  12. Tris

    When scenarios and schemes conflict...

    Regarding show in ours - you can always take a ranged model with one upgrade so you get the points while still affecting the game - if your opponent wants to deny you, he has to lose some points for ours too. Guild nornally has enough upgrades on henches and such that you can always decide on the fly if you would like to go for show or not - and if your opp should try to deny you, put another model with an upgrade in there, kill the enemy model and you should've scored show and made ours harder for the opponent in future turns.
  13. Could've been worse - look at the Grootslang
  14. Do you find them so expensive? Tjey are not cheap by any means, but 25 Dollar /20 - euro is not one of the most expensive models Malifaux has to offer 😛
  15. But you're not actively killed by a model - you are dead because the game ends and you're not on the board, the game killed the model if you want to think of it that way. And I can just say it again, bury is not a condition, just to be sure