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  1. Is Demisece Explosive stackable since it has a +? For Example, if i give land mines to the steam trunk, does he get demise (explosive +4)?
  2. Thanks for your report. I am wondering what the coffee on brewy is for. Do you take it for Diversion or do you use it to load brewy full with focus turn 1?
  3. i want to second (third) this too. First Mate always gets work done. He can do some seriously good beating. This guy can go solo on a flank and gets shit done. He never dissapointed me so far. If i got some additional stones left, i like to give him "two gremlins in a Ghillie Suit" which gives him Disguised in addition to Butterfly Jump and Stealth. Reeaaaly nasty.
  4. Hey folks, is there a difference between declaring action and taking an action? For example mollys Lethe's Caress. If i declare an attack action with an Onslaught trigger, which says "take this action again", does my model suffer the 2 damage or not because it was taken and not declared? thanks in advance guys
  5. That sounds pretty clear to me, thanks for figuring out
  6. Hey guys, i got two questions about obey and i hope you can help me. 1. If I Obey an enemy model and drop a scheme marker with it, is it my scheme marker or my opponents? 2. Are obeyed Models still friendly Models to their crewmates? thanks in advance
  7. So i am a bit of confused. The rulebook says, if a model would unbury and cant be placed, it is placed in its deployment zone instead. Is this also the case if a model cant even hit its requirements to unbury, for example Misaki is buried and has no more shadow markes on the board, or does she stay buried and is killed End of Game?
  8. Gremlins also have Gluttony who can make you eat your ice pillars :D
  9. Okay nevermind, its on page 30 Auras. There it says if a model is affected by more auras with the same name, its only affected by one of those.
  10. I just took a look and cant find the section as i rembered it anymore. Might have been changed during the beta i dunno. The way it now reads in the rulebook, they indeed should stack hence the + Edit: Found it, Page 30
  11. Ill Omens stack, Alocohol Poisoning doesnt. Models cant be affected by multiple abilities with the same name. Ill Omens doesnt affect a model tho.
  12. Finisher gives +2 Damage for Advisary and injured. Toss in the Mud first, then Attack with Flurry for min 10 dmg. Works best if you are already engaged tho.
  13. Yeah if you hit this, the target is most probably dead
  14. you are right. the fifth scheme was power ritual havent tried flying piglets in m3e yet, i think they look solid tho, but i rather wanted a few extrastones since i played 3 henchman. awwww, dont lose your faith in the first mate, he didnt get his job for no reason after all
  15. So here we go again Zipp vs Molly Wedge Deployment Plant Explosives Detonate Charges Harness the Leyline Claim Jump Outflank Power Ritual BAYOU Zipp Earl Burns First Mate Mancha Roja Big Brain Brin Gracie Iron Skeeter RESSERS Molly Necrotic Machine Death Rider Archie Rogue Necromancy Forgotten Marshall Philip and the Nanny So like in the other thread mentioned, i had some problems with the Crewbuilding since the Infamous Keyword lacks some cheap models and i dont like wrestler very much, so i tried out an elite crew. My Opponent took a similar approach and so we ended in a 7 vs 7 battle. It was my first time with Zipp and i think he is still very powerfull. Dropping a hell lot of pianos to block charge lines and los or auras seems to be very good, unfortunatley, molly can eat those markers to drraw 2 cards, so i think it was not the best match up for him. First Mate and Big Brain Brin are both really strong models and i have never regret bringing them to day. It was my first time with mancha and he also brought a lot of work in. I dont think if i would bring him out of keyword, maybe against marker heavy crews, but with all the piano support, he was a beast. I overextended a bit with the iron skeeter in turn one, so he got killed by archie and the rider pretty fast so i cant really say anything about him. Overall, the game ended in a pretty close 5-4 win for the Bayou. I got 3 Points out of the strat and 2 from Harness the Leyline. Could not score Detonate Charges. My Enemy also got 3 Points from the Strat and one from Outflank. BBB and Gracie were able to tank long enough so he could not score a single point from claim jump.
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