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Found 15 results

  1. Hi every Wyrdos that gonna help! It should be an easy answer but I'm not sure on who is "in charge" of unburying the target after being bury by the glimpse the void trigger. I'm not sure on "at the start of it's activation, Unbury it within 1" of an enemy model". So If I'm the Tara player and I manage to bury someone at the model's activation I will unbury it within 1" of an ennemy model of that target. For example, Tara is able to bury Lady J (Sry wet dream), At Lady J's activation I will unbury it within 1" of who.....?????? 1- one of my models??? 2- a friendly model of Lady J (The Judge for example) I know it's maybe unclear like I wrote it but I don't know how to explain it in an other way 😕 Someone know where I can get or print the soulstone sword of Tara I broke it and lost it XD
  2. Hey all, I was a light dabbler in M2E, but pretty excited to jump deeper into 3E. As a big lady J fan, there’s a rule question I can’t figure out. How exactly does attacking a buried model work? For models like marshal recruiters who can target buried models with actions - do their attacks follow all the normal rules and patterns for attacks against buried models, just ignoring range and LoS? That would be my assumption based on what the core rules seem to say. Does that mean buried models still compete in duels, can cheat fate, etc? And probably most importantly, if a buried model has a defense trigger that lets them take some kind of action that affects the game world, can they still do those?
  3. Gunfighter says this model may treat any projectile action as having a range of melee 1". If you were in engagement with another model would this action be a melee attack or a projectile attack or both. And how would that work. Been using the advanced building rules it's say in the advance building rules that place affects cannot be used to move into and out of buildings. Would summon, flight, replace and unbury not be able to place a model into the building as they would all use a placement effect to move a existing model or a new model into the building.
  4. Hello! A quick question just to check... If 2 Bad Juju are against each other, both buried, and a swampfiend model is killed, what happens? I mean, which one is placed before the other? Thanks from now.
  5. Is a buried model able to use My Little Helper's An Errand For A Master ? (Buried: ... These models do not count as "in play" for the purposes of other rules that reference whether or not a model is in play.)
  6. What happens when Karina uses faces of the oblivion to summon a model and a death marshal pine boxes it but the ability that summoned the model says at the end of turn the model takes damage, gains slow, and is buried. Does it still take damage, gain slow, and rebury itself if it's already buried?
  7. I am playing the dreamer and have a couple questions about the Bury/unbury mechanic. I am relatively new at Malifaux and am not familiar with any other model that can do this like the dreamer so I don’t know my question is easily answered already through other model script but here’s the question. When the buried dreamer becomes unburied, does he heal? Rather, does he unbury at full health? I know it removes conditions and is a fantastic shenanigan for condition removal. But I was wondering how it pertains to wounds.
  8. This came up in a game last week and I'm curious as to what the proper action is here as it's similar to the situation of Flat vs. Impossible to Wound. Bad Juju has an upgrade that when he is reduced to 0 wounds, he is buried, healed back to full and all conditions are to be removed from him. 9: Mark For Death This Scheme may not start revealed. All non-Peon models in this Crew may target a non-Peon enemy model they are engaged with with a (1) Interact Action to give the target the following Condition for the rest of the game: “Marked: This condition may not be removed or ended.” Reveal this Scheme once an enemy model gains the Marked condition. When an enemy model with the Marked Condition is reduced to 0 Wounds or leaves play, gain 1 VP *note that it does not mention removing the condition after you score. I know in most cases, Model Card takes priority, but we were unsure of how this actually plays out legally as to which trumps which. Thoughts?
  9. This came up in a game of mine last week, we got into a discussion, but nothing was ever settled. I remember a beta post about this with Changelings, but since the Wave 3 beta forums are gone no way I can confirm the ruling. The setup is as follows: A Doppelganger copies the Death Marshal's action to Pine Box a Model and buries the Death Marshal.Now because the Doppelganger no longer loses the action does it still have to follow the text of the Pine Box action? Here are some the arguments that came up: Death Marshal is stuck buried, because Doppelganger no longer has the action and the action dictates that the WP duel occurs.Death Marshal is stuck buried, because the buried condition is on the Death Marshal. There is no condition on Doppelganger that dictates it was the originator of a pine box actionOpposed WP duel occurs, because the Pine Box action is what is keeping the Death Marshal buried.Opposed WP duel occurs, because when a model is buried by the Pine Box action the acting model has to perform an opposed duel when it activates.(i.e. even though Doppelganger loses access to Pine Box it is still restricted by Pine Box's rules)Death Marshal is immediately unburied because Doppelganger loses the pine box action.These aren't the word for word arguments, but I think this is close to the original discussion I had. The only thing we all agreed on was that it was a jerk move if the model can never get out. What do you guys think?
  10. I have been experimenting with Tara lately, and I've got a rules question regarding bury mechanics. 1) Death Marshall buries Model A using Pine Box 2) Model A is unburied later in the turn by Model B (e.g. Tara or Scion of the Void) before the Death Marshall has to check Pine Box again (either by dying, activating, etc) 3a) Model A is buried again somehow (perhaps by Tara again). Does the Pine Box still check it's unbury timing (i.e. the Death Marshall dies, activates, or tries to Pine Box) if the model it originally buried has been..."re-buried" by something else? 3b) The Death Marshall takes the Pine Box action against model A sometime before it activates again (via Obey or something similar) and succeeds, burying Model A. However, it has just taken the Pine Box action again though, so wouldn't the model just pop back out again due to the rules of the first Pine Box? I feel like I'm overthinking this, and the new bury timing would just overwrite the original Pine Box, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts, rules gurus?
  11. When Hannah buries stuff with her void record, places the void marker (30mm) and then walks on top of the void marker with her 50mm base... what happens at the end of the turn? "Place a 30mm Void marker in base contact with target model. The target is then buried. At the end of the Turn, unbury the target in base contact with the Void Marker, then remove the void marker from play. This Action cannot be taken while a Void Marker is in play" So... what happens? 1, Target just unburies in base contact with hannah because shes blocking the Void Marker and the target cant unbury in base contact with the Void marker? 2. poor dude has to w8 another turn to get unburied? 3. the unbury effect doesnt come to effect but the void marker gets removed anyways? burying the target permanently?
  12. So, I found out Tara's "faces in the void" is kind of a broken action. That's the 2 action that unburies an enemy model in base which chain activates. Well, there's no provision for the enemy to be considered friendly. So, it starts off engaged with Tara, making it unable to charge or shoot. All it can really do is walk and then take another another one action. Is my take on that correct?
  13. Couldn't find the answer, sorry if my forum-fu is a little weak. But reading through Tara's rules, I couldn't help but notice the clause in eg the Trigger that buries (Glimpse the Void?) that says only one model may be buried at a time. Is this meant to work so that regardless of source (the trigger, the upgrade that buries if you kill a member of Tara's crew, Pine Box, whatever), only one model at a time? Just making it clear to my brain that thinks he's a bigger man. -.-
  14. I've had a hunt through the forums, but my Search-Fu is failing me... We've been having a lively debate at our local club about when (and where) models unbury, so if possible please could we get some clarification. If you are unburied due to a spell / ability which specifies where you can be unburied - it's not a problem. For example: Collettes "Disappearing Act" places you back within 6" of her in the Start Closing Phase. Dreamers "Fightening Dream" immediately places you within 6" of him. Likewise if you're buried by a spell/ability which states clearly it's intention, that's also not an issue: For Example: Death Marshalls "Pine Box" indicates the "...target remains buried until..." However, if you're buried because of a spell effect which does not specify an end point (e.g. Dreamers "Calm Dreams" - bury friendly nightmares within 6"), do you simply unbury at the same position you were buried in the Resolve Effects Step of the Closing phase as all effects (such as spells) without a specified end point will end in this phase - or does the bury effect continue indefinately throughout the remainder of the encounter until a spell or ability specifically unburies the model (e.g. "Frightening Dream" as above) ? Some bury effects imply that you remain buried for as long as you wish - e.g. Bette Noirs "One with the Night" which suggests you can (but don't have to) use "Drawn to Death" to return to play at the beginning of the next turn. Likewise, those models in the Dreamers Crew who start the game buried - do they remain buried indefinately throughout the encounter until specificially unburied by a spell - or does the bury end in the Resolve Effects step of the first turn - and if so, where do they unbury ? In the same way with Dreamer / LCB - if the Dreamer is buried to release LCB, does LCB remain on the table throughout the remainder of the encounter (unless he is specificaly switched back to Dreamer), or does the switch automatically end in the Resolve Effects Step thereby replacing LCB with Dreamer ? The overall confusion has arisen from the wording on pg 13 which simply states that "a buried model unburies and returns to play when an effect allows it to do so" - but doesn't provide any examples. Any and all help gratefully received.
  15. In my never ending mission to abuse the bury mechanic, can I check my thinking is right on this - 1. Hoffman casts (2)Override Edict on an enemy SS Miner to get an activation 2. Hoffman activates the miner and with it's last AP does (1) Burrow to bury it 3. Override Edict says that it ends at the end of the models activation, but... (you know where this is going now?) 4. ...the SS Miner was buried before the end of it's activation, so - just like keeping (+2) Melee Master etc - the effect doesn't end 5. Hoffman now controls the SS Miner until he leaves it in play at the end of it's activation And with the abundance of SS Miners now, this could be quite cool for the Hoffbot
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