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  1. Sorry for opening up this can of worms in your thread. Perhaps we can keep that argument to the rules forum? As a Marcus player currently painting up Zoraida for some nasty shenanigans this is likely to influence me quite a lot. I keep flipping back and forth between what I consider the correct interaction. I'm quite frankly surprised it didn't come up during beta considering half of Marcus' thematic crew has onslaught and he has an auto trigger to make them charge. Glad to hear I just misread and you played it correctly.
  2. I'll definitely go rummaging through my model case for models that don't allow enemy triggers when Colette is declared. Now that the master is known it's going to be interesting to see if resistance triggers have decreased in value somewhat.
  3. Nice report! I'm a fan of both McMourning and Marcus so perfect matchup for me. I'd like to note that actions taken as the result of triggers can't declare triggers. It seems your favourite cerberus triggered onslaught after being granted a free attack from the leap trigger as well as Cojo declaring puncture after Marcus made it charge with his built in trigger. I think both of these interactions would be illegal. The charge thing was up for discussion, that might actually be legal but your amazing cerberus turn was definitely illegal. (Sorry)
  4. That is correct and it is a pretty big advantage under the right conditions. On certain tables you will probably find you really want ghosts and flyers.
  5. The thought of using them with Perdy and Sonnia came from not owning monster hunters, pistoleros or spellcasters so watchers are pretty much the only scheme runners I have the option of using at the moment. I managed to find a couple of old gunsmiths that I'll be proxying for monster hunters so I might get to play some Perdita this edition. Sonnia is probably just retiring to the shelf since I can barely put together a crew for her.
  6. Sad to hear about all the troubles. You could set up a shipping office somewhere in Europe (or some country who keeps to the sidelines). USA-China trade might be on the fritz until the world as we know it ends.
  7. I'd use Myranda for her buffs now that defensive stance isn't around anymore. She can give others ap, heal, cycle upgrades for Marcus' card draw and provides defensive stance. When one of your cerberuses goes down shift into another one of those for beating power.
  8. I'd say yes. He ended a move there, shouldn't matter that he then moved away with a different move.
  9. I build my m2e demo crews as henchman games with the same restrictions but I leave out the hardcore part and build soft crews. If you play for fun you can toy around with different strats and schemes as well. The tournament format is called hardcore for a reason, I've seen some disgusting lists.
  10. Yup, looks like poor Hoff can't have nice things with diesel engines and huge swords.
  11. Sucks pretty bad if you put the concealment aura on a construct that wants to toss people. 😅
  12. I'm not sure every theme needs to be viable. HH is a niche format after all and in m2e there were certainly some specific models that were immensely overpowered compared to 50ss games. I'm not sure how tough Archie is this edition but if he moves up for the crooligans to jump to he might be eating a crew's worth of attacks first turn making it pretty likely he'll give away a vendetta point and possibly going down early in the second turn.
  13. I don't think it's supposed to be viable for slow crews requiring setup. The whole point is to get a victory point difference in the 30 minutes the game lasts. When you include setting up and going through the crews that doesn't leave all that much time. I've seen HH games end on turn 2 so players need to be incentivized to go all in straight away. I wonder if there are any chatty models who could survive a beating and put you ahead in the strategy. Crooligan mobility seems kind of messed up to me no matter the game size to be honest. Most abilities that let models place without range costs an ap and makes you unable to interact afterwards. A crew with obeys could make your Crooligans drop their load on your table half to create a somewhat interesting conundrum for you.
  14. Putting Zoraida in a list as a second master seems really good. I've been trying to find the filthiest tricks for Marcus and Zoraida is my best shot at a really disgusting list. She can obey enemies turn one from a beast that Marcus has given stealth and charge immunity to. Her obey with the trigger for an extra action can make the enemy beater charge backwards and hit a friendly model twice or force an already activated model to come forward and be killed by an entire crew with very little conterplay available to the opponent.
  15. Sounds like a golden opportunity to learn to model with greenstuff.
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