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  1. Best of luck! Please report no matter how it goes.
  2. Ludvig

    first game with kirai

    Her defense/wp trigger Of pity and wind is a good defense against Marcus.
  3. Ludvig

    All remaining models buried?

    Yes, just keep playing like normal except youcan't activate until unburied (I think there is one nvb model that can even activare buried). One of your models is bound to pop out at some point.
  4. Ludvig

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Google "malifaux errata" which will take you to the faq and errata page where the new official cards can be downloaded for printing or just print screen and keep a pic on your phone. The app is either too slow or too fast with new releases.
  5. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    Like Yaz and Nekima? I'm not sure how others do it but they keep showing up in netlists. When I take anytin big and flashy it always dies after underperforming spectacularly. Probably the models and not me who are to blame.
  6. Ludvig


    @so_diogenes You have every right to be annoyed about it, not trying to take that away. I just got the free download while I wait. For me it's a bigger problem that older models are randomly unavailable for long periods of time. Cards are nothing compared to not being able to get models and to be honest even that is pretty low on the list of problems in my life. At least we know the new releases are on their way, the exact date isn't a big deal for me.
  7. Ludvig


    They announce stuff on the release schedule several months in advance and most of the time that has been working allright. I'm sure they have some leeway for minor delays but this one was probably extreme. I'm not sure any company actually waits until they have the product in their warehouse to advertise it, storage costs money.
  8. Ludvig


    @so_diogenes how on earth are Wyrd supposed to take responsibility for customs? I get the argument that if a partner doesn't deliver they could/should try to find another one but it's not like they can choose how they interact with customs. I also think shameful is a bit of an overstatement. It's annoying but we're talking about a luxury distraction, not life support. Those of us exclusively using the app that isn't 100% official to use alone according to gg18 will have to write a note or keep a webpage open for a few weeks.
  9. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    I've seen bothdawn,serpents and Jorogumo mentioned but these days guild also have some pretty good minions for reactivating so I'm not sure that really sets the factions apart. Guild have nothing that compares to Yas and Yu/the emissary are more or less like Nellie which is saying something since she's our highest rated master.
  10. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    I don't see why the Loose Trigger trigger on Francois would be any different than Rasputina keeping her target alive to blast from it with her trigger to attack again from a weirdness perspective. I can't find anything in the rulebook about dead models not being able to declare triggers or take actions (Izamu has an action that requires him to take an action after he is dead so that is definitely possible within the confines of the game). On page 32 (big book) it says after damaging triggers are resolved before the damaged model is removed. In the sentence before it does seem to take for granted that the trigger is damaging the target but it's hardly crystal clear. The main problem is going to be convincing your opponent/TO.
  11. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    One could argue that there are other ways to play than alphaing a Yas but in all honesty the super killers do seem to be verypopular in the competitive crowd.
  12. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    Difficult to say, I've heard some people swear he is a lot better in thunders. I think thatis mainly because they have Yasinori, Sensei Yu, the shadow emissary as well as kamaitachi. If you stack a shitton of ap on an already amazing model that model will mess people up. Kamaitachi also interqcts incredibly well with McCabe's mechanics. Guild have very capable discount beaters but not anything at the Yas power level and less/worse ways to give more ap to the same model and the lousiest general totem in the game. We also get Francisco for a downright silly defense on McCabe.
  13. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    The model still died near the marker so the opponent would score anyway. I said yes since I agree with your whole paragraph about resolving both the after resolving and damaging trigger before removing the model. The thing is that the model was still killed where it was when the damage was dealt, not where it was when you removed it so it matters very little if you push or not. A lot can happen between the model counting as killed and it being removed.
  14. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    It messes with where you place the corpse if you get to push which I guess could be good. Are we sure dead models can't process triggers? I haven't reread the rules in ages. They are declared and sort of "loaded into the machine" at the declaration step, right now my deranged mind is thinking it's mostly because you don't have a point to measure from that they rarely resolve.
  15. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    Yes but the gremlin will be dead so it seams reasonable to not resolve it. Technically I think you are allowed to resolve it there is just no model left to push. You declare the trigger at the declare trigger step so anything declared will resolve if possible it's just that most triggers require the model to be left on the table.