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  1. Ludvig

    Etiquette on basing

    Whoa, where do you play? That's a pretty massive rules overhaul that I'd love to try.
  2. Ludvig

    Guild newb

    Fair point, it's a lot more economic and fun to go for the boxes suggested by Thewrathchilde.
  3. Ludvig

    Guild newb

    @thewrathchilde Get Phiona the reporter upgrade and dig their graves is stupidly easy. That scheme comes up so often and is such a no-brainer that I would say about 30% of the entire trick to winning games of malifaux right now is doing dig their graves efficiently. Phiona does that with such a huge margin in guild. No interact action needed and you place the marker so you can kill the model in one activation without them really having any way of responding. She is decently sturdy, hits hard and has a good ml stat. Just having Phiona pushes you up a notch or two in the competition to win games. Nothing in Perdita's box can dig like Phiona can. Companioning from a schemer to Francisco can work but requires your schemer to be unengaged, no stupidly placed friendly markers and the enemy to not have any abilities which shut down interacts. Phiona just does it pretty much regardless of enemy defensive tech (except for our excellent investigators which are fenomenal at shutting down dig their graves)
  4. Ludvig

    Expanding my ever growing collection

    Ramos is in a weird place for the next edition so I would look at Lynch and Mei. Beckoners go well with Lynch's box, I also like Tannen and Graves since they're in his theme and offer some really nice abilities. Not sure what Mei likes these days or which faction you are looking to use her in.
  5. Ludvig

    Manos Shenanigans

    That's a very silly interaction. I hope they solve it for m3e, not holding my breath for an errata during m2e.
  6. Ludvig

    Help please - poltergeist model?

    Some greentuff applied to a sorrow perhaps? You could also try to find someone who needs Kade and Candy to sell them off, since they're also box exclusive you might find someone who wants just them.
  7. Ludvig

    ELI5 Nikko Kantouri Movement

    I can't think of any way of doing this after checking the cards. Haven't listened to the podcast in question but are you sure you didn't misunderstand him? They don't get slow near him and you can make them fast so they do have a huge threat area but not in Nico's activation (they need to do a chain activation with him). What is he doing more specifically? Moving mindless zombies to summon further up?
  8. Ludvig

    Guild newb

    Welcome to the guild! A model you can never go wrong with is the brutal effigy (the small puppet) . It works very well with Perdita. Monster hunters are very efficient killers from what I have heard but I haven't used them. I think they are family so have some extra bonuses from Perdita (her upgrade to increase thei wp) and she can push towards them so they help her mobility. I personally like to use guild guard or guild hounds to increasy my activation count and run schemes. Perdita's normal crew is very elite so it's useful to have more activations. Nellie's box could also be a nice addition. The reporters can run schemes and are very efficient for 4ss and Phiona Gage is pretty tanky and hits hard. Reporters cannot be charged which is usually very good against both resser and nrveborn damage dealers. Against a summoning resser you often need to hit the master early so they don't flood you, other work differently. Neverborn are often melee-focused but some masters have a very good ranged game. In summary I would recommend: 1. Brutal effigy 2. Nellie's box (my recommndation) OR guild hounds/guild guard and one big damage dealing model. 3. Monster hunters (optional). You can go out and buy the entire faction to collect the perfect model for each job but it is usually best to start with a couple of boxes and accept that you will lose a few games against experienced players. I joined a meta of good players and it took me a long time before I could beat them. When ai started winning it had more to do with me learning how things worked than buying more models.
  9. Ludvig

    Marcus at the crossroads

    Would you mind reformating the first two posts by just copying and pasting with the default disposition? THey're very difficult to view. Nice to see some Marcus! It's always tricky to play when you are unfamiliar with the schemes. I've heard a lot of people state that gg18 can be difficult to get into.
  10. Ludvig

    Duncan's Sonnia List Question

    Something like this, don't know if he has tweaked it more since then. 50 SS Guild Crew Sonnia Criid + 5 Pool - Cherufe's Imprint (1) - Counterspell Aura (1) - Cherufes Parting Gift (1) Malifaux Child (3) Dr. Grimwell (9) - Expert Sleuth (1) Francisco Ortega (8) - Wade In (1) - Hermanos de Armas (1) Papa Loco (7) - Numb To The World (1) Guild Investigator (6) Watcher (4) Brutal Effigy (4) The investigator and Francisco pushes her and Francisco + Loco buffs her. Don't remember the intricates of activation order. You keep her somethat safe and Grimwell does the last push. It is pretty tricky to stay safe from it since Grimwell will push her the last bit needed and she can chain activate after he goes.
  11. Ludvig

    Nellie vs Perdita and Question

    How did Nino ruin your day? Him drawing LoS to a model behind your wagon should be exceedingly rare so I'm not sure why you had trouble pushing it. Nellie is pretty strong, you can't really get around that. All masters were not created equal and Nellie is arguably the best guild master. From my quick calculations it also looks like you are over 50ss? Edit: I put it into the app and your list clocks in at 54 ss so your opponent shouldn't feel too bad. You should have had two upgrades less and a 4ss cache or played without the field reporter. Your opponent had a list with only wave 1 models so that might have also have been a slight disadvantage. The Judge's upgrade is pretty costly and probably didn't end up doing much? Maybe two debts or LLCs instead of the Judge's upgrade would have gotten more use. His upgrades aren't super efficient but Nellie and Phiona make Dig their graves jokingly easy even when playing with the same amount of soulstones. Since Nino doesn't stop Nellie from dropping markers maybe he could have been left at home. Then again that Perdita list should have been able to obliterate some of your models from far away. Did Perdita push up to start pressuring you turn one? With Francisco's buff she could probably have tanked quite well and she is also immune to the lawyer's debuff. Papa Loco is a model that can perform spectacularly but does not always make back his points. From your report it sounds like Loco exploded on his own crew? That's not great and will turn a match. If he had exploded in your crew because your opponent out-activated and delivered Loco with a Brutal Emissary of his own the match might have looked a bit different.
  12. I don't think it would double, it's more of a "are you or are you not in contact with such a marker" kind of statement. If anything certain people would argue that if you are touching two markers you don't fulfill the condition since you aren't in contact with "a marker" but two markers. I think this argument isn't correct.
  13. I'm guessing masters that need corpse markers will have some way of generating those in theme. The emissary creating cover and zombies is a super good thing for most ressers in m2e so anyone using corpses or thinking they'll need some mobile cover in m3e would probably still consider the emissary a pretty good model. I guess that is the point of having versatile models, if everyone have everything in theme there isn't much point of having versatile models in the game. Hopefully there will be a tradeoff in versatility vs survivability/damage output/etc. so that the emissary will be a good pick in certain setups but the in theme models will have a role in other setups.
  14. This looks fun! I like the growth mechanic for effigies. Not sure if you'll be able to hire the emissary with the effigy and then grow it so you have two emissaries but that was my first thought. I don't mind picking the emissary because I actually like the emissary rules and not because I need some ability for my master. Master patches and upgrades to open up new playstyles should go on the master themselves or optional totems in my opinion. I'll happily keep using my old avatars as the new generic emissaries, it makes more sense for avatar Sonnia to join Lady Justice than to have Sonnia in two different states of time on the same board. I did greatly appreciate the option to still use my avatar models so I hope they stay legal as proxies.
  15. That discussion was highly relevant to the first question, I also realise I contradicted myself from just a few months ago. I guess that should resolve the second question as well.