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  1. Ludvig

    Dreamer and Chompy new player

    @pyaar Welcome to Malifaux! Therw is a new edition that is just o the verge of being released. Dreamer is one of the first masters thst is getting a new box and the models he wants to bring may be changing so l would hold off for a few dayd so peoplr can comment based on the new rules. This is the new (not yet released) box: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/1/9/waldos-weekly-random-eye-movement
  2. Ludvig

    Terrain layout. How to do it right?

    The biggest mistake I see on tables is too little terrain so people ragequit the game after facing Perdita twice. Our tables are often 33-50% terrain and most of it blocks LoS but not all of it blocks movement. I usually try to pace a few buildings so a few models can reach the center line without being seen from the other deployment zone but leave a "street" along the center line so that a shooting model which advances a bit can shoot pretty much across the board along the center line. The problem with having mostly buildings is that they restrict movement almost more than shooting and it is hard to claim cover from them so we use forests/clothes lines/park areas/etc. on city boards as well. Some crates/statues or other scatter pieces where you can easily move around but gain cover is also good. I usually place one large piece near each deployment zone so a part of the crew can hide from snipers but not all of the crew has to br safe turn one. When designing tournament tables I count on players having a few different crews so I make varied tables and try to shuffle players around so they need to adapt. One tables might be a lot of forests and another many buildings with only narrow alleys and streets. My friend also has a graveyard set with a couple of buildings, some walls and some fences that can be seen through but not moved through so that table is usally good for shooting crews. One of my favourite tables ever had about 60% dense forests in small clumps and 30% huge inpassable mountains so you needed incorp/flight/unimpeded to get around. It was fun but I wouldn't want to play every game on a table like that. I find city tables the hardest to design well, we always end up with a small town near a forest. If we had proper park pieces like circular and square forest bases lined with stone or hedges and more crates of varying sixes to make a bazaar I think our city tables would be more fun.
  3. Ludvig

    Gamin elementals id like to see

    @solkan well, they are gremlins so it seems fitting.
  4. Ludvig

    Gamin elementals id like to see

    Stitched together seems like cloth gamin to me. Ice gamin have mention of december but the others are just summoned with no particular tyrant connection from my reading of their rulebook entries. Metal gamin/golems seem to maybe even be constructed by Mei Feng and not summoned but I'm not sure. Ice gamin/golems really don't seem like the same thing as other golems. The reveal article on the gravegolem just says it's summoned by ressers, no mention of the grave spirit: "The Grave Golem is, essentially, a large chunk of graveyard that has been animated by the Resurrectionists to serve as a heavy enforcer. During battle, a Grave Golem can sink into the earth and reappear a few moments later halfway across the battlefield, provided that there is a corpse for the golem to form around. That something so large could move so quickly often comes as a surprise to the golem's enemies, many of whom end up either battered to death by its massive Tombstone Fists or buried in a landslide of corrupted earth and grasping skeletal arms."
  5. Ludvig

    Gamin elementals id like to see

    You won't be happy that the rail golem is turning into the metal golem then. Gremlins have the whiskey golem/gamin. Ressers have a poop, ehrm, graveyard golem. Bone piles could be named bone gamin perhaps.
  6. Haha, so Hoffman got it themed because it doesn't synergise with his crew? I better wait for the cards before going bonkers on the themed purchases. Anyone got the inside scoop on what models Mei Feng will likely use often/always? Got her box obviously so apart from those.
  7. Ludvig

    How does Bayou Two Card work?

    Merris doesn't have the ability herself and I don't think companion activations are that common in gremlins so you will be leaving yourself at the mercy of the opponent because if they attack sometung without bayou two-card you just gave yourself a crap duel result. I think it's mostly meant to give you a second chance without cheating precious hand cards for cheap minions. With Somer you can also give an auto suit so you never have to take the detrimental results.
  8. Ludvig

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    Marble is pretty hard to do i my experience but would probably look amazing.
  9. Ludvig

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    Slightly off topic but: One of the alt formats will have to be some sort of master brawl with just a bunch of masters on each side. I need to combine my Kill Bill-Justice with out of faction models for the rest of the deadly vipers. Misaki and the Viks would make good companions for her.
  10. Ludvig

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I think the Charlie's Angels reference is the main idea here, who cares how it does on the table? That being said I will be trying really small crews to see if they are more viable these days. I went down to five or six models in m2e so I don't see why it won't be possible in m3e, now I will at least have several masters with extra ap. If Lucius is anything like his old self he should be scheming enough for an entire crew.
  11. Ludvig

    Models you'd like new sculpts for

    Dear Wyrd, keep it cartoony and don't go grimdark like 90% of mini games. I'd love a resculpt of the railgolem and the mature nephilim, both of them look silly to me.
  12. Ludvig


    If they sent me all new models for free a full year before release I'd print pretty much anything and be happy.
  13. Ludvig


    Beta testers only see the new rules and proxy new models with old ones, the beta cards don't even have artwork on them.
  14. Ludvig

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    Haha, that crew's tagline would be "Flaming hot off the presses" or "Witches weekly". Sounds like one of the more disgusting master combos in the game to be honest.
  15. Ludvig

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    You can try and kick my ass when I dual-master Hoff and Mei. Bouncing peacekeepers for the win! I'm mostly thinking that arcanists have constructs he can't use in guild while pretty much every guild construct seems to follow him into arcs so for sheer funfactor of an extended hiring pool and possible combo-wombos it seems I need to defect. Altiugh I guess if Abuela makes it possible to run Willie or Pere Ravage in the same crew as Loco I could stay on with Perdita.