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  1. 😨 I just read until logo factions, i didn't see that. Thanks @MCOLL81
  2. Hola @Eleonora Silva, por favor corrige el post, no es BRIDGE (puente) es BREACH (brecha). Recuerda que tu representas a tu grupo de juego ante Wyrd y errores asi de basicos no se ven nada bien. Ojo, es una critica constructiva, no destructiva.
  3. League: Must have the option to upload custom achievements or some template to fill the info Attach achievments to players registereds Take numbers from achievements form and show them on the event page or in players perfil Change "Days" for Weeks and "Rounds" for Game For campaign almost the same.
  4. New League, this time an Rapid Growth league. (4 weeks) with new achievments!!! Here the details: * Location: Salon Building Events The Saman Chacaito. Reference Point: across the front of the CC Chacaito by Central Madeiran side. (My Place as Always) * Map and Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Pe4gH * Time: 9:00 am * Start: 20 February, 2017. * Finish: 19 March, 2016. Contact Info: malifauxve@gmail.com and +584128002959 Doc with all the info: Malifaux Venezuela at Resources Page You have to be registered at website for acces it
  5. can you add Leagues and/or campaigns?
  6. I have both, metal and plastic. The only limitation (on the card) is you can hire only 2.
  7. Thanks for your answers... I have new ideas to test!
  8. About Skeeters, i can only hire 2 but summoning how many can i have?
  9. With taxidermist you have to hit enemy, is there another way?
  10. Hey Gremlins! When you need Corpse Markers, what you do to generate them?
  11. Hey nice idea, already registered. Any chance to add Venezuela and/or South America to locations?
  12. Any chance to get card for GG2017?
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