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  1. TheGreg

    Create a Thematic Unit

    My grandfather fought with the ghurkas during Ww2, some of the stories that he handed down about them in the jungle, they were badasses, I'd gladly have them fighting alongside my rr
  2. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

  3. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    I've split my collection into batches, here's molly from the first part of batch one ready for finishing touches, mainly freehand, nmm and glowy stuff
  4. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    Well long time no post and it looks like my previous photos aren't showing up :-( well instead of reposting those I'll add some of my ressers I've been painting, I've done most of the undead flesh, just blocking in colour for shading
  5. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    Did some more to my oni, pushed the shadows a little deeper and did some gold nmm on the round blade
  6. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    A wip photo of my much neglected obsidian oni, still a bit to go but I'd been dragging my heels on those for reasons I can't explain
  7. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    Little more work on the bunraku
  8. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    Thought I'd get my bunraku ready for a game on the weekend, still have a long way to go, shading the hair, cloaks, horns etc but I'm happy with the woodgrain
  9. TheGreg

    King's Empire Image Previews

    I actually really like the grenadiers grenade launcher and the dragoons look epic, you know this is a miniature game with a wealth of conversion bits available, both from ttb multi kits and malifaux, I'm sure you could come up with a grenade launcher and dragoon helmets that suit your look :-)
  10. TheGreg

    Gaining Grounds 2017

    Looking forward to trying some of the new schemes at our local, it's good to change it up a little :-)
  11. TheGreg

    When to discard to pass an activation.

    Since Abyssinia has some decent mid/close range fire-power from what we've seen, letting cotbm or gh take activations before us will see them in range faster and give us a chance to whittle the numbers down before the closing stages of the game.
  12. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    Plus these chickies for my arcanists, I had mad fun playing with snow effects on a model for another system and I intend to do the same on the gravel I'll add to the base
  13. TheGreg

    TheGregs painting thread

    Thought I'd chuck up some pickies since I've had a burst of motivation, I'm getting a heap of stuff at chrissy and I need a semi clear conscious so here is tonight's additions to my thunders I realised I hadn't uploaded any pics of the obsidian I've started so I put them with their little brothers
  14. Love your freikorps, they look awesome