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  1. Agree. Eyes in the Woods does not say "target" a Swampfiend within 12". Nor does it state this 12" is an aura nor pulse, so it doesn't need LoS as auras, pulses and targeting do. As long as Zoraida and the Swampfiend are within 12" of each other, Z may draw LoS from that 'fiend, regardless of intervening models or scenery. Concealment therefore doesn't come into the allies conversation, it only potentially applies to the enemy model being targeted as it usually would. This means Mama Z can Obey friendly Swampfiends within 12" WITHOUT needing los at all. She uses Eyes in the Woo
  2. This guy --> ...encapsulates my response. He thought he was talking about football/soccer but actually predicting my response about this announcement. M2E is complex and I love it. Best. Game. EVER! M3E hopefully won't dumb down a legendary game. Count me in regardless. As has been said earlier in this thread, we can choose which edition to play casually. Lilith will return. It is inevitable. Collodi (my first Neverborn master) is only missing, he'll turn up, maybe in book 2 or 3 of M3E. Lynch, the slippery, treacherous bastard, has escaped our clutches for the time bei
  3. @Adran hadn't considered the subsequent 'wretch activation getting Rage again, good point! @Angelshard The Adze draws a card (& deals 2 dmg) when an enemy model ends the Whispers in the Night condition within 3" (which it, or Will O' The Wisps can apply). In a similar way to Maddox, Zoraida Enthralling Malifaux Raptors can alloy you to manipulate or discard the top 3 cards of the target's deck, so could use on your own models as weak dmg is only 1. I'm sure she has access to other card manipulation via Enthrall, but Raptor was the first that sprung to mind
  4. I think the Bloodwretch can only be used with the Dreamer giving Fast as it's Rage Builds is only in effect for the "remainder of this activation". If you activate with something like Obey, it would cease to be in effect at the end of Zoraida's [or other master crew manipulator] activation and thus not be in effect when the Bloodwretch activates. Or it could even be that the Obey is a single activation of itself and therefore adds Rage Builds and then immediately drops it. Going by RAW on the cards, it says "this activation", so I'd think it would apply for that entire activation and not just
  5. @Aaron Will there be any additional Bunraku cards over on wargamevault.com? Usually there will be a distinct card for each model artwork (Beckoner A and B for example), but having spoken with them about there only being a single Bunraku with the January update, they recommended speaking to you guys as the publisher. i only ask as I tend to run several and would like to order distinct cards to track each one when I run multiple Bunraku. Of course there are ways to do this without the distinct cards, but I'd prefer the traditional method if possible 😁 Many thanks!
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