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  1. Join us for a Holiday themed Story Encounter December 1st, 2018 Registration at 10:30 am, gaming at 11:00 Atomic Empire, Durham, NC Three rounds, fixed faction, using M2e rules (details available the day of) Come out and have fun, enjoy some gaming before the holidays and relatives get crazy!
  2. Congratulations! Im sure we can continue to abuse...er, support you in this role 😄
  3. if I run it they it, they will come.... this was my plan when I became a Henchman 4 years ago and ran my first tournament, Field of Dreams. Now the North Carolina meta, and Southeastern Malifaux, is strong and growing. Join us for my Anniversary Tournament, Field of Dreams 4 April 7th, 2018 at Atomic Empire (3400 Westgate Dr, Durham, NC) registration at 10:30am Three 50ss Rounds, GG2018
  4. The Governor General requests the honour of your presence for the Third Annual MidWinter Ball Malifaux Tournament Gala to be held 24th February 2018 at 10:30am Atomic Empire 3400 Westgate Dr, Durham, NC This will be a 50ss Three Round Event of Gaining Grounds 2018 with a Painting Contest and other various prizes This will be a Masked Ball, so please come appropriately attired Your Humble Servant.... Lucius Matheson
  5. MACE, a general gaming convention in Charlotte, NC, will host a Malifaux 2 day 5 round tournament on November 11th and 12th. Each round will be fixed faction 50 ss, GG17, and last 2 hours, with 15 min additional time for set up. Strats and Schemes available the day of the tournament. Registration information here: http://www.justusproductions.com/mace/register/ there is no extra cost for the tournament, but please RSVP since I will be bringing terrain to Charlotte for the event.
  6. It's Team Tournament time again in North Carolina! Treacherous Allies 2 will take place December 2nd, 2017 in Durham, NC at Atomic Empire Three round GG 2017 Event Format as follows: Team consists of 2-35ss crews from the same faction. Model rarity must be observed per team (ie: Lady J or Perdita may hire Judge, not both). Each player will have their own fate deck, control hand and soul stones. Players will flip for initiative, then determine turn order amongst the team mates. Models on each team's crews count as friendly to each other, but not for the purposes of companioning rules. This is always a popular tournament, so please RSVP early so I can plan terrain, space and prize support. There will be a painting contest and prizes are awarded for Best Team name, Best Team appearance and the usual tournament awards. The cost for this tournament is $25.00 per team Hope to see you with some Treacherous Allies!
  7. 50ss, fixed faction, GG17 tournament, which is culmination of a campaign, on Saturday 10/14/17 at Atomic Empire in Durham. -special rules, 100 ss hiring pool, with 2 master limit and all upgrades available
  8. Agreed!! I actually really love this ?
  9. I love the new art so much more than the original. Much more unique!
  10. FIELD OF DREAMS 3 Run it, and they will come.. This is the third anniversary of my first tournament as henchman for the Durham, NC area and the beginning of my efforts to grow the Southeastern Malifaux scene. We are now a strong 5 separate playing areas in NC alone!! We have henchmen from WV, SC, GA and TN going strong and growing every week. If you haven't visited the Southeast, now's your chance! Come celebrate with us!! 50ss 3 Round Tournament Saturday May 20, 2017 Atomic Empire, Durham, NC Registration 10:30 am First Round 11:00 am $10 Registration Prizes and Raffles Please RSVP to me via message or any of my social media
  11. Haha! Well, *you* know Teddy always has to die...
  12. Yay! It's official! I'm excited to see you both here! @Kimberlyisn't kidding when she says the happiest loser-I've played her and we had a great time! Still love the lunch box for your crew! @KaiI'm so excited for you! Do us proud! ? P.S. I want a print of that dog pic!! ?
  13. I thought that might be the case, but I saw that a couple people got the right cards, so thought they were fixed now, and hadn't seen anyone complain about the s & s decks. Oh well, I can wait. Just thinking about Adepticon...
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