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  1. Unfortunately they are. The only good thing that I manage to do from time to time when using this upgrade is summoning Goryo outside of enemy that is engaging Kirai, use Shears to push out of combat and hit said enemy with her attack to apply Adversary and then chain to Goryo who charges and probably kills the target. Yes, I put it on Kirai - when you use your df/wp trigger to change target to seishin you may save him by wounding Kirai by only 1. In addition, Spirit Anchor (aura that allows Seishin to be summoned when other models are killed) has same range as Blood and wind.
  2. Usually it comes down to Unforgiven/Bloody shears (always one of those and in 90% of games I'm taking Unforgiven) and Spirit Beacon as staples. Then you have either Absorb Spirit (good upgrade if you're running datsue ba), Swirling Spirits (good upgrade if you want to play entourage on Kirai), Ectoplasm (tricky to use) or Maniacal laugh (for free activations and summoning battery).
  3. He provides 2-3 cards per activation as well as enemy scheme marker so Parker can discard it for either cards or soulstone (depends on his limited upgrade).
  4. I completly agree with this statement. From what we saw (GenCon photos) there is, for instance, strategy where you score VP only if you kill more models in turn than total VP scored from this strategy (i.e. for first VP you need to kill 1 model per turn, for second VP - 2 models, three models for third VP and four models for fourth VP), but we can assume that there will be strategy when high activation number is more important than having more expensive models (remember interference?).
  5. She also suffers against models who deal damage without damage flip (Hamelin, McMourning, Titania, C7).
  6. I honestly think he was, but right now there is so much mudels with to duels which makes his 4 DF simply too low. For instance, he was good against Neverborn until Shifting Loyalties when Changelings were introduced and whole changelings - trapper combo started. Same is true for Shadow Emissary - thanks to his action that pushes a model and gives him fast many guys can simply focus and charge hitting once, maybe twice if they are super lucky. Dragon can also receive double focus for one card. Yasunori doesn't need any help at all if you think about killing Jack. Monster Hunters can obliterate
  7. Right now Parker has his niche, as he can provide few cards per turn, as well as free soulstone. In my opinion Jack is bit worse than him and VS is solid master. It's funny how it's easier to tell which master is our best master but we have major disagreements to tell which one is worst
  8. Mason (or someone who was playing demo at GenCon) wrote (on Facebook if I remember correctly), that models with keywords can be hired regardless of faction.
  9. Gwynneth Maddox in Broken Promises.
  10. Hamelin vs almost anything, sometimes Victorias. Probably I'll try Von Schill vs Guild since high WP as well as access to counterspells is troublesome for Plague to deal with.
  11. New Master I'm Most Excited For (Including New Dual Factions): Von Schtook - I'm really curious how his summoning mechanic would work (maybe like now Outcasts summon things - by killing enemies?). New Jack Daw and Zipp also seems like fun guys to play with. Lost Master I'm Most Disappointed In (Including Masters Who Lost Dual Faction): McCabe. I really like McCabe horse list (With Lone Marshall, Mounted Guards and Pale Rider) and I feel bad ir wouldn't be an option anymore. Master That Should Have Been: I was hoping for any Outcasts mercenary to receive master status - mostly Hans (w
  12. Maybe Wyrd is going to change charges so they'll work in a manner similiar to what we'd seen in TOS video - when you charge a model, you move your model up to twice it's movement and then use attack? I'm really curious about how it'll work.
  13. Hello, i would like to invite you to tournament. Date: 18.08.2018, Vanaheim Game Store at Lubicz 34/6 3 rounds Start - 10:00 End - 18:00 50 SS Fixed Faction More info (in Polish) here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2650042305221311 Send me a PM in case if you're interested in participation.
  14. Just like all Bleeding Disease crews this one has major flaw - if you end facing crew that is good against conditions (Lady Justice or Shenlong comes to mind) your damage drops significantly.
  15. I don't think so - they have damage track of 2/3/4 with possibility of performing additional shot. For 1 Soul,stone less, we can hire Dead Outlaws, who have same, or sometimes better, damage output and who provide utility in form of removing enemy scheme markers or applying curse of covetous to the enemy. For 1 soulstone more, we can hire Sue, who has better damage track, draws cards and has fantastic utility actions. Of course - Convicts are most accurate of the three models mentioned above, but their damage output isn't as reliable as Dead Outlaws or Sue and they bring nothing to the team ex
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