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  1. This is how I always imagine this trigger: unfortunately I never had a chance to make this trigger relevant
  2. The most fun I had with the goat was when it charged trough concrete wall. Incorporeal robot goat is super fun idea. I admit, the charge achieved nothing, but it was amazing
  3. I made this list basing on my experience when playing the models or facing them (or not facing them at all - like saboteurs). I guess there are different opinions on some of these models and I think it's great that not all of them are generally considered garbage
  4. Personally I don't know why he hired rat kings as you're able to create them from rats (and when they merge they can have like 8 focused). I'd pick Mad Dog instead, but hey, it's not bad if it works Could you explain a bit more how he does the job? each time I faced him he didn't do much.
  5. YESSS!!! I was hoping that in 3rd edition she becomes a Redchapel henchman for Seamus. I would be amazed if she was introduced in the future.
  6. I'm actually glad that somebody finds more value in those models than I do For me climbing gear is bit bad, as it doesn't work on models that start movement in range, just on models in range. It screwed me over few times.
  7. @hydranixx thanks for the feedback That was my initial concern too - that the action creates too big swing. Thanks for suggestions, I'll think about something
  8. I'm actually skipping Harpooners in EVS, as just other models are better and I can't see any value in anything they bring to the table.You have better beaters and better support in other models in the crew. Alpinist is IMO a trap model, that doesn't offer that much. You can hire him as sole scheme runner, though other models (usually those in keyword) would do better job. I've never played mei myself, just guys who played her told me they are garbage that doesn't bring anything to the crew.
  9. that's nice idea, i like it.
  10. I say each Faction has at least one unplayable or bad non-totem model in range 4-7. From top of my head: Guild: Pistolero (worst model in the game, lol), Guild patrol (as hire, not summon), Newsie, Witchling Stalker, Queller Ressers: Guild autopsy, Night Terror (crooligans are just better), onryo (as hire) Arcanists: Moleman, Hoarcat, Saboteur, Paul Crockett, December acolyte Neverborn: Bloodwretch, Bultungin, Aversion (why this model even exists?), Waldgeist, maurice, tuco, Rattler, Outcasts: Desperate Mercenary, winged plague Bayou: Banjonista, Lightning bug,
  11. I think nice idea would be to include more schemes that care about model cost. Right now we have only vendetta (which is rarely taken on little guys) or hidden martyrs. Adding 1-2 schemes that care about cheap, significant models would be cool. M2E had lots of crazy stuff, much more than current version. I remember when rats were errated that they couldn't be hired in crews lead by masters other than Hamelin, since EVERY OC master was hiring 2 rats and obedient wretch just to get 8 activations for 8 stones My thoughts exactly. Low-cost models that want to stab/s
  12. I think it depends on the model. There are models with cost in range 4-6 which you hire very often (like crooligans, necropunks, undergraduates, hucksters, operatives, machinists, etc.) mostly because they are either excellent scheme runners (crooligans/necropunks/hucksters) or are undercosted (undergraduates) or are great counterpicks/support option (operatives/machinists). Type of models that suffer from this price range are models who want to be quasi-beaters,shooting at enemies or engaging them in melee. Also, most models in game have wounds equal to their cost, so low-cost models die to f
  13. You can if Yan Lo is you crew's leader (so not when taken as second master).
  14. This may be mistake on my side due to language differences - in Polish we often refer to nurses per "sister", I don't know if it's same thing in English. She is definitely not a nun, just a regular nurse (who also has passion for ending patients suffering for good) That's good point. I wanted to give him high WP stat so he could have chance against those pesky lures and obeys, but you're right, he should be WP 3-4. My mistake - it should be stat 6, so it would work on 8. It's situational soulstone gain and I think something like card with value of 8-9 should be enough
  15. Hi guys, so after a while I decided to expand the keyword a bit more as well as address some issues you raised Initially I was thinking about different name, though I wanted to avoid duplicating existing attacks. I changed the name and added a minor bonus to it. I initially wanted to give them an upgrade, though I decided it's not worth the space - you always summon an Orderly, which are not the toughest models among minions that can be summoned. Now I think that summoning without slow/staggered can create too big swing in the game (even if you are attacking with sta
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