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  1. I was going to play as Ressers or Bayou this edition and had no initial interest in the faction. But then Ivan was spoiled - British spy that summons shadow monsters? The concept bought me immediately and I decided to main him, regardless how weak or strong he'd turn out.
  2. He can. He measure los and range from calypso, but he doesn't target himself. Same as nexus can attack with hive strike a model from which she measures los and range.
  3. I think that in case of Ivan the Runic Siphon should either have a TN of something like 13/14 or that you cannot target the same model more than once per activation with it. Honestly I doubt the Wyrd changes how he summons models (ie. in base contact with enemy model).
  4. Sorry, I wasn't clear - ES except for McCabe and Cadmus struggle against armored crews Kiya is worse Joss. She needs shielded to have irreducible damage, and she can get only 1 from her bonus action, so needs to get it from Maxine/Emissary/Machinists/Porter. Emissary is most reliable, as she gets Shielded +1 just by activating near him. She also needs focused to hit those 4/6 damage, otherwise she hits like min-3 beaters in other factions.
  5. I played against raspy few times, with those 3 masters - Anya, Maxine and Basse. I won with both Maxine and Anya, and tied with Basse (it was my 1st or 2nd game with him, and even now I don't play him that well). The games against Maxine was a disaster for Raspy - Harsh Winter and Blizzard didn't work at all. Why you may as? Well, Machinists allow my models within 3" to ignore effects of enemy , so I was just ignoring Harsh Winter, and Golem was engaged by both Kyia and Emissary (who can be repaired with Machinists/Beebe anyway). Due to reconfigure and deep discovery I was able to cheat freez
  6. There is also Jessie, who can give you a stone for removing marker
  7. You may be right, I don't have much experience with Neverborn. Hopeful Prospects have condition removal on 6. Cryptologists on 9 . Spelleaters can transform any condition into fast/focus on . Jedza and Nexus have triggers on on their actions.
  8. Technically, you have to pick crew that can deal with Nexus - there is high chance that it will work against other masters
  9. I played him few times fully (or almost fully) in keyword - except him and some random Specter they didn't have enough damage to match opposing players. Gladly, I have access to Archivist, Mikhail, young Harata and Emissary.
  10. TBH DUA hit pretty accurate, they just don't pack a lot of punch - most models in keyword have damage track of 2/3/4 with occasional trigger (except Ivan, who has it practically build-in). Models with guns have stat of 5, shooting at 8". They will hit you, just not hit very hard. The keyword relies on shadow people to engage in combat, when Corvis/Eva/Infiltrators score points.
  11. I agree Ivan is in top 5 masters in game - he's weaker than Dreamer/Nexus/Von Schtook. For me his power level is bit higher than Kirai. Jedza is an issue when you play certain keywords (like Nephilim, Ulix or Sommer) but she struggles against mobile schemy crews (as she prefers running in ball of death). Maxine is same as Jedza - really good against certain crews. Machinists shutting down auras mean you don't have to bother with all those hazardous auras or something like Misery. You also have cards to pass the duels from shockwaves and pulses or other simple duels. Anya is go
  12. I had faced her 3 times previously - two with Ivan and one with Jedza. I won both games with Ivan and tied in Jedza game.
  13. I had fun this game, though I didn't provide any challenge for my opponent. It was just pure luck that Plaag didn't score full 8 points. And damn you Winston, with all the healing you get from winning the duels
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