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  1. I just ordered my Jedza models, finally jumping back into Malifaux after playing a lot of M2E. I am planning a list almost exactly as yours, but with the Goo instead of Emissary. I have been reading how people are not rating the Lamplighters, but from what I read on their cards they sounds fantastic, and I can't wait to have a go at a few games with Jedza. The look of Seekers got me interested, but reading their rules made my finally buy them, they just sounds so cool!
  2. Now that was a fun one! Digitally painted using Procreate on iPad Pro
  3. This is so awesome, can't wait to get some for Zoraida
  4. Forgot to tag, this is for the Adult entry
  5. Here's my entry for the Taelor colouring competition, All digitally painted in Photoshop
  6. oh yes !!! So excited for this one again !
  7. Aaaaaaah, that makes me sad, hopefully I can then just try include her in my Gencon order if she's available by then. Thanks for the responses.
  8. I contacted Wyrd regarding this but is yet to receive a response, so was hoping the forums can give me an answer. Jaakuna Ubume was listed under the June releases, but I have been unable to find any online stores that have her in stock, she is still listed as a pre-order on miniaturemarket, and she isn't available at all on the Wyrd store. When will we be able to purchase her ?
  9. @Jafar ah yes the limitation on not being to interact with summoned models does make my plan less appealing... Didn't think of that. The Desolation Engine is a pricey model, but always like to think of it as a 13 SS model that automatically gives you 8 SS models upon death in return, so almost like a fuax 5 SS model.
  10. So I was wondering if any of you have hired the Desolation Engine in a Jack Daw crew, specifically for Head Hunter and here is why I am considering it: So I would hire Rusty as my Henchman and make sure I have one abomination on the table from the start along with a hired Desolation Engine. Rusty would then turn one get a scrap marker down and hopefully by turn two get a 2nd abomination summoned. Here is why I think the combo could be good for Head Hunter. Basically when an opponent sees a Desolation Engine running with an abomination or two behind them they know they need to take out the abominations or desolation engine at range before the engine starts bashing skulls in and or drop 2 more abomination to get another engine on the table as soon as this one gets dropped. But with head hunter as soon as abominations or the engin gets taken out at range it leaves a headhunter marker which can easily be picked up then by another abomination or the engine. So it makes the opponent second guess targeting the little Desolation party happening for risk of giving me easy headhunter points. Then along with Jack Daw's push shenanigans you can also get the Desolation Engine right up into the opponents face easily enough and start smashing skulls for some more head hunter markers. Now this is just an idea I had which I will be trying out tonight, but would be keen to hear about anyone else's experience running the Desolation Engine within a Jack Daw crew. I see Jack as being able to pull the Desolation Engine out of cover which gives the Engine opportunities to charge. Either using Twist 'n Turn or Writhing Torment. Also note that this is assuming I have two Guilty as well to put Tormented on Both the Engine and Rusty.
  11. Haha ok makes sense, I thought the Guilty was being used for all 3 torments, makes so much more sense now. I just started Jack and so far he is so much fun. Your battle reports are really helpful.
  12. How did you manage to torment 3 models in the first turn with just one Guilty?
  13. Yeah would have liked to see more variety, at least in wardrobe and hairstyles? This is just the same model in 3 different poses, which feels lazy. I do love the look of the model though
  14. Oh man, I am loving that Tortoise sculpt !
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