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  1. Misaki can unbury next to Shang. His card says that if this happens, "the friendly Misaki Katanaka models Heals 2, then this model (Shang) suffers 2 irreducible damage." If Misaki is at full health when she unburies, and can't Heal, does Shang still take damage? I'm inclined to say that he does, but just making sure. Thanks!
  2. Which upgrades do you guys like for Last Blossom crews?
  3. Commenting just so I can come back to this thread later. So much great advice here.
  4. Right, I meant that maybe they'd split it up into some theme boxes -- sort of how the Fire Golem found its way into the new Kaeris support box. I don't want the Resser half badly enough to buy the whole thing, but the 10T half is custom-made for the two masters my wife has.
  5. If we play each other, I think there's plenty of models in Reva's keyword so that I don't need the Wanyudo every time. On the other hand, that's $60 that I could also just not spend. I'd like to see if and how they split up that pack. If I can get away with buying the 10T half, I'd do it and write off the Mourners.
  6. Even so, 1AP for healing 4 is not a bad trade.
  7. How do you like the Mourners with Reva? I always forget that they're in her keyword. I was planning on skipping that box, but now it looks like a better buy. My wife plays Misaki and Asami, so the 10T half is perfect for her, and Reva can take the Wanyudo and the Mourners. Manos also seems pretty good, even OOK.
  8. If you love Molly, you can start with her. She is very happy with her theme models (and maybe the Dead Rider for an extra beater), so it's not like you have to dive headlong into the faction. With Molly's box and then Archie and the Rogue Necro, you'd have enough models for a full game. Assuming you already have painting supplies, that's <$100 for your Molly crew. You could then expand further into Forgotten with the Forgotten Marshal and some more Forgotten minions, or switch gears. Get Molly, have your fun, then begin your Neverborn journey when you're ready. I agree with @LeperColony that your first master should be the one that resonates with you the most strongly. With the advent of keyword hiring in 3E, faction is less of an important decision than it used to be. You could reasonably pick your favorite master or two from each faction and not have to go insane with purchases in order to field competent crews for them. Edit: Just noticed that you mentioned that you already own Molly and some support models. That's even more of a reason to stick with her for the time being. Get a few games in, and if you like her a lot, you should round her out with the Rogue Necromancy and Forgotten Marshal for summoning. That'd be like $30 more. If she's not as much fun as you thought, you can put her aside and try one of the Neverborn masters you like. Since you enjoy monstrous crews, they'd be a great faction for you, maybe Dreamer and Nekima especially. Molly really doesn't need to dip into the faction's Versatile models as much as some of the other masters, so if you're tentative about the Ressers, you picked a great starting point in terms of minimizing your investment.
  9. Thanks for the thorough breakdown! I want to stay in-keyword for the most part when starting out -- maybe making exceptions for Asura, CE and Gravediggers -- so this is great. I'm thinking about a modified version of your plan as well, where you walk a CC, kill it with a Lampad, advance the Lampad (now with Burning) not farther than 13" from your Draugr. Then, the Draugr can walk, warp to the Lampad, gain Burning, and charge somebody right on Turn 1. Then I guess with Reva herself, you hang back around 6-8" from your models, and mostly attack through them while dousing Burning as needed?
  10. Where do you get the Corpse Markers on Turn 1 for Blasphemous Ritual? Zombies / Restless Spirit / Graverobbers? For the Charge + Push, you're using Shield Slam and flipping/cheating a Mask? Do you have any other tips on activation order? How do they heal through their own attacks? Sorry for all the questions, but....I've got a lot of questions
  11. What do you mostly use the Shieldbearers to do?
  12. I would definitely welcome content like this! I've got my first 3E games coming up this week, and plan to start with Reva, as she was my first Malifaux master. What are you guys liking with her? Any fun tips, tricks or synergies that you've uncovered so far?
  13. If you like slicing and dicing with badass sword warriors, that's the way to go.
  14. Reva's core box is solid, but not quite enough stones for a full-size game. I don't think any master comes with enough models to field a 50SS crew. Asura is versatile, so you could pick her up more as an investment into the faction as a whole. I used her 100% of the time in 2E with Reva, but with 3rd, you've got a few options for Corpse Marker generation. I like Zombies though because they are mobile Corpse Markers. The Emissary model is worth getting just for its coolness. It's one of my favorite models in the whole game. I don't know how required he is in 3E, but like Asura, I ran him with Reva every game in 2E. Some models are immune to burning, like the Lampads and the Corpse Candles. Draugr can take Burning from other models and put it on themselves to earn . Reva herself has a bonus action that can remove Burning (any amount) from a target model and those within 3" of it, and heal the target. You can't avoid Burning carte-blanche, but if you think creatively and strategically, you can manage it. Remember that Reva can attack through any Shielded model, and Revenants get Shielded when entering Pyre Markers. You could set your model on fire, let Reva attack through it, then use her bonus action to douse the flames. If you're running Draugr with Reva, you should get the Lampads too. They work well together. Plus, they look amazing. EDIT: One more thing -- Wyrd has uploaded all (well, most) of the cards for free, right here (scroll down to Resources), so you can proxy models first, then decide if you want to buy them.
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