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  1. While I don't try to hide or downplay the negative aspects of the Guild, my campaign has exposed the Fated to a lot of the positive; and they've actually cultivated a good reputation with a number of division heads, most notably Lady Justice and Perdita Ortega.
  2. My little sister's character has steps in both Primal and Buckaroo; and she uses her White Siberian Tiger (statted as a hoarcat) as a guard/attack dog, a mount, and a pillow. She and another fated also once used the tiger to infiltrate an all-hours party as a little circus/comedy act.
  3. I try to run a decent variety, but I tend to favor mysteries for this particular setting.
  4. I have a very "show must go on" attitude towards running my campaigns. As long as at least two players show up, I will run game that evening. I design all of my encounters so that they can be scaled to whatever PCs are present, and I try to have a means to explain PCs coming and going (or just handwave it). For Through the Breach, I additionally write all stories involving Destiny Steps to be modular and time-independent so that I'm not derailed by a particular player's absence.
  5. So the shurikens which Torakage can make with the Leaves Upon the Wind talent have the Fan special ability. Fan, as near as I can tell, is only useful if you're using a Rapid Fire action. Rapid Fire, as far as I'm aware, is only available about half-way through the Gunfighter pursuit. So does a Torakage need to buy half-way through the Gunfighter pursuit to get the most out of their shurikens or am I missing something??
  6. I'm going to have to say McMouring as well. Hospitals under the best condition are nightmare fuel for a lot of people. Filthy hospital-like secret labs run by mad men with a penchant for body horror... yea, no contest IMHO. And though it's no longer a thing, I thought he was even creepier back when he was still operating right under the collective nose of the Guild.
  7. Perhaps I'm not very creative or I'm just a sucker for old tropes, buy my favorite sort of creepy setting is a good ol' Spooky Forest. For that reason (and because I've read far less about it than the Northern Hills, the Bayou, or even the Badlands), I'd really like more official information about the Knotwoods.
  8. Early in the campaign, my Fated ended up moving into a townhouse in the Downtown area which had belonged to a necromancer whom they'd recently killed. Among a number of other oddities, they discovered that the motor in the phonograph in his sitting room had been removed and replaced with a slightly more powerful one. Weeks later when they discovered this same necromancer's secret lair out in the QZ, they found a golden disk which had strange runes on one side and a spiral groove on the other; and they quickly put together that later was probably a phonograph recording and was the reason for the heavier motor. When they got home and played it, they heard a man clear his throat and then start reciting unfamiliar words... Kunda... astratta... montose... Luckily for the Fated, one of them was smart enough to grab the needle off before it got any further.
  9. Oddly enough, I'm also quite fond of Beggarstree and Strangerskeep just like Steamtastic Vagabond. Additionally, I would love to know more about the Badlands and the Knotwoods (hint hint). Aside: I keep reading the start of this thread title as "Lol Death has reared..."
  10. Taelor is a favorite of mine from the wargame, and her unswervingly upbeat and cheerful attitude injects a nice bit of optimism and comic relief into an overall dismal setting. One of the PCs is a Buckaroo with a white siberian tiger, and it's become a bit of a running gag that every time they run into Taelor she gets all excited and shouts "KITTY!" like a small child would. I've also had a lot more fun with Molly Squidpiddge and Phillip Tombers than I ever would have expected. The PCs encountered the latter out in the QZ being utilized as an improvised soccer ball by a gang of terror tots. After the PCs chased them off and then brought Phillip back to Molly, they all really hit it off.
  11. I try not to paint the factions in broad strokes because so many of each faction's members are so different. Sonnia Criid is a very different person from Perdita Ortega, Toni Ironsides is a very different person from Colette DuBois, Seamus is a very different person from Molly, etc.
  12. I've always been more into RPGs than wargames, but the fascinating setting and characters of Malifaux got me instantly hooked. When I heard they were making an RPG out of it, I knew there was little doubt I'd like it. But I'd say the moment I really fell in love with it was when I realized that flexible but straightforward action economy from the wargame had largely been preserved.
  13. Magewright has a talent which adds Tomes to Enchanting; and if we ever get a Neverborn book, it will presumably have a talent which adds Masks to Prestidigitation. And I believe Oxfordian Method lets you add any suit to any spell.
  14. With so many things having precise ranges and the rules in general being so 'wargamey', I definitely find it beneficial to use a map and miniatures. I mainly only use my grid map (squares for indoors; hexes for outdoors) for setting up the surroundings; and we use a tape measure for actual range measurement to avoid diagonal movement ambiguity and related kinds of issue.
  15. From the Neverborn book, I'd like to see the Badlands and the Knotwoods get the same level of coverage which the Bayou and Northern Hills have gotten. I also want the Prestidigitation equivalent of Dabbler, Graverobber, and Magewright. From the 10T book, I'd be happy just to get a decent martial arts specialty and perhaps one for archery as well.
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