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  1. A bit off topic: do I remove the scheme marker for the crooligans fading ability before or after the placement effect? Thanks...
  2. Has anybody tried gravediggers? I haven't seen a lot of talk about them and was wondering what you guys use them for or do you just don't play them?
  3. I wrote it somewhere already, but you could add a bonus point for only scoring end conditions with both schemes. That way you would have to fully commit to bluffing and you reduce your max. points by one, to 7...
  4. I am missing the bluffing and winning without models on the table too. So what about adding a bonus point if you score your schemes only with the end of game condition, and maybe add the possibility to score the end of game condition when loosing the last model? I don't know how the second point would change the flow of the game, but the bonus point for only end game schemes should add some bluffing....
  5. I would love to see some example tables (from wyrd?) because our group often complains about the amount of terrain I put on there. I for example think that rivers should not count for the 33-50% rule because they don't block any sight lines...
  6. unti


    I was toying with the idea of keeping lying in wait on all terrifying models and put a new ability on the other redcapel models that does something when a friendly model gains staggered, but I am missing a matching effect...
  7. unti


    What do you think about a bonus action like this: Hit him girls: every other redcapel model engaged with the target may take a claw action against the target (maybe every model is too much and one would be enough?) Trigger: 'he is distracted' Seamus may take the secret passage action ignoring its restrictions Or 'let me show you how it's done' Seamus may take his gun action against the target ignoring its restriction (with a - for friendly fire) Or 'don't let him get to me' redcapel models in 8 inch (?) aura of the target may push toward the target (ignoring staggered) Maybe that way there would be more interaction in the crew and Seamus could deligate his girls a bit more.
  8. unti


    Maybe change his bonus action to a "booh" action, and give him a pulse in which everybody has to take a terrify - test and add a trigger on which everybody who fails gets distracted or something similar. It would give Seamus a chance to heal on his turn and add another option to hand out distracted. And sybelles aura would be worth a little more... The downside is that he looses the last bit of synergy with his crew but I would prefer his wait for it action on sybelle anyway, in my opinion it's more thematic for her to care for the other hookers and Seamus is doing his thing.
  9. @haagrum yes i have tried it and i think it is very strong in some situations, depending on the schemepool, because you need more schemes where the information is actually worth the 2ss. Schemes like take one for the team is kind of bad, because you dont know which model shouldnt die. But in general i dont like to take it because in our nice little gaming round it takes away the bluff effect and we like that. @mo11usq yes i followed this thread and there was a nice discussion in it (i also like your riddle topics very much btw). But i thought since half a year has gone by, maybe someone has new oppinions on the matter.
  10. Hey, i have played Molly last year in Gaining Ground 17 quite often and found her to be a strong option in some strats. Now in GG 18 i hardly play her because it always seems that she ist somehow not fitting for the strategy and "always" scheme combination. That is why i ask: when do you play her, what strat and schemes is she good at, or is her only advantage her aggressive playstyle and scheme\strat later? By the way i allmost exclusively play her as her horror-version, but maybe you will convince me and i start to try her as a spirit. THX!
  11. Hey, i have a question about seamus boo ability: after an enemy passes the tn 12 horror duel from boo, is the model immune to his terrifying ability? my guess is that he is immune, but maybe you can clarify.
  12. Wait... does that really work like this??? I have to say that it just sounds wrong...
  13. So i do understand both oppinions, thats why i asked... in our group we cant decide on how to play it...
  14. Hey, sadly i did not find an answer to this question: when i prevent 1 damage in Sebastians induction aura, do i still suffer the other 2 damage or do i suffer no damage? Thanks
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