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  1. Am I missing something: a lampad can only put a pyre 5inch up the board.. is that enough to be in the middle or in the way of your opponent? I'm just asking because I really want to use at least one lampad...
  2. I would love to see faction specific counters or factions countering us
  3. It would be very thematic, I think, if lampads would unbury in basecontact when a pyremarker is placed, that way the cremation action gets a little more use...
  4. I'm using my old avatar models as emissary, maybe you find an old nikodem avatar, from there you could use one of the corpses as mindless zombie...
  5. Hmm bete+emissarry look interesting in a Reva crew. What do you think about adding to that 2 draught +gravespirittouch? So you have 4 terrifying models that hit quite hard and draught gain some needed survivability...
  6. Hehe, that's what I get for not reading the table closely... Yes you are right, ruthless on an upgrade is bad (or great depending on which side of the table you are)... And I didn't mean that the list won't still win or is a strong choice, it's just stronger against some factions than other ones, who are able to tech against a terrifying-bomb, and since you know the enemy faction before crewbuilding you should think about that....
  7. The last schemes and stones podcast showed how many models there are per faction with ruthless: https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2020/07/10/by-the-number-part-2/ So you should be fine against outcast and neverborn and maybe against bayou and arcarnists because these factions have very few options for ruthless. Against ten thunders, guild and ressers you probably should consider another list....
  8. We play our very wide river only severe if the front of your base is in the water (in walking direction), as soon as your base touches normal ground you are able to move normally again. --> lore description would be that the sides of a river or a puddle of mud in your case are not very deep...
  9. When you find a way to deal with armor please keep us informed, I am looking for ways (anything else as second master) since beta and started to just ignore armored models even though against Von schtook that would be his whole crew 😃
  10. It was wedge, I think anything but corner is fine for him
  11. I had a public enemies game with different schemes this weekend with Jack daw against victorias and I have to say JD is awesome in this strategy. He and his keyword is very surviveable and you put a big target on anything with an upgrade and staggered for yourselfe to focus down. Assassinate, leave your mark (put a drowned and jakuuna in the middle and nothing will survive there) and vendetta(probably a hanged can do it) should be possible schemes for tormented keyword.
  12. What do you think about kirai in ley lines? I will play a similar pool this week and was thinking about the mobility from guided spirit of datsue ba and seishins and add the assassinate pressure with her totem. With jakuuna there is access to a great lure off the markers... Only problem I have is that I don't know how to get scheme markers for breakthrough (or in my case sabotage and/or runic binding) down...
  13. Thx for your very fast answer, sadly the app isn't getting farther than crew builder screen and that after like 3 or 4 reinstalls. I deleted the temporary files and internet connection works fine... Do you have another tip for me to try because we actually love the app and use it on a daily basis... Ha, I don't know what I did, but it worked... Maybe 5 reinstalls is the magic number 😃 Thx!
  14. Hey, what the title said. The buttons "download all" and "choose downloads" are grey and I can't press them. Now I have all cards already downloaded but my wife has the same issue and can't see any cards... In general the app takes very long to open.... Do you know what the problem could be? Hmm, I tried to reinstall the app and now it doesn't open at all...
  15. Hey, Love the idea of this Maniacal: you said you will be playing this next week, do you know what faction you will be facing? I always try to let this info influence my master decision...
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