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  1. Haha, at least I'm not the only one getting a little bit confused about that.
  2. Thanks for your answer, but I don't understand how it would resolve... So what happens now when I use take the hit with an ashigaru with gst (terrifying)? Is the attacker flipping a terrifying duel?
  3. From faq 2/12. * If a model has multiple Abilities that resolve after it is targeted (such as Terrifying (X), Protected (X), or another model’s Take the Hit Ability) can it resolve more than one?* a) Yes. When a model is targeted all effects that would resolve are generated at the same time and can be resolved in any order (as per Simultaneous Effects on Pg 34). However, some effects may change the target of the Action, in which case that new model is not targeted and as such those effects aren’t generated a second time. Additionally, abilities such as Manipulative that affect Actions that target “this model” only apply to those Actions that are still targeting that model. For example, if a model with Take the Hit changes the target of an Action to itself, it would not benefit from any of the initial target’s Abilities such as Manipulative that require the Action to target “this model”, nor could it benefit from more of its own abilities that resolve when it is targeted (such as Terrifying). I read this and I don't know if I played it wrong before but does this mean if kirai uses protected to transfer an attack to jaakuna, jaakuna can't use her serene countenance and after damaging she can't use her vengeance?
  4. I just realized that the new drag along trigger on lampads is any marker not just pyre markers. That should enable some funny plays...
  5. When playing against Neverborn I always think about our terrifying models. In NB are only 2 ruthless models... Carver and Hooded Rider
  6. Would you consider Anna in other crews against misaki too? (I'm thinking with kirai or another crew where she isn't fitting in nicely like in a Reva crew)
  7. I only play the emissary with my Seamus or Nikodem avatar 😃 , great models!! Does anyone know if or when we will get new GG or/and Errata? I mean we just got ES so maybe it will take some time, in this special year...
  8. I really don't like that the emissary is fixed 10 points in every list I play with Seamus, so if you find a way to implement sybelle and bete instead let me know. I don't think that the emissary is too strong but his kit with the blocking wall + corpse is just a perfect fit... An viable option to play something different would be awesome...
  9. I like the summoning idea, eventhough I don't think wyrd wants to add another summoning henchman. What about: It was two of them?: Target takes a WP 12 + x duel where X is the amount of redchapel model engaging the target. When the target fails it gains distracted and a belle is summoned in base contact. In a non redchapel crew it should be easy to defend but near belles or doxys with the minus to wp pretty good chance of succeding
  10. I haven't build any fog terrain but we use these reeds as concealing. Can be removed for model placement and could be everywhere in an old broken down part of the city, although we mostly use them on the little river
  11. What about something like: Hold them right: the push distance from the disengage action is reduced by 2"
  12. I heard or read this tactic somewhere: When ikiryo has a token you can take her down to 1 wound yourself and she drops the strat marker on your half of the table, and then you throw her in the enemy lines 2 times. It's not as effective but you saved one strat marker, at least for now and the enemy has to move to your side and pick it up...
  13. I don't like them either but I don't see many other options for ignoring their Armor... And yes they are expensive but I had problems against them, so just my experience...
  14. I played against samurai with trained ninja upgrade, and they hit quite hard. They take concentrate with a bonus and get a plus to their shoot and with the right suit they blast. And if you don't have anything ignoring their armour 2 you won't harm them significantly also because of stealth from the upgrade... So I think bringing armour ignoring models like kirai (ikiryo) or student of steel or mcmourning is important against TT because of samurais, fuhatsu, lone swordsman...
  15. I would like to see a shockwave targeting WP and handing out distracted maybe on a new model, that way the clumps of models would get way more dangerous and then sybelle hands out the rams in an aura instead of her other bonus action, then unexpected ferocity would get used and actually useful... And I think it's themey that Seamus does his own thing while his belles do other things...
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