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  1. Sure, I played Molly Necrotic machine Archie Philip Forgotten Marshall 2x rabble riser 2x crooligan His crew Misaki Shang Torakage Crime boss Tanuki Lone swordsman Fuhatsu Yasunori My plan was to plant the bombs early with my crooligans and score after that detonate the charges with them. One scheme marker was already in the right spot but sadly the crooligans just evaporated. Second scheme I chose vendetta with the forgotten Marshall on a crime boss (I scored 1 VP from that). On the terrain part I think the opposite was the problem... We had wedge deployment, on one side I had to cross a river and a wood to get to the other half of the table, and the other side was only a river to cross but not very much cover/concealment to hide behind. So fuhatsu stood in the middle of the board, score claim jump and shoot... I think the game just took a bad turn, and the way we play showed it's problems. We choose s&s, faction and master before we meet, and build the board when we meet, most of the time we have already finished our list at this time. The board had a lot of severe and my deployment boxed me completely in. I should have changed my crew and add some flying/unimpeded models eg rider, night terrors...
  2. Hmm, I am kind of frustrated, I got destroyed and called the game at the end of turn 2. My crooligans were onehits for his guys, the Punkzombies got shot down from fuhatsu and Archie was killed in one activation from the lone swordsman... Yes, he had nice flips and I started surrounded by severe terrain, but it just felt (again) like I can't kill anything while not surviving the first activations... Enough of that bad attitude for today... 😃
  3. I have a game planned for today and I will be playing against misaki. The game will be plant explosive, so I announced Molly. as I know my opponent, he will probably play at least two of the TT-trinity (fuhatsu, samurai and lone swordsman). They all have armor and healing or htk. I always have problems with those three, as they take to many activations to kill but ignoring them doesn't work either as they hit pretty hard with a long threatrange... How would you try to counter those models in list building and on the table? Maybe you could help me...
  4. Just to clarify: the river is about 2 -3" wide and we play the fords as nonsevere. So there are 4 crossings over the river without movementreduction. One of our players once said that when we play without the river the board feels too small. so I guess we got used to playing with lots of severe terrain. But that was 2e so we will see if the change to pushes not ignoring severe will change our opinions in the future...
  5. I have a question: do you need to be within range of the corpsemarker on the opponent's half (within 2") or is Seamus able to just remove a target corpsemarker in Los?
  6. Seems like I didn't see your thread but it's actually the same what I wanted to start here so I will just add my pictures. i always try to put something los-blocking in the middle because I don't like games where you can place your gunline in the middle and see everything... How much of your terrain is usually concealing /severe/....? And do you use terrain with different heights to stand on?
  7. Hey guys, after reading a bit about m3e here I noticed that people talk about their boards and the terrain on those boards. That's why I wanted to ask how you build yours boards, how much terrain do you typically use, what kind of terrain.... I for example always try to put something los-breaking in the middle of the board, for example (see pictures below) some dense concealing woods or a blocking building. maybe some of you want to share pictures of your boards so we could get some examples.
  8. Does a kill from an insignificant model count for the purpose of the strategy? We had the example of Shang killing a crooked man in our last game... If you look at the strategy's text only there is no reason why it wouldn't count because only the killed model matters, but on the other hand the rulebook says that insignificant models are ignored in every way for the strategy... Thx in advance for your clarifications.
  9. Would you like to share your experiences on that? I am very interested in hearing reasons to hire Mortimer, because I would like to put him more often on the table...
  10. A bit off topic: do I remove the scheme marker for the crooligans fading ability before or after the placement effect? Thanks...
  11. Has anybody tried gravediggers? I haven't seen a lot of talk about them and was wondering what you guys use them for or do you just don't play them?
  12. unti


    I was toying with the idea of keeping lying in wait on all terrifying models and put a new ability on the other redcapel models that does something when a friendly model gains staggered, but I am missing a matching effect...
  13. unti


    What do you think about a bonus action like this: Hit him girls: every other redcapel model engaged with the target may take a claw action against the target (maybe every model is too much and one would be enough?) Trigger: 'he is distracted' Seamus may take the secret passage action ignoring its restrictions Or 'let me show you how it's done' Seamus may take his gun action against the target ignoring its restriction (with a - for friendly fire) Or 'don't let him get to me' redcapel models in 8 inch (?) aura of the target may push toward the target (ignoring staggered) Maybe that way there would be more interaction in the crew and Seamus could deligate his girls a bit more.
  14. unti


    Maybe change his bonus action to a "booh" action, and give him a pulse in which everybody has to take a terrify - test and add a trigger on which everybody who fails gets distracted or something similar. It would give Seamus a chance to heal on his turn and add another option to hand out distracted. And sybelles aura would be worth a little more... The downside is that he looses the last bit of synergy with his crew but I would prefer his wait for it action on sybelle anyway, in my opinion it's more thematic for her to care for the other hookers and Seamus is doing his thing.
  15. @haagrum yes i have tried it and i think it is very strong in some situations, depending on the schemepool, because you need more schemes where the information is actually worth the 2ss. Schemes like take one for the team is kind of bad, because you dont know which model shouldnt die. But in general i dont like to take it because in our nice little gaming round it takes away the bluff effect and we like that. @mo11usq yes i followed this thread and there was a nice discussion in it (i also like your riddle topics very much btw). But i thought since half a year has gone by, maybe someone has new oppinions on the matter.
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