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  1. New Wyrdos

    Welcome Kai and Kimberly!
  2. Medford, OR: Behold My Glory M2E Tournament 5/13

    My LGS just hammered out a FB Event. For updates, be sure to chime in there!
  3. Medford, OR: Behold My Glory M2E Tournament 5/13

    Just came back from Breaching the 'Faux, what a fun tournament! Don't forget, if you're in my area next month, come check us out in the above tourney date! Flyer
  4. Welcome a new team member!

    Welcome @Alyssa!
  5. I will be hosting my next Tournament, Behold My Glory, on May 13th, 2017 at Astral Games of Medford OR! I'm intending this tourney to be a "practice" tourney for those intending to do Califaux 2017 the following month. I will be mimicking Crissy's usual Qualifier Strat choices as best I can guess them. Hopefully with the location in Southern Oregon, I can interest players from the Portland area and the Sacramento/Bay Area to meet at my humble LGS for a practice throw-down. I'll make it worth your while with lots of prizes and loot that everyone has a chance at claiming in the end! Come on up/down, and see how you measure up before Califaux! Be wary, I'll only be accepting the first 16 players in our medium-sized space, so be sure to contact me (either through PM here or on FB in our Community Page) to preregister ASAP! For more information, visit us at my store's Malifaux Community Page, or find more information on the tournament page here!
  6. A Stitch in Time in Medford, OR

    Second Session will be Saturday, March 11th at noon. We will be in the back TRPG rooms again! I have decided against posting updates on how each Act goes here. I don't want to post any spoilers for anyone in different communities. But if you're in the area, you are more than welcome to join us! We'll catch you up then when we start Act II!
  7. A Stitch in Time in Medford, OR

    100%, totally! Drop-ins very much welcome. I'm about to put up some notes on our first session (no spoilers though). Should be meeting next on March 4th! Also, have you visited our local Facebook group here for other event updates?
  8. A Stitch in Time in Medford, OR

    Got one of their dedicated Tabletop RPG rooms for tomorrow! Afterward, depending on how early we finish, might fit some M2E afterward if anyone is interested!
  9. Guild Scrip

    I haven't found a need for 20 S bills yet, but maybe because I'm a stingy FM :-P I'll look into it next time I open the files. Who would be a good 20 S Master though? Maybe when I do the 20 S bills, I'll look into a Front/Back format. It'd be a little hard to guarantee perfect line-up, but that might be the printer's problem. I'll let you guys and gals know!
  10. A Stitch in Time in Medford, OR

    I will be hosting the A Stitch in Time Worldwide Event at Astral Games of Medford, OR. First Session will be Saturday, Feb 18th at noon (hopefully in one of their TRPG rooms, still arranging things)! Stay tuned to this thread for session updates and planned dates of following Acts!
  11. Story Encounter Index

    Updated, including a new section, "Worldwide Events," which includes Divergent Paths. Still pondering on a solution for the "printer-friendly" list that doesn't require me to update two locations with each update. Will let you know if anything develops!
  12. Can someone confirm that the Limited Edition versions of recently Errata-ed cards are indeed updated to 2017 rules? All other normal prints are clearly labeled as updated, but the below are not: Nightmare Tara Nightmare The Nothing Beast Black Friday Francisco Ortega Miss Terious Mr. Cooper Hanged Nathan Hanged Eric
  13. An add-on I'd love to see..

    What I want to see... Remember Thrace? What happened to her in TOS?
  14. Story Encounter Index

    There's been talk and rumbles before about transcribing all this in a different format. A PDF, Google Doc, Dropbox? Part of my original decisions on small-font and EXTREMELY brief synopses have been to remain as a reference and an index similar to my original TtB Index; not an unabridged encyclopedia that could actual run each scenario (which feels a little copyright infringe-y if I'm not too careful), but a starting point for casual players and Story-Encounter-Tournament-Organizers alike to find a new scenario. Is there enough demand for such an update though? If this list is too unwieldy now as a Spoiler-filled Forum post, I can change; I just need to know there's a demand for it before I commit to the man hours to pull it off (or maybe I'll take up @LordZombie on some help...). Thoughts?