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  1. Appreciate the quick answers! Firebranded aren’t amazing but the heal is nice when they have the rider, eternal flame etc to pull off. Or also when you have 6 burning on an enemy with 1 health left. I have been playing it that way in my first 4 games with Kaeris and just started to doubt myself. Can be a clutch heal and they are good mop up duty on injured targets down at 3/4df.
  2. Firebranded have a bonus ability Embrace the Flame. “Reduce the value of the burning condition on the target and any model within (3) of the target by any amount. The target heals an amount equal to the total value of Burning reduced this way (to a maximum of 3)” So, does the amount have to be the same for each model? Can I choose 0 on the target, and 2 on a model in range of the pulse, and have the target heal 2? Or does it have to be the same amount for each model affected?
  3. And the things that ignore hazardous, or have huge WP. Or are trying to out scheme and out maneuver you. Tonis is a sword. Plaag stabs people before they can stab him. But it also works to dodge, parry and counter attack with a sword. Plaag is in a tough meta, and faces the top players in vassal. If you don’t like his style list: Try the other opinions here where you play. If it works great. If not try his. It’s a fun game. So just try everything!
  4. She has legit swagger. A person who has Pandora open her box in front of her and says "that's cute ... I've seen worse" and goes back to doing her work. I like it. And there is definitely some dynamics in the renders uploaded now. A whole keyword of worth in the swirly bits around Harata (he at least took any dynamic excitement Beebe might have had)
  5. I personally see Howard in 2/3 of my lists. And I don’t think that it’s all OOK and Versatiles. Plaag likely plays it that way though, and is almost definitely better than I am. I find the rest are all just dependent on the pool, opponent and board. Going to be shot at by everything; bring the Captain. Amina was mvp against Nephelim the other day just for denying charges and obeying them out of combat so I could kill 1 at a time. Id take Fitz against someone like Anya or Colette maybe.... usually he feels like a bit of a waste. Okay to get claim jump though if you are against a
  6. Box is in “Upcoming” now! Cool to see the renders!!
  7. Kaeris is pretty solid even with a couple stinkers in her keyword. Elijah does WORK when you get him in position. Her henchmen are both adequate (one great, one okay). Firebranded are sometimes loved, sometimes not, depending on who you ask. I like them though. But Arcanist versatiles make up for the smaller keyword choices. Hoffman is a good master, but personally I think if you have M&SU already there’s not many pools where the two aren’t just interchangeable. Once you have one, the other is slightly more redundant if you are going for a “get three crews to cover my bases” approach.
  8. That is the kind of explanation that, if I was the game designer and read that (assuming it’s not what wyrd meant) I’d instantly switch to “oh yeah, you figured it out! That’s exactly what We were thinking!”
  9. That’s generous but ... Stepping away for a bit and re-reading it, I think the way I wrote it I would have taken it the way you did the first time. But you say what I meant more succinctly than I did. Hahaha Back on topic, I do wish there was more options to have a beast horde instead of just elites. I love the story with the swarm of birds. A crappy (low SS disposable) hound option would be great too. Just to give another play style option, for different pools etc
  10. Nope, I’m not sure why you are assuming that from what I wrote, but I can only read from my own point of view. Must be a me problem
  11. The problem with trigger off a trigger pouncing strike and onslaught. Marcus shouldn’t be able to set off attack chains that long, in a crew that can drop mutations for suits to guarantee them. The faq went the right way I think
  12. Explorers starter has a loose theme. Mr. Ngaatoro is Gretchen's bodyguard/second/enforcer, a society man through and through. Tanenbaum is a society cartographer, he is assigned to Jedza right now, but a society guy primarily. And the Hopeful Prospects are just that. The other non-construct models, Jessie, Vernon/Welles and Botanists, who are also versatile are also direct society members loyal to the society over any master. Which is only vaguely a theme, but I kind of like how the versatiles all make sense to be versatile, as they'd hop from master to master as ordered by the society.
  13. Ivan of course should be summoning, so I see not wanting to take him to Public Enemies. But I've tried it a couple of times, and he doesn't feel useless as a mobile turret of doom, his damage can be really impressive, and reliable to hit for min 3. Plus he hands out staggered. His crew has access to attack any stat pretty reliably, with Mordrake being copied, and shockwaves making attacking MV reliable too. Otherwise you either take high DF or high WP models to defend against him and are in trouble either way. Most of his keyword have Df 6 as well as access to passive (and low cost) healing. A
  14. Been getting a lot of games in with English Ivan, deciding if I want to go that route in the new year. So I've been taking him regardless of pool to really test his limits. All just Vassal games so not exactly the same thing as getting him on the table. Trying to stay in keyword mostly, besides Mr. Ngaatoro a couple of times. I think there isn't as much benefit to show lists without showing the pool and enemy master so: Ivan (w/Hidden Agenda), Mr. Mordrake, Gibson DeWalt, Corvis Rook, Eva (w/Flush with Cash), Nocturne, Operative 1 and Operative 2; 7SS Ivan vs Dreamer, Flank, Symbols of
  15. Sorry for the point form, was just keeping notes each activation during this Vassal game. Ended up 8:2 for English Ivan. He died himself, but I played him agressively to lock the Seamus crew in their half of the table, and deny opportunities for "a cause for celebration". Card luck went to English as well, I think this likely could have turned out a lot closer. Still give the edge to English though. Deployment: Standard Strat: Corrupt Leylines Schemes: Let Them Bleed, Sabotage, Catch and Release, Claim Jump, Hidden Martyrs English Ivan: Ivan (hidden agenda), Mr. Mordra
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