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  1. Schrodingers marker: simultaneously height 4 and 0! Haha Just kidding there, though I don’t think it’s quite the same as friendly/enemy as there is no mutually exclusive aspects. I tend towards agreeing with your take for sure, just saw the discussion on this had dropped off. Whenever there isn’t a 100% clear answer I’d rather interpret it in the way that favors my opponent anyway.
  2. I mean, this was simply an anecdote as requested not a tactica. And they can’t count to “just step away” since I could have accomplice’d into Marcus. Or on other turns had other stuff nearby. Plus leaps to get into position. I don’t understand the point on initiates … it’s the same ability .. they can’t do it with “less hand requirements”. That doesn’t make any sense. Same stat. Same trigger .. and can take them too. In this case I was forcing it to maximize damage on the master to dive for a turn 2 kill. No reason not to just swing for the fences like with the orders, plus leap and get a fourth attack for a stone when it is worth it. Just some thoughts. Maybe I’m completely missing your point though?
  3. I had a solid hand, stoned turn 1&2 so I went into the fight with 3 severe cards in hand. Myranda ran up with two mutations, he thought Marcus was too far away, so activated mad dog to kill the Cerberus. So when Marcus leaps, then charges (with horns) he hits with a plus on the damage flip. Cheated in a 13 of masks in the duel. Straight damage flip, cheated a severe for 8 damage. Then focus+adaptive evolution for free mask and double positive on the duel. Another straight flip dmg and flipped a severe for 8 more. Third action landed a weak flip, but with a mask on the duel so it was for 4. So obviously some of that was stoned. But still, crazy hits when there is enough mutations nearby. And last hit pushes Parker to 2” away. As I’d rather be shot with Marcus than melee’d. Was a chunk of resources, but well spent. The mutations just kind of went naturally. I think it’s be easy to over think or position poorly trying to maximize it, but I never felt short on mutations. I am not sure what the ideal crew is to bring with this Marcus, but the one I took felt like it wasn’t quite there. I might have liked a second initiate. I had: marcus, jackelope, Myranda, order initiate (mt), beast within (ssc), Cerberus, and a mauler with 7 stones. More mutation targets than mutations. Not ideal. But wanted to just feel some things out. Beast within was great to get extra movement out of the corner.
  4. So where are people coming down on Cryosleep? Does it allow you to ignore an ice pillar when determining if a target has cover, since you count the ice pillar as a corpse marker?
  5. Got a game in last night with Marcus, Alpha vs Bandit. You can set up some HURT on models with Marcus. I wasn’t sure how to swing this pool so I took 7 stones. Needed them all to maximize his turns and for cards. Almost took out Parker in one activation on turn two from corner deployment. But he got lucky and red joker’d his soulstone damage reduction. Turn 3 Marcus killed Sue, a dead outlaw and got in place to grab a symbol turn 4. Was a low scoring game of 3:1 in Marcus favour. Bandits never made it to the halfway line. Pool: corner, symbols of authority, break through, detonate charges, catch and release, death beds, bait and switch.
  6. When does the kaltgiest have to lower its shielded? Does it happen when you declare hard slam, or when you go to resolve the damage?
  7. I’m likely a little dense, but just dawned o me charging is a push. So every time you charge you get shielded if you aren’t already at 2+
  8. You are summoning ice creatures. You summon living or beast, but they lost those traits from the card. Then get armor and the demise from gamin/golems/kaldgist. Her lore blurb explains it too. She is forming new people from the ice and giving them life. Tempted to repaint a silent one and some acolytes in icy form!!
  9. If they added a new model (or models) that was 6-7 stones and filled the gap between gamin and golem she would have as many summon options as Ivan and more than Tara. Easiest option being where she summons from an ice pillar. Though part of me is hoping for something other than summoner.
  10. Does he have a whip in that picture? Maybe something like McCabes new whip? But with more scheme related triggers? Or it’s just rope. Maybe he can wrangle up McCabes missing horse mid game and turns into a mounted version. Lol
  11. It’s still an1/1/2 damage track if your blasts don’t hit anything. Not something I’d spend 16 stones on I don’t think.
  12. For sure. Even the slightly more random pairs usually have a very clear thematic and cool linking model. Nekima and Molly sharing an undead Nephelim feels like maybe the zombie Nephelim started this pairing more than anything else
  13. That doesn’t do anything to explain multiple people making the same pairing though. If anything that logic should lead to less people pairing the two in speculations. But yes, I agree. From the moment Nekima/Molly was shown, it was clear the speculation is pointless. Fun! But pointless.
  14. I’m curious, why does everyone keep mentioning Sandeep/Shenlong pairing. I can’t see the mechanical link, is there a fluff one I don’t know about?
  15. So the eagle… has anyone tried it out with a proxy? I haven’t had a chance yet. I find it hard to expect it to do anything alone, but maybe okay with support. But then it becomes a situation of, “would I have just been better off supporting a better model”? It is better than a moleman. Give it a mutation and focus, and it can pling something for 3 or 5 damage reliably while getting a scheme marker placed. With a threat of 26”. But that’s once, and the mutation is gone if nothin is close. Can harass weak back line stuff while scheming maybe? From behind terrain. Chimera has no shortage of models that can intercept and kill other schemers. Maybe the bird and saber tooth working together? Keeps up to the cat easier than an initiate. They can just toss the mutations back and forth to each other. Against some crews the deployment trick is great. Against others it’s meaningless. I clearly dont know, this was just a stream of thoughts because I want Marcus to use birds again!
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