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  1. Not sure if it helps, but Wyrd has mentioned previously that there is a plan for obtaining new models included only in crew boxes in another way for those of us who have already bought in (many of us heavily). Don't recall them releasing any further details but it will be great if it does happen and doesn't require anything other than purchasing from their online store front.
  2. We should remember that posting feedback on the forums wasn't the only method of submitting suggestions/recommendations during the open play test. Some feel as if the forums have a tendency to focus on a few vocal play testers that may appear to bully those who disagree with them. Having participated in more than a few of these for Wyrd, I can say that this one was quite a bit tamer than those in the past but was not exactly free of issues. In the end, everyone will have to evaluate the final game for themselves and decide to stay or go. Losing players is never a good thing but is also somewhat inevitable. The trick is to minimize loss. Rebuilding communities is a difficult thing, more so when a large swath of potential players possess a very bad taste that poisons the well. I for one am not looking forward to rebuilding should my community not take to M3e. We had just recovered from the M2e transition.
  3. May we never experience another "massive rebalancing of models"!
  4. I would like to see the Bayou Gremlin's Minion Number increased.
  5. I will check the stock at my LGS next time I go. I seem to recall them having at least one.
  6. 1st edition had a similar concept though it was called Breakable way back when. Unfortunately... Breakable terrain wasn't often utilized in 1st edition either. Not that it wasn't a useful thing, more that it was difficult to display the after effects on the tabletop, i.e. marking a door or section of wall as broken for the remainder of the game in a satisfying easily identifiable way. I used it a lot more with Wyrd's Terraclips line due to the ease of removing doors or replacing wall sections with smaller pieces or ruined pieces. As you mention, small terrain elements might not be the best choices for destructible pieces due to the benefits they often provide. Now on larger pieces it could be real interesting.
  7. While some aspects of the new version of Somer may accomplish your intent of encouraging a Horde Style of play, Lookin' Down On 'Em may actually have the opposite effect. This singular ability coupled with Bayou Bash is likely going to be much more effective in an Elite crew where you aren't providing pass tokens than a horde of weenies where you will. Also, that card is getting mighty full of text.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Wyrd released a new Hanna for M3e that was closer to the KS one, there is some precedent for it. The M2e Lord Chompy Bits is a very close facsimile of the 1st Edition Nightmare Edition that at one point commanded a really hefty price on the secondary market. I absolutely hate the Relic Knights Hanna and would love to see a new version but do hope they dont infringe on the KS one in such an obvious way.
  9. I would also add: You have to use the replaced value so it is not like a where you can choose to use it or not. And it counts as your cheat for the duel. Somer's recent rise in competitive play is more likely due to the appearance of Bajonistas than an ability he has had from the very start of the edition. There is a reason 1st edition Somer had Survival of the Fittest erratad very early to prevent stacking with other models that had it. But at this point, I really dont care anymore. The devs will do what they think is best and the rest of us will have to make our own decisions about them.
  10. But you cant take it on any master you play, only a handful of Gremlin Models have it and only one Master. As you stated though You are arguing against players who know these models and have much more experience than you do. No point in discussing this further as you will not change my opinion and I am very unlikely to change yours. Ah the joys of open play testing...
  11. 8 is a value higher than the statistical average for Bayou Two Card. It is less than a 50-50 crap shoot that is more likely to drop lower than a tie or higher and you have to use the second result as it is your cheat. It really isn't that great. If it was Somer would have been placing much higher in organized competitive play events and much more consistently.
  12. This is definitely not true or statistically accurate. Its best use is in damage flips where you can get a second chance at higher damage, but even here you have to hit well enough to cheat at all, and with Gremlin stats that isn't guaranteed. Finally, as @ShinChan states, it is your models cheat so you have to use the new result even if it is lower. This is why Bayou Two Card isn't as great as it looks. It has a narrow range of benefit with a larger range of detriment. Suicide Gremlins. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After, years and years of playing Somer and his crew in both 1st and 2nd editions, I feel safe in stating that the only real balance he needed was with negating the interaction between Survival of the Fittest and Get Your Bro. I have never agreed with using Get Your Bro as a card draw mechanic. A single line addition to Get Your Bro could have stopped this.
  13. Well that is not entirely true...Bayou Gremlins exploding has been a thing since the very beginning of the game. There was also a non-PC name for it. It was one of the few methods Gremlins had of dealing with 1st edition Hamelin. It was continued in M2e but moved to an upgrade card. Not often utilized but it was a tool in the box. In regards to Somers Bigger Hat than You, would returning to the 1st edition version, titled A Gremlin's Luck be a better option? It only had a 12" range and a lowish TN without a resist but did require Somer to suffer wounds to cause the control card discard, one for each card.
  14. While I agree that the range could have benefited from a reduction to perhaps 12" both @Thatguy and @ShinChan are proving my point. Bigger Hat than You wasn't OP'ed or even very reliable, however, when it did go off, it was often memorable. This is much more true when it removed an opponents killer hand. A lot of the M3e fixes for Somer and his crew seem very reactive to things that were perceived to be overly powerful but in actuality were very difficult to setup, sustain, or count on. The first time you see these abilities they are daunting and negative, however, after that they become much less worrisome and easily countered. This is an example of the exact weakness of Bigger Hat than You. To really be effective Somer has to go early in the turn, like activation 1 or 2. This locks him down in a lot of ways. Secondly, Somer needs to prioritize his other actions to ensure he can still have a presence on the table after Bigger Hat than You. This often depletes at least some of Somer's control hand (at least it has in the games I have played, and yes even when running Super Solo Somer). This means that Bigger Hat than You is usually going last in Somer's activation. If it is his last action then really, your opponent only needs to stop it once. Barring a Red Joker flip from the deck, then your opponent is fairly likely to have something to cheat it with. Sure the lower WP Masters can struggle against it, but if they have a control hand worth protecting then it shouldn't be to difficult to beat. Now when the perfect storm rolls in, say a Red Joker flip for Somer on the cast preventing the opponent from cheating, forces your opponent with a WP 6 Master to have to dump their control hand of awesomeness, it is definitely memorable. While memorable it is not dependable or even really strong as the disadvantages at least balance against the possible gains. Even with low WP masters though, the possibility of Bigger Hat than You just incentives them to use those high value cards earlier in the turn before Somer goes, unless he goes first. This is where I think the real power of Bigger Hat than You is, not its use, but the threat of its use. Bayou Two Card is another example of this. Is it really a great ability? I would, and have, argued no. It is very inconsistent and really only worth considering in a very narrow range of initial card flip values. If the initial flip is a 6 or 7 then B2C is a real crap shoot, that is just as likely to produce a lower value as higher. If it is a 7 or higher, then B2C becomes more of a liability than a benefit. It is fun, and memorable when you cheat using B2C and a higher value card pops out, but it is definitely not dependable. Perhaps the attempt in M3e to make Somer predictable is why there is so much push back against the changes. People who were attracted to Somer in 1st and 2nd editions knew his idiosyncrasies and high risk low probability power combos. We learned to compensate or at least try and mitigate them. The Gremlin Gun Lines I run are an example of this. Do I count on hitting well enough to cheat the damage? Hell no, Bayou Gremlins don't have the stats to do that but a hit is a hit none the less and barring the appearance of a Black Joker is goign to produce 1 Damage regardless. Individually a model doesn't have to worry about a single Bayou Gremlin, but in a large enough swarm those bee stings can kil even the toughest Masters. These things were the gremlins charm. They definitely don't have that feel anymore. Some may be happy with that, but others didn't buy into Gremlins for consistency, but for fun. I haven't had fun playing Gremlins in M3e. This is a shame but this late in the game I don't expect it to change. I am not trying to diminish anyone else's opinions or experiences, merely trying to express my own.
  15. We have had some very different experiences with Bigger Hat Than You. I really feel it is yet another one of those Gremlin examples of a perfect storm memory (like Bayou Two Card). In my experiences, it rarely did anything other than ferret the occasional high card for the resist, and then only if the opponent had a hand worth preserving. Perhaps my community just plays with a ton of LOS blocking terrain that really mitigates the impact.
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