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  1. We are less than three weeks away from our Gaining Ground's tournament. Players are honing their skills and refining their lists. Hope to see you all there.
  2. We are about a month and a half away from this event and figured it was time for an update. We have submitted this tournament to the USFauxTour website so as to contribute to National Rankings. For those traveling in from Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Erie, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis or any where else, we have 2 hotels nearby which are less than 3 minutes from the store with plenty of Restaurants to fill the belly. We would love to have you all for what is likely to be an amazing event and one of the last opportunities to tune your lists for Origins. Contact Information for the Hotels. Comfort Suites, 1464 Town Center Blvd, Brunswick, OH 44212. (855) 239-9300 Quality Inn Brunswick Cleveland South, 1435 S. Carpenter Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212. (330) 273-1112 Lastly, if there is enough interest we may arrange for a social the night before at Geeked Out Pub and Grille in Brunswick (Walking or stumbling distance to both hotels).
  3. That is an awful lot of out of keyword models to possibly make Somer2 work. Sort of exemplifies a lot of the complaints about his concept.
  4. Refuge Gaming in Brunswick Ohio is hosting our first Gaining Grounds Season 2 Tournament on Saturday, May 21, 2022. Registration will begin at 9:30 am and first round will begin no later than 10:30 am. Event length will depend on the number of participants. This is a 50 SS, fixed faction event. Strategy and Scheme pools will be posted 1 week prior to the event and QR codes will be included in the Tournament Pack. Cost for the event is $10.00. Fees may be paid in advance by contacting us through the website or on the day of event. Participants "day pass" is included in the event cost. This is a competitive event however, beginners are welcome. Participants are encouraged to utilize the free M3e App to track games, those who do not must ensure their cards incorporate the latest erratas. Additionally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the current FAQ Document prior to arrival at the event. If you are planning to use the M3e App be sure it is updated prior to arrival at Refuge Gaming. All models must be assembled but, as per the Gaining Grounds document, painting is not required. Because there are several new unreleased models in M3E, proxies for these models will be acceptable so long as they clearly represent the model, are on the correct base size, and you inform your opponent in advance. Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 3rd places as well as the "Lanterne Rouge" Recipient. If there are more than 3 participants with "fully" painted legal crews a painting prize may be awarded. "Fully" painted means a 50 SS crew with every model having been played during the event. Our address is: 1480 Pearl Road Unit 6, Brunswick, Ohio 44212
  5. If memory serves me right, this might be the first errata that Som'er didn't receive an entry. It is really sad how far he has strayed from his 1st edition form of the Hog Boss to what he is now. And just to be crystal clear...I am not talking about the Infinite Red Joker draw or Infinite Skeeter summons versions; those were both exploitations that needed to be closed. Many of Som'er's erratas and changes were incredibly heavy handed, particularly given inaction on far worse NPE's and power combos. Not to mention that Som'er hasn't been a consistent performer in competitive environments (and this is across all editions). And while I concede that Som'er can sometimes dominate a local meta, once they learn to peel the onion it is much less so. I know none of the metas I have played in has ever struggled to counter him. I don't even recognize the crew that got me to buy in so deep with Malifaux. He doesn't even really function within his key word and his title...well it is a bit of a dumpster fire. Why not both? You can use glazes to provide a hint of one color over the other. I did this with my Swine cursed to make it look like a Gremlin Werepig. I am super excited for Swine Cursed in Ulix. Ulix is my favorite Bayou Master this edition.
  6. I am actually more interested in buffing the Bultungin for the Savage key word than Fae.
  7. Could adding either Accomplice or Companion to the Bultungin make them a bit better without making them too good for their points? It would make running them in pairs a bit more viable. I might also make Pack Mentality apply all the time instead of just during their activation. I don't consider these excessive improvements given it takes 10SS plus a Control Card or Pass token to pull off and restricts their range to 6" while only moderately improving the base models. Perhaps add an Upgrade (call it Bultungin Alpha) that allows the Bultungin to add the last one into the chain (i.e. bypassing the general rules for Chain Activation) for 1 SS each. The combo would be a total of 18 SS to add +2 to final duel totals while still having the costs above in terms of movement restrictions and control cards or pass tokens. Just some thoughts.
  8. You dont necessarily need to build up the edges unless you plan on pouring it on real thick. While that definitely works I would recommend using a sponge painting technique to create an artificial depth on the base material (would recommend priming black) then applying the 2 part epoxy over the top with a foam brush in two or three coats. I can post some pictures of what I am talking about later if you are interested. It helps to tint the 2 part epoxy with some mustard yellowish or sepia brownish ink to add some depth and murk up the water. Also consider the recommendation for the plexiglass base material. Paint the underside with the same sponge technique but this time going from highlights to low lights (you can primer last in this application to darken things up but consider the color carefully), then seal with the two part epoxy applied with a foam brush. It will create the depth effect I believe you are looking for very rapidly. Once the bottom is completed then apply some Water Effect strategically on the top side to make the water "move". Now when you get to those other boards I can share my easy basing recipe if you are interested.
  9. Would like to thank everyone who came out for Maliweenie. It was great seeing you all.
  10. I can't agree more. Som'er is really the sideshow in his M3e crews (I am including his Titled version as well). And again you all are proving my point about the supposed potency of Som'er. When piloted well, against a neutral or favorable match-up, and with favorable flips he can appear to be really good and yet it requires careful positioning that limits the crew, support bubbles with fairly small radius which again limit maneuverability, and easily disrupted activation order. Perhaps, had I never played 1st edition, the current Som'er might be less disappointing. I loved the lead from behind combined arms style of 1st ed Som'er and the ability to transition between different styles in game. He really didn't need the massive changes he has received edition after edition.
  11. Some of my favorite games were huge losses.
  12. Which major or even minor events was he winning consistently? From the reports I read on here he was not winning much if anything, though I concede that I may have missed them. You do hit on the heart of my argument though. Som'er has been heavily errata'd every edition (often several times in an edition) and yet there are way more potent crews and models that are huge NPE's left untouched. I have said, edition after edition, Som'er tends to look really potent until you figure out that he has an awful lot of foils that can take him down hard and quick. I consider myself a fairly competent Som'er player since way back in 1st edition and despite this, my local metas (and I have played in several around the US) have rarely struggled to counter his potency. He has a lot of bad match ups, particularly in an edition that punishes you for summoning, having large crews, small hand size, low wounds and/or clumping in small bubbles. Som'er suffers from Menoth Syndrome. In other words, when everything lines up and he has all the toys he can appear potent; however, getting everything to line up is difficult, while keeping it from happening isn't. Keep in mind, I am not asking for broken, I am asking for him to function without having to jump through a myriad of often times counter productive hoops to get it to work. I can't think of another crew that has this. Until such time, I will be playing Ulix (both versions) who is way more fun and versatile in play (and likely way more of a NPE than Som'er ever could hope to be).
  13. This is the issue...Som'er doesn't feel like Som'er at all. None of his keyword really functions with his crappy gimmicks. Even hiring out of Keyword doesn't really do anything for him (the only ones that really make any sense are Piglets, Wild Boar, Warpigs, and the Rooster Riders). As has been pointed out already, the gimmicks are really, really dependent on your opponents assistance in gaining any benefit from them. That is aside from "Work Together Would Ya!" ability which is a huge debuff to gain a small buff in return. Perhaps it might be more useful if his keyword had access to Reckless, but it doesn't (Funny that Bayou Gremlins couldn't have it because it was so "borken" but the much, much better Pistolero De Latigo can and they are still considered to suck so much that Perdita 2 has them as a summon with upgrade that makes them better to encourage folks to buy them and play them). It says a lot about Bayou Gremlin's "value" in this edition that they are now a consolation summon for a Friendly Big Hat model removing a scheme marker. Of course you still have to discard a Control Card to pay for it and it will give your opponent a Pass Token. I really can't see a reason to give up so much to summon such a worthless, Insignificant model. I have been playing Som'er since way back in 1st edition, he is now so different (has any other Master experienced this much change edition after edition without really being a consistent top 10 tournament contender in any edition?) that I don't even recognize him and can't bring myself to even play him anymore. Som'er 1 (this edition) sucks and now Som'er 2 makes that version look decent. Hopefully, 4th edition will bring him full circle, would love to see a return of the "Hog Boss" Som'er from 1st edition (and no I am not talking about returning his obviously exploitative infinite bull crap). Win or lose, that Som'er was a blast to run. This is one I will be passing on, at least there is Ulix. Apologies for the negative tone, but when you have played Som'er as long as I have (contributing several 1st edition tacticas for him, none of which revolved around the stupid Infinite loop exploits) and seen errata after errata (most of which I consider unnecessary for a crew that rarely broke top 10 in competitive play) is difficult to get excited about yet another crappy version to play.
  14. Reading the description in the Explorer's Society, the Botanist is most assuredly not the plant. The plant is the weapon of the botanist according to the Explorer's Society entry. The description even mentions why Gremlin's become botanists.
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