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  1. Omenbringer

    Nicknames and avatars

    Off topic but that is a very nice Avatar Seamus. My forum name is one that I have used for a long time. It stems from an interest in the occult. It is not related to the items available in the Knights of the Old Republic video game (which I would like to think I inspired). My avatar was given to me by Ratty I believe, probably related to a few suggestions I had made for a Gremlin Debutante model. Unfortunately it replaced the official Puppet Wars Bayou Gremlin Avatar that I had been given by Wyrd staffers when they offered them toward the end of 1st edition. I miss the Bayou Gremlin one but this one has grown on me.
  2. Omenbringer

    M3e sculpts

    Would you be talking about Misaki by any chance? I agree that models can be overly dynamic. I find the Moon Shinobi's to be a good middle ground. I liked the new poses that were on display at Gencon, especially the mew Snow Storm which I fond to be the best one yet. All I really want from new sculpts is easier construction!!! No more heads in 4 parts or cloth capes/coat tails in 2 parts or feet separate from legs. Would also appreciate some thought on how the models will actually be transported and used in game without worrying about the single small points of contact to the bases being pulled off. I would also like to see some small changes to the bases but those suggestions might not be universally desired.
  3. Omenbringer

    My finished Rail Crew

    That is a good looking crew you have posted. I also think your Emberling looks good, the molten portions show a gradation of colors reminiscent of cooling material and your rocky portions show some ashing. My only small criticism might be that the color palette tends to loss itself in the basing choice for most of the crew, with the exception of Mei Feng who is visually separable from her base. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff though.
  4. In case anyone is looking for the old metal boosters to fill out or add to their menagerie my local game store uncovered a small trove of boosters. He has three of each pawn booster pack and the Multiplayer pack to get you to 4 players. The shop is located in Cleveland, Ohio, US but the owner is willing to ship anywhere. Here is the contact information: Warzone Matrix 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 433-1316 Ask for Chris
  5. Omenbringer

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Going to have to hard pass on this one. I have to also parrot other posters in not liking the new art aesthetic. Wondering if there is meant to be a tie in with Jet Pack Unicorn?
  6. Omenbringer

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    A Som'er gunline is nothing to laugh at, especially with his new upgrade. It can be devastating and hilarious, but also tends to crumple quickly if running too hot (read as over emphasis on Dumb Luck Trigger) or the Slop Hauler dies.
  7. Omenbringer

    July 2018 Errata

    I have always thought his support was very good.
  8. Omenbringer

    water effects

    For puddles I would recommend either Woodland Scenics Realistic Water or the Vallejo stuff should be fine (I believe it is a very similar product). Instead of brushing it on use a disposable plastic pipit (though a cocktail straw can work as well). Create a bowled depression with your basing material (flock, sand, or milliput) and then dribble either if these products in. You can slosh them around slightly to spread it but it will tend to settle a bit before drying. Also worth mentioning that these two products can exhibit a capillary action and climb the sides of a feature or bubble if you aren't careful. The puddles will be relatively shallow so you may need to apply a few layers. For the deeper water effects I would recommend purchasing some "deep" bases for what you are planning. Alternatively you can cut some standard bases and use a thin clear plastic to seal the bottom (the old blisters work really well). This way you can include some tide pool do-dads to increase the realism. I would recommend envirotex lite and Woodland Scenics Water Effects applied to the top of it once dried. This will give your water some depth and also movement (the Water Effects is used to create small waves). The enivrotex lite can be poured in thicker layers than any of the other products mentioned but you still want to keep it reasonable (it can also exhibit a capillary action in certain circumstances). The ratios are important but if you get them wrong they can be fixed later. The worst case is the sticky finish, which occurs if you dont mix enough hardener in. To fix this paint some of the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water or the Vallejo product over the top. This will seal it and remove the tackiness without require any additional work. Also don't worry to much if you see bubbles in the beginning (after pouring) that is normal and they should go away as the product is drying. If they don't dissipate after a few minutes then try exhaling across the surface.
  9. Omenbringer

    water effects

    How deep do you want to make the water? This is an important consideration as different products will do different things well. Here are some threads that might also be helpful: Ringsnake's Game Boards and Terrain Something wet and Slimy...those darn water effects Water Effects-The Hobby Room I posted my experiences and assessments of several different products that might be helpful.
  10. Omenbringer

    1st game table. Please help!

    Let me know if you want some advice on building a table similar to the ones I did with floor tiles. I think I might be able to suggest some items that can replicate the tiles you posted for reference.
  11. Omenbringer

    A glimmer of hope?

    Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Privateer Press is re-releasing Monsterpocalypse after years of neglect so maybe Puppet Wars Unstitched will see the long anticipated expansion that completes the game to what was previously available in the first edition of the game. I really think this game has a lot of promise and life still in it.
  12. Omenbringer

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Great looking building. The accent pieces add a lot without being over done.
  13. Omenbringer

    Our worst models

    Gremlin's always seem to be complained about despite results. Players tend to only remember when everything went right, and never the many times a Gremlin crew fell part.
  14. The hiring pools have been out of hand for a long while and I would say they are the largest issue. It is impossible to play test this many models even if you limit testers to specific factions. The transition from M1.5 to M2e was problematic for several reasons but the model counts didn't help. Hopefully, Wyrd has learned somethings from the last edition release. I would hate to see the company have to repeat its past mistakes or have to rebuild communities again.