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  1. For those interested I am posting the narratives that were created around the league results from the above Malifaux event now concluded. Announcement 1, January 25, 2021: Extra, Extra, Read all about it. Citizens of Malifaux shocked by a massive surge in violence from the Eastern quarters of the cities Quarantine Zone. Guild forces and their auxiliaries are being overwhelmed as Gremlins and Ressers tear through the city in a rampage. The Resser Head Master of the University of Transmortis Von Schtook emerged from the Bayou’s Edge. Likely returning from one of his
  2. @Merchant The points I brought up were in response to your comments about GW's You are comparing an established, global, publicly traded corporation with Shareholders to small, privately owned entities with far smaller workforce's where most employees are wearing multiple hats. I conceded in my post that Games Workshop has significantly more marketing tools and resources than all their competition combined. It is fitting as they have been in the business since 1975. They had a very long head start. Yes, they are good at promoting their games, the "hype train" losses its luster tho
  3. Perhaps off topic from the original intent of the thread but, just because there isn't a "Henchman Program" doesn't mean there aren't Henchman out there. I still run events and promote for the games that Wyrd produces. I did it before there was a Henchman program and I still do now that we are in standby. As for GW being the gold standard of minis...well I don't agree. Their production has lagged, especially during the Pandemic. Sure they show a lot of new stuff but actually getting stuff isn't as simple (the store I work in has had significant trouble getting GW product that wasn't for t
  4. Announcing Organized Play Events for the Cleveland Area. Upcoming events for January and February at Gamers Haven Malifaux 5 Week league from January 22, 2021 at 5:00pm thru February 19, 2021 at 10:00pm for the purposes of expanding the local Malifaux community and having a great time. The Store is located at 6639 Pearl Rd, Parma Heights, OH 44130 Additional: League sign up is found here Event Cost: $5.00 per participant, 100% of costs will be utilized for l
  5. Is there a library or repository for the Wyrd Game specific emojis that I can download for inclusion in a Discord channel?
  6. I endorse the thread necro for this. Miniatures for this game would be awesome to paint. and while we're at it...I would like to see the expansion released in a proper box, maybe with somemore content, instead of thru drivethru (not that I have anything against Drivethru, just it doesn't feel like a real release to me).
  7. Well the community I have cultivated as a Henchman has decided to do our part. Several have just placed orders for TOS Allegiance boxes with our LGS. I have some ideas on how we are going to build the excitement locally and that may just include some crossover opportunities with not just Malifaux but also TTB. I am fortunate to have a really receptive community that is willing to try new things.
  8. "Proxy" models would be a very easy inclusion. As for the M3e rollout...well from what I recall historically it didn't fit the trend with previous announcements.
  9. I tend to agree. Wyrd has used the Alt and Special Models previously to test out new production methods. Aionus was one of the first I believe. But in regards to The Other Side...well I think the biggest thing it needs is a proper Grand release (one which puts the spotlight completely on it). The game never really received the big GenCon (or other Con) hoopla like Malifaux has. Although I give mad credit to Wyrd for deciding to hold off on the TOS release until after the kickstarter backers received their product (very noble), I can't help but feel it really hampered the roll out. And whi
  10. I agree with Ossumepawesom, but would also love to see more of Malifauxs pre-history. Please give more info on the tyrant wars.
  11. That could work though it would allow the trigger to be activated prior to testing for Unconsciousness if he pulls the . I don't see that as a huge Issue but I might also kick that TN up a few points just in case. The ability to heal is really potent.
  12. It would function similarly although in Malifaux it would be more like the Grit abilities that are common in the Bayou Faction. Be careful with granting a healing mechanic though, in the hands of a Munchkin it could cause some issues
  13. The Suffocation condition is the other Dramatic time event that would trigger a Toughness check for this trigger. Honestly it can be fairly good or very mediocre depending on circumstances and the fated's build. Giving access to a healing flip could extend the benefit.
  14. Completely off topic but....Damn is it that time again? I had hoped after all his changes that I wouldn't ever hear this again. The new Som'er just doesn't really feel right to me.
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