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  1. Omenbringer

    Stuffed Fables (Seasoned and Worn)

    Very nice work. I will have to show these to my wife, she is in the middle of painting them up.
  2. Omenbringer

    Looking for basing advice for Abysinna models

    You have a fairly wide range of possibilities with Abyssinia (Ethiopia). I might suggest something along the lines of typical savanna broken up with muted green brush accents and orangish browns for dirt (citadel Martian Soil triad or Arid Martian Soil).
  3. Omenbringer

    Pantoporos Aporos' Puppet Wars bling thread

    If you want something a bit more substantial then either laminate them after printing (a great solution as it makes them dry erasable) or print them on label paper and attach them to some card stock. If you are looking for something a bit more eye catching you might be able to print them on cloth, though this might be substantially more expensive.
  4. Omenbringer

    Old Metal Puppet Wars Boosters available

    Ya, I am not sure if he is still keeping the website up to date but I know he can be reached via facebook. Here is the profile link.
  5. Omenbringer

    Old Metal Puppet Wars Boosters available

    Yes he does.
  6. Omenbringer

    Human Gremlins Crew

    Well this would be a great time for Wyrd to release an alternate Bayou Gremlin set that looks like back woods, mountain folk (Humans). This wouldn't be entirely new though as I recall the original sculpts for the Bayou Gremlins were modeled that way. I can't find where I found the webpage with the pictures anymore but I know it was out there. @Nathan Caroland can you offer any help in confirming these existed?
  7. I dont know about it not being a playable board. The length is long enough to compensate for the thinner width. Plus if you include plenty of LOS blocking, cover providing, and movement inhibiting terrain elements it shouldn't even be disadvantageous to melee or range oriented crews. Hell you could even add some themey sky crane terrain elements or rules that allow crews to compensate for the increased length by aiding movement (randomly of course). I am looking forward to this one for sure.
  8. If you are looking for stuff, our LGS has a lot of stock and is willing to ship anywhere. He even has quite a lot of the old metal line and 1st edition stuff still. Here is the contact info: Warzone Matrix 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 433-1316 Ask for Chris.
  9. Omenbringer

    Fated fall over

    I would caution against allowing the players to accrue higher wounds or defense to easily. Doing so will make your job as the fate master significantly more difficult and likely discourage the players. Creating challenging but suitable encounters for your players is probably the hardest skill to develop, particularly if coming from another system. Part of the issue stems from the static resolution of the non-fated versus the random resolution system of the fated. It can be further exacerbated by the communal fate deck if one of your players happens to be drawing the high value cards or suits that the other players need. Another issue can arise if one player is rated much higher in their acting values or defensive stats that the other players. If your players as a group are consistently being hit by non-fated and suffering significant damage from those attacks I would look at the composition of your non-fated groups. New fated should not be facing Henchman level or higher non-fated except in the rarest of circumstances and only as a part of some penultimate story arc. Enforcers are really the closest approximation to the average fated character. On the low end the fated should be enjoying an advantage over minions and wading through them to some degree. Through the Breach is really like an action movie in that regard (watch some old Steven Seagal movies from the early 90's to see what I mean). On the high end though (Henchman or higher) the advantage really does sharply skew toward the non-fated. The players should have to work to defeat a Henchman or higher level non-fated (read as set up the encounter to their advantage through planing and exploitation of known or discovered weaknesses). If only some of your group are suffering during your encounters while others are virtually unscathed, then look to redistribute who your non-fated are focusing on. As an example have your non-fated enforcers actively targeting the more combat oriented players while the minions deal with the less combat oriented players. This is a common issue if your party really works to specialize their roles and 1 or 2 players end up with significantly higher acting values than the rest of the group. Through the Breach can be "munchkined" by players unintentionally and it is the fate masters job to work to provide an enjoyable experience for all. If a player complains about always being targeted by the Enforcers explain it as they either presented the most obvious threat (useful for those players that carry large or high damage weaponry or wear armor) or that they have a reputation that precedes them (those that are less obvious). Hopefully, some of that helps.
  10. Omenbringer

    M3e sculpts

    That would be cool as hell. I would also love to see the integration of a slot to slide a small thin neodymium magnet into, but that might be reaching more than a bit.
  11. Omenbringer

    Buying 1ed metal Perdita, Zoraida avatar.

    If any one else is looking for older metal or avatar models one of the local game stores in Cleveland has a fairly large collection of new in box or blisters. There contact info is: Warzone Matrix 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 433-1316
  12. Omenbringer

    Bayou Bash?

    The models definitely looked amazing in the Gencon display. It is definitely on my buy list.
  13. Omenbringer

    M3e sculpts

    If thick bodies means less fiddly bits to attach and a more substantial connection to the bases then I am all for it. I have had to resort to adding metal support pins to many of my Gremlin models to keep them on the bases.
  14. Omenbringer

    Nicknames and avatars

    Off topic but that is a very nice Avatar Seamus. My forum name is one that I have used for a long time. It stems from an interest in the occult. It is not related to the items available in the Knights of the Old Republic video game (which I would like to think I inspired). My avatar was given to me by Ratty I believe, probably related to a few suggestions I had made for a Gremlin Debutante model. Unfortunately it replaced the official Puppet Wars Bayou Gremlin Avatar that I had been given by Wyrd staffers when they offered them toward the end of 1st edition. I miss the Bayou Gremlin one but this one has grown on me.
  15. Omenbringer

    M3e sculpts

    Would you be talking about Misaki by any chance? I agree that models can be overly dynamic. I find the Moon Shinobi's to be a good middle ground. I liked the new poses that were on display at Gencon, especially the mew Snow Storm which I fond to be the best one yet. All I really want from new sculpts is easier construction!!! No more heads in 4 parts or cloth capes/coat tails in 2 parts or feet separate from legs. Would also appreciate some thought on how the models will actually be transported and used in game without worrying about the single small points of contact to the bases being pulled off. I would also like to see some small changes to the bases but those suggestions might not be universally desired.