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  1. Looks a lot better I should probably do the same for imagination.
  2. It is how it was copied from the doc when it was black it didn't show up at all if it Is hard to read I'll fix it.
  3. So as I have mentioned before here is my pursuit that uses dolls. let me know what you think. Also, this is the first draft so it is missing a lot of fluff. This is meant to be connected to my advanced pursuit like the grave robber is connected to the grave servant and tinker to steamfitter. Starting gain rank 1,2, or 3 marionette (not sure which yet) On the pursuit Fail artifacting draw a card. Epilogue increase any magic skill Step Talent 0 Puppeteer 1 Ventriloquism 2 General talent 3 Tripping hazard or extra control bar 4 General talent 5 Wicked friends or Child’s Play 6 General talent 7 Life Like or special effects 8 General talent 9 master of puppets 10 No strings attached Puppeteer- gain animate construct magia and if no current magical theory gain the imagination magical theory Imagination magical theory- same benefits as the whisper but with prestidigitation magia Ventriloquism- discard a card to see and speak through one of your subordinate constructs Tripping hazard- when an enemy moves between you and one of your subordinate constructs they must make a tn 10 acrobatics duel or fall prone Extra Control Bar- When you give an order command to a subordinate construct you can give another subordinate construct an order command as a 0 ap action Wicked friends- gain 2 wicked doll subordinates and the ability to make more should one of them be destroyed. Child's Play- you can cast animate construct on your constructs to heal them 1/2/3 damage, as well as when you make new constructs you can give them the Adorable Doll Talent. Life Like - constructs animated by this characters animate construct spell now remain active for a number of hours equal to this character's steps in this pursuit Special Effects- any magia both beneficial and harmful that are cast on this characters subordinate constructs have their duration immediately doubles however the increase duration immuto cannot be used on magia cast with the constructs as targets Master of puppets- when you take the order action you can order two subordinate constructs instead of one. No strings attached- Once per session you may discard a card to transplant your consciousness into one of your subordinate constructs this lasts until the end of the session.Replace all mental statistics of the construct with your own. Should the construct be destroyed your mind returns to your body but must make a tn12 horror duel due to the sudden shock that it causes
  4. So gonna use this to come up with my questions for other fate master characters. Such as is there a section for creating homunculus or something similar? If so which book? The samurai would they be different if they had other shoulder mounted weapons that were not machine guns or is that their shtick and they only use machine guns. (Thinking of twin grenade launchers probably just one with a higher capacity make it where each round is in its own barrel) If only machine guns is there a way to do permanent elemental weapons potentially with the use of soul stones (Thinking of making a group of samurai representing the 5 Chinese elements or something variation of those elements . Or the 3 guys from big trouble in little Chinatown) Also who summons golems is that a spell or power not in the 2e core book? There is a section on page 403 talking about summoning golems?
  5. So Is there a section in the 2e core book for building fate master characters. I thought I saw it but can't find it again. Now if not any place I can find instructions to do so?
  6. Ok cool definitely some good info to think about from the both of you.
  7. What are your thoughts on starting with advanced pursuits (like Grave marshals or torikage)?
  8. I know other rpgs have guidelines for making more experienced characters. What pursuit number would you recommend? And would the same go for starting with an advanced pursuit as well?
  9. For investigator should a guild guard come out it could be done with the right skills and talents. More like the police that Sherlock helps but still a step in the direction of investigator.
  10. See the lawyer I can easily see using some type of contract magic filled with loopholes for him but iron clad for everyone else. Also can make contracts with the party (buff effects or some healing)or employers ( might be a clause that generates more script). That is just the combat. I can also see an ability that would allow them to discard a twist card to reverse a ruling (instead of a skill failing it passes). Or using a social skill in place of defence so that the enemy can be lawyered into missing them. And using a social skill in place of another one in skill challenges like the overseer. Now add the guild part to it they could easily be used for either chasing criminals or even using their talents against other guild employees ( kinda like an oversight committee.) Could be part of the elite division since I didn't see much info about them. Investigator and journalist could easily be done as a detective. Think mix of merc and a legal version of the criminal.
  11. Sweet I was hoping for more fluff related to get so I can make her a potential plot point.
  12. That is what I thought haven't looked at 1ed books yet but I had a feeling especially when reading the range immuto thread.
  13. So for me from what I have seen Don't know if they would be advanced or not but I'd like to see samurai, moon shinobi, gokudo, anatsu sniper, shieldbearer, thunder archer ( thread the needle is awesome), and more related to tyrants. Also as odd as it may sound a chef would be fun to as well as something like a psychologist, and swamp witch character
  14. So I am the only person in my online group with a Copy of the 2ed book how compatible are the 1ed rules from the 2 books that were combined?
  15. I'd like to join. Favorite systems are d&d 3.5 and 5e, iron kingdoms, pathfinder( and the ffd20 spinoff), white wolf, and of course through the breach. My group is two different ones one is my online group where we play multitude of systems. And the other group is me and my fiance.
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