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  1. Winter Wonderland issue

    Can we they're a couple of bucks at you for a deformed Raspy or are they too unrecognizable?
  2. Death Contract and Eternal Darkness

    It works, I don't have my books on me but it should be under timing, you resolve effects from the attacking and defending models, then from other models, and seeing as the immortality is on an upgrade from lynch it gets resolved after hidden contact. I'd say its an oversight though, considering how janky the interaction is.
  3. some lucius clarification needed

    Up to 4 of any combination.
  4. August 15th - App

    Does teasing your playerbase give you sustenance @Nathan Caroland? In all seriousness this looks amazing, I can't wait until it's out.
  5. Post GenCon Update

    Also what happens if it's a draw?

    A Nephilim Perdita would be neat, but considering her box already has a bunch of alts I'm not holding my breath. Pre accident Ryle would be cool too, or maybe post Anna. Also the female executioner.
  7. What are these models previewed at Gencon?

    Tests for future models? Talos showed up last year in that coloured plastic.
  8. That's a funny way of spelling Lady J.
  9. July 2017 Errata

    The target has to be engaged with a friendly model to get the burning off the metal gamin, so that doesn't work sadly. The looping in Ml7 and Ca8 is always amazing though.
  10. Charge attacks and (0) action order

    You are correct, you have to resolve the attacks from the charge all at once, so you can use a (0) then charge, or charge then (0).
  11. Reckless = OP?

    There's always been the complaints, they just quite down and start back up every now and again.
  12. Lilith's fluff direction

    Including her considering her fluff in shifting loyalties.
  13. Lilith's fluff direction

    She has also been hanging around Pandora, and the box has been shown to be messing with her emotions, that can't be good for her mental health.
  14. Broken Promises teaser

    I just assumed it meant he is actually the brains behind the entire gremlin faction, it would explain a lot.
  15. Broken Promises teaser