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  1. I'm a little disappointed in the new summoning upgrade for Lynch. You already have to put a bunch of work into setting up the summon and when you finally get the payoff it's now temporary. If you have managed to build up enough for an Illuminated, it will not want to use its heal action or Sharpened Brilliance trigger as it will kill itself faster. Beckoners are not worth the summon honestly. And if you summon a Depleted (most common summon) you don't even get to make use of it's denise ability which is one of its best abilities. The tradeoff for these is handing out Brilliance each turn in an aura? Crew already does that fairly well as is.
  2. Doomikov


    Or how about something like this: Ace In the Hole: Discard up to one card. Once per turn, a friendly Hungering Darkness may take an action. If this model discarded a card place the friendly Hungering Darkness in base contact with this model before taking the action. This way Lynch keeps his Master AP but is transferring it to Huggy during his activation. And at the cost of a card can move Huggy around a little.
  3. Doomikov


    How about instead of demoting Lynch, he gains a once per turn action that allows Huggy to take an action? Could even make it have a cast/TN so it could have a trigger to move or place Huggy.
  4. I would wait until the end of turn 4 to score part A and then spend turn 5 getting part B. And this was when Informants was -1 card per scheme (another thing so many people complained about but really wasn't that big a deal in my opinion). Without the tokens for leverage I find the crew to be ok. The one time I declared a scheme on turn 2 I found out they are disgusting with free when then need it.
  5. They have a second attack that is range 2 and has the potential to give them more poison to help fill role as a kind of tank.
  6. Or just change the part on Flicker back to end of turn instead of activation so Asami and Amanjaku can try to help mitigate the obey.
  7. Out of curiosity how long are your games running?
  8. Made me laugh a little when I saw it. Of course I am waiting for some one to be offended by it since we live in an ultra-pc world now. Takes me back to the kerfuffle over M2E Viks when Blood wasn't wearing a shirt but just had two belts across her chest. Luckily the White Knights came to her "rescue" getting her that vest that she ended up with. 👍
  9. Is The Dreamer flipping us the bird in the English style?
  10. I would like to think so. Been playing since the system was released and have been a part of every worldwide campaign so far to date. Bustles! My group of misfits is always up to the challenge of weird and broken mechanics. My personal favorite was the Paladin/Sorcerer in Pathfinder that could turn you into an evil outsider with a touch and then use Smite Evil to end your now evil existence. He never used it on someone that didn't deserve it though. I mean he was a Paladin after all. Yes. I enjoy breaking rules in any game I play. Then again I just enjoy breaking things in general. I think my group and I could give some some feedback on any game breaking rules. As for what systems I play, the list includes: Through the Breach, Pathfinder, Starfinder, D&D 1st-5th editions (yes that includes the abomination that was 4th), World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun My play group is pretty reliable. There are between 5-7 people normally. As a group we have been playing RPGs for a little over 15 years now.
  11. Sorry to rain on the Charm Warder parade but Yan would lose disguised at end of turn. Pg 61 of the little rule book states that," Unless otherwise specified, all Conditions are removed from a model at the end of the Turn."
  12. @Nukemouse Ok so I was just messing around in that game just to see how high I could get it turn 1. I setup Shenlong, a peasant and the 2x akaname in such a way that a scheme marker fit perfectly between them all. After initiative the peasant interacted summoning another peasant in btb with the marker. Slow peasant activates and gains poison from Tanuki's aura, 0 action to focus, provide for temple on other peasant giving poison. Non slow peasant activates and gains poison from Tanuki's aura, 0 action focus, provide on other peasant, then goes for a walk. 1st akaname activates stealing non slow peasant's poison and gaining poison from Tanuki's aura for a total of poison 3, vomits poison onto shenlong twice for poison 4. 2nd akaname does same thing on slow peasant to give poison 8. Shenlong activates gains poison 9 from Tanuki's aura, pushes one akaname with marker and then double walks. Sensei Yu pushes other akaname and entire engine moved up the field. Way too much time and attention put into it but was fun for a casual game. I think at one point Shenlong had poison 12, which I immediately used to stumble twice before Charging in with a reactivated Lone Swordsman to clean house.
  13. So I was playing the Bayou Smuggler with its last play test iteration. Just got my copy and they changed them a little so you can't get quite as many cards but it is still a viable card draw engine. I think the most you can get is 4 an activation instead of 6. Still good though. I was messing around with this the other day with 2x Akaname. I think turn one ended with Poison 9 on Shenlong. Pairing that with the new upgrade though was pretty fun. Almost always had the poison for an extra DF.
  14. Just going to throw this one out there since I actually think its mildly abusive and might need a cuddle. Two (or one honestly) Bayou Smugglers + either a Katanaka Crime Boss or Lotus Eater. Smuggler hits an opponent within 6 of a KCB or LE with The Swap. Possible outcomes include the following: You fail and they didn't cheat so nothing happens. You fail but the opponent cheated means you draw a card. You succeed and the opponent did not cheat and does (or doesn't) put down a card. Depending on the two, one or no cards placed on the table nets you cards. Either result nets you cards because of the KCB or LE. You succeed and the opponent cheated and does (or doesn't) put down a card. Once again you get a card from the Smuggler cause they cheated. THan as above you can manipulate for more cards. So at worst you get 0 cards, at best 6, on average I have been pulling 3. Now if you manage to put down enemy scheme markers with this all the Smuggler has to do is start walking around placing those scheme markers near the KCB or LE to draw free cards just for walking. I have run this in Misaki to see how annoying it is and I was able to draw 5 cards in one Smuggler's activation and only cheated once. Nothing like a 10 card hand for Misaki on turn 2. Full hand plus new limited upgrade meant lots of blasty goodness. Now with any of our masters this is powerful, but that brings us to Mr. Jakob Lynch. This man does not need help drawing cards. I ran 2 Smugglers and a KCB with him and his new upgrade Cheating Bastard so I could always cheat last. The massive amount of card draw plus choosing to cheat second almost the entire game resulted in a very not fun game for either player. The reason being I was able to craft my hand every every turn and always had an answer in hand. The KCB and Huggy loved having a severe in hand since they was pretty much always on a straight damage flip from either fragile or models having Brilliance. I use to run a modified Melbourne Shuffle in tournaments but that pales in comparison to this as Lynch won't need to keep his aces in hand for Lust + Torakage and its only two models versus the 4 I ran for that. Just my two cents though.
  15. Wouldn't mind seeing a new sculpt for Lynch. He's my favorite master and the current model does not show him off as the southern gentleman/charmer he is. Also wouldn't mind seeing a new Mei Feng as I have lost count of how many times she had broken off her base. Though the model I would most want to see get an alt sculpt is The Lone Swordsman. I remember being so excited to see his sculpt back during the open beta and than being so disappointed when I saw the art. I pictured more of Jubei from Ninja Scroll or Jin from Samurai Champloo. All the armor just didn't scream lone swordsman. Current model feels like he is getting ready to lead a unit of ashigaru into battle in The Other Side.
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