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if you could choose a new plastic model,what would it be???


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I am a bit surprised nobody asked for a new Hungering Darkness.

A new Misaki would be nice, as would a rescaled Brass Arachnid. Not sure if the Arachnid would count as a new model though. I just can't take Misaki's plastic model seriously.

Lady Justice, even though we already have a couple of versions of her. I remember the flaws of her plastic model being covered elsewhere. While we are at it, redo the giant Death Marshall so it actually looks like a big guy instead of a Death Marshall that was just digitally enlarged to look big.

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I thought this was what metal are you looking forward to seeing done in plastic? *grin*

Not tried to assemble peacekeeper or nekima, but the guardian was annoying enough to get the legs sorted on so I wouldn't have tried to do those two!

Edit: Ooh, or the austringer - one of my favourite models in some ways, but hated prepping it so much.

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There are definitely a few avatars that I'd like to see redone in plastic- there are still a lot on the flat side, and Wyrd's ability to do cool details and poses has gotten amazing with plastics.

Also really looking forward to Leveticus and friends (incl. his avatar), since I love everything about him except most of the old models.

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Guild Hounds. Tried to assemble the two on their back legs last night, ended up giving up and using Mantic Dwarf Bulldogs.

And I can foresee the two that I did get together (the ones on their front paw. Not paws, PAW.) breaking mid-game, for Nekima related issues.

Plastic 'em up Wyrd.

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Anecdotes like these are why I'm not buying any metal Malifaux stuff. At least, not until I can compare it to a plastic version, then decide which I prefer. Don't get me wrong, plenty of metal Malifaux models look great and assemble easily. I'm just trying to keep my options open so as not to regret any purchases.

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