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  1. So sometime in January then. Because things going wrong seems to be this years theme for wyrd...Through no fault of their own, I'm sure, but they have had rather a string of irony in regards to bad things happening.
  2. Just the basic; two books, a deck, miss terious, and the sword and blade set. Still, I wish it had gotten here a mere 2 weeks earlier, when I had everyone excited about it... Oh well, if it ends up on the big shelf of games I bought and hope(against hope) to play someday, so be it, I guess. ( I need a sad gremlin emoticon...)
  3. Got mine Yesterday. Just in time for everyone in my gaming group to get excited for D&D 5e....
  4. Yeah, Given the track record, we really should have been operating under the assumption that saying that meant there was no possible chance they would be sent out before the end of the month...
  5. It might be future proffing for upgrades. Imagine an upgrade that gave all Showgirl attacks a trigger, for instance. Or that gave all constructs a :tome Surge...
  6. Honestly, the only thing that really angered me was the thought that it might be sold at Gencon before being sent out to backers, because that would have felt a bit like betrayal. While I am glad that the product is getting sent out, it still doesn't make this a well run Kickstarter campaign. I still do not believe Wyrd "get" kickstarter. Nonetheless, great news. Hoping to have the books in time to run the game scheduled for my group next weekend.
  7. Yeah, but what are the chances that something would go wrong, and they wouldn't get it out by the projected date?
  8. I'm not sure I would want to go through Facebook for shipping information/request changes like "Put my stuff in one shipment" Especially since I don't use the same name on Facebook as on the KS or here...
  9. Keep in mind that every 1" is about 1 yard. therefore, a 2" gap is six feet, and a 3" gap is 9". most models can cover 4-5" in one move, so if I were to house rule it, I think I'd probably cap it at 1" per 1" of Ht—a Bayou gremlin could jump 1", A human or other Ht 2 could jump 2", a Rail Golem could jump 4, etc., with the proviso that it cannot move more than it's Wk in doing so.
  10. I was typing it out as Justin posted, evidently. But that is a great, and terrible answer(in the form of "the great and Terrible OZ Sonnia") that makes me giddy with the expectation of little stalkers running all through the tables of my enemies. Thanks, Justin!
  11. Well, If someone opens a thread basically saying, "Please, tell me how to use this" and the entire thing devolves into people saying "you can't, it's broke, broke,broke"Then I would think that would tell a designer something—Either they let a lemon slip through, or the use they intended is extremely non-intuitive. Both would seem helpful. I think the great thing with a 0SS upgrade fix would be the potential to have multiple, different fixes. Sure, you can only use one at a time, but it seems like it would make for an interesting choiceto a player, while still serving the purpose of fixing the model without unduly increasing confusion potential.
  12. You also remain unable to cheat against impossible to wound.
  13. As I understand it, Sonnia's burning is all after damaging, whereas the burning from stalkers happens at the same time as damage, so if a stalker kills a model, you can get anew stalker from it. Correct me if I am wrong, though.
  14. Yeah, I need to check the spells I actually used him for to really decide on what I feel, just gut reaction at the moment(As I considered him a good choice, but not a mandatory one, with the cuddle, Chances are it goes down.) *goes to look up the text of Combat Mechanic and field generator*...
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