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  1. Makrar


    Peacebringers are waaaay cooler then Clockwork Pistols will ever be. I hope we can get them renamed.
  2. unfortunately Keith Watson is no longer looking to attend this event
  3. Can you add the following to the reserve list please? Nicholas Martin Keith Watson Stephen Slatcher Thanks
  4. We (Walsall lot) will all be going. I think I'm the only one with a forum account however.
  5. I think its mainly due to the fact thats its a bit unfun to play against Belles and Nurses + easy Summoning. (I dont believe as a faction they are overpowered - just a bit of an eyerolling moment each time a belle gets off an unresistable lure etc)
  6. Sonnia. Because Ca 9 Flameburst with pseudo focus (Ancient Runes and Hold this) gets things done. Play aggressively and barring some bad luck you can really thin the opponents crew down turn 1/2 and then the whole game becomes somewhat easier.
  7. Makrar

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Hi can you please add Nicholas Martin to the reserve list, thanks!
  8. Keith Watson - Marcus - Arcanists Nick Martin - Sonnia - Guild
  9. Keith Watson - Marcus Nicholas Martin - Sonnia
  10. List of models i like with Sonnia is Witchling Stalkers - Remove conditions, hand out burning, great melee attack. Our best minion overall imo. Malifaux Child - (Double Flame Pillars is a thing) Watcher(s) - These are our best scheme models by far. Francisco - Just all around superstar with El Mayor and usually becomes the focus of my opponents attention Pathfinder - For Squatters rights and generally i feel this a model an opponent must remove or the game will start going downhill for them in the later turns/ Judge - Another all round henchmen, this guy is just a work horse. Samuel - I like him, he does one thing only, but hes just so good at that (not many things in the game with weak dmg 4 at range that can ignore los and cover) plus hes even more deadly upclose. Death Marshall - All round model, a little uninspiring sometimes but occasionally pinebox will win you a game. Pale Rider - Criminally underated, probably the 2nd best Rider overall. The (0) action is easily the 2nd best out of the riders and mid to late game he can really mix it up and usually survive. Guild Hounds - Cheap fast models for use in various strats and scheme. Quite pokey for 3 ss in combat to. Austringer - Deliver Orders, the discard cards trigger and the ability to terrorize enemy totems/scheme runners. Theres more but those models are probably the bread and butter for me. I still havent really got round to trying everything yet so no doubt that list will change over time (next up is hunters/abuela/exorcists)
  11. Paid for Nicholas Martin and Keith Watson
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