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How would you convert watchers?


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I think you could make a passable Watcher from:

  • a generic sculpting armature (I know Reaper sells these).  Or just make a stick figure out of plastic.  ^_^
  • either a set of mechanical wings, or build a little glider frame out of sprue (or other convenient small lengths) for a frame and green stuff or plastic card (or even the plastic from a blister pack) for the membrane
  • either a camera bit or a simple bit of green stuff for the camera head

Disclaimer: I have a plastic Watcher from Hoff's box, and a metal Watcher bought separately.  This is how I'd make something resembling the old metal figure.

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I'd go with wings out of thick greenstuff that you let cure for about an hour or more on wet baking paper or plastic foil. After that time (maybe longer depending on ratio of the mix) you can usually cut it with a wet knife. You can curve it if you just let it cure over something curved. After it's fully cured you can add some details with more greenstuff. You may also be able to do small flat parts of the wing and glue them together with decent sized brass rods for less sculpting. 

The body could be Wolsung clockwork servants who come in packs of 3 for less than 10 pounds or home-sculpted if you want a challenge.

You might be able to press-mold the front body of your one watcher if you have the Hoffman set.

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Random thoughts

You could use a torso from a 40k Fire-warrior, with a bit of green stuff just build up around the center circle point just a hair to match the Watcher more.  For the back you could go for two tubes into a harness or something similar.  For the wings you have several options.  You can get bat wings from stuff like Reaper or the like, sand them down a little, then put a thin layer of greenstuff or the like to make it look more like a metal frame to the wings.  You could even get some Night Terrors and only give some of them one set of wings and use the second for this.  For the head I would look for some small search light or thin tapered pen tip that you could convert for the head.  After that some sort of tube to connect as the neck.  For the legs I am a little more unsure but something thin like skeleton legs would likely work.  Will let it roll in my head a bit to see if I can come up with a better idea.

That said I generally I am happy with just one myself.

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I'm planning on building some watcher my self in the near future. But because I do not particularly like the human shape of the watchers, I'm thinking about scratching something more machine or drone like. Maybe a little bit like a mini version of forgeworlds blightdrone. A slim Body in the middle with rotors on either side and a camera/searchlight at the bottom. I'm not so sure how I'll end up building this, but I think the base will be scratched out of plasitccard.

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So this is what I have so far.

Started with a Tyranid gargoyle body and some Tau bits. Clipped off the head, claws and other obvious fleshy bits from the gargoyle. Filled in the rib cage with putty.

Added a Tau crises piece for the head, anything boxy with a sensor light should work.

Found a weird banner with inverted U at the top. Chopped this off, split in half, turned upside down and those bits were trimmed then added for the feet.

Will leave to dry then do some more filling later. Then file bits down to make more smooth.





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57 minutes ago, Rostislav said:

Antipodean, really nice watcher.

The problem is that due to GG 2017 I must use 67% of Wyrd models in any conversion.

I think I will use 


and some tau heads.

Or homemade parts I believe. Still haven't Been to à tournament that strictly eforced that.

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Completely missed that in the GG document but makes sense. Haven't seen it come up at tournaments either - but if it did I would use something else. At least building my own will give me a chance to test out how they work.

No further progress at this stage I'm afraid, I have been busy painting up my Sonnia box. More to come soon.

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