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  1. Thx. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take pictures of the completed boards. I hope I think about that during our next Tournament. By the way, I'm currently thinking about building some kind of Industry/Railroad Board. Here is my first little experiment finished:
  2. Nimo

    How would you convert watchers?

    I'm planning on building some watcher my self in the near future. But because I do not particularly like the human shape of the watchers, I'm thinking about scratching something more machine or drone like. Maybe a little bit like a mini version of forgeworlds blightdrone. A slim Body in the middle with rotors on either side and a camera/searchlight at the bottom. I'm not so sure how I'll end up building this, but I think the base will be scratched out of plasitccard.
  3. The Molds are made of 2 component silicone rubber. The one I used is slightly too soft, but it worked okay. Next Time I'll purchase a silicone which will be a little bit more firm.
  4. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    Last Weeks I was a little occupied, by finishing my entry for the femme fatal contest. I totally forgot to take pictures of the promised Master Queeg. Now After I finished my entry, I want to catch up on this. Becaus Queeg himself is a quite plain (but very nice) Model, I thought he needed some kind of fancy base. So I decided to stick a worker onto the base. Some friendly arcanist prisoner, who kindly and freely agreed to take part in this little diorama. The "arcanist" is build out of the ttb-character set. One Sort of Legs had this slightly kneeling pose, so I only had to rework it a little bit to archive my desired result. The mechanical Arm was not part of my plans at first. But after I figured out that all other good left arms had been gone, I had to choose it and now I'm happy with how it turned out. The paintjob of Queeg should resemble a mix of my guardsmen theme (with the red trousers with black-white stripes at the sides) and some kind of wealthy planter (potrayed by the pinstriped vest).
  5. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    After his Base, now the sarge himself is finished too. Im pretty happy with my paintjob. Especially the leather on his back is exactly how I wanted it to be. Last campaign game he did his best to arrest every Arcanist criminal who was stupid enough to come into sight. Joss stuck under a bridge the whole game, being blocked by a few traps and Dashels summoned Guild Guards. I was a great. Next thing I'm working on will be Master Queeg. One imprisoned worker kindly made his self available to spice up QUeegs Base.
  6. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    Last week I finish my two roughnecks, to take part as neutral models in the big brawl called first-scenario-of-our-local-malifaux-campaign. And I want to share the pictures of both with you: Buddy: Nobody: I am quite happy how they turned out. They are painted in a similar technique to the witchling stalker. I'm especially satisfied with the bright parts and their shadows. Normally I don't like to paint bright cloth, but here after a few layers of paint it almost made fun. A little WIP Currently I am assembling and painting my campaign crew. Starting with my leader captain Dashel. But somehow I didn't really feel like painting stuff, but more like building some terrain. So as a compromise I did the Base for Dashel first (and maybe did a little bit to much). I wanted to give it a feeling of a dirty old back alley. With some old boardfence and used, dirty cobblestones. After Dashel is glued in place I'll add some drops of Still water to one or two dents I left on the base.
  7. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    Over the last Month I've finished a few more models: Death Marshal I continued to paint my Marshals with "real" fire. I like the ghostrider touch. The fire came out a little bit more on the orange side than the last one, but I like it that way. It gives a nice contrast to the blue coat. Pathfinder % Clockwork Traps Next I finished a pathfinder. I wanted to provide some kind of red uniform to my guardsmen, so I decided to paint the trousers and sleeves in this colour. To get a little bit of this feeling beneath the wild Furr and Leather appearance. I thought it was kind of boring to assemble all four traps the same way. So I decided to make 2 little conversions. One Trap "hidden" on the ground, ready to strike and one shoot out of the ground, to attack a surprised foe. Witchling Stalker The most recent Modell is a Witchling Stalker and I'm quite happy how he turned out. Painting him was some some sort of "happy accident". I started relatively aimless wet-painting his robe, to get some basic shadows in. And after that, following a mood, I grabed my so called freehand-brush layering thin stripes, to get some rough cloth texture. I really think it worked out. A little WIP Currently I am painting this guy:
  8. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    Thanks, I'm happy that my miniatures are to your linking. I tried a toothpick ones, but somehow I could not get the right feel for it, so I switched back to a good old brush. Maybe some time in the future, I'll write a little bit about my experience (If I'll find some time and motivation). But I'm a better painter, than player or writer, so don't expect to much.
  9. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    Thanks, the Printing Press is a very nice modell and paintig it was fun. I have some good news and some bad news (besides the fact that the union is a cruel gang of criminals, exploiting our honest workers). The bad news are: I did not manage to present some work in progress pics of nellie. The good news are: Instead I managed to finish her: The idea was to get a tweed-coat, loosely based on pictures of Nellie Bly (The obvious inspiration for Nellie Cochrane). It was a lot of fun to paint this and I'm very happy how it turned out. The red hat was more or less a succession of Greebo, who pointed out that with the overall grey-brown tweed she would need some more colour and I really like the accent this provides. The Base was designed to support the motion of her, running fowward, further, with some old news she left behind. While I was painting the face, the mad doctor, living in my brain stepped forward an whispered: Maybe it's possible to paint some freckles on this beautiful face, just like in the artwork After that he vanished back to the place where he came from in, with a hysterical laughter echoing through my brain. To cut a long story short. It was possible, with my finest brush and some very thin coats of her skintone, to smooth the dots out. I'm highly pleased how she looks now and I can't wait to get her on the table, to hunt new news and evil threats to the guild.
  10. Nimo

    Nimos Guild Miniatures

    To long I've forgotten to share my latest malifaux miniatures. To catch up on that, I want to start with a few Miniatures of my Reporter Crew, ready to hunt the 100% True News about criminal Arcanists, brutal Neverborn and abominable Necromancers. The Field Reporter I decided to give everyone a little theme to fit the three wave 1 Masters. Two of the three Field Reporters are finished, which are the Ortega Reporter and the one for Lady J. Ortega-Reporter Fearlessly standing in the middle of a gun fight, searching for her notepad to bring the news of the brave famlily. I tried to ad the feeling of a gunfight to the miniature, by sticking some flying bullets, made out of molten plastic and putty, onto the hair and the bag. It's not much and at first glance it may be overlooked, but I like it and think it turned out well. Justis-Reporter Whats working best against zombies ... of course, cutting of the head! ... and who do this better than Lady J herself. So sometimes it could happen that some zombie heads fly past, but our brave reporters take a step back and keep writing down Justice heroic actions The Printing Press I really like Nellies Totem. Its a very nice model and the rules are great. The best act of heroism was tying up Lazarus for a few rounds, whlle he tried desperately to suppress the free press. The adittional newspapers on the base, where made out of thin plasticcard bended with a little bit of heat. The newspaper text was quick fiddly, but I was worth it and turned out quite well. At the moment I'm working on Nellie herself. The next days I'll post some work in progress pics of her.
  11. Nimo

    Marshal Nellie?

    Nellie + Marshals is something I want to try in the near future. I think push + bury (via angry mob) could be a nice way to play. I've done similar things in my last game with the emissary. I was very satisfying in extraction. Mabye next time when the schemes & strats fit, I'll build a crew based on that with a little bit more of distraction and denial. I'm curious how if it could work.
  12. Like promised I'll present my tragic episode of terrain making: Don't eat the green snow. A few days ago I finished the little hut, for the winter board. It looked very promising. But soon I discovered something strange. Some parts of the snow started turning green. First I thought I'll have to discard my snow-paste recipe, based on white acrylic, white glue, some backing soda and a tiny bit of glitter-particles. I was very disappointed, because I liked how the snow turned out. Except the green tint. But I realized not all terrain pieces turned green. So my detective-senses got triggered. After a while I caught the little crook. My old non-static grass, which I added to the earth-paste for a more organic texture, colourbleeded through several Layers of colour, glue and clear varnish. But the damage was mostly done, I'll tried a lot to get the green tint out of my finished pieces. I got better, but not perfect. Here are the pictures of the finished Winter terrain pieces. First the little hut: And a forest I made: The turned out okay, but if you watch closely, you could see the green tint. In my following snow pieces I avoided the grass and it turned out fine. They will be presented next.
  13. To much time has passed without posting my progress. I'll correct that piece by piece and show off the things I've done. First some finished Trees for the city-boards. I've thought about different ways to put some leafs onto them, but I somehow did not find a satisfying technique. All I've "leafs" tried kept falling of my test-tree. So I decided some old dead trees will fit into the malifaux-setting just fine. Next a few more parts of Greebos bought terrain, I've painted. Came out quite nice. The Squatter's Rights Marker got a little bit more paint and some Grass. in the top left you can see my first snow experiments (which contain some tragic episodes). I'll talk more about them in my next post.
  14. Today I finished the saloon. The Name is "Roads End" the Rusty part didn't realy fit. So I only applied it as a colour choice. The letters where made out of plastic card, glued onto some wires to get a little bit of space between them and the roof. I'm not shure how well it will hold, but it looks amazing and I couldn't resist doing this that way.
  15. Thanks, I'm pleased to hear that my work ist appreciated. And now to a little update of today's work. I've found another of Greebos bought buildings on one of my tables (tooo much terrain everywhere ^^). This time it was a laser-cut Saloon from Micro Art Studio. So i had to start painting it, to get some space to make more terrain some day in the future. But simple basecolor+drybrushing was to boring, so I experimented a bit, to get some old used looking wood. I brushed on different kinds of brown-grey mixes (following the direction of the wood) onto the terrain piece and got a realy nice chaotic and used looking wood surface. I very much like chaotic techniques with good looking chaotic results. Sure I took some time, but the results are great. At the moment some wash is drying, which I applied to mabye get back some of the seperate blanks. And after that I could imagine dry-brushing a light coat of white or light grey. At the front of the roof I will put some rusty old letters resembling the name of this lovely inn. I'll mabye name it "Rusty Roads End" and put a rusty metalic roof on top of it, to get an old dirty saloon in the middle of nowhere.