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  1. On August 25th a campaign "Dead must die" will be started in Odessa, Southern Legion club (Lev Tolstoy str, 28). You can choose any faction except Ressurectionists. All players will go through 4 story missions potentially creating and breaking aliiances A player can choose a 50 SS crew. If any Rare 1 character is killed during game, his fate will be desided by a Fate deck (7+ survives, otherwise killed/wounded and can't be taken in further games). A fee will be paid to hire additional crew members. Masters/henchmen/unique enforcers will be divided between players before campaign starts. The games can be played in club (on Saturdays starting at 12 a.m.). You can contact me by Email for further details RostislavPume@gmail.com
  2. Rostislav

    Third tournament in Odessa

    "Southern Legion" club will held 2 days 50 SS GG 2018 tournament "In the lair of throlls" - Date: 29-30 Semptember 2018. - Place: Club "Southern Legion", Odessa, Lva Tolstogo str. 28 - Max players size: 16. To get any additional info or registry for a tournament please PM me or write an email to rostislavpume@gmail.com
  3. Rostislav

    [Ukraine, Odessa] Running demo at "Southern Legion"

    Still available
  4. Rostislav

    How to Hoffmann

    Mн current Hoffman list is: Hoffman + 5 Pool- Field Mechanic (2)- Improved Harness (1)- On Site Assimiliation (2)Mechanical Attendant (2)Peacekeeper (11)- Numb To The World (1)Brutal Emissary (10)- Conflux of Amalgamation (0)Guardian (7)Guild Guard (3)Guild Guard (3)Guild Guard (3)Guild Guard (3) So, how I play it. 1. Guild guards activate and do something useful (4 activations) 2. Guardian gives def to Emissary and walks slightly forward (staying within 4 of Hoffman) 3. Hoffman activates and does a couple of things Powerloops with Peacekeeper Gets fast and gives slow to attendant (0) to drop a scheme marker (1) Give Nimble to Emissary (if you flip you can give + to Peacekeeper) (1) Powerloop with Guardian to give Peacekeeper def 6 and Mi 7 (if you flip you can give Powerloop Emissary too) (1) Machine puppet Peacekeeper with or stone. Give him fast and focus (1) Machine puppet Emissary with or stone. Make him bury Peacekeeper and give him fast Now Emissary has nimble and fast and can deliver Hoffman and Peacekeeper within 24+2". This means everywhere. (If he doesn't have to walk this far he can attack a couple of times) Peacekeeper activates, looks at his fast and focus and does something useful (like killing enemy master)
  5. Rostislav

    How to Hoffmann

    I play Hoffman to do alpha strike turn 1.
  6. Rostislav

    healing the honorable members of the guild

    Wastrel can heal 2 Brutal Emissary can heal 2 if you have a right trigger and activate within 4" of him.
  7. Rostislav

    Sonnia List advice

    Lack of mobility is Sonnia's problem. Also she doesn't have to go close in order to strike someone. I'd rather pick Hoffman or Nelly on this strategy.
  8. Rostislav

    Sonnia List advice

    Punish the Weak is matched with Interference and Symbols of Authority. So definetly yes with Interference and no with Symbols of Authority. Opponent will most likely take this Scheme and I can just leave guards hiding in my deployment and use Watcher to provide LoS from far away. They will count for Interfernce and provide me with activation control. Def 6 with armor is not so easy to take down especially when you can't see them or at least they have cover. For Symbols of Authority I'll better take other master.
  9. Rostislav

    Sonnia List advice

    Typical list 2Sonnia Criid + 4 Pool - Cherufe's Imprint (1) - No more masks (1) - Counterspell Aura (1) OR Cherufes Parting Gift (1)Francisco Ortega (8) - Hermanos de Armas (1) - Wade in (1)Papa Loco (7) - Numb To The World (1)Master Queeg (7) - Promises (1)Brutal Effigy (4)Watcher (4) Guild guard (3) Guild guard (3) Guild guard (3) Guild guard (3)
  10. Rostislav

    Sonnia List advice

    Typical list 1 Sonnia Criid + 5 Pool - Cherufe's Imprint (1) - No more masks (1) - Counterspell Aura (1) OR Cherufes Parting Gift (1)Francisco Ortega (8) - Hermanos de Armas (1) - Wade in (1)Papa Loco (7) - Numb To The World (1) Brutal Emissary (10) Brutal Effigy (4)Watcher (4) Guild guard (3) Guild guard (3) Guild guard (3)
  11. Rostislav

    Sonnia List advice

    Sonnia is my main master. I think she plays better when you can outactivate your opponent. So I usually have 9-10 activations, but never 7 as you did. It allows to position her right/attack turn 1. She is really slow and has low def so Franc with Wade in is autopick. Also I always pick No more masks (1). This upgrade is amasing. It allows you to break faces or disengage with ease if someone gets in ger engage.
  12. Rostislav

    [Ukraine, Odessa] Running demo at "Southern Legion"

    Available in may
  13. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

  14. Rostislav

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    1. Lucius, Scribe, Dashel, 12 guild guards Guards get (0) Focus from Dashel and . Lucius gives them . Yep, guards have only 4 MI and 4 SH, but with such numbers they can attack +/- 12 times with and damage They will always have Def 6 if you position them right, some will have Def 7. Very vulnerable to Sonnia and Rasputina, very good vs most other lists.
  15. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    There were suggestions about "Take 4-5 models with disguies and stop his charges". So we are building a list only to prevent charges. If we see Wong or Ophelia we can shake hands and surrender. But Abuela with McCabe is useful not only vs Warpigs.