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  1. And you go crazy from assembling them 🤪
  2. I must say, I can’t praise these guys enough, and think it sad that of the Nightmares, the stitched have gotten all the glory. 1 : they’re amazing tarpits. Terrifying drains your opponents hands, Stat6 Wp attack that heals them - and everyone around. 2 : they’re even more amazing at running schemes on the flanks. And their Disembodied Voices allows them to still affect the whole board. 3 : Mv6 and Incorporeal. Allows them to get to wherever they need to be. 4 : Scatter. 5 models in the game have this phenomenal ability, making it impossible for your opponent to counter your Interacts. 5 : they’re a good model to burn your rams on
  3. @SEV Thanks. It was my luck on R3 that the Seamus player had never faced Pandora before - just as I’d never faced Seamus ;D And he was a little too cautious about putting his master on the line, especially in a game without Assassinate. After he took a few Self Loathings he held back - and I always held back severe cards to take the shot and deny Seamus the kill. But Wp7 and Ruthless is horrible for Pandora.
  4. This is how it went : GAME 1 : My opponent brought Youko (Bill, Bunraku, Charm Warner, Kabuki, Hinamatsu, katashiro and walked right into a trap from Lucius, 2 Matures w. Reflexes, Candy, a Lawyer and a Witness. Lots of violence, stun and commands later I’d won 5-3 from 3 symbols, claim jump and Catch and Release. Unfortunately we only managed 4 rounds, but had we gotten the fifth, it was pretty sure, I’d scored another symbol and my secondary schemes, and my opponent another symbol - so 8-4. Although it was close, as Candy was my Claim, and my opponent beat her within an inch of her life. GAME 2 : I met Zoraida with a Grootslang and the hoodie rider, Hinamatsu + silurid and bokor. And fielded Dreamer with the spiders, Insidious Madness, Stitched, Coppelius and Serena. Hinamatsu ruined my Hidden Martyr by murdering the Stitched turn 1. The hoodie rider beat Chompy within an inch of his life, but he managed to save himself by tearing off some bites, and from that point my Insidious (+two summons) kept the rider filled with Distracted - until he finally ran off to get killed by Coppelius who in turn tossed 1 marker and ate a silurid. The Bandersnatch got killed by Hinamatsu as well, and she went on to score Breakthrough uncontested. The MVP would be Widow Weaver, allowing me to score Research Mission (and killing Z in t5). And the Insidious Madnesses, as they could just pour on Distracted to blunt my opponent. The final score was 6-4. 3 Markers, 2 Research Mission, 1 Hidden Martyr vs 1 Marker, 2 Breakthrough and 1 Spread the out. GAME 3 : Last game was Seamus, 2 dandies, Emissary, Bete, Manos and nurse vs Pandora, mature Nephilim, Candy, Kade, Teddy, 2 sorrows. A really close game with a bunch of bad decisions on either side. Pandora lost out on most of the game, as she tried to scare off Seamus as he teleported into my backfield - he in turn learned to appreciate Self Loathing. Indeed the table was quite cluttered with large buildings and shipwrecks all over the place, and the undead really prospered from their speed and mobility over Pandora. I lost out on Vendetta as Manos had one against my Mature Nephilim - and so he scored two. In return Candy secured a Claim Jump, and we both scored 2 from turf markers for a 4-4 draw. His MVP was Bete as she teleported into my backfield to double flip a strategy marker stealing my victory. - In the end that lead to me winning the tournament. I was quite proud, I was able to field three different masters, I finally feel I’m getting a decent grasp of things - although I’m really looking forward to getting to play with Tyrant-torn and getting that extra mobility and utility in Pandora. Candy, Insidious Madness and Mature Nephilim really carried the day. And I’m looking forward to adding the Halloween Zoraida to my collection, and pondering whether I should try getting my ressurs on the table, as Seamus did seem like a lot of fun (Although I’d want to bring some Ladies of the night).
  5. It’s time for the first post-covid tournament around here, and I’m mustering my forces to take home the trophy. games will be : Game 1 : Symbols // Flank Detonate, Vendetta, Claim Jump, Catch and…, Bait and… Game 2 : Break the line // Corner Breakthrough, Assassinate, Hidden Martyr, Research Mission, Spread them out. Game 3 : Turf War // Standard Vendetta, Claim Jump, Death Beds, Outflank, Spread them out. - How would you approach these?
  6. Ping damage, such as poison or Misery or shockwaves is great against armor. Lucius can call upon Agent 46 to Analyze Weakness, Severe6 damage puts a nice dent in armour Mature Nephilim bring that along with Execute triggers. And those constructs suffer from low Wp, so Terrifying and Wp attacks work wonders.
  7. Good point about Hinamatsu - and she’ll bring some stamina to the crew. Although you won’t be able to Issue Command on her.
  8. Having had great success with the double Mature so far, I’m considering the effect of downgrading to young ones. CONS Of course it means losing out on Inhuman Reflexes - and being able to charge out of combat is really powerful. And of course the young ones are less resilient over all. Three less wounds, 1 less regeneration. PROS Having +flips on attacks will do wonders on the hand pressure. Being able to save cards for cheating severe 5 rather than ensuring a min3. Less mobility, but I mainly taxi Candy around, and she’s a practical Sz1. And the smaller 40mm bases is a lot easier to place. Saving 10 stones - that’s a lot of options. Alan Reid/Doppleganger/another lawyer or Changelings. Any experiences?
  9. Good choice. Although it has a very strong competition in the one with the food tray 😊
  10. In the end Lucius will always win
  11. A quick summary. Evil Lucius aimed for Detonate Charges (we all knew what the despicable False Witness was for) and Claim Jump. Good Lucius strove for Detonate Charges (through a respected and upstanding citizen) and Catch and Release. - Good Lucius was overcome with bloodlust from the two Nephilim and sadly killed off two victims perfectly set up (Doppleganger and Grootslang), before the charges could detonate - and sadly Evil Lucius managed to kill my upstanding citizen before he could set up any more. 0 points. What Evil Lucius didn’t anticipate was that the murderously rampaging Nephilim that ate his Scribe, Lawyer and despicable False Witness had planned to Catch and Release him - and rather than killing him just ran off laughing. 2 points. Indeed both Nephilim did amazing. The other managed to eat the Agent, Changeling and the Doppleganger, while together they secured three Symbols. 3 points. Candy eff’d up. Forcing the Grootslang to commit suicide before scoring Detonate Charges. Then spent her last activations trying to do the same to Evil Lucius - completely disregarding to take a simple move to foil Evil Lucius’ 2nd Detonate Charges point. (-2 points). Evil Lucius did well, using the Doppleganger and Changeling to score two symbols, as I realized the power of Disguise. (-2 points). But he himself failed miserably as he barely made it out of his deployment zone and was unable to exact any true influence on the board - whereas good Lucius was constantly shouting orders left and right. But in the end it all panned out 5-4, and the only man still standing on the opposing team was the evil twin himself.
  12. The gang is lined up. Just waiting for the impostor.
  13. No point in pulling punches, we’re tournament prepping - besides it’s only my third game with Lucius, and I’ve never had a sounder beating, as when I went all keyword with him 😜
  14. Having a Flank Symbols game tomorrow. Schemes are : Detonate, Claim Jump, Bait and Switch, Vendetta, Catch and Release. This is what my opponent will field : … FYI This is what I’ll field :
  15. Thanks a lot. I thought this crew deserved something a little out of the ordinairy, and had the idea when a deer tried to kill me on a dark country road. As you might see from my thread, I have a very minimalist mindset, when it comes to basing, trying to see how little you actually need to make the base tell a story.
  16. Really nice painting. I’d love to give one of your raccons a new home - if I could choose 😄
  17. Painting Step#1 Conceptualize your idea : Step#2 Prime your models Step#3 Choose a color, any color Step#4 check if the concept ‘works’ Step#5 Upload to Forum to hear others opinion?
  18. Had a test run with the list vs Explorers. Lord Cooper Anya Lycaryan Winston Finnegan Model 9 Ullr Artemis Symbols / Standard Research Mission, Death Beds, Claim Jump, Detonate Charges, Hidden Martyrs My opponent scored 2 Symbols and 1 Detonate Charges I scored 2 Symbols, 1 Claim Jump and 1 Hidden Martyr MVP was Anya and Candy. Anya for messing up my Issue Command, while Candy just did her thing, managing to latch on to Lord C turn 1 and keeping him busy. Turn 1 set the tone for the game. I managed to get both Mature up into the enemy forcing them into a big melee, 1 mature took a minor bruising from Cooper, but in return gutted Ullr, while Candy managed to teleport in ( I had one card above 8 in my hand, the thirteen of masks ). Anya unfortunately screwed up my chances for getting Lucius and the Lawyer to make a difference, but Mobile Warrior ensured the Matures could do their thing with minimal retribution. So by T3 a mature could kill Cooper and Lucius managed to stab Anya to death. Unfortunately the fighting and my lack of routine and focus on scoring objectives kept me from making more points. But by T5 the only Explorer left was Model 9 😎 - Focusing on messing up Coopers mobility (Dogs) proved a good strategy. And the T1 Candy Bomb tactic is devastating, once she’s in position and does her thing, the superior Nephilim mobility and hitting power is incredibly hard to deal with.
  19. I second just getting a keyword and sticking to it. Get the one that makes you want to paint the most and just have fun. What will happen as you play, you’ll learn the intricacies of the game and what aspects fits your playstyle. And then you can make an informed choice. - Otherwise you’ll just end up like me, with 16 crews across 5 factions - but I’m primarily a painter ☺️
  20. No Titles. So both are classic Lucy, although mine is ‘good’ 😊
  21. Good Lucius will be fielding 4 stones and… The Scribe 2 Mature Nephilim w. Inhuman Reflexes Candy Lawyer And a False Witness His evil Nexus infested twin will field 7 stones and… The Scribe Agent 46 Doppleganger Grootslang False Witness w Pact Lawyer Changeling
  22. So Lucius has just clocked in on both sides - guess that was to be expected from that twofaced snake. So now it’s a question of getting the crew ‘right’.
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