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  1. I didn't manage to get Burt Jebsen painted. I did assemble a set of dark carnival terrain. I'm not sure how that would be counted? Maybe as once terrain piece for the whole set?
  2. Love the wings! I may be a joker this month. I'm working on a Flames of War commission, painted 2 GW models and I'm working on an X-wing. If I get a few spare days I may finish up Burt Jebsen.
  3. March 25, 2018 11am-6pm Munnin's Post, 525 Barnard Ave, Kelowna, BC, Canada 3 rounds, 50ss, fixed faction GG2018 schemes and strategies
  4. I'm going to try and get Burt Jebsen painted this month. If he's done early I might get the first mate done too :-).
  5. Great work. I love how the base is the show him the door action! The trousers and vest freehand is great too. It inspires me to try some plaid on the pants of one of my gremlin pirates. :-)
  6. @bedjy very nice work. I really like the bottles especially. Very realistic looking glass! Thanks for the kind words on the skeeter. It took me ages to paint! Being hard plastic, the legs seem surprisingly durable. I was worried I'd break one while painting it. I've got the bases magnetized for transport. The skeeter was in my crew in a small henchman hardcore event last night (McTavish, Francois, skeeter and a bayou gremlin).
  7. Alright, Iron Skeeter is done for a total of 21 soulstones for this month. Crew to date is in the final picture below.
  8. I was noting the base because they are similar to the ones on my Gremlins! I was excited to see a different take on the scibor faces. Lillith looks great too!
  9. There are two more iron Skeeters. Not sure if I can face painting another one! They took so long to assemble that I didn't even assemble the third one yet.
  10. I was putting off the Iron skeeter for a while because I couldn't face how tedious the NMM would be. The skeeter itself is finally done and I actually enjoyed it a lot. @Burnin' CoalI really like Mr Graves. Tartan like that can be quite tough. Yours looks very nice and uniform. I especially like the purple tone to his skin and the soft highlighting on his shirt. @Purple Mist I like lillith's scibor base :-). @Kogan Style they look great. I've played against the midnight stalker a few times. He's a real pain. @misterfinn very smooth highlights on the nothing beast.
  11. Zipp is a good counter to things with nasty defensive or willpower triggers since his up we go is against height. He's really nasty against masters who have few wounds with great defensive stats or triggers
  12. Love the Somer and Hannah, @Viruk. I'm working on an iron skeeter. It's a slow slog with trying to do a dark NMM on most of it.
  13. I finished Francois tonight for a total of 15 soulstones so far this month (the errata got me a bonus +1 for the increase to Francois :-P). Francois has a few conversions to fit the pirate crew. I had a lot of fun painting this model. I tried out some Scale 75 colors on the NMM and the black. 7 models to go for the Zipp crew to be "complete" for now...
  14. I use a painting light with a daylight led bulb from the hardware store as the light source for my painting and photographing models. My set up is really simple. I'll post a picture here. 2 painting lamps with LED daylight bulbs. Black construction paper background. Foam core sides with two sides covered in tinfoil to reflect light. I use an old point and shoot camera on macro mode with a few manual settings then adjust in Photoshop. I've used roughly this setup for a few years. The setup used is below that made this picture. Not perfect, but great for only using the supplies I have on hand.
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